Good Shepherd Wheeling Wv

Good Shepherd Nursing Home is a special place in Wheeling, WV. It’s where many older folks pick to live when they need some extra help. They get to be around friends and caring people who work there.

At Good Shepherd, they do lots of things to keep everyone happy and healthy. There’s music, games, and even gardens to enjoy in nice weather. It’s like a big family where everybody looks out for each other.

People in Wheeling know Good Shepherd well. It’s been around for a long time, and a lot of people have family members who live there. Plus, it’s right in their own backyard, so they can visit often.

History of Good Shepherd Nursing Home in Wheeling, WV

Good Shepherd Nursing Home started a long time ago. It’s been a part of Wheeling since your grandparents were younger. The place has grown and changed, but it’s always been about helping older people live well.

When Good Shepherd first began, it wasn’t as big as today. But as more people heard how good the care was, more folks wanted to move there. So, they made the building bigger and added more rooms for more people.

Good Shepherd is not just a home; it’s a piece of Wheeling’s story. Many people’s grandmas and grandpas have happy memories from there. The nursing home helps them remember the good times and make new ones, too.

Founding and Early Years

Good Shepherd Nursing Home started a long time ago. It began to make sure old folks had a good place to live. It has grown a lot since it first opened.

In Wheeling, Good Shepherd is known for being a kind place. Nurses and helpers are there to make sure everyone is safe and cared for. People trust them to take good care of their family.

Many people who live at Good Shepherd have great stories about Wheeling. They share memories and make new ones too. It helps keep the history of Wheeling alive.

Expansion and Growth

The home was not always big. It started small, with just a few rooms for people. But more people wanted to come, so it had to get bigger.

They made the place nicer, too. They added places where people can play games, read books, and enjoy their days. It’s cozy, like a real home.

Every year, Good Shepherd celebrates its birthday. It’s a happy time when people remember how the home started and all the good it has done.

Recent Developments

Good Shepherd Nursing Home has been around since 1970. It’s a special place where older folks can live and get care.

This home is in Wheeling, WV. That’s a city by the Ohio River, with lots of history.

At first, it was really small. Now, Good Shepherd can help many people. It’s one of the best places for seniors in the area.

People who work there are kind. They want to make sure everyone is happy and healthy.

The home gets help from the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. That means a church group watches over it to make sure it’s doing great things.

Good Shepherd Nursing Home is not just a place to stay. It’s a community where friends can meet, share stories, and have fun.

Services and Care Provided

Good Shepherd Nursing Home lets older people choose how they live. Some have their own rooms, like a small apartment. Others share, which costs less.

Good Shepherd has nurses to help with health needs. If someone is sick or gets hurt, they take good care of them.

The staff helps with daily stuff like bathing, dressing, and eating. There are helpers for everything seniors need to do each day.

Good Shepherd also looks after the mind and heart. There are fun activities and games. People there can learn new things, make crafts, or enjoy music and movies.

For folks who can’t get out of bed, Good Shepherd brings care to them. They make sure these seniors are comfortable and not alone.

The home also makes tasty meals for everyone. They can eat with friends or in their own space if they want to.

If someone needs to talk, there are friendly folks to listen. Sometimes, we all just need to chat with someone who cares.

There’s even a chapel where people can pray or just sit quietly. It’s open all the time for anyone who wants to use it.

If seniors need to see a doctor or get other medical help, Good Shepherd takes them there. They make sure everyone gets to appointments safely.

Family and friends can come to visit. Good Shepherd welcomes loved ones with open arms. Visitors make the place even more cheerful.

Residential Living Options

Good Shepherd Nursing Home offers a bunch of cool services. If you need help with daily stuff like bathing or dressing, they’ve got you covered.

They also have nurses who can take care of you if you’re sick. Plus, they give out medicines if you need them.

If you get hurt or are feeling weak, they have physical therapy. This helps you get strong again. Occupational therapy is there too. It helps you learn to do everyday tasks.

There is a place for folks with memory problems, like dementia. It’s safe and cozy, with people who understand how to help.

Good Shepherd also plans fun activities. You can play games, make crafts, or watch movies. There’s always something to do!

They serve yummy meals three times a day. The food is not only tasty but also good for you.

Family and friends can come visit, which is super nice. It feels more like home when you can chat with folks you love.

They also take care of your room cleaning and laundry. So no worries about chores!

If you want to learn more about what Good Shepherd offers, you can visit their website. Just click here to check it out.

Rehabilitation Services

If you live at Good Shepherd, they have loads of ways to keep you healthy. Doctors visit to check on you and make sure you’re doing okay. If you ever feel bad or something hurts, they are there to help.

Good Shepherd thinks your mind needs to stay fit too. They have classes and programs where you can learn new things or enjoy hobbies. It’s fun and makes your brain work!

Do you need help with your hair or nails? Good Shepherd has a salon. You can get your hair cut or your nails done right inside.

They also help you get to appointments outside. If you have a doctor’s visit or need to go somewhere, they arrange the ride for you.

