Best Schools In Steubenville Ohio

Hey there! Looking for top-notch schools in Steubenville, Ohio? You’ve come to the right place! This cool city on the Ohio River has some really awesome places to learn. Schools here offer a bunch of different programs that can help students shine in whatever they’re into, whether that’s science, art, sports, or anything else.

Steubenville’s schools have great teachers who really care about their students. They work super hard to make sure everyone gets the help they need to do their best. Plus, the schools have cool stuff like technology and resources that can make learning even more fun and interesting.

So, whether you’re a kid or a parent looking for the best schools in Steubenville, you’ll find some pretty great options. With schools that focus on making sure students are ready for the future, Steubenville is a fantastic place to learn and grow. Let’s dive into which schools rock in this city!

Academic Excellence

One school that stands out for its academic excellence is Steubenville High School. The school’s got a reputation for pushing students to think big and achieve lots. They have classes that can get you college credit before you even graduate. That’s a super cool way to jump-start your future, right?

If you are into numbers and experiments, there’s also the STEM program at Wells Academy. It’s like a brain gym where young geniuses work on tough math problems and do science projects that can blow your mind. Students here often win awards for their amazing projects, and they’re really proud of what they can accomplish.

For those who want to mix books with beliefs, Catholic Central High School offers a combo of strong academics and faith-based learning. They’ve got a history of high test scores and sending grads to top colleges. Plus, they encourage students to grow in character and spirit, which is pretty unique and special.

And don’t forget about the options outside of public schools! Bishop John King Mussio Elementary and Junior High are part of the same family as Catholic Central, and they start kids off on the right foot with their learning adventure. They make sure young learners get the basics down pat so they can do great in high school and beyond.

There’s even a school for the artistic types. The Jefferson County Joint Vocational School is where creativity meets practical skills. Students learn things like design and multimedia production, which is perfect for those who dream of a career where they can create and inspire.

No matter what you’re into, there’s a school in Steubenville, Ohio, that’s ready to give you the education you need to succeed. It’s all about finding the right fit for you, so you can shine in school and score big in life!

Standardized Test Scores

One of the gems in Steubenville is Steubenville High School – home of the Big Red. Kids here get to learn a bunch of subjects and have chances to join cool clubs. The teachers make sure to give a helping hand to anyone who might be stuck on a tricky math problem or a science project.

Over at Wells Academy, it’s all about doing your best. They are known for being at the top and even won awards for how great they teach. Students from Wells get to work together on projects, making friends while they learn new stuff!

Then there’s Catholic Central High School, where tradition meets today’s learning. Kids at Catholic Central are not just hitting the books hard, they also learn values that will stick with them for life. And the school spirit? It’s through the roof!

Don’t forget about East Garfield Elementary – it’s a place where younger students get to start their school journey. The teachers are super friendly and they make sure each kid feels special. They even have programs to help kids with reading and math if they need an extra boost.

These schools have library and computer labs that are stacked with books and tech to help with studying. They’re all about getting kids ready for the big world out there.

If you want to check out more about these schools, you can always hop on their websites. For Steubenville High School, it’s right here. Wells Academy can be found here, and for Catholic Central High School, click here. Don’t miss out on East Garfield Elementary, their info is here.

College Preparatory Programs

Buena Vista Elementary School is a place where every student matters. The teachers are super nice and they really want to see every kid do their best. Plus, they have fun ways to learn, like games and group activities!

Another awesome spot is Harding Middle School. The kids here work on cool projects like science fairs and art shows. They also get to use computers and tablets to help them find information for their homework.

Let’s talk about West Pugliese Parkway Elementary. Here, students are not just sitting at desks all day – they get up and move. They have a time called “brain breaks” where they can stretch and wiggle so they can be ready to learn more.

And there’s more than just classwork. Many schools have sports teams and music bands. That means kids can play soccer or learn an instrument while they are also becoming super smart in class.

If you’re curious about these schools, the internet is a great place to learn more. You can check out Buena Vista Elementary School with a click here, discover Harding Middle School here, or explore West Pugliese Parkway Elementary here.

