Best Bars Wheeling Wv

Are you looking for a spot to relax with friends or to dance the night away in Wheeling, WV? This city has a bar for every taste. From historic taverns that tell a story to modern lounges that serve up creative cocktails, Wheeling’s bar scene is buzzing with unique places to grab a drink.

Whether you want a cozy spot to unwind or a lively place to make new friends, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Each bar has its own vibe and special offerings. Some might serve amazing local beers, while others might be known for their dazzling mixologists.

Our guide will help you explore the top spots where the locals hang out and the hidden gems that only a few know about. So, get ready to discover some of the best bars in Wheeling, WV, where the drinks are cold, and the welcome is warm.

Historical Significance of Bars in Wheeling, WV

Wheeling, WV has bars filled with stories. These places aren’t just for drinks; they’re landmarks of the past. Imagine sipping a cold one where coal miners once talked about their day.

Some bars in Wheeling have been around for over a hundred years. They’ve seen the city change and grow. When you step inside, you travel back in time. Old photos and antiques might decorate the walls, showing Wheeling’s history.

In these bars, folks have been coming together for generations. They’re spots where people have celebrated good times and found comfort during tough ones. It’s like a big living room for the community.

Visiting these bars gives you a taste of Wheeling’s spirit. Plus, they often have fun stories to tell. Ask the bartender, and you might hear about a famous visitor or a local legend.

When you visit the best bars in Wheeling, you get more than a drink. You get a piece of the city’s heart. It’s a way to connect with the people and the place in a way that’s totally different from anywhere else.

Prohibition Era Influence

Wheeling’s bars are not just places to drink; they’re a walk through history. Many bars have been around for a long time. They’ve seen many changes and have stories to tell about the past.

Some bars used to be speakeasies during Prohibition. That was a time when alcohol was not allowed, but people met in secret to enjoy a drink. Now, these bars are legal and share their cool history.

A few of these historic bars have been kept almost the same way they were many years ago. When you walk into one, it’s like going back in time. You can feel what it was like to go out for a night in old Wheeling.

Visit one of these storied bars, and you might hear locals talk about the good old days. As you sip your drink, imagine the stories and events that happened right where you’re sitting!

Checking out these historic bars is a must-do in Wheeling. They give you a taste of local flavors and history all at once. Plus, who doesn’t like to say they’ve had a drink in a place that’s been around for a century?

Industrial Boom and Its Impact on Local Pubs

The best bars in Wheeling can give you more than just a good time. They can teach you about the city’s past. You’ll see walls filled with old photos and maybe even some original fixtures.

Bars in Wheeling have been community spots for a long time. They’re places where steelworkers and coal miners used to relax after long days. Now, they welcome everyone, but the spirit of the hard-working town is still there.

In Wheeling, you can grab a drink in the same spot where coal miners celebrated their victories. These bars have been around for ages, serving as fun spots for friends to meet.

Some places make drinks the old-fashioned way. They use recipes from long ago. It’s neat to taste a piece of history!

You can also find bars in Wheeling with games and live music. They make the city’s past fun for kids and adults today. It’s a great way to enjoy history and have fun at the same time.

When you visit Wheeling’s bars, ask the bartenders about their stories. They often know fun facts about the city’s history and can tell you more about the bar itself.

So, next time, when you’re looking for a cool place to hang out, try one of Wheeling’s historic bars. You’ll get to chill out and learn something new about this awesome city!

Top Bars to Visit in Wheeling, WV

If you’re strolling down the streets of Wheeling, WV, and want a cool place to enjoy a drink, you’re in luck. Wheeling offers a range of bars where you can kick back and relax. Whether you like fancy cocktails or just a good old beer, there’s something for you.

One spot you might hear folks talking about is a bar with the best wings in town. Imagine the sauce on your fingers as you sip on a cold one. Folks come here not just for the drinks, but for the amazing food too.

Then there’s a bar where the beer list seems to go on forever. You could try a new beer every time you visit. This place is great for beer lovers who want to taste something new.

Don’t forget about a bar that’s known for its rooftop views. You can look at the city lights while enjoying your drink. It’s a great spot for a summer evening.

Are you into sports? There’s a bar for you too. You can watch your favorite game on big screens while hanging out with friends. It’s like a big living room with all the excitement of a live game.

For those who love a challenge, there’s a bar with trivia nights. You can test your brain while having a good laugh. Plus, you might win a prize if you know your stuff.

If you want to dance, check out a bar with a dance floor. The music keeps the place jumping. It’s fun to let loose and groove to some tunes.

And for a quiet spot, there’s a bar with cozy corners. You can chat with pals or maybe even make new ones. It’s a nice change from loud places.

