Dicarlos Pizza Steubenville

Everybody loves pizza! DiCarlo’s Pizza in Steubenville is a special place where they make pizza that’s yummy and unique. This pizza shop has been around a long time and is famous in the Ohio Valley. When you walk in, it feels like you are part of a big, happy family.

DiCarlo’s Pizza is not just any pizza place. They have a special way of making their pizza with crunchy crust, sweet sauce, and the cheesiest cheese! It’s all about layering these tasty parts in just the right way. Kids and grown-ups all love the taste.

Did you know that DiCarlo’s Pizza is a part of Steubenville history? That’s right! This town in Ohio loves its DiCarlo’s Pizza. It’s a place where people come to get a slice of happiness. DiCarlo’s in Steubenville isn’t just about eating pizza; it’s about enjoying a tradition that’s been there for ages.

The History of DiCarlo’s Pizza in Steubenville, OH

DiCarlo’s Pizza started a long time ago, way back in the 1940s. A man named Primo DiCarlo saw that people loved pizza. So, he decided to open his own pizza shop. Primo had a special recipe that made everyone’s mouth water.

The first DiCarlo’s Pizza was in Wheeling, West Virginia. But it wasn’t long before the tasty pizza made its way to Steubenville, Ohio. People there couldn’t get enough of it! The pizza shop became a hit, and pretty soon, it was a part of the town’s story.

Over the years, DiCarlo’s Pizza became a legend in Steubenville. It’s not like other pizza places. They bake their crusts first, then add sauce and cold cheese on top after. It might sound funny, but it tastes amazing, and it’s a big reason why people come back for more.

Today, DiCarlo’s Pizza in Steubenville is still making pies the same way Primo did. They believe in keeping the old ways because they know it’s what makes their pizza perfect. So when you take a bite of DiCarlo’s Pizza, you’re biting into a piece of history!

Origins and Founding

Long ago, in 1945, a man named Primo DiCarlo started the pizza shop. He had a secret recipe that made everyone’s mouth water. The recipe was so good, it’s still used today. That’s why the pizza tastes so awesome!

Primo’s pizza became super famous in Steubenville. People would come from all over just to take a bite of his cheesy, crunchy slices. Soon, DiCarlo’s Pizza was the talk of the town!

Guess what? The DiCarlo family still runs the pizza place. So, when you eat there, you’re biting into a piece of history. Primo’s kids and grandkids work hard to keep the pizza just as delicious as it was on day one.

Even though DiCarlo’s is super old, they still think it’s important to be friends with the community. They join fun events in Steubenville and help make the town a happier place. That’s pretty cool, right?

Distinct Characteristics of DiCarlo’s Pizza

Did you know that Primo wasn’t alone in his pizza adventure? He had help from his family, too. Even now, DiCarlo’s is a place where family works together. It’s like a pizza-making team that keeps the yummy going strong.

Another cool thing is that DiCarlo’s Pizza doesn’t just stay put. Nope! It has grown bigger, like a tree with lots of branches. It’s spread out to nearby places like Wheeling and Weirton. More folks can enjoy the tasty pizza that started in Steubenville, OH.

Years ago, DiCarlo’s only had a few choices for toppings. But guess what? Today, you can pick from lots of toppings to make your pizza just the way you like it. But if you ask someone from Steubenville, they’ll tell you to try it the classic way first!

Here’s something else that’s neat—Primo’s pizza shop was one of the first to do something called “square cuts.” That means the pizza is cut into squares, not triangles. It’s a special thing that makes DiCarlo’s different from other pizza places.

Expansion Beyond Steubenville

Long ago, a man named Primo DiCarlo started making pizza. It was way back in 1945! People loved his pizza from the start. They said it was special and super tasty. Primo opened his first pizza shop in Steubenville, OH, where he began this delicious story.

DiCarlo’s Pizza became a favorite spot very fast. The word spread, and more people came to try it. Everyone wanted a slice of Primo’s pizza. It was like a treasure in Steubenville, and soon, even people from other places knew about it.

The cheese and crust on DiCarlo’s pizzas are different from other pizzas. When you take a bite, it’s like a party for your taste buds! Primo had a secret recipe, and that’s why his pizza was unique. Still today, that recipe is a big secret that they keep safe.

Primo wanted everyone to feel happy when they ate his pizza. So he made sure to always use fresh stuff. That’s right! He used fresh cheese, sauce, and dough every day. This made the pizza taste really, really good. And that’s something that hasn’t changed even now.

Cultural Impact of DiCarlo’s Pizza in Steubenville

DiCarlo’s Pizza is not just food in Steubenville; it’s a big part of the town’s history. Lots of families have been eating this pizza for many years. It’s something that parents, kids, and even grandparents enjoy together.

In Steubenville, when people think about pizza, they think about DiCarlo’s. It’s a place where friends meet and families hang out. On game days, on birthdays, and when people need to feel better, DiCarlo’s is where they go.

