Bars In Wheeling Wv

Have you ever thought about exploring the best spots to hang out in Wheeling, WV with friends or family? If yes, you’re in for a real treat! Wheeling has a bunch of cool bars where you can chill, play games, and enjoy tasty snacks.

Whether you like loud music and dance floors or quiet places to talk, there’s something for everyone. You can find places with big TVs to watch sports or spots with live bands.

And don’t worry about if you’re not into grown-up drinks. Some bars have yummy sodas and food that kids and teens will love too. Ready to learn about the bar scene in Wheeling? Let’s dive in!

Popular Bars in Wheeling, WV

One popular bar in Wheeling is called the Nail. People say it’s got the best live music in town. Bands come from all over to play here. It’s a fun place to hang with friends and listen to tunes.

Then there’s Brew Keepers where they make their own beer. It’s like a science lab for drinks! They have all kinds of flavors. People go to try new kinds of beer and find their favorite.

Another spot folks like is the Alpha. It has a game room with pool and darts. You can play games, talk, and munch on snacks. It’s good for a night out with your pals.

If you’re into sports, Generations Pub is the place to be. They have big screens everywhere. You can catch every play of the game while you eat wings or burgers.

For a fancy night, people go to the Metropolitan Citi Grill. It’s a little more grown-up and has fancy drinks. They also serve really good steak and fish.

For those who don’t want alcohol, Later Alligator is a cute spot. It’s got tasty food like crepes and sandwiches. Plus, they have fancy sodas in all sorts of flavors. It’s a cozy spot for everyone.

Remember, there’s fun for all in Wheeling’s bar scene. So grab your friends and family, and find your favorite place to hang!

Brewpubs and Craft Beer

In Wheeling, WV, one popular spot is called Generations Pub. People say it’s a great place to meet up with pals. They have good food, and the folks there are friendly.

Another bar that folks like is the Alpha Tavern. It’s cool because they have a patio outside. When the weather’s nice, it’s a fun place to hang out and relax.

Then there’s the Wheeling Brewing Company. It’s not just a bar but also where they make beer. If you’re curious about how beer is made, this could be a neat place to see.

For those who enjoy sports, the Vagabond Kitchen might be their go-to. It’s a spot where you can grab a bite to eat and not miss any of the game action on TV. People cheer and have a good time there, especially during big games.

Looking for a place with history? You might want to check out The Later Alligator. This bar has a quirky vibe and is in an old building. People enjoy the cool atmosphere and tasty treats.

If you’re up for some fun and games, try the River City. They have pool tables and darts. It’s a good place to have fun with friends while enjoying some drinks and snacks.

Lastly, for folks who like to sing, Undo’s West is the spot. They have karaoke nights where you can sing your heart out. People have a blast listening to each other and cheering on their friends.

These are just a few of the bars in Wheeling where you can have a good time. Whether you’re there to eat, play, or just talk with friends, you’re sure to find a place that you like.

Live Music Venues

Wheeling has a bar called The Nail. Lots of people come here to chill and listen to live music. It’s a cool place if you like bands.

Want to play video games at a bar? Brew Keepers is where you can do that. They have old-school games and tasty drinks. It’s a fun mix of games and sips.

Sometimes people want to dance. If that’s you, try the Liquid Lounge. They have music that makes you want to move. Plus, the lights there look like a dance club.

For folks who like fancy drinks, the Market Vines Wine Bar is awesome. They serve wines that taste really good. It’s a fancier place for special nights out.

Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack isn’t just for betting. They also have a place to grab a drink. If you’re feeling lucky, you can play games and relax there too.

There’s also Centre Market where you can hop from one bar to another. It’s a part of town with lots of different bars close by. You can walk around and try different things.

Don’t forget about Uncle Pete’s. It’s a laid-back bar. People go there to talk and have a few drinks. It has a friendly vibe that makes you feel at home.

These are some bars in Wheeling where folks go to have fun. There’s music, games, dancing, and cool lights. Pick one and you might have a really good time!

Historic Taverns and Speakeasies

The Alpha Tavern is a hit with people who love sports. You can watch a game, eat wings, and hang out with friends. It’s a great spot if you’re into sports and good food.

Generations Restaurant & Pub is another cool place. They have live bands on some nights. It’s a mix of a restaurant and a bar, so you can eat and then hang out.

If you’re looking for a quiet spot, Later Alligator is unique. They serve different kinds of beers and have cool food like crepes. It’s a quieter place to relax.

