Best Neighborhoods In Steubenville Ohio

Steubenville, Ohio, known fondly as the ‘City of Murals,’ is a charming place with a rich history. This town along the Ohio River has many neighborhoods, each with its own vibe and perks.

When searching for the best neighborhoods, families usually look for safe streets, good schools, and nearby parks. Young professionals often want to be where the action is, with cool eateries and shops.

We’ll dive into the neighborhoods in Steubenville that stand out. We’ll see what makes them unique and why they might be the perfect spot for you to call home. So, get ready to learn about the hidden gems of Steubenville!

Historical Significance of Steubenville

Steubenville’s history is woven into the fabric of its neighborhoods. Founded in 1797, it’s been a hub for many cultures and industries. This history shapes the character of each area, making them more than just a place to live.

For example, the neighborhood around Historic Fort Steuben offers a glimpse into the past. It’s near the old fort, which dates back to 1786. Now, it’s a cool spot with tours and yearly events.

Hollywood couldn’t stay away either. Dean Martin, the famous singer, was born here. Every year, the Dean Martin Festival brings fans to his hometown.

Lastly, LaBelle View, with its hilltop views, reminds folks of the city’s steel days. It’s quiet and has homes with character. Families and retirees like it for its peace and history.

Steubenville’s Founding

Steubenville’s history is full of stories. It’s the birthplace of Dean Martin, a famous singer and actor. Many people love this town for its past.

The city played a part in the steel industry, which made it grow a lot. Today, that history shapes the neighborhoods and gives them character.

In some neighborhoods, you can see old houses that were built long ago. These areas feel like a walk through history and are close to museums and historic sites.

Places like Bellaire-Glass Addition and Hollywood are popular spots. They’re not just safe, but they also have pretty views of the river and hills. Kids here can play outside and go to good schools.

The downtown area, known as Historic Fort Steuben, has cool old buildings. It’s a good place for people who want to be near fun things to do.

Folks in Steubenville are proud of their history. They work to keep their neighborhoods nice and welcoming for everyone.

To learn more about the city’s past, visit the Old Fort Steuben website. It’s a neat place to see and learn about how people lived in the old days.

Notable Historical Sites

When you’re talking about the best neighborhoods in Steubenville, you’re talking about a city with a rich past. Long ago, Steubenville was a big deal because it was right on the Ohio River. This made it perfect for trading and growing.

Because of the river, the city became a hotspot for making things like pottery and glass. These industries brought lots of jobs and workers from different places. They all needed places to live, and that’s how many neighborhoods got started.

Near the river, the North End neighborhood has homes from when the city was booming. This area has been getting better, with people fixing up the old homes. It’s like they’re polishing a piece of history.

In the West End, you can find streets lined with old brick homes. This area shows how the city looked when factories were running all the time. Nowadays, it’s quieter, but the strong community feeling is still there.

One really neat spot is La Belle View. This neighborhood has houses that overlook the river. Imagine waking up and seeing the water right from your window. That’s what some homes in La Belle View offer.

A place that is super connected to Steubenville’s history is the historic district around Fifth Street. This is where the Grand Theater is. It’s an old movie theater that’s being saved and fixed up because it’s part of the city’s story.

If you want a neighborhood with a touch of nature, check out Country Club Hills. It’s near the city, but with more green space. Plus, you’re right by the golf course, if that’s what you like.

Learning about Steubenville’s history helps us appreciate where we live even more. The best neighborhoods here aren’t just pretty or safe. They’re living pieces of the city’s story that make Steubenville special.

Best Neighborhoods in Steubenville, OH

If you’re all about friendly folks and nice places to live, you’ll want to hear about the neighborhoods in Steubenville, OH. This city’s got some really cool areas where people love to live. We’ll dive into a couple of them.

One spot that stands out is Hollywood City. It might not have movie stars, but it’s got charm. Families like it because it’s peaceful and the houses have yards for kids to play in. Plus, it’s close to schools which is a big win for parents.

Then there’s Belleview Heights, which is up on a hill. It’s got an awesome view of the city and the river. People feel proud living there because the houses are nice, and the streets are clean. It’s a quiet place but still close to shops and restaurants.