No matter what you like, bars in Wheeling have it all. Just pick a place, walk in, and enjoy a night out. You’ll find friendly faces and a warm welcome in this cool city.

Craft Beer Spots

Let’s talk about where to go in Wheeling if you’re thirsty for some good times and tasty drinks. These bars are the go-to spots for lots of locals and visitors.

There’s a cozy bar called Brew Keepers where they make their own beer. The place is small, with a friendly vibe. People love trying the different beers and chatting with the brewers.

Another favorite is the Later Alligator. It’s got a funky look with lots of cool decorations. They’ve got delicious cocktails and the food is really good too. It’s a fun place to hang out.

Don’t miss out on The Alpha. It’s one of the oldest spots in town. They mix up a mean drink and have a chill atmosphere. The Alpha is where you can sip on a drink and feel right at home.

Wheeling Brewing Company is where beer lovers go. They’ve got lots of choices and their beers are made right there. It gets pretty lively, especially when they have live bands playing.

For a sports bar vibe, head over to Generations Restaurant & Pub. They’ve got big TVs, tasty wings, and lots of drinks to pick from. It’s a great spot to watch the game or just hang out.

These bars in Wheeling are not just places to drink but are full of friendly faces and cool stories. They’re the perfect places for making memories.

If you want to learn more, just ask the people there. Many have their own favorite stories to share about Wheeling. Some even have websites you can check out for more info. For instance, Brew Keepers has a website at So, take a look and plan your next outing to one of these top spots in Wheeling, WV.

Live Music Venues

Looking for something different? Try the Nail City Record. This unique bar combines cold drinks with cool tunes. The walls are lined with records, and there’s always music in the air. People come here not just to drink, but to dig through the vinyl and find a new favorite album.

River City is another place that stands out. They take their food as seriously as their drinks. It’s right on the river, so you can enjoy a great view while you munch on some snacks and relax with friends. They host fun events too, like trivia nights and live music.

Don’t forget about Vagabond Kitchen. It might be known for its food, but the bar scene is just as good. Here, they mix up creative drinks and offer a warm, welcoming spot to unwind after a long day. Plus, it’s in the heart of downtown, making it a great start or end to your night out.

Want to chill at a place with a bit of history? Visit Uncle Pete’s. It’s a laid-back tavern where you can throw darts, enjoy a cold brew, and maybe hear a tale or two from the regulars. Some folks say it’s like stepping back in time.

Whiskey lovers should hit up the Bridge Tavern & Grill. They offer a wide selection of whiskey and serve hearty meals. It’s a combo that’s hard to beat and makes for a great evening spot. Plus, the friendly staff is always up for giving a recommendation.

Wheeling has a bar for every taste, from craft brew lovers to music enthusiasts. Each bar has its own spirit, each drink its own story. Use this list as a guide but don’t be afraid to explore and find your own favorite watering hole in Wheeling!

Sports Bars and Grills

If you’re into sports and good times, Generations Pub is a must-see spot. They have lots of TVs to watch the game, and the crowd is always up for fun. The food’s tasty too, with lots of choices for a quick bite.

For a quieter evening, the Alpha Tavern is a cozy place to be. It’s got a real family feel, and their homemade soups are famous. It’s like being in your living room, if your living room had a bar in it.

Brew Keepers is for those who are all about craft beer. They make their own right here in Wheeling. It’s a small spot, but it’s got a big heart, and the beer is top-notch.

Another chill place is the Later Alligator. It’s famous for its funky vibe and amazing crepes. Stick around for drinks, and you’ll find that their cocktail menu is just as fun as their food.

Center Wheeling Tap House is where the party’s at. They have a huge list of drinks and some nights you’ll find a DJ or a band. If you’re looking to dance and sip on something sweet, this is your place.

Last but not least, the Market Vines Wine Bar and Grille is where you go for a classy night out. They have wine from all over the world, plus tasty small plates. It’s a great spot to chill with friends or enjoy a date night.

There’s a bar for everyone in Wheeling. You can go fancy, lay low, catch a game, or try some local brews. So grab your friends or go solo and see what each spot has to offer!

A Guide to Bar-Hopping in Wheeling, WV

Have you heard of The Nail? It’s a cool place with live music, and they host different bands often. People love the rock-and-roll feel and the energy is always high. It’s a great spot to let loose and enjoy some tunes.

Don’t miss out on River City. They have a rooftop bar which is awesome for summer nights. The view of the river is really nice, and they often have special drinks depending on the season.

Visit Wheeling Brewing Company if you’re into trying new beers. They create their own recipes and you might find a new favorite. The staff is also really friendly and can tell you all about the beers they make.