Another place with a chill vibe is the Wheeling Brewing Company. They make their own beer right there. If you like trying new beers, this place is worth visiting.

People who like history might enjoy the Bridge Tavern and Grill. It’s been around for a long time. They serve cold drinks and have a friendly feel.

At the River City Restaurant and Banquets, you can look at the river while you eat and drink. They have a big menu with lots of choices. It’s nice to see the water and boats go by.

Last but not least, there’s the Vagabond Kitchen. They have yummy food and drinks, plus it’s right downtown. So, after you eat, you can walk around and see the city.

These are more spots in Wheeling that are fun to check out. Whether you like sports, music, or just a cool place to hang out, there’s something for everyone.

Nightlife Scene in Wheeling, WV

Have you ever been to the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack? It’s where you can play games and maybe win money. They also have bars where you can get a drink and have fun with friends.

Brew Keepers is another spot you might like. They make their own beer too! People go there to try different kinds of beer and chill with pals.

You can also check out WesBanco Arena. Sometimes they have concerts and hockey games. When there’s no event, you can grab a snack and a drink there.

Don’t forget Uncle Pete’s! It’s a bar where locals love to meet. They have games like pool and darts, and the music is always good.

For a fancy night out, try the Nail City Record. They have records playing and sometimes live music. It’s a bar but also a record store – pretty neat, huh?

Elm Grove Lanes is cool if you like bowling. You can play a game, eat some pizza, and sip on a soda or something else. It’s fun for all ages!

Late-Night Eateries

Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack is always buzzing. There is gambling and shows for adults. The food and fun last all night.

Brew Keepers is a good choice for craft beer fans. People come here to try different homemade beers. The place is cozy and everyone talks about the beer.

The Nail City Record has more than just music records. At night, they sometimes have music and drinks. It’s a cool spot if you like music and trying new things.

For those who enjoy dancing, the Alpha Omega Dance Bar is the place. They play music that makes you want to move. It’s fun and lively inside.

Looking for a party on the water? The Dock at Wheeling Island has it. You can dance and listen to music. And being by the water makes it special.

For a different kind of night, the Market Vines Wine Bar and Grille offers wine. They have a big wine list and food to go with it. It’s a great spot for people who like wine and want to relax.

All these places in Wheeling give you lots to pick from. Whether you like games, music, dancing, or just hanging with friends, Wheeling’s nightlife has you covered.

Entertainment and Activities

If you want sports with your drinks, head to Generations Pub. You can watch games on big TVs. They have drinks and food for everyone.

Vagabond Kitchen offers both tasty meals and a bar. It’s a nice place to eat, then stay for drinks. People say the atmosphere is friendly.

River City is a restaurant and bar that many like. It’s near the river with a view. They serve food and have live bands sometimes.

Later Alligator has funny names for their drinks. Their drinks come with a twist, like the “Alligood.” It’s in a cool part of town called Centre Market.

Centre Wheeling Coffee has more than just coffee. At night, it changes to a fun bar. They have board games and sometimes music or comedy.

For those who love to sing, Monroe’s Deli Style Eatery & Pub has karaoke. Friends come here to sing and laugh. It’s a good time for everyone.

People looking for a chill night go to the Wheeling Brewing Company. They make their own beer and have a calm place to hang out.

There’s also the Undo’s Sports Bar. Besides drinks, they have Italian food. It’s a local spot that’s been around for a while.

So, when you’re out at night in Wheeling and want to have fun, there are many bars to choose from. And each one offers something different, from sports and music to games and singing.

Annual Events and Festivals

Brew Keepers is a spot for folks who like craft beer. They brew it right there. People can try lots of beers to find their favorite.

The Alpha Tavern is where friends meet up. They have pool tables and darts. It’s a simple place to relax and chat.

WesBanco Arena is where big events happen. After a game or show, people go to bars nearby. There are places to grab a drink and talk about the fun.

Elm Grove Pub is in a part of Wheeling called Elm Grove. They offer cold drinks and snacks. It’s a comfy spot where the folks are nice.

The Market Vines Wine Bar and Grille is for wine lovers. They have wines that are hard to find. You can sip wine and feel fancy.

At The Nail, there’s often rock music playing. Bands come to play live. It’s loud and lively, with a bar to get drinks at.

Some people like Uncle Pete’s. It’s a bar that feels like home. They have a big porch where you can sit outside.

Bridge Tavern and Grill is near the water. You can look at the river while you sip your drink. They serve food too, like wings and sandwiches.