If it’s hard to hear, they can check your hearing aids. They make sure they work right, so you can hear everything going on around you.

When you can’t leave your bed, they bring the care to you. Nurses and helpers come to your room to make sure you have what you need.

They also look after your emotional health. If you’re feeling sad or have things on your mind, there is someone to talk to.

Good Shepherd has a chapel too. You can go to services or pray if that’s important to you.

For anything else you want to know, you can always ask them or have someone visit the website at

Specialized Care Programs

Good Shepherd in Wheeling, WV, makes sure you eat well. They have a dining room where you can enjoy meals with friends. The food is yummy and good for you, so you stay strong and healthy.

If you like to move and stay active, Good Shepherd has a gym. You can exercise in fun ways. This helps your body be as strong as your mind.

Do you have clothes that are dirty? They take care of that too. Good Shepherd has a laundry service so your clothes get clean and you look nice.

They know that being social is important. There are places to hang out and play games with other folks. It’s a great way to make new friends and have a good time together.

When you need some fresh air, Good Shepherd has outdoor spaces. You can walk in the garden or just sit and enjoy the sun.

Do you like movies or shows? They have movie nights and sometimes live performances. It’s just like going to the theater, but you don’t have to leave home.

Community Impact and Contributions

Good Shepherd has a big heart for Wheeling, WV. They do lots of things to help the city. They make Wheeling better by giving help and making people smile.

They help folks who don’t have enough food. Good Shepherd gives food to people who need it. This means nobody has to be hungry.

They also care about kids learning. Good Shepherd gives school supplies to kids. This way, all kids can do their school work and learn lots of new things.

When it’s cold, they give out coats and blankets. This helps everyone stay warm and cozy. It’s like a big hug from the community.

Good Shepherd works with other groups too. They all come together to make big changes. When people work as a team, they can do more good stuff.

Every year, they do special events. These events bring people together for fun. It’s a time to meet others and be part of the town.

They even help people find jobs. Good Shepherd knows jobs are important. Having a job means you can take care of your family.

They are not just a place to live. They are a friend to Wheeling. Good Shepherd helps make the city a happy home for everyone.

Employment Opportunities

Good Shepherd helps people in Wheeling, WV. They give to folks who need extra love and support. This makes the town a better place for everyone.

They have programs for people who are older. These programs make sure they have friends and fun things to do. It makes them happy and keeps them from feeling alone.

Good Shepherd also gives jobs to people. This helps families make money so they can buy things they need. When people have jobs, they can help make Wheeling a nicer place.

They work with other groups in town too. Together, they make big meals on holidays. No one has to be hungry or alone on special days.

Sometimes kids need coats or books for school. Good Shepherd helps get these things. This means all kids can be warm and learn new stuff.

Good Shepherd cares about animals as well. They help find homes for pets that don’t have one. This way, more animals are happy and loved.

They also teach people how to look after their health. When people know how to stay healthy, they can have more fun and do more things.

If you want to learn more about Good Shepherd, you can visit their website. Click here: Good Shepherd Wheeling.

Engagement with the Wheeling Community

Good Shepherd does a lot of cool stuff for the Earth. They teach folks how to recycle and save energy. That way, our planet stays cleaner and greener.

Kids learn to grow plants in gardens with Good Shepherd’s help. They get their hands dirty and see how food grows. It’s fun and it shows them how nature works.

Sports and art are big deals for Good Shepherd too. They make sure kids can play sports and make art, even if they don’t have much money. This is great for making friends and learning new skills.

Good Shepherd knows that being safe is important. They help make Wheeling a place where people look out for each other. That means people can walk around and feel good about it.

They even help when it gets really cold outside. Good Shepherd gives out blankets and warm clothes. Everyone can stay cozy when winter comes.

Outreach and Support Programs

Good Shepherd Nursing Home in Wheeling, WV, makes a big difference in people’s lives. They take care of older folks who need help every day. This means a lot to the families in our town.

They offer a place for older people to live where they are looked after really well. The nurses and workers at Good Shepherd are like superheroes. They are kind and patient with everyone.

Good Shepherd also gives food to people who don’t have enough. This helps make sure no one in Wheeling goes to bed hungry. It’s a way to show they care about everyone here.

When someone gets sick, Good Shepherd is there to help. They work with doctors to make people feel better. They want everyone to get the care they need.

They even have a van that picks up people who can’t drive. This helps them get to the doctor or go shopping. It’s really helpful for people who can’t get around easily.

Good Shepherd’s work makes Wheeling a better place. They are like a big family that looks after one another. We’re really lucky to have them in our town.


The care at Good Shepherd Nursing Home means that grandparents and older friends are safe. They get to have fun and make new friends while living there. This is important for their happiness.

Good Shepherd’s help does not stop at their door. They reach out to help the whole Wheeling area. They show us how to care for our neighbors.

By being there for the old and the sick, they teach us to be kind. We learn that helping others is a good thing to do. It makes our community strong.

To wrap it up, Good Shepherd is like a bright light in Wheeling, WV. They show love and care to people who need it. They make our city a place where kindness grows.