AP and Honors Courses

Steubenville High School is top-notch when it comes to learning. The teachers are all about helping students think big and go after their dreams. Plus, there are classes on all sorts of things, from science and math to art and history.

The school has groups for students who want to dig deeper into what they like. If you’re into robots and technology, you can join the robotics club. Or if you like arguing and proving your point, the debate team might be your thing!

At Catholic Central High School, the classrooms are all about respect and hard work. The students not only learn from books but also from cool real-life projects. They even volunteer in the community to see why helping others is important.

East Garfield Elementary is where little kids start off strong. The teachers make sure every student understands what they’re learning before moving on. That way, no one gets left behind in things like reading and math.

For more info on Steubenville High School, just click here. To learn about Catholic Central High School, you can visit here. Check out what East Garfield Elementary has to offer here.

Extracurricular Opportunities

There’s more to school than just hitting the books. Schools in Steubenville know this, and they offer a bunch of cool clubs and sports. You can find something that fits what you like and get really good at it.

Steubenville schools make sure students get to try new things too. You can make music in band or chorus if you love tunes, or you can make art if you’re creative. There’s something for everyone!

Staying active is important, and that’s why schools here have sports teams. You can play football, basketball, soccer, and more. Being on a team helps you make friends and learn how to work with others.

If helping people is your thing, there are clubs that focus on community service. It feels great to give back, and you can make a real difference in your city. Isn’t that awesome?

To check out some of the extracurriculars at Steubenville High School, look here. For Catholic Central High School’s activities, go here. And to see what East Garfield Elementary has for the little ones, click here.

Sports Teams

Big Red Band is a big deal at Steubenville High School. Students get to show off their musical chops and team up to make some awesome tunes.

Sports are huge in Steubenville. Whether you’re into football, basketball, or soccer, there’s a team for that. And Big Red sports teams are known to be some of the best around!

Catholic Central High offers clubs like Spanish Club and Art Club. So if you’re looking to learn a new language or get creative, these clubs have you covered.

Want to act or work on cool shows? The drama club at Catholic Central lets you do just that. It’s a chance to shine on stage or learn the ropes behind the scenes.

P.S. If you swim like a fish or just love the water, Steubenville High has a swim team. Dive in and join other students who love racing through the pool.

Clubs and Societies

At Steubenville High, you can join the Science Club. It’s the perfect spot for kids who love experiments and learning about how the world works. Plus, you might get to show off your science skills in competitions.

Are you into making robots or coding? Then the Robotics Club might be your thing. Students can build robots and compete in cool contests against other schools.

The Key Club is another cool group at Steubenville High. Kids get to help out in the community and do projects that make a big difference. It’s a great way to lend a hand and feel good doing it.

For book lovers, there’s a Book Club. Here you can read and talk about your favorite books with other students. It’s like having your own little book party at school.

Do you ever imagine being the boss of a company? Students can join the Business Club and learn about how to start a business and how to make it grow. It’s great for future business leaders!

Lastly, if you’ve got rhythm or just want to try something fun, Steubenville High’s Dance Team is where it’s at. You’ll learn new moves and perform at school events.

Arts and Music Programs

If you’re someone who loves acting, Steubenville High’s Drama Club is a place where you can shine. You can act, work on sets, and maybe even direct a play. It’s all about putting on a great show!

Artistic students can express themselves in the Art Club. You get to draw, paint, and create cool art pieces. Plus, your art could be hung up around the school for everyone to admire.

For those who like to be in the know, the Journalism Club is a good fit. You can write about school news and learn how to interview people. Your stories could be in the school’s newspaper!

Sports fans might enjoy the Sports Analysis Club. You get to talk about different sports, check out stats, and even predict who’ll win in big games. It’s super fun for anyone who loves sports.

Students who care about the planet can join the Environmental Club. You’ll work on projects that help the environment and learn cool green tips. It’s a club that’s not only fun but also makes a difference.

Finally, if you’ve got the gift of gab, the Debate Team is waiting for you. You can argue your points and compete in debates with kids from other schools. It’s perfect for sharpening your speaking skills.