When night comes in Wheeling, there are bars for everyone. Whether you want to try new beers, hang with friends, or hear live music, there’s a place for you.

Planning Your Bar Hopping Experience

Before you start bar hopping in Wheeling, have a plan. Decide which bars you want to hit. Make a list of the places you can’t miss.

Think about how you will get from one bar to the next. Walking is easy in downtown Wheeling. If bars are far, you might need a ride. Be safe and choose a designated driver or use a taxi service.

Start early to enjoy different spots. Some bars might have happy hour deals. Check online or call to find out. You can save some bucks.

Remember to eat. Bar food like fries or pizza can keep you going. Look for bars that have kitchens or are near restaurants.

Take breaks between bars. Drink water to stay hydrated. This helps you enjoy the night and feel okay the next day.

Be nice to the people working at the bars. Bartenders and servers can make your night fun. They remember kind customers and might treat you extra special.

Wheeling has bars with games too. Look for places with bowling or arcade games. It’s fun to play games and drink with pals.

Lastly, keep track of time. Bars in Wheeling close at a certain hour. You don’t want to miss out because you lost track of time.

Bar hopping in Wheeling is really fun. You can try new drinks, meet folks, and make memories. Just plan a little, stay safe, and enjoy your night!

Transport and Safety Tips

Before going out in Wheeling, WV, think about what you like. Do you want to dance, eat, or just chill? Pick bars that match your fun.

Start early to enjoy more places. Some bars close early, so check times online. You don’t want to miss out!

Going with friends? Plan a meeting spot. If you get split up, you’ll know where to find each other.

It’s smart to pick a ‘Designated Driver’. This is a friend who won’t drink to drive everyone home safe. Or use a ride app like Uber or Lyft.

Take some cash, just in case. Sometimes bars don’t take cards. Or there might be a game you want to play that needs coins.

Remember to eat too. A full belly can help you stay feeling good. Grab a bite at bars with kitchens.

Don’t forget to charge your phone. You might want to take pictures or call a cab. A charged phone is a must-have.

And the most important thing? Have fun but be safe. Look after your friends and yourself. Wheeling has lots of great bars to explore!

Bar Crawl Itineraries

Make a list of bars to visit in Wheeling, WV. Choose ones that sound fun and have good reviews. Check them online or ask locals for tips.

Try to walk between bars if they’re close. It’s fun and you get to see the city. But if they’re far, take a safe ride to the next spot.

Wear comfy shoes. You might stand or dance a lot. And if it’s cold, bring a warm coat that you can check in at the bar.

Take breaks to drink water. It’s good to stay hydrated. Plus, you’ll feel better the next day.

If it’s your first time at a bar, be polite and patient. Bars can be busy and the staff works hard to make sure everyone has a good time.

Look for bars with special things like live music or games. It adds extra fun to your night!

If you have a favorite drink, see which bars serve it best. Trying local drinks can be cool, too.

Keep an eye on your drink and stick with your buddies. It’s safer and way more fun to be together.

Lastly, end your night with a snack from a late-night place or food truck. Wheeling has tasty eats to enjoy after the bars!

Local Tips and Etiquette

Start early so you can visit more places. Some bars in Wheeling might have happy hour specials.

Have a plan but be OK with changing it. Sometimes you find a bar you love and want to stay longer!

Remember to eat! Look for bars that serve food. It will help you keep going and taste good too.

Split drinks with friends to try more. Share a pitcher or get different drinks and sip each other’s.

Think about the music you like. Look for bars with that kind of music. It will make your night more fun.

Don’t forget to tip the bartenders. They work hard to make your drinks and keep you happy!

Before you go home, make sure you have a way to get back safe. Set up a ride or choose a driver who won’t drink.

Always have a backup plan. If a bar is too full or closed, know another place you can go.

Wheeling, WV, has cool bars to explore. Enjoy your bar hopping adventure and take lots of pictures!


Wheeling has great bars for fun times. Tell your friends to come join you.

Keep an eye on the time. Some bars might close early.

Wear comfy shoes. You’ll be walking from bar to bar!

Look around. Each bar has its own style. Find the one you like best.

Try new drinks but know your limits. You want to remember the fun night!

If you meet new friends, that’s great! But stay with your group too.

Wheeling is a friendly place. The people at the bars make it even better.

Be sure to grab water between drinks. It’s important to stay hydrated.

Most of all, have fun and be safe. Wheeling’s bars are waiting for you!