The shop where DiCarlo’s Pizza is made has seen a lot of smiles and happy times. It has been there for so long that it feels like a friend to the people of Steubenville. Eating DiCarlo’s Pizza is a way to celebrate good times.

On special days like the town festival, DiCarlo’s Pizza is really popular. You can see people walking around, holding a warm slice of pizza, and having fun. DiCarlo’s has become one of the best parts of Steubenville’s celebrations.

DiCarlo’s Pizza also helps the town by giving jobs to people. This is really important because when people have work, they can take care of their families. And when they work at DiCarlo’s, they make something that brings joy to others.

Primo’s pizza shop has grown with the town of Steubenville. Like the Ohio River flows by the town, DiCarlo’s Pizza flows through the town’s memories. It’s more than just eating; it’s part of what makes Steubenville feel like home.

Local Reception and Patronage

DiCarlo’s Pizza didn’t just stay in Steubenville; it grew like a tree with many branches. People in Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV also got to enjoy this pizza. It’s like DiCarlo’s became a part of the family in these towns.

In Steubenville, DiCarlo’s is not just a pizza place. It’s a spot where people come together. Families celebrate birthdays there, and teams go after games. DiCarlo’s is a place full of happy memories for lots of folks.

Did you know that DiCarlo’s Pizza is so famous it even has a day named after it? That’s right! February 9th is DiCarlo’s Pizza Day in Steubenville. It’s a day when people eat pizza to show how much they love this town’s special dish.

DiCarlo’s Pizza is like a superstar in Steubenville. People wear t-shirts and hats with DiCarlo’s on them. Some people who moved away come back just to eat this pizza. They miss it that much!

Every year, DiCarlo’s helps out with fun events in town. They make sure to be a part of the good times and support the community. That’s one reason why people feel DiCarlo’s is more than just food; it’s a part of Steubenville’s heart.

DiCarlo’s Role in Steubenville’s Culinary Scene

When you talk to someone from Steubenville about pizza, they will think of DiCarlo’s. It’s famous for its tasty slices with bubbly cheese and crunchy crust. Almost everyone in Steubenville knows about it.

At school, kids swap stories about their favorite DiCarlo’s pizza toppings. They argue over which ones are the best. It’s a big deal to them, like picking a favorite superhero.

DiCarlo’s Pizza also helps people in need. When there’s a big storm or a hard time, they give out hot pizza. This makes everyone feel better and brings them together. It’s like getting a warm hug when you need it most.

During holidays, DiCarlo’s is the place to be. People might not agree on everything, but they all agree that DiCarlo’s pizza makes holidays special. They share slices and laugh, making the holidays feel warm and fun.

Even out-of-town visitors hear about DiCarlo’s. When they visit Steubenville, they often want to try this local pizza. They take photos and tell their friends about it when they go home.

Teachers sometimes use DiCarlo’s Pizza in lessons. They talk about how to make pizza or run a pizza shop. This way, kids learn math and business while thinking about their favorite food.

DiCarlo’s Pizza shows what makes Steubenville unique. It’s not just the pizza, but the love and care put into it. DiCarlo’s makes everyone feel like they are a part of something special. And for Steubenville, that something special is DiCarlo’s Pizza.

Notable Mentions and Accolades

DiCarlo’s Pizza isn’t just a place to eat. It’s where sports teams come to celebrate their wins. The walls are covered with pictures of local teams smiling and eating pizza together.

Town festivals often have a DiCarlo’s Pizza stall. Lines of people wait to get a slice. It’s as important as riding the Ferris wheel or playing games.

Birthday parties at DiCarlo’s are a big hit with kids. They get to make their own pizza and eat it too. It makes their special day even more fun.

The workers at DiCarlo’s remember your name and your favorite pizza. They make you feel welcomed every time you visit. It’s like visiting family.

Local bands play music there on the weekends. While people enjoy their pizza, they listen to music and relax. It’s a cool way to spend time with friends.

DiCarlo’s has been around for a long time. Some grandparents take their grandkids there and share stories about when they were young. It’s a place full of memories.

Everyone in town knows the DiCarlo’s delivery cars. Kids wave at them as they pass by. The cars are as famous as firetrucks in Steubenville.

People wear DiCarlo’s t-shirts and hats proudly. It’s like they’re showing off their love for their hometown pizza. It’s a part of their style.

DiCarlo’s holds contests sometimes. Who can eat the most pizza or who can create a new pizza flavor. Winners get their picture on the wall and bragging rights.

The pizza shop supports local events too. They donate gift cards for raffles. This helps schools and clubs raise money for their activities.

When families move away, one of the things they miss the most is DiCarlo’s. They talk about how they can’t find pizza like that anywhere else.

DiCarlo’s isn’t just pizza. It’s a slice of Steubenville’s heart and soul. It’s a place where good times and good food bring everyone together.

Modern Day DiCarlo’s Pizza

Modern Day DiCarlo’s Pizza in Steubenville, OH keeps the old traditions alive. People still come for the famous square slices. The cheese and pepperoni are just like they’ve been for years.

DiCarlo’s now uses social media to connect with pizza lovers. They post yummy pizza photos and fun updates online. Fans can share their own stories and pictures too.

