City Of Wheeling Wv

Wheeling is a cool place in West Virginia. It’s right by the Ohio River. Lots of people live and work there.

The city has a long history. It was super important a long time ago. Big things happened there.

Wheeling has neat buildings and bridges. It looks pretty, especially in the fall. The leaves change colors and it’s beautiful.

Kids go to school in Wheeling. They learn and play sports. Schools there are fun and help kids grow.

People in Wheeling celebrate with festivals. They have music and food. It’s a happy time for the community.

History of Wheeling, WV

Long ago, Wheeling was just a small place. Native Americans lived there before others came.

People started to make it a town in 1769. It was a new start for many families.

In 1849, something big happened. A suspension bridge was made. It was the longest one in the world at that time. It connected Wheeling to Ohio.

The city grew because of the railroad. It helped people travel and move things they made.

During the Civil War, Wheeling made a bold move. It decided to break away from Virginia. This helped create the state of West Virginia.

Early Settlement

Long ago, Native Americans lived on the land that is now Wheeling. They used the Ohio River for travel and food.

Lewis Wetzel and the Zane family were some of the first Europeans to settle in Wheeling. They built homes and traded with others.

Wheeling was once a big deal for making things. Factories made glass, iron, and other cool stuff.

The city was also a key spot in the Civil War. West Virginia split from Virginia here to join the Union side.

Today, Wheeling keeps its history alive. People can visit museums and old buildings to learn about the past.

Industrial Growth

Wheeling, WV has a rich past. After the first European settlers, more people came for jobs and land.

The city was named in 1806. “Wheeling” might come from a Native American word that means “place of the head” or “skull.” Creepy, right?

In 1849, a huge bridge was built across the Ohio River. This made Wheeling an important spot for travel and trade.

Wheeling’s history is not just in books. There are still buildings and streets that look like they did a long time ago.

The Wheeling Suspension Bridge is really old. It’s been there since the 1800s and people still drive over it today.

Modern Era

Did you know Wheeling used to be a big deal for making things? Back in the 1800s, it was known for iron and steel. Lots of folks worked in huge plants to make metal products.

During the Civil War, Wheeling didn’t want to join the Confederacy. So, it split from Virginia and helped form West Virginia. That’s pretty brave, isn’t it?

Wheeling became famous for glass too. Beautiful glass pieces were made here that people wanted all over the place. Some of these shiny things are still around today.

The city also loved the arts. They built a theater called the Capitol Theatre where you can watch cool plays and concerts.

In the old days, Wheeling was like a crossroads. Trains stopped here and steamboats floated down the river. People came and went from all over.

Wheeling has a nickname too! It’s called ‘The Friendly City’. With all that cool history, it makes you wonder what stories the streets could tell, right?

Main Attractions in Wheeling, WV

Wheeling has a cool bridge, the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It was the biggest one of its kind when they built it long ago. You can see it stretch across the Ohio River, and it looks awesome at night when it’s all lit up.

There’s a place called Oglebay Park that’s big and fun. It has pretty gardens, a golf course, and a zoo. In winter, they light up the park with a bunch of twinkly lights, and it’s like a fairy tale.

Kids and grown-ups can learn a lot at the Wheeling Heritage Port. They’ve got statues and plaques that tell stories about the city. It’s also a nice spot to relax and watch boats on the river.

Want to see cool fish? The Oglebay Good Zoo has an aquarium with all sorts of fish and other animals. Plus, they have a train that takes you around to see the animals, which is super fun.

And don’t miss the Centre Market. It’s an old market where you can buy tasty food and neat stuff. The buildings are colorful, and there are often fun events happening there.

Wheeling Island

Wheeling, WV is not just about its past. Today, it’s got some fun places to visit too! Have you heard of the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack? It’s a spot where you can try your luck with games or watch super fast dogs race.

Then there’s Oglebay Park. It’s huge and has lots to do. You can see animals up close at the Good Zoo or swim in the summer. When it gets cold, they put up a big light show for Christmas that’s really pretty.

Wheeling also has the Suspension Bridge. It’s an old bridge that people still use to get across the river. You can walk on it and feel like you’re part of history!

There’s Centre Market too. This place is where you can shop and eat. They have old buildings with cool shops inside. You can find special things to buy or grab a tasty snack.

Lastly, for folks who love to learn, the Wheeling Heritage Trail is perfect. It’s a path where you can ride your bike or walk and see places that tell the story of Wheeling.

