Franciscan University Of Steubenville

Have you ever heard of Franciscan University of Steubenville? It’s a special school with a big heart, located in Steubenville, Ohio. Lots of students go there to learn and grow in a place that feels like a family. The university is known for being very friendly and for teaching about God.

Franciscan University isn’t just any school. It’s a place where people care a lot about being kind and helping others. Students at this university study hard, but they also spend time doing good things for people around them. It’s a school where faith and friendship are really important.

This university is near the Ohio River, close to some other cities like Wheeling and Weirton in West Virginia. But Steubenville is the city it calls home. The city and the school have grown up together, and the people in Steubenville are proud of the university.

History and Establishment in Steubenville

The Franciscan University of Steubenville started a long time ago. It opened in 1946, right after World War II ended. Back then, it was called the College of Steubenville. The first students walked into the classrooms excited to learn and make new friends.

In the beginning, the school was pretty small, but it had big dreams. It was started by a group of Franciscan Friars. These are kind of like teachers who also share stories about God. They wanted to make a school where faith was as important as learning math or science.

Over time, the school got bigger and its name changed. People started to call it Franciscan University of Steubenville to show it had grown. Now, it’s not just a school but a big part of the Steubenville community. It’s like a light that makes the whole city brighter.

Founding Fathers

The story of Franciscan University of Steubenville began a long time ago. In 1946, the school started with just a few buildings. It was a time when the world was trying to find peace after a big war.

At first, the school was named the College of Steubenville. The name “Franciscan” was added later because the school follows the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi. He was a man who loved everyone and everything, especially animals and plants. The teachers and students at the university try to live like he did.

Over the years, the school grew bigger and more students came to learn. The city of Steubenville was happy to have a university that brought new friends and families into town. As the city changed and got new things, the university also changed and got new buildings and classes.

Today, many years later, Franciscan University is still a big part of Steubenville. It’s a place where history and new ideas meet. The people at the university keep working to make the world a better place, just like St. Francis wanted.

Evolution Over the Years

Long before the university was built, Steubenville was known for its big steel mills. People worked hard in the mills, and the town grew because of them. The school started in 1946 to help people learn more than just steel work.

When it began, the school had only a small number of students. But soon more young people wanted to join. They liked that the school taught about caring for others and learning lots of different things.

The people who started the school wanted to make sure everyone could learn. It didn’t matter if someone had a lot of money or just a little. They believed that learning was for everyone. This idea made many people in Steubenville proud.

As time went on, the university got more teachers and students from many places. They brought new ideas and energy to the school. The university and Steubenville worked together, helping each other become better.

Effect on Local Community

The town of Steubenville, Ohio, is where Franciscan University calls home. This place is special because it helped shape the university’s story. The school didn’t always look like it does now. At first, it was just a few buildings where people came to learn.

A group of Franciscan friars had a big dream. They wanted to start a college that would help students grow in their faith and knowledge. These friars worked hard to make the dream a reality, and that’s how the school began.

The school’s name, Franciscan University of Steubenville, honors the Franciscan friars who started it. It also shows love for Steubenville, the town that welcomed the university. Together, they have made a great team for many years.

Over time, the school got bigger and added more buildings. Students now have lots of places to learn, like libraries and labs. The university changed as it grew but always remembered its first goal: to teach students well and help them succeed.

Academic Programs and Religious Education

At Franciscan University of Steubenville, there are lots of different classes you can take. Whether you like studying the stars, playing with numbers, or exploring history, there’s something here for you. But there’s one thing that’s really special about Franciscan University. It combines regular school subjects with learning about God and the Catholic faith.

Classes about faith are called religious education. Here, teachers help you understand the Bible and what the Church teaches. They also show how you can live out your faith every day. It’s not just about learning facts; it’s about growing your heart and spirit too.

If you love God and want to share that love with others, Franciscan University can teach you how. They offer special programs to learn how to teach religion to kids and grown-ups. It’s not just for people who want to be priests or nuns. Anyone who wants to help others learn about God can join these classes.

Even if you’re not sure about teaching, you can still learn a lot about your faith here. Students get together for Mass, which is like a big family dinner but for prayer. They also talk about God with friends and teachers. This way, learning isn’t just for the classroom; it’s part of everyday life at Franciscan University.

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

Franciscan University of Steubenville loves to help students learn about God. They believe it is important to know about faith and school subjects. Students study religion and things like math or science at the same time.

There are lots of classes for students who want to know more about God. They learn from teachers who care a lot about faith. This helps students to be kind and smart.

