Festival Of Lights Wheeling Wv

The Festival of Lights in Wheeling, WV, is a sparkling event that lights up the holidays. Every year, people from all around come to see the twinkling lights and feel the joy. It’s not just about bright lights, but it’s a place where holiday memories are made.

This festival is super special because it’s one of the biggest light shows in the whole country! Imagine seeing a whole bunch of colorful lights all at once. It’s like the night sky turned into a rainbow.

Wheeling Park becomes a winter wonderland with all the glowing bulbs. Families bundle up in warm coats, hats, and gloves to walk around and take in the sights. They can also listen to holiday music and sip hot cocoa to stay toasty.

The History of Festival of Lights in Wheeling, WV

Long ago, in 1985, the Festival of Lights in Wheeling, WV, began with just a few light displays. Now, it has grown super big with over a million lights!

Each year, new light displays are added, and some have become favorites. There’s a giant poinsettia wreath and a twinkling snowflake tunnel that kids love to run through!

The festival also helps out charities. People can give donations that go to those who need extra help during the holidays. It’s a way of sharing the light not just through bulbs but through kindness too.

The lights start shining in November and keep sparkling until January. This gives lots of time for friends and families to visit not once, but maybe even twice!

Experiencing the Festival of Lights

When you go to the Festival of Lights, you’ll ride through a magical place called Oglebay Resort. It’s like a winter wonderland full of bright lights!

There’s a special part of the festival called the Winter Zoo. It’s where light-up animals look like they’re alive. You’ll see a hopping kangaroo and tall giraffes made of lights!

During the festival, there’s yummy hot chocolate to keep your hands warm and your belly happy. Sometimes, there are sweet treats too, like cookies and candy canes.

You might even meet folks dressed up like Santa and Mrs. Claus. They love to hear about your Christmas wishes and take pictures with you and your family.

Everyone can have fun at the Good Zoo too. There’s a train that takes you around to see cool animals, even when it’s cold outside.

If you want to remember the Festival of Lights, you can find a gift shop. It has neat things like ornaments and toys to take home. This way, you can keep a piece of the light show with you all year round.

The Grand Display of Lights

When you visit the Festival of Lights, you’ll see the whole place turn into a winter wonderland. Big, bright trees light up the night and everyone’s faces shine with happiness.

One super cool thing to do is take a drive through the light displays. Families can stay warm in their car, listening to holiday songs, and watch the lights as they go by.

Don’t forget to stop and grab some hot cocoa! There are spots in the park where you can get a warm drink and maybe a sweet treat too. It’s perfect for sipping while you stroll and look at all the lights.

And guess what? There’s even a gift shop. Here, you can buy a little something to remember the Festival of Lights. There are lots of things like ornaments and toys that make great gifts or keepsakes.

If you’re feeling really jolly, you can take a photo with Santa Claus! He’s there, sitting in a big chair, ready to listen to your holiday wishes before you go back to watching the lights dance.

Make sure to wear your comfiest shoes, because there’s a lot of walking if you want to see everything. But don’t worry, the paths are easy to follow, and every step is like stepping into a new part of a magical light story.

Family-Friendly Activities

Sometimes there are fun rides at the Festival of Lights. You might get to ride on a little train. It chugs through the park, and you can see different light scenes pass by.

Do you like animals? At the festival, you can often see light shapes of animals like deer and bears. It’s like a zoo made of lights, which is pretty amazing to look at.

When you’re walking around, you might hear music playing. That’s because there are places with live singers and bands. They play cheerful holiday songs that make you want to dance or sing along.

Some nights, there are fireworks that light up the sky above the lights. The colorful fireworks go ‘boom’ and ‘pop’, and it looks like the stars are having a party. It’s really exciting!

Before you leave, remember to sign the guest book. This way, you can say “I was here!” and make your visit to the Festival of Lights a part of history.

Local Cuisine and Crafts

Grab some hot cocoa while you’re at the Festival of Lights. It’s warm and sweet and makes you feel cozy on a cold night. Plus, holding the cup keeps your hands warm while you walk and look at all the lights.