Downtown Steubenville is not just where the action is, it’s also a great place to live. You’ve got easy access to cafes, shops, and the Public Library. Living downtown is perfect for people who like being where things happen.

Speaking of good spots, West Park is pretty nice too. It’s got a friendly vibe and is the kind of place where neighbors know each other’s names. There’s even a park where folks can hang out, play sports, and have picnics on sunny days.

Overall, the best neighborhoods in Steubenville are places where you can make friends and feel at home. They offer a mix of history, pretty sights, and that small-town feeling everyone loves. That’s what makes them the best in the city.

The Amenities of Belleview Boulevard

Hollywood is another neighborhood in Steubenville that’s cool to know about. It has lots of green lawns and is pretty peaceful. People there look out for each other, and it’s a good spot for families.

Buena Vista is known for being up on a hill. That means you’ve got nice views, and the houses are spread out. It feels a bit like you’re not right in the city, even though you are.

If you love sports, you might like the area around Harding Stadium. On game days, you can hear the cheers from the local football games. It’s a big part of life in Steubenville.

Sun Valley is on the edge of Steubenville. It’s kind of like the countryside, so it’s quieter. The houses have more space between them, which is pretty cool if you like having your own spot.

For those who like to be close to shops and restaurants, downtown Steubenville is the way to go. You can walk to lots of places, and there’s always something going on.

Being part of a community is what makes these areas stand out. Each neighborhood has its own vibe, and that’s what people here love. When you’re home, you feel like you belong.

Community Life in Hollywood City

West End Steubenville is full of history. Old houses with big porches can be found here. It’s really close to schools, which is handy.

La Belle is a spot with lots of friendly folks. It’s near the Ohio River too, so there are some cool views and spots to hang out by the water.

Pleasant Heights is a neighborhood that’s got its own little park. Kids can play, and families hang out there a lot. It’s a pretty tight-knit community.

Country Club Hills is kind of fancy. The homes are big, and the yards are too. It’s quiet, and people take pride in keeping their places looking nice.

Lovers of history might find Downtown’s North Fifth Street super interesting. There are old buildings and streets to explore, and it feels like stepping back in time.

Each neighborhood in Steubenville offers something unique. Whether you like being close to nature or prefer being where the action is downtown, there’s a place for you.

Quiet Living in Country Club Hills

Belleview is another great area. It’s peaceful and the neighbors are super friendly. People there take care of their yards and homes, so it looks nice when you walk around.

Beacon Hill is cool because it’s up on a hill. You can see a lot of Steubenville from there, which is pretty awesome. The houses are different from each other, so there’s lots of styles to check out.

Over in the Sunset Gardens, you’ll notice it’s quiet. It’s a good spot if you like a chill place to live. The folks there are nice, and it’s safe to ride bikes or walk your dog.

If you’re into sports, Brady Estates is right by the high school’s football field. On game nights, you can hear the crowd cheering. It’s fun to be so close to the excitement.

Hiller Heights has some beautiful homes with gardens. Springtime is amazing with all the flowers blooming. It’s a happy place to be when the weather gets warm.

Comparison with Nearby Cities

Compared to Wheeling, WV, Steubenville’s neighborhoods offer a different vibe. Wheeling has a mix of urban and historical areas, but Steubenville’s neighborhoods feel more suburban. For example, in neighborhoods like Brady Estates and Hiller Heights, you’ll find plenty of space for outdoor activities which is less common in Wheeling’s dense areas.

Weirton, WV, is close by and has its own charm, but Steubenville offers a more laid-back atmosphere. Neighborhoods like Sunset Gardens are quieter than what you might find in some parts of Weirton. Plus, Steubenville tends to have more affordable housing options which is great for families looking for a good deal.

One thing Steubenville shares with both Wheeling and Weirton is a strong sense of community. However, each of Steubenville’s neighborhoods brings something special. Belleview’s friendly community and beautifully maintained properties make it a top choice. It’s different from the busier streets you might find in bigger cities.

Steubenville also boasts unique views that are harder to come by in similar cities. Beacon Hill’s panoramic vistas are not as common in Wheeling or Weirton. This gives Steubenville an edge for those who enjoy picturesque scenery right from their doorstep.