Some students want to work in churches when they grow up. The university has special classes for these students. They learn how to teach others about God and how to be good leaders.

Every student gets to join in fun activities that help them make friends. They pray together, eat together, and play sports together. This makes everyone feel like one big family.

The university wants all students to do their best. They give students help when school is tough. This way, everyone can finish school feeling proud and happy.

Theology and Philosophy

The Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, also has classes on how to understand the Bible. Kids learn cool stories from the Bible and what they mean. This helps them learn right from wrong.

They also teach students about church history. Kids find out how the church started long ago and how it has changed. They learn about important people who have helped the church grow.

Students learn about different religions, too. This helps them know how other people think about God. It’s good because they learn to respect everyone.

Religion class is not just sitting and reading. Students do projects and go on trips. They see places that are important for religions. This makes learning fun and real.

The teachers at Franciscan University really like what they teach. They are happy to answer questions and talk about faith. This helps students feel excited about learning too.

Franciscan Spirit and Values

At Franciscan University, they offer special classes about Saints. Kids get to learn about heroes of the church and what they did. This can inspire them to do good things, too.

They also get to study how to pray. This isn’t just about talking to God. It’s also about being still and listening. It helps kids feel peaceful inside.

The University believes in taking care of others. So, kids there do projects to help people. They might collect food for the hungry or help clean up a park. Doing good things like this is a big part of their learning.

They even have classes about Christian art and music. Kids can see how people made beautiful things for God. Sometimes they even get to make their own art and music!

Franciscan University really thinks it’s important for kids to know about God’s love. They try to show this love in everything they teach. It makes the school a special place to learn and grow.

Community Involvement and Impact

Franciscan University students like to help in the town of Steubenville. They spend time with local people and work on projects that make the town better.

Every year, they join in a big town event called “Community Day.” They clean streets, plant flowers, and paint walls. Everyone in Steubenville can see how the students care about their home.

The University runs a program where students teach kids in Steubenville. They help with homework and play games. It’s fun for everybody and the kids learn a lot.

Some students at the University study to be nurses and doctors. They practice by checking people in Steubenville to make sure they are healthy. This helps the people and gives the students real practice.

Franciscan University is not just a school. It’s a part of Steubenville. When the students do good things, it makes the whole town a better place.

Service and Outreach

Franciscan University of Steubenville does a lot to help the city of Steubenville, Ohio. Students and teachers work together on big projects. They want to make their city a better place for everyone.

One way they help is by working with local businesses. They give ideas to help these places grow. This means more jobs for people in Steubenville.

People from the University also spend time with the elderly. They visit them and listen to their stories. It’s a way to show they care and to keep older folks company.

The University students also help keep the city clean. They pick up trash and plant flowers. A clean city makes everyone happier and healthier.

Franciscan University of Steubenville is not just a school. It’s like a big family that looks after its home, the city of Steubenville. They share love and help people every day.

Economic Contributions

Students at Franciscan University like to teach kids in Steubenville. They go into schools to help with reading and math. This helps young students learn more and enjoy school.

The University also cares about being healthy. They have events where they teach people about eating right and staying fit. This helps families in Steubenville stay healthy and strong.

Sometimes, the University holds big events like fairs. These events bring people together for fun and to celebrate the city. Everyone from kids to grandparents can find something to enjoy.

During the holidays, Franciscan University students and staff share cheer. They collect food and gifts for families that need help. This makes the holidays brighter for everyone in the city.

Franciscan University helps Steubenville shine. The students and staff give back in many ways. When they help others, they show what it means to be part of a community.

Partnerships With Local Cities

Did you know students from Franciscan University also love the earth? They plant gardens and trees around Steubenville. This makes their city look pretty and helps the air stay clean.

The university people work with city leaders too. They talk about how to make Steubenville even better. When they work together, they can do big things for the town.

Students also go to places like hospitals to spread kindness. They bring smiles to those who might feel sad or sick. This shows that they care about every person in Steubenville.

They even help animals! The University has drives to collect things that animal shelters need. This helps make sure that pets in Steubenville are happy and have a home.

Last, they remember old people who may feel alone. They visit them and listen to their stories. This way, the old friends feel loved and remembered by everyone.


Franciscan University is a special place in Steubenville, Ohio. The students don’t just learn from books, they also learn by helping others.

They make sure that Steubenville is a city where people and nature can shine together. It’s all about being kind to everyone and everything.

So, when you think of Franciscan University, remember it’s not just a school. It’s a big family that takes care of their town and all who live there!