They have a website where you can order pizza from your phone or computer. It’s easy for families to get their favorite pizza without leaving home. Just a couple of clicks and the pizza is on its way.

The menu has some new items, too. They’ve added things like buffalo wings and pasta. Even with the new stuff, the pizza is still the star.

DiCarlo’s Pizza takes part in the “Taste of Steubenville” food event. They serve pizza to guests who come from all around. It’s a proud moment for the town.

School trips stop at DiCarlo’s for a tour. Kids learn how to make pizza dough and see the big ovens. It’s a cool field trip that ends with a tasty treat.

DiCarlo’s has an app for smartphones. It lets you collect points every time you buy pizza. When you have enough points, you get a free pizza.

The pizza shop has special deals on certain days. Like on “Throwback Thursday,” they have prices like in the old days. It’s fun and saves you money.

On game days, DiCarlo’s is super busy. Fans order lots of pizza, and the place is buzzing. Everyone wants a piece of DiCarlo’s to go with the big game.

DiCarlo’s also started a YouTube channel. They show behind-the-scenes looks and how they make their pizza. It’s neat to see what happens in the kitchen.

The same family has owned DiCarlo’s for generations. They work hard to keep the pizza just as good as ever. It’s their way of keeping the family legacy going strong.

Adapting to Changing Tastes

DiCarlo’s Pizza in Steubenville, Ohio, is famous for its unique way of making pizza. They put the cheese on after the crust is baked. People love the melty goodness.

Kids in Steubenville grow up on this pizza. Some have it every week. It’s a yummy tradition they look forward to.

High school athletes often eat here after their games. It’s a treat after all their hard work. The big slices fill them up and keep them happy.

On snowy days, DiCarlo’s is still open. They make sure no one misses out on their pizza. It’s nice to have a hot slice when it’s cold outside.

DiCarlo’s team is always smiling. They joke and laugh with you. It’s a cheerful place to be.

Some people say DiCarlo’s has the best pizza in the world. They say no other pizza can beat it. That’s a big compliment.

When people who moved away come back to visit, DiCarlo’s is where they go first. They can’t wait to bite into that famous pizza again.

The cheese and pepperoni they use are special. They taste different than at other pizza places. It’s what makes DiCarlo’s stand out.

Every slice of DiCarlo’s pizza has a story. It’s part of Steubenville’s way of life. It’s more than just food; it’s a piece of home.

Community Involvement

DiCarlo’s Pizza is very old. It started in the 1940s. Now, there are many places where you can get it, not just in Steubenville.

Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville all have DiCarlo’s shops. Each one makes pizza the same special way. People in all these cities know the DiCarlo’s taste.

Even if the shops look different, the pizza is the same. It’s like visiting an old friend. That’s why people love going to any DiCarlo’s.

DiCarlo’s uses a recipe that doesn’t change. That way, every time you have a slice, it’s just as good as the last time. This makes kids and grown-ups very happy.

Families like to get DiCarlo’s on weekend nights. It’s a fun way to relax together. They share stories and laughs over the pizza.

The shops are usually busy. But the lines move fast. Everyone gets their pizza quick.

DiCarlo’s isn’t fancy. The places are simple because it’s all about the pizza. When you’re there, you feel at ease, like you’re at home.

They also have more than just pizza. You can get salads and sandwiches too. They are really tasty as well.

People sometimes travel just to have this pizza. They drive from other places to get a box of DiCarlo’s. That shows how much they like it.

DiCarlo’s Pizza is a cool place to be. It’s not just in Steubenville. It’s a favorite in Wheeling and Weirton too. Everyone enjoys their delicious pizza.

Challenges and the Future of DiCarlo’s in Steubenville

In Steubenville, Ohio, DiCarlo’s Pizza is like a treasure. Kids and adults go there to eat something yummy. They all talk about how the cheese and crust taste perfect.

At DiCarlo’s, they cut the pizza into squares, not triangles. This makes it fun to eat and easy to share. Everyone has their favorite piece.

The cheese on the pizza is special. They put it on after baking the crust. It melts on top and tastes super good. It’s different from other pizzas.

DiCarlo’s in Steubenville is also a place where friends meet. They laugh and eat pizza after school. It helps to make everyone smile.

On game days, many families order DiCarlo’s Pizza. They enjoy it while they cheer for their teams. It’s a part of the fun.

Some people love DiCarlo’s Pizza so much, they have parties there. They celebrate birthdays and other big days with pizza and fun.

DiCarlo’s Pizza in Steubenville makes many people happy. They keep coming back for that special pizza taste. It’s a big part of the town.


If you ever visit Steubenville, Ohio, don’t forget to try DiCarlo’s Pizza. It’s not just food, it’s a piece of the town’s heart.

People love it for the special way they make it and for the fun times they have there. It’s perfect for everyone, any day of the week.

Remember, DiCarlo’s Pizza isn’t just a place to eat. It’s where memories are made. So, grab a square slice, take a bite, and enjoy!