There are also tasty treats to eat. You might find things like cookies, candy canes, and popcorn. Some of these treats are shaped like holiday things, which is super fun.

Want a souvenir? There are booths where you can buy presents and things to remember the festival. You could get a mug or a shirt with bright lights on it, so you can keep the festival with you all year long.

They even have a place where you can take pictures. It’s like a photo booth but outside with the lights all around you. You can snap a photo with your family or friends to remember the fun night.

Don’t miss the chance to tell Santa your holiday wishes. He’s there, sitting in a big chair, waiting to hear what you want for Christmas. It’s a special moment, especially for the little kids.

Impact on the Community

The Festival of Lights in Wheeling, WV, makes the whole city shine. People from all over come to see the bright lights. It’s a big deal for our town every year.

When the festival happens, our streets are packed. Friends and families from places like Weirton and Steubenville visit too. It’s a busy time but in a good way.

Local shops get more visitors. They sell more things like toys, clothes, and snacks. It’s a happy time for the shop owners.

Hotels and restaurants see more people as well. Some visitors stay overnight. They need a place to sleep and eat.

People who work at the festival have an important job. They make sure everything goes right. Jobs like these help folks in our city.

Local artists and musicians get to show their talent. They play music and sell their art. It’s great to see what they can do.

Charities set up booths to raise money. They help people in need. It’s a way for us to give back during the holidays.

Families make memories that last forever. Kids remember the lights and smiles. These memories keep the festival alive in our hearts.

Economic Contribution

The Festival of Lights makes Wheeling WV shine every year. People from all around come to see the twinkling lights. The whole town feels busy and happy.

Local shops get more visitors during the festival. People like to buy things to take home. It helps the shops earn more money.

Some of the money from the festival goes to help people. It’s used for good things in Wheeling. This makes the town a better place for everyone.

Groups from schools and churches sing songs at the festival. They wear holiday clothes and their voices fill the air. It’s a great way for them to show their talent.

Neighbors meet and chat while they enjoy the lights. They might even make new friends. It’s a good time for everyone in the community to get together.

Families come back year after year. Kids who visited when they were little come back when they grow up. The Festival of Lights becomes a happy memory that lasts a long time.

Cultural Significance

When the Festival of Lights starts, hotels in Wheeling get very full. People who visit need a place to sleep. This is great for the hotels because they make more money.

Tasty food stands pop up during the festival. They sell things like hot chocolate and cookies. This lets families enjoy treats and keeps them warm while looking at lights.

Some people in Wheeling help out by volunteering at the festival. They might hand out maps or help keep the festival clean. This is how they give back to their town.

The bus and taxi drivers are busier too. They drive lots of people to and from the lights. This helps the drivers earn more because they get more riders.

Artists get to show off their work at the festival. They might make things like paintings or sculptures with lights. People can see how creative Wheeling is.

Let’s not forget the extra joy the festival brings. The bright lights and holiday music make people happy. When folks are happy, the town feels like a better place to live.

Community Involvement

Stores in Wheeling see more shoppers during the Festival of Lights. People buy gifts for the holidays. This helps the stores make more money.

Kids in Wheeling get excited about the festival. Schools might take students on a trip to see the lights. This makes learning about their own city fun.

The Festival of Lights is big news. Newspapers and TV stations talk about it. This means more people may learn about Wheeling and want to visit.

Local musicians have a chance to play their music. They perform in the park where the lights are. This is good because more people can hear their songs.

Craft makers also sell their stuff, like hats and scarves. When people buy them, it helps the craft makers earn money for their families.

Every year, some of the money from tickets goes to help the city. It might fix parks or help animals. That way, the festival makes Wheeling better all year long.


The Festival of Lights makes Wheeling shine bright. Families come from places like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH. They all want to see the amazing lights.

When the festival is over, people still talk about it. They remember the fun they had. The lights, music, and crafts make great memories.

Friends tell friends about the festival. Maybe next year, even more people will come. That’s great for Wheeling!

So, the Festival of Lights is more than just pretty lights. It’s a big help to the city. And it’s fun for everyone who goes.