Community Engagement and Support

Steubenville schools are great at getting students and families to work together. They host events like science fairs where kids show off cool experiments. Parents and teachers cheer them on, making it a big community event.

Every year, schools like Harding Middle School organize fun runs or walks. These help raise money for new school stuff, and everyone can join in. It’s a healthy way to support the school and have fun with friends and family.

School concerts and plays bring in lots of people from Steubenville. These events show off the amazing talent at schools. Plus, ticket sales often go back to the school, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

There are also groups where students help each other, like tutoring programs. Bigger kids help the younger ones with homework and studying. It’s awesome because students learn from other students, not just teachers.

Many schools are involved in charity work too. They collect food, clothes, and money for people who need them. Helping out feels good and teaches students to care about others in Steubenville.

And let’s not forget about sports teams. Schools often have games where everyone comes out to cheer. It’s about more than just winning; it’s about playing fair and being part of a team.

Parent-Teacher Organizations

Steubenville schools have cool programs to help everyone in school get better at reading and math. These programs give extra help to students who need it, making sure no one falls behind.

Kids in Steubenville schools can also join groups where they do things to help people in their city. They collect food for those who need it and raise money for good causes. Doing these things makes them feel good because they are helping others.

In some schools, there are special classes to learn about different jobs. Kids can find out what they like and maybe what they want to do when they grow up. It gives them a head start on their dreams.

There are also fun fairs and events at Steubenville schools. These events bring students, teachers, and families together to celebrate and have a good time. It makes school feel like a big, happy family.

Every year, students and teachers work together to make their schools better. They talk about what’s going well and what they can do better. It’s like everyone has a voice in how the school works.

Community Service Initiatives

In Steubenville, Ohio, schools are doing awesome things to make their communities better places. Students get to work on projects that help people who live around them. It’s all about giving back and making a difference.

Teachers in these schools are really supportive. They don’t just teach; they help kids become better people. They cheer on students when they do things to help the community.

Parents play a big part too. They volunteer at school and help out with big projects. Having parents involved shows kids that they care about their education and their school.

Older students often mentor the younger ones. They help with homework and give advice on school stuff. It’s a cool way for students to learn from each other.

Schools here even partner with local businesses and colleges. This helps students learn about different careers and get ready for the future. It’s a win-win for students and the community.

To keep up with what’s going on at Steubenville schools, check out their websites. Here is an example: Steubenville City Schools. It’s a great way to stay connected and see how these schools rock!

Alumni Networks

When a school takes part in community projects, it’s like getting a gold star for being a good neighbor. Some schools in Steubenville have gardens where students grow vegetables and share them with people in town. It’s cool to think of kids growing food for others.

Sports teams and clubs often do fundraisers, like car washes or bake sales. The money they raise can go to help local shelters or buy new books for the library. It feels good to cheer on your school and help the community at the same time.

Art and music events at Steubenville schools are open to everyone. These shows let students display their talents and bring people together. It’s a blast to see friends and family supporting the arts.

Some schools have special days where students do nice things for others. They might clean up parks or write thank-you cards to first responders. It’s amazing to see how these small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Want to see students in action? Keep an eye on the local news or the school’s social media pages. They often share stories and pictures of these projects that make you proud. For example, here’s a peek at what Steubenville High School is up to on their Facebook page: Steubenville High School Facebook.


Choosing a good school in Steubenville, Ohio, is super important for kids’ brains and their future. The best schools here do more than just teach reading, writing, and math. They help students grow in every way.

Awesome schools have teachers who care a lot and work hard to make sure every student is doing their best. They also have lots of activities like sports and clubs to join, so everyone can find something fun to do after the bell rings.

Schools in Steubenville also keep parents in the loop. They have meetings and send notes home so families know what’s going on. This teamwork between teachers, students, and families helps everyone do better.

Remember, the best school for one student might not be the best for another. Every kid is different and that’s cool. Students should pick a school that feels right for them and where they can be their best selves.

So, when thinking about schools in Steubenville, Ohio, look for ones that are not just about homework and tests. The best schools are like big families that help kids learn, have fun, and get ready for the world.