Disney On Ice Wheeling Wv

Have you ever seen your favorite Disney characters gliding across ice, spinning and jumping right before your eyes? “Disney On Ice” is a magical show that’s coming to Wheeling, WV! It brings together the songs and stories you love, all performed on a shiny ice rink.

Imagine seeing Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse dancing on ice skates. Maybe you’ll see Elsa from “Frozen” making snowflakes whirl in the chilly air of the arena. That’s what “Disney On Ice” is all about – bringing the Disney magic to life in a cool new way.

Kids and grown-ups from all around, including nearby towns like Weirton, WV and Steubenville, OH, can come watch. It’s a fun time for families to smile, sing along, and enjoy a night out together. And guess what? You don’t need to travel far because the Disney stories are swooping into your hometown!

So, grab your jackets and get ready for an adventure. “Disney On Ice” in Wheeling will give you a chance to make memories that twirl and leap just like the skaters on the ice. You don’t want to miss this!

History of Disney on Ice in Wheeling, WV

Way back, “Disney On Ice” started touring and it finally skated into Wheeling. This show has been a big deal for years, making kids smile and filling arenas with music and fun.

Each time “Disney On Ice” comes to town, it has a new story to tell. Sometimes it’s about princesses and heroes, and other times it’s all about friendship and adventure. People come back every year to see what’s new.

Tickets for the show are a hot item in Wheeling. Families mark their calendars so they don’t miss out. When tickets go on sale, everyone tries to get the best seats to see the Disney magic up close.

The Capitol Theatre is usually where the show happens. It’s a big place in Wheeling that can hold lots of people. When “Disney On Ice” is in town, the theatre lights up with excitement and the sound of Disney tunes fills the air.

Even schools get in on the fun. Sometimes teachers plan field trips to see “Disney On Ice”. Kids bundle up in coats and gloves, ready for the cool air inside and the spectacle of the performance.

It’s not just a show, it’s a tradition for many. “Disney On Ice” brings a sprinkle of Disney magic to the Ohio Valley, and folks from Wheeling to Weirton to Steubenville share this special time together. No wonder it’s such a hit year after year!

Origins and First Shows

Long ago, “Disney On Ice” found its way to Wheeling, WV. It wasn’t just any show, but a special one where princesses and heroes from Disney movies skate to music we all know. These shows in Wheeling have been around for years and years.

Every year, the show changes a little so it’s always fresh and fun. Sometimes they tell the story of “The Little Mermaid” and other times, you might catch “Toy Story” characters having a blast on the ice. Each show brings new surprises!

People in Wheeling, Steubenville, OH, and Weirton, WV get really excited when “Disney On Ice” comes to town. The WesBanco Arena is where it usually happens. This is a big place in Wheeling where lots of cool events take place.

When “Disney On Ice” is in town, families fill up the seats to watch the show. Kids especially can’t wait to see the characters in real life! There’s something so special about seeing the stories right in front of you, but on ice!

If you want tickets or need more info about “Disney On Ice” in Wheeling, check out their website. Just click here for the scoop on showtimes and how to get tickets. Remember, each year is a brand-new show, so even if you’ve gone before, you’ll see something different every time!

Popularity and Growth

Back in the day, people would mark their calendars for when “Disney On Ice” was coming to town. It’s like a big birthday party, but for everybody! The whole city of Wheeling lights up with excitement.

Before the show starts, everyone can see the rink getting all shiny and icy for the skaters. The skaters practice a lot to make sure they get their moves just right. When they put on their costumes, they really look like they jumped out of the movies!

What’s super cool is that schools sometimes take kids on field trips to see “Disney On Ice”. Imagine going with all your friends from class to see the show! Plus, teachers like it because the stories are about bravery, friendship, and magic.

Families and friends from places like Steubenville and Weirton often drive over to Wheeling just for the show. It’s like the show brings everyone closer together, even if they’re from different towns.

Oh, and guess what? Sometimes the skaters come out and say hi after the show. If you’re lucky, you might get an autograph or a photo with your favorite character. It’s a memory that sticks with you forever!

Memorable Productions

When Disney On Ice comes to Wheeling, WV, it’s at the big arena called WesBanco Arena. It has lots of seats for everyone who wants to watch. The arena gets busy as families come with kids, and everyone finds their seat to watch the show.

The skaters dress up as Disney characters and skate to music that everyone knows. It’s fun to sing along! They tell stories while skating, and it’s like the cartoons come to life. Sometimes, they even use cool lights and fireworks.

Did you know that Wheeling has been hosting Disney On Ice for years? It’s a tradition for some families to go every time it’s in town. Kids who saw it when they were little are now bringing their own kids to see the magic.

After the show, the whole city seems to be in a good mood. People go out to eat or walk around downtown Wheeling. Some families make a weekend of it, staying the night and exploring the town.