Oglebay Resort & Conference Center

Do you enjoy plays or concerts? In Wheeling, the Capitol Theatre is a great place for that. People come from all over to see the shows there. It’s a big, beautiful building with a lot of history.

If you like to skate or play hockey, check out the WesBanco Arena. It’s not just for sports – sometimes they have big sales or shows there too!

There’s also a spot called the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. It’s full of toys and trains from the past. Kids and grown-ups can find something cool there.

For those who like spooky stuff, the Wheeling Tunnel is great. It feels a bit scary to go through, but it’s safe. People say it’s like a trip to the past.

Don’t forget about the Eckhart House! It’s a place that shows you how people in Wheeling lived a long time ago. They sometimes have tea parties that make you feel fancy.

And if you want to see some amazing art, the Stifel Fine Arts Center is the place. They have lots of pictures and sculptures that can make you think and feel different emotions.

Last, but not least, is the Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley. It has fun stuff for kids to do and learn. They can play and see new things, and it’s right in Wheeling.

Wheeling Heritage Trail

Wheeling, WV has a cool glass museum called Oglebay Institute’s Glass Museum. It shows you how glass is made and lets you see some really old glass pieces. Sometimes, they even let you try making glass.

Another fun place is the Oglebay Park. It’s a big park with lots of things to do. You can go to the zoo, swim, golf, or just walk around and enjoy nature.

Want to learn about animals? The Good Zoo at Oglebay has all sorts of animals, and you can even feed some of them. It’s a great place to see wild creatures and learn about them.

For a fun day outside, visit Wheeling Heritage Trail. You can bike or walk along the trail and see the river and lots of trees. It’s a pretty place to spend the day.

There’s a spot where you can take a boat ride on the Ohio River. It’s called the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack. This place also has games and races if you like that kind of excitement.

Economy and Industry in Wheeling, WV

Wheeling, WV used to be super famous for making things. It was a big deal in the past for making iron and steel. That’s what helped the city to grow a lot.

Today, Wheeling is still making stuff, but it’s different now. Instead of just iron and steel, there are places that make foods and other things. They also have hospitals and stores where people work.

Many people in Wheeling have jobs in health care and education. These are really important jobs that help keep everyone healthy and smart.

There are also a bunch of offices where people work with money and law. These jobs are big in Wheeling too.

Even though Wheeling isn’t as big in making steel as before, it still works hard to make the city a good place for businesses to grow.

Current Economic Climate

Wheeling, WV used to make a lot of things a long time ago. It was famous for making steel. People came from many places to work in Wheeling because there were lots of jobs.

Now, Wheeling doesn’t make as much steel. But it has new kinds of work. Hospitals and schools are important for the city’s money now.

Wheeling also has stores and restaurants that people like to go to. These businesses help the city earn money too.

Many people work in offices in Wheeling. There are banks and places that help you with money and law. These jobs are a big deal for the city.

Notable Employers

Wheeling has a lot of places where people can have fun and learn. There’s a big wheel you can ride and see the whole city. It’s by the river and people love it!

There are also places where people make things. They make snacks and drinks that go to stores. Making these things gives jobs to people in Wheeling.

Computers are important in Wheeling too. People work with computers to help other people all over the world. This is also how the city makes money.

Wheeling is trying to get more people to visit. When visitors come, they stay in hotels and eat in restaurants. This helps everyone in the city.

Future Development Projects

Wheeling used to make a lot of glass and steel. This is how the city started growing a long time ago. Now, there are new kinds of jobs.

Health care is a big deal in Wheeling now. There are hospitals and places where people go to feel better. Doctors and nurses work there to help everyone stay healthy.

People in Wheeling also teach. There are schools where kids learn important things. Teachers help them to know more about the world.

Lots of folks in Wheeling work in stores too. These stores sell things like clothes and toys. When people buy these things, it helps the city’s money grow.

Having a strong mix of jobs is good for Wheeling. It means if one job goes away, there are other jobs people can do. That’s smart for the city.


Wheeling, WV is a special place. It’s full of history, from the big old bridges to the neat buildings downtown. People come to see these cool spots.

The city is also a place where families live and play together. There are parks for picnics and running around. It’s fun to spend time outside with friends.

Even though jobs changed, Wheeling found new ways to grow. This helps everyone who lives there. It’s good to see a city keep getting better and better.

Remember, Wheeling isn’t just about work. It’s about people coming together, making it a swell spot to live. So, think of Wheeling as a place with a strong past and a bright future.