Cvs Steubenville Pike

Have you heard of CVS on Steubenville Pike? It’s a cool place where you can get medicine and lots of other things. This CVS is in Steubenville, Ohio, which is a city by the Ohio River.

People from nearby towns like Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV also shop here. It’s a handy store where families can buy things they need to stay healthy and take care of themselves.

You can find this CVS easily because Steubenville Pike is a well-known road. It’s open every day, so you can go there when you need to, even on the weekend!

Understanding the CVS on Steubenville Pike

This CVS is more than just a pharmacy. They have snacks, drinks, and even toys for kids. Sometimes, they have cool deals where you can save money on stuff you buy a lot.

When you’re feeling sick, the people who work here can help you find what you need. They are super friendly and know a lot about medicines and other things that can make you feel better.

If you don’t have a lot of time, that’s okay! CVS has a drive-thru so you can pick up your medicine without leaving your car. Plus, there’s a place where you can drop off old medicine so it’s safe.

Need a photo printed? They can do that too. You can bring in your camera’s memory card and get your pictures to take home. If it’s getting close to a holiday, they have cards and decorations to help you celebrate.

Remember, CVS isn’t just for when you’re under the weather. It’s a place where you can get everyday things. Next time you ride by on Steubenville Pike, think about stopping in to see what’s new!

Location and Accessibility

The CVS on Steubenville Pike has a pharmacy where you can get your prescriptions filled. Say you have a cough or a cold, they have medicine for that. They can also help you understand how to take your medicine safely.

Not just medicine, this CVS has things like snacks and drinks too. If you’re hungry after school or need a quick drink, you can pop in and grab something tasty.

If you run out of things like toothpaste or shampoo, don’t worry. CVS has a bunch of personal care items. It’s like a one-stop shop for things you use every day.

They also have a photo center. You can print pictures from your phone or camera. It’s really fun to see your photos on paper instead of just on a screen.

Remember, if you have questions about what you can find at the CVS on Steubenville Pike, you can always call them or visit their website. Just look up “CVS Steubenville Pike” and you’ll find all the info you need!

History of CVS in the Region

Sometimes, you might need a band-aid or a first-aid kit. The CVS on Steubenville Pike has a whole section for that kind of stuff. It’s perfect for when you get a scrape or a cut.

Do you have a pet? This CVS also sells pet food and treats. So if you’re out walking your dog, you can stop by and pick up something special for them.

It can be hard to pick out a birthday card or a small gift. Lucky for you, CVS has cards and gifts too. You can find something nice for your friend or family member’s birthday.

Another cool thing is they sell makeup and nail polish. If you want to try a new look, you can find lots of colors and styles there. It’s fun to try out different looks!

And don’t forget, you can also pick up things for school, like notebooks and pencils. CVS isn’t just for medicine, it has stuff for school too!

If you want to visit, the CVS on Steubenville Pike is easy to find. It’s not far from places like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH. The store is open every day, which means you can go when it fits your schedule.

Services Offered

If you get sick, the CVS on Steubenville Pike is there to help. They have cold medicine and cough drops to make you feel better. Just ask the people who work there if you need help finding something.

CVS also has things to clean your house with. You can grab sponges and soaps to make your kitchen sparkle. Keeping your home clean is important, and you can get what you need at CVS.

What if you run out of shampoo or soap? Don’t worry, CVS has a bunch of different kinds to choose from. You can find your favorite or try something new for your hair and skin.

For those times when you’re thirsty or hungry, CVS has snacks and drinks. They have chips, candy, and even cold drinks in the fridge. It’s a quick stop to grab a snack on the go.

Sometimes, you need a phone charger or batteries. Guess what? CVS has those too. If you’re in a rush and need something for your gadgets, they’ve got you covered!

They’ve got a photo center to print out your pictures. If you take a cool photo and want to keep it, you can print it at CVS. It’s easy and quick to get your favorite photos to hang up.

Remember, the CVS on Steubenville Pike is just a short drive from Wheeling, WV. So if you live there, you don’t have to go far for what you need. Check out to see what else they have!

Economic Impact on Steubenville

Steubenville, Ohio gets a big boost from the CVS on Steubenville Pike. When people spend money there, it helps the whole city. The store gives jobs to people who live nearby. That’s good because jobs mean money for families.

When CVS does well, they pay taxes to the city. This money can help make Steubenville a better place. It can fix roads, help schools, and make parks pretty. Taxes from stores like CVS can do a lot for a town.

Also, when folks shop at CVS, they might stop at other places too. Maybe they eat at a local restaurant or buy gas nearby. This helps other businesses make money and stay open.

So, shopping at CVS on Steubenville Pike is more than just getting what you need. It’s about helping Steubenville grow. Every time you buy something, you’re part of making the city stronger.

Job Creation and Employment Opportunities

When a new CVS opens on Steubenville Pike, it brings jobs to the area. People in Steubenville can work there. Having jobs close to home is really good for the town.

Stores like CVS also pay taxes to the city. This money can be used to fix streets and help schools. When stores do well, the city can do more projects.

Having a CVS close by makes life easier for families. Moms and Dads can pick up medicine fast when their kids are sick. If a store has what you need, you don’t need to travel far.