If you want to see when Disney On Ice is coming to Wheeling, WV, you can check the WesBanco Arena website www.wesbancoarena.com. They post the dates and times, and that’s where you can buy tickets, too.

Impact on Local Community and Economy


When Disney On Ice comes to town, it’s a big deal for the local community. The show brings people from places like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, to Wheeling. This means more visitors are in town spending money, which is good for businesses.

Restaurants see more people coming in to eat. This helps them make more money. They might need extra workers too, so sometimes they hire people just for the busy days when Disney On Ice is happening.

Hotels can get fuller because families might stay the night. When hotels are busier, they also might need extra staff. People working at hotels feel happy when there are more guests.

Shops in downtown Wheeling might see more families walking around and buying things. From toys for the kids to gifts for friends, shops sell more things when Disney On Ice is in town.

It’s not just money, though. The show brings joy and excitement to the city. It feels like a special time when everyone’s talking about the magic of Disney. It makes the community happy, which is just as important!

Sometimes, schools and groups get to go together and see the show. This means kids can have fun with their friends while they watch the ice skating. It’s a cool field trip that gets talked about a lot at school!

So, Disney On Ice is more than just a fun show. It helps the community by making businesses busier and spreading happiness all around. That’s why so many people in Wheeling and nearby towns look forward to it every year.


Family Entertainment

Disney On Ice is more than just a fun time for kids and their families. It’s also good for the people who live in Wheeling, WV. When the show comes to town, people who work at the arena get busy. They help make everything ready for the show and sell snacks and toys during it.

Shops and restaurants near WesBanco Arena see more people coming in. They might sell more toys and t-shirts and serve more dinners and desserts. This means they make more money when Disney On Ice is in town.

Hotels in Wheeling also get more guests. Families from places like Weirton, WV or Steubenville, OH might stay over. This helps hotels and other places where visitors can sleep, like bed and breakfasts.

Taxi drivers and parking lots get busier too. More people need rides to the arena or a place to park their car. This is another way Disney On Ice helps the city make money.

When people visit Wheeling for Disney On Ice, they may also visit other places in town. Maybe they go to the zoo or museums. This is good because they learn more about Wheeling and might come back again another time.

Sometimes, people from Wheeling volunteer to help at Disney On Ice. They might show people to their seats or help keep the place clean. This is a good way for people to come together and be proud of their city.

Lastly, Disney On Ice can make people want to try ice skating themselves. Ice rinks in Wheeling might get more kids signing up for lessons after the show leaves town.

Economic Benefits

Teachers and schools in Wheeling might use Disney On Ice as a cool field trip. They can take kids to the show to learn and have fun. It’s a break from regular school but still a chance to learn about stories, music, and skating.

Local artists and performers get excited when Disney On Ice comes. They see all the amazing costumes and sets. It might make them dream big and try to make their own shows or art.

Some businesses give money to help Disney On Ice happen. They’re called sponsors. When they help, their names get seen by lots of people. This is good for their business and they feel good for helping out.

When families save money to see Disney On Ice, they’re learning to budget. They might not go out to eat as much before the show. But when the show comes, they get to enjoy something special because they planned for it.

Groups like scouts or church youth groups might go to Disney On Ice together. They get to see their friends outside of meetings and share a fun time. This helps them become better friends and work better as a team later.

After the show, kids have new heroes like Mickey or Elsa. They might want to read more books about them or draw pictures of them. This helps them get better at reading and being creative.

Finally, some people who go to Disney On Ice decide to help others. They might bring canned food for a food drive or donate toys for kids who need them. This way, Disney On Ice makes people think about giving and helping others in Wheeling.

Community Engagement

When Disney On Ice comes to Wheeling, WV, hotels and restaurants see more people coming. Visitors need places to stay and eat. This is really good for businesses in Wheeling.

Shops might sell more toys and Disney stuff when the show is in town. Kids see the show and want a toy to remember the fun time. Stores get busy and that means they make more money.

Some people have jobs at the show. They sell snacks or help people find their seats. This gives them work and they earn money to help their families.

When families from Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, visit Wheeling for the show, they might see other cool things in the city. They could visit the zoo or go to the park. This means they will remember Wheeling as a fun place and might come back.

People talk about the show at school or work. This makes more people want to go see it. When lots of people talk about Disney On Ice, it’s called word-of-mouth. And it really helps spread the fun.

Some kids who see the skating might want to learn how. They could start taking skating lessons in Wheeling. This is good for the skating teachers because they get more students.

After the show, families might stop for ice cream or dinner. This means the places that sell food are busier than usual. They like it when big events like Disney On Ice happen.

Preparing for the Show

If you’re going to see Disney On Ice in Wheeling, WV, get ready for a magical time! First, make sure you know the time and where it is. The WesBanco Arena is where you’ll see the ice shining and your favorite characters skating.