For those who enjoy history with their drinks, Uncle Pete’s Tavern is the place. It’s got an old-timey feel and is full of stories. Plus, the drinks are good and they have a nice selection of brews and spirits.

Lastly, Vagabond Kitchen is not just for eating. They have a bar where you can try cool cocktails. The bartenders can make pretty much anything you want, and the atmosphere is laid back and artsy.

Remember, always be safe when bar-hopping. Have a designated driver or use a ride service. Now you’re all set to explore the best bars in Wheeling, WV. Have fun and enjoy the local scene!

Planning Your Route

The Vagabond Kitchen is a gem in Wheeling for foodies who love a good drink. It’s not just a bar; it’s a place where you can eat well. The cocktails are creative, and you’ll feel fancy trying them out.

Wheeling Brewing Company is where you go to kick back with some local flavor. They brew their beers right there, and you can taste the Wheeling pride in every sip. It’s laid-back and perfect for just hanging out.

At River City, you get to eat, play, and drink. They have live music, trivia nights, and great food. It’s big enough to bring all your friends and have a blast together. Check out their calendar for special events!

The Nail City Record is a cool spot if you love music. You can look through old records, meet new friends, and sip on a cold one. It’s a chill place that makes you feel right at home with tunes from the past and present playing.

For those who love history, the Bridge Tavern & Grill is a place with a story. It’s one of the oldest bars in Wheeling, so you’re having a drink in a piece of the town’s past. They also have tasty bar food like wings and burgers.

Remember, when you’re out bar-hopping, always have a ride planned. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the Wheeling bar scene!

Transportation and Safety Tips

Generations Pub is a hit for anyone looking for a lively night out. There’s a mix of good brews and regular live bands. It’s the kind of place where everyone can have fun and dance to the music.

Late Night Bar & Grill keeps the party going even when other places close. If you’re a night owl, this is the spot for you. The kitchen stays open late too, so you can grab a bite whenever you get hungry.

Centre Market is not one bar, but many! This historic area has lots of different spots to check out. You can walk around, see all the lights, and try different drinks at each place. It’s like a big outdoor party!

Quaker Steak & Lube isn’t just for great wings; they’ve got a bar that’s buzzing with energy. Sports fans love it here because there’s always a game on. Plus, their drink specials really keep the spirits high!

If you want a quieter spot, Uncle Pete’s is a cozy bar where you can relax. It’s got a friendly vibe, and it’s easy to chat with the folks around you. You can sit, sip, and enjoy the Wheeling night.

Make sure to check out Alpha Tavern. It’s got a bit of everything: sports, games, and good beer. You can cheer for your team or play some pool while you’re there. It’s a great pit stop in your bar-hopping adventure.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the local cab services or ride-sharing apps to get home safely after your night out. Enjoy Wheeling’s bars and have a memorable time!

Local Bar-Hopping Events

Next on the list is The Nail City Tavern. This spot has awesome drink deals and a chill vibe. Folks come here to hang out and have long talks with friends over some cold ones.

Brew Keepers is where you want to be for unique beers. They make their own right there! Beer fans totally love trying the different kinds they brew up. It’s a cool place to learn about beer, too.

The Later Gator is actually a funky bistro, but don’t let that fool you. Their bar is full of fun drinks, and the atmosphere is quirky. It’s a spot where you can take cool pics to remember your trip.

For a touch of history with your drinks, don’t miss Brewster’s Pub. They’ve been around for a long time. The old walls and photos tell a story, adding something special to your night out.

Vagabond Kitchen isn’t just about yummy food; they’ve got a bar that’s worth checking out. It’s a good place to start your night with a fancy cocktail before hitting the other spots.

For those into sports vibes, River City is the winning spot. They have lots of TVs and fans cheering loud. It’s fun to be part of the crowd when a big game is on.

Remember, Wheeling has lots of cool bars to explore. Just walk down the streets, and you’ll find even more places to enjoy. Keep an eye out for your new favorite spot!

And always be safe. Plan your ride before you go out. Have a blast discovering the best bars in Wheeling, WV!


Wheeling, WV, sure has some awesome places to grab a drink! Each bar brings its own style to the table. From local brews at Brew Keepers to sports nights at River City, there’s a spot for everyone.

Whether you’re into the chill scene at The Nail City Tavern or looking for a quirky time at The Later Gator, Wheeling’s got you covered. And if you dig a bit of the past with your pint, Brewster’s Pub is your go-to.

Want to start your night with something fancy? Vagabond Kitchen mixes up cool cocktails that are perfect for kicking things off. The city is full of surprises, so take a stroll and see what you find!

Just make sure to have your ride planned out. Being safe is key when you’re out having fun. So enjoy the vibe, sip your favorite drink, and soak in the best of what Wheeling’s bars have to offer!