Overall, while nearby cities like Wheeling and Weirton have their perks, Steubenville’s neighborhoods offer a cozy suburban feel. The diversity in housing styles, the emphasis on community, and the availability of scenic views make Steubenville a great place to consider when looking for the best neighborhoods.

Steubenville vs. Wheeling, WV

Steubenville has some pretty sweet neighborhoods, but let’s talk about how it stacks up against other cities nearby.

First up, Wheeling, WV. It’s got a lot of history and some nice areas to live in, but Steubenville’s neighborhoods are just as good and often more affordable. Plus, Steubenville is closer to Pittsburgh if you ever want to catch a big concert or sports game.

Weirton, WV is like a stone’s throw away. It’s got its own charm, but Steubenville offers a more college-town feel because of Franciscan University. This means there’s always something going on, especially for students and young folks.

Comparing the best spots to live in Steubenville, you’ll find there’s a mix of quiet streets and places with more action. In cities like Wheeling and Weirton, it might lean more one way or the other.

Some folks love the smaller city vibe that Wheeling and Weirton have. But if you’re looking for a great blend of fun, chill neighborhoods, and cool things to do, Steubenville is the spot.

Now, if you need to travel or work in nearby cities, living in Steubenville is pretty smart. It’s smack-dab in the middle of Wheeling and Weirton. So you can easily zip to either city without a big hassle.

So yeah, Steubenville holds its own against nearby cities. It’s worth checking out the neighborhoods here if you’re thinking about moving to the Ohio Valley.

Steubenville vs. Weirton, WV

When it comes to Steubenville’s neighborhoods, think friendly folks and cool places to hang out. It’s like the best of both worlds—you get that small-town feel but with more stuff to do than in some nearby cities.

If you compare it to Wheeling, Steubenville’s got a younger crowd. Why? ‘Cause of the university. It’s not just about having younger folks around; it’s the energy and activities they bring. So if you dig that youthful vibe, Steubenville could be your jam.

Now, talking about the cost of living, you might find Steubenville nicer to your wallet. Homes can be more affordable here than in some spots in Wheeling or Weirton. So, if you want to save some bucks, this could be a big plus.

And hey, don’t forget about the schools. Families think that’s super important. Steubenville has some cool schools that are doing great things to help kids learn and grow. If you’ve got little ones, this might give Steubenville an edge over other towns.

What’s also awesome is Steubenville has some pretty neat parks and spots to chill. Grabbing a little nature time isn’t hard here. You might find it easier to find your own favorite outdoor hangout than in the busier parts of Wheeling or Weirton.

Lastly, Steubenville’s got community events that are super fun. Parades, festivals—you name it. It’s a great way to meet neighbors and make friends. These kinds of things might be bigger or more frequent here than in Weirton.

So when you’re thinking of moving to the Ohio Valley, give Steubenville a look. It’s got a bunch of cool neighborhoods, each with their own style and perks. Plus, it’s a pretty great place for both young folks and families.


Moving to a new spot can seem kinda scary, but it’s also exciting, right? Finding the right neighborhood makes a huge difference. In Steubenville, you’ll find that each area has something special to offer, from quiet streets where everyone knows your name to places that are always buzzing with stuff to do.

If you’re into sports or just love being active, keep an eye out for areas near parks or schools with cool teams. You’ll get your game on and maybe make some friends along the way. For folks who dig peace and quiet, there are spots in Steubenville that are more laid-back and super cozy.

Remember, choosing the best neighborhood is all about what feels right for you and your family. Think about what you need, like being close to work or having a big backyard for your dog. Steubenville’s got a mix of everything, so take your time and look around. You’re bound to find a place where you’ll fit right in and feel at home.

Before we wrap up, don’t be shy to ask around. Chat with locals or hit up a Steubenville website to get the scoop on different areas. People love to share what they like about where they live, and that inside info can be super helpful.

Alrighty, that’s the lowdown on Steubenville’s neighborhoods. They’re more than just a place to crash. They’re communities where you can live, laugh, and grow. Whether you end up in a bustling spot or a chill corner of town, Steubenville could be the next place you call home.