Wear warm clothes because it gets cold by the ice, even in the seats. A cozy sweater or jacket can help. And don’t forget gloves to keep your hands toasty.

Buy your tickets early so you don’t miss out. It’s easy to get tickets online. Just go to the WesBanco Arena website and click on the event. You can pick the best seats for your family.

Plan to get to the arena a little early. This way, you can find parking and your seats without rushing. Sometimes, there are fun things to do before the show starts, like getting your face painted.

Save up some money if you want to buy a souvenir. They have cool things like light-up wands and stuffed animals. It’s nice to have something to remember the show by.

Remember, Disney On Ice isn’t just in Wheeling. If you live in Weirton, WV, or Steubenville, OH, it’s not far to drive. Bring your friends and make it a special trip!

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! Clap for your favorite songs and watch the skaters do amazing tricks. Disney On Ice is a show you’ll remember forever, especially if you’re watching it in the Ohio Valley!

Venue Arrangements

Before the Disney On Ice show starts, there’s a lot to do. People who work there have to make sure the ice is safe and smooth. It’s important so that the skaters can do their best tricks.

Everyone has to get ready for the big crowd. More people means they need more snacks and toys to sell. They fill up the stands with popcorn, candy, and cool Disney souvenirs.

Parents and kids are getting ready too. They pick out fun outfits to wear. Some kids might dress like their favorite Disney character. It’s like a big, fun party.

Tickets need to be checked and seats found. Workers help everyone to their spots so they don’t miss any of the fun. Good seats mean a better view of all the ice-skating action.

Performers warm up backstage. They put on their costumes and practice their moves. They want to make sure they remember all the steps to the music.

Before you go to the show, check the time it starts. You don’t want to be late! And remember to dress warm, it can get cold like the movies ‘Frozen’ and ‘Ice Age’.

Think about parking too. With lots of people going, it might take time to find a spot. It’s smart to leave early so you’re not rushing.

Disney On Ice in Wheeling, WV is a special time. Everyone works hard to make it fun. By preparing well, families can enjoy a magical evening with no worries.

Transportation and Lodging

When it’s show day for Disney On Ice in Wheeling, WV, excitement fills the air. Kids and parents talk about which Disney songs they’ll hear. They sing tunes from “Moana” and “The Lion King” to get in the mood.

Some families make signs to show their love for Disney. They use markers, glitter, and stickers to create something special. Holding up their signs, they cheer for their favorite characters.

Before leaving home, it’s a good idea to check your tickets. Make sure you have them ready. This way, when you get to the arena, you can go right in without any trouble.

On the way to the show, families might play Disney games in the car. They guess characters or finish the lines from songs. It’s a fun way to make the drive go by quickly.

Maybe you’re coming from Weirton, WV, or Steubenville, OH. It’s not too far to drive to Wheeling for Disney On Ice. Each city is like a neighbor, and they love sharing fun events like this.

After finding a parking spot, it’s time to walk to the venue. Everyone’s faces light up seeing the big sign: “Disney On Ice”. Now, it’s almost time for the ice to sparkle with Disney magic.

For more information on tickets and showtimes, visit the official Disney On Ice website. Just go to www.disneyonice.com to find out everything you need.

Promotional Activities

Remember to dress warmly for the ice show. The arena might get chilly with all that ice. So, grab a cozy sweater or a Disney hoodie to stay warm.

Think about having a snack before you go. There might be long lines for food at the event. A full tummy means you can watch the show without getting hungry.

Some kids like to dress up as their favorite Disney character. Whether it’s Elsa or Mickey Mouse, dressing up makes the show even more fun. Just make sure you can still sit comfortably in your seat.

If you want a souvenir, plan ahead. Decide how much money you can spend. That way, you won’t be surprised when you see all the cool Disney stuff.

After the show, everyone will be leaving at the same time. Plan to take your time walking back to your car. This can be a good moment to talk about your favorite parts of the show.


Seeing “Disney On Ice” in Wheeling, WV is a special time for families. From the sparkling ice to the laughing kids, it’s a night to remember.

Kids might ask a lot of questions about the show. It’s a good idea to learn a little bit about Disney stories before you go. Then, you can answer their questions and make the show even better!

Talking with your friends from Weirton, WV or Steubenville, OH about the show can be really fun. You can share what you liked best and hear about their favorite parts, too.

Oh, and don’t forget! Take lots of pictures at the show. But, make sure the flash is off. It’s not allowed during the performance. Pictures can help you keep the memory alive for years to come.

Disney On Ice is more than just a show, it’s a chance to make magic with your family. So, enjoy the ice, the music, and the fun. And who knows? Maybe you’ll want to go again next time it comes to town!