Local businesses close to CVS might see more customers, too. When people go to CVS, they may visit other places nearby. This can help all the stores on Steubenville Pike do better.

If more people shop in Steubenville because of CVS, the city becomes busier. More shops and restaurants might open up. A busy city can be a more fun place to live and work.

Local Business Competition

CVS on Steubenville Pike can make prices competitive. When there are more stores, they try to have better deals. This means people in Steubenville can save money on things they buy.

Sometimes CVS will support local events and teams. This helps the community come together and have fun. It’s nice when a big store helps out in the town.

With a CVS nearby, tourists might stop in Steubenville more often. When they stop, they might eat at local restaurants or buy things. This is good because it means more money for the town.

CVS also has programs to teach people about being healthy. They might talk to kids in schools about not smoking. When people in Steubenville are healthier, it’s better for everyone.

CVS might also make it easier for people to get their medicine. They have drive-thru windows and pick up spots. This is great for folks who find it hard to walk or are in a rush.

Community Partnerships and Initiatives

When CVS comes to Steubenville Pike, it can help create jobs. People can work there as cashiers, pharmacy helpers, and more. This gives people a way to earn money and help their families.

Stores like CVS also pay taxes to the city. This money can help fix roads, keep parks nice, or even build new places for people to play. This is good because it makes Steubenville better.

Having a CVS store means you don’t have to travel far to shop. This saves people time and gas money. It’s easier when you can buy what you need close to home.

CVS also works with local schools and may offer first job opportunities. This can be a great start for high school students. They learn to work and earn their own money.

Plus, CVS sometimes gives money to help make life better in Steubenville. They might give to hospitals or groups that take care of animals. This can make a big difference in the community.

Health and Wellness in Steubenville

CVS on Steubenville Pike can make it easy to stay healthy. They have medicine for when you get a cold or feel sick. This helps everyone feel better faster.

They also have things to keep you well, like vitamins and bandages. If you scrape your knee or need a vitamin, CVS has it. That’s good for keeping kids and families healthy.

At CVS, they have a pharmacy where you can talk to a person who knows about medicines. They can answer your questions. This can help make sure you take your medicine right.

CVS has flu shots too. Getting a flu shot can keep you from getting really sick. It’s a quick way to help you stay healthy all year.

They have special days where they check your blood pressure for free. Knowing your blood pressure is important. It tells you if your heart is working just right.

Pharmacy and Health Services

Getting healthy is important, and CVS on Steubenville Pike can help. They have a pharmacy where you can get medicine. If you’re feeling sick, the pharmacists there can help you understand your medicine.

CVS has things like band-aids, cough drops, and vitamins too. They’re there to help you get better when you hurt yourself or catch a cold. It’s like having a tiny health shop right where you live.

They also have special checks for your health. You might get your blood pressure or sugar checked to make sure you’re okay. It’s a quick way to keep an eye on your health without going to the doctor.

Eating good food helps you stay healthy. CVS has snacks and drinks that are good for you. They have nuts, fruits, and bottled water to keep you going strong during your day.

Exercise is a big part of wellness. CVS sells things like balls or jump ropes. That means you can buy stuff to play outside or exercise, which is fun and good for your health.

If you want to learn more about their pharmacy or what they have for your health, you can visit their website. Just click on this link:

Outreach Programs and Health Education

When you want to be healthy, it’s not just about what’s inside your body. It’s about taking care of your skin too. CVS on Steubenville Pike has creams and sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

They even have toothpaste and toothbrushes. Cleaning your teeth every day keeps them strong and your smile bright. Your smile is a big part of feeling good.

If you need help, the people who work at CVS are nice and can tell you about the healthy stuff they sell. They know a lot about how to stay well and can give you tips.

Remember, when you go to Steubenville Pike, look for CVS. It’s a place filled with things to help you and your family stay healthy and happy. Plus, it’s right in Steubenville, so it’s close by!

Impact on Local Health Statistics

Staying healthy means you need to eat good foods too. Fruits and veggies should be a big part of what you eat. CVS in Steubenville has a section where you can pick up some healthy snacks. They have nuts and dried fruit, and even some bars that are good for you.

It’s also really important to drink water. Water helps your body in lots of ways. CVS has bottles of water you can take with you to stay hydrated. That means drinking enough water so your body works right.

Getting a good night’s sleep is another way to be well. CVS sells things to help you sleep better. They have soft eye masks and earplugs to block out noise. If you sleep well, you’ll feel great when you wake up.

And if you get sick, CVS has medicines. But don’t worry, they have stuff for small problems too, like band-aids and thermometers. Always ask an adult before you take any medicine. They’ll help you figure out what you need.

CVS is more than a store. It’s a place to help you keep going strong. Next time you visit, see what new health things they have. It’s all right there on Steubenville Pike.


So, CVS on Steubenville Pike is like a little helper for your health. They’ve got snacks, water, sleep aids, and even medicine when you’re not feeling good.

Remember to always have an adult help you with medicine. And while you’re there, look around for new things that can help keep you healthy. Who knows what you might find?

CVS isn’t just a place to shop, it’s part of taking care of yourself. So, go check it out and stay strong and healthy!