Best Wheeling Wv Restaurants

If you’re exploring the charming city of Wheeling, WV, and find yourself hungry, you’re in for a treat! In this cozy corner of the Ohio Valley, Wheeling offers a delightful variety of restaurants that can satisfy any palate. From family-owned Italian eateries to riverside barbecue joints, the city’s culinary scene is as rich as its history.

Whether you’re looking for a fancy night out or a casual meal with friends, Wheeling’s dining options won’t disappoint. The best part? Each spot dishes out not only tasty food but also a slice of this West Virginia town’s warm hospitality. So get ready, food lovers – Wheeling’s best restaurants are sure to leave you coming back for seconds!

Dining in Wheeling, WV

One spot everyone talks about is a little Italian place that’s been serving Wheeling for years. Here, the pasta tastes like it’s straight from Italy and the atmosphere is just like a family dinner – cozy and full of laughter. Don’t miss their homemade sauces; they’re the talk of the town!

Feeling like steak? There’s a steakhouse right in the heart of Wheeling that grills them just right. It’s a bit fancy, with twinkling lights and soft music. And their desserts? Out of this world! Save room for a piece of their famous cheesecake.

For fans of spicy food, there’s a Mexican restaurant that really brings the heat! Their tacos and enchiladas might make your eyes water, but in the best way. And, the colorful decor matches the vibrant flavors you’ll find in every bite.

When you want something quick and tasty, a local burger joint has you covered. Their patties are juicy and the toppings are endless. Plus, it’s a great place to hang out and watch the game on TV. People say their fries are the perfect side to any meal!

BBQ lovers, rejoice! There’s a riverside spot that slow-cooks their meats until they’re fall-off-the-bone tender. The smoky aroma will lure you in, and the friendly servers will make you feel right at home. Grab a pile of napkins, because it’s about to get messy and delicious!

Local Gastronomy

One spot that’s always buzzing is Later Alligator, known for its quirky atmosphere and delicious crepes. You can munch on savory or sweet treats while surrounded by cool art. This cafe is a hit with locals and visitors alike.

For pizza lovers, look no further than DiCarlo’s Pizza. This place has been serving up their famous squares with melty cheese on a crispy crust since the 1940s. It’s a taste of Wheeling tradition with every bite!

Seafood enthusiasts will fall for Coleman’s Fish Market. Their fish sandwiches are legendary, and you can also find fresh seafood to cook at home. It’s a must-visit for fresh flavors from the river and sea.

Those craving a good steak should head to The Chop House. The steaks are cooked just how you like them and come with sides that make your mouth water. This is a classy place for a special night out.

Lastly, don’t miss out on Wheeling Brewing Company. This spot is perfect for trying local brews and munching on pub grub. Their craft beer lineup is impressive and pairs well with their tasty bites.

Upscale Dining

Craving Italian? Figaretti’s Restaurant has been dishing out homemade pasta and sauces since 1948. Their family recipes will make you feel right at home. Don’t leave without trying their famous spaghetti!

Treat yourself to some comfort food at Avenue Eats. Known for their gourmet burgers and cozy vibe, it’s a neighborhood favorite. And make sure to save room for their incredible homemade desserts.

If you’re into farm-to-table dining, pay a visit to Vagabond Kitchen. They use local ingredients to make their meals fresh and full of flavor. The menu changes with the seasons, so there’s always something new to try.

Elm Grove’s Tacoholix offers a modern twist on tacos and nachos. With fun and unique fillings, each bite is an explosion of taste. It’s the go-to spot for a casual and delicious meal with friends.

For Asian cuisine, Ye Olde Alpha provides a mix of American classics and exciting international dishes. From sushi to burgers, there’s something for everyone. Plus, their lively atmosphere makes every dinner feel like a celebration.

Family-Friendly Restaurants

Looking for a slice of heaven? DiCarlo’s Pizza is a Wheeling staple, famous for their unique square pies with cold cheese sprinkled on top. This old-school joint is a must-visit for pizza fanatics.

Who doesn’t love a good steak? At The Chop House on Main, you can sink your teeth into tender cuts that are cooked just the way you like. Their upscale setting is perfect for a special night out.

Get your seafood fix at Coleman’s Fish Market. This place is not fancy, but the food is unforgettable. Their fish sandwiches are legendary, and the prices are great for families on a budget.

Sweet tooths, rejoice! At Later Alligator, you’ll find a range of delicious crepes and desserts. This quirky bistro set in a renovated historic building adds charm to every meal.

Want a taste of the local brew scene? Check out the Wheeling Brewing Company. Not only do they have awesome craft beers, but their pub menu also offers tasty bites that pair perfectly with a cold one.

Top Wheeling Restaurants for Special Occasions

When you’re dressed up and ready for an elegant evening, The River City Restaurant is the place to be. Enjoy a cozy dinner while taking in the beautiful Ohio River view. The menu is full of mouth-watering options that will make your special occasion even more memorable.

If you’re craving Italian cuisine, Figaretti’s Restaurant has been serving delectable dishes since 1948. With their homemade pasta and secret-recipe sauce, they offer a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s ideal for any celebration.

For those who enjoy a touch of history with their meal, the Ye Olde Alpha is a popular choice. This restaurant provides a diverse menu ranging from Greek specialties to all-American favorites. It’s a local treasure that’s great for family gatherings and special outings.

Thrill your senses at the Vagabond Kitchen. Here, they mix creativity with local ingredients to give you a unique dining experience. Their menu changes with the seasons, so there’s always something new and exciting to try.

Discover the upscale side of sushi at Tokyo Sushi Steakhouse. With a sleek modern decor, it’s the perfect place to celebrate with friends or a date night. They offer sushi rolls, sashimi, and hibachi dishes that are both delicious and visually stunning.

Don’t forget to make reservations if you’re planning to dine out for a special occasion. Some of these spots can fill up fast, especially on weekends and holidays! And hey, enjoying a great meal at one of Wheeling’s top restaurants is a celebration in itself.

To find more information on these restaurants or to check out their menus before your visit, be sure to look online. Here are some links to their websites:

Exploring International Cuisine in Wheeling

Wheeling’s got a secret! It’s not just all-American eats here. You can go on a tasty trip around the globe without leaving town. Many places serve food from different countries. It’s like a mini food vacation!

Got a hankering for some spice? Try Tito’s Sloppy Doggs. They’ve got hot dogs with flavors from all over. It’s not fancy, but it’s a flavor explosion! Plus, the place has a cool local vibe you’ll dig.

Could go for some Greek? Opa! Head to the Alpha for their famous gyros. They’ve been around for years and know how to serve up some serious Greek grub. It’s casual, so you can chill and enjoy.

Feeling fancy? The Chop House has got it going on with their French dishes. It’s a nice spot when you want to impress someone or just treat yourself to something swanky.

Now, for a taste of Asia, Fusion Japanese Steakhouse is where it’s at. Watch chefs flip and cook right in front of you. It’s super fun for birthdays or just a night out with the crew.

So, when you’re in Wheeling and your stomach starts to growl, remember there’s a world of flavors waiting for you. Check these places out and who knows, you might find your new favorite dish!

Italian Favorites

Wheeling is a hidden gem for food lovers. Right in the Ohio Valley, you can travel the world with your taste buds. All the best international flavors are here in Wheeling, WV!

Got a craving for Mexican food? Check out Los Compadres. Their tacos and enchiladas are super tasty. Plus, the colorful decor makes you feel like you’re in Mexico!

For amazing Asian food, try the Golden Chopsticks. They serve Chinese classics that are sure to hit the spot. The General Tso’s Chicken is a crowd-pleaser!

Want to spice things up? Tandoori Grill offers Indian cuisine that’s full of flavor. Their butter chicken is creamy and dreamy, and don’t forget the naan bread!

Let your taste buds visit Germany at the Market Vines Wine Bar and Grille. Their German dishes, like schnitzel and bratwurst, are really good. It’s like Oktoberfest any time you go!

Remember, these places are popular, so a heads-up call might be a smart move. It’s worth it, though, for a fun and tasty meal!

If you need to peek at the menus or want more info, here’s how you can find them online:

Asian Delights

If pizza is your go-to, you’re in luck! Figaretti’s makes Italian food that’ll make you say “Delizioso!” Their pizza and pasta dishes are famous in Wheeling.

How about a trip to the Mediterranean? Sarah’s on Main creates Greek dishes that are both healthy and yummy. Their gyros and Greek salads are a must-try!

Wheeling also has Oliver’s Pies for a taste of the UK. Bite into their meat pies and savor a flaky, savory treat that feels like a hug from across the pond.

And if you’re into a little French flair, you’ll adore the crêpes at Later Alligator. They’ve got sweet and savory options, each one more moreish than the last.

Here’s where to find more about these cool food spots:

Mexican and Southwestern Flavors

Craving some Latin heat? Tito’s Sloppy Doggs has tacos and nachos that are super tasty. They put a fun twist on traditional dishes, and the flavors are big!

For sushi fans, you’ve gotta check out Tokyo Sushi Steakhouse. It’s a spot where the sushi rolls are as fresh as they get. You can even watch the chefs roll them up!

When you’re feeling like some spice, Yatra Indian Cuisine is the place. Their butter chicken is creamy and dreamy, and the naan bread is perfect for scooping up all that sauce.

Want to dig into some Asian flavors? Panda Chinese Kitchen will sort you out. Their orange chicken is a crowd-pleaser, and the fried rice is just like what you’d get in China!

Don’t forget to look these places up:


Wheeling, WV has some amazing places to eat, no matter what you’re hungry for. Whether you’re craving Mexican, Indian, Chinese, or Japanese food, you’re covered!

Remember, these are just a few of the yummy spots in town. There are a bunch more waiting for you to try. Each restaurant has its own special touch.

So, grab your friends or family and start exploring the best food in Wheeling. Who knows, you might find your new favorite meal!