Greco’s Wheeling Wv

Hey there! If you’re hungry for some tasty eats and find yourself in the heart of Wheeling, WV, you’ve got to hear about Greco’s. It’s this awesome spot where folks go to chow down on some lip-smacking Italian food. Imagine twirling your fork in a big plate of spaghetti or biting into a cheesy slice of pizza. Yum!

Greco’s isn’t just any restaurant; it’s got history. It’s like a hidden gem in Wheeling where families have been filling their bellies for years. People from all over, even from places like Steubenville, OH, and Weirton, WV, come by just to get a taste of Greco’s famous dishes.

What’s super cool about Greco’s is that it’s not just a place to eat. It’s where memories are made. Whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth, the folks at Greco’s make you feel right at home. Stay tuned, and I’ll dish out all the deets on why Greco’s is the go-to spot for foodies and families alike!

History of Greco’s in Wheeling, WV

Long ago, Greco’s started as a small family business. Right from the start, they wanted to share their love for Italian flavors with everyone in Wheeling. They began by making pizzas that were so good, word spread super fast.

Soon, Greco’s became a place where people would bring friends and family to celebrate anything and everything. Whether it was a birthday, a soccer win, or just a Friday night, Greco’s was the spot.

Over the years, Greco’s grew bigger but never forgot its roots. It’s still run by people who care a lot about the food and the folks who eat it. They use recipes that have been in their family for a long time, so every bite feels special.

When you walk into Greco’s, you’ll see pictures on the walls that tell its story. There are photos of the old days, of people who have worked there, and of happy customers. It’s like a yummy food museum!

Nowadays, Greco’s is known for more than just pizza. They have all sorts of Italian goodies like lasagna, garlic bread, and cannolis. Everyone has their favorite, and trying new dishes is part of the fun!

To learn more about Greco’s menu and history, you can check their website. Just click on this link: Greco’s of Wheeling Website. It’s full of cool facts and delicious pictures that’ll make you want to visit!

Founding and Early Years

Greco’s has been a part of Wheeling, WV, for a long time. It started as a small family business. People have been going there for a tasty meal for many years. It’s one of those places that seems to have always been there.

The restaurant is famous for its Italian flavors. The recipes have been passed down through generations. Each dish is made with a lot of care, and that’s why it tastes so good.

It’s a spot where many people in Wheeling have celebrated big days. Think birthdays, graduations, and even just fun Friday nights. When something good happens, folks often head to Greco’s to share the joy with a special meal.

Over the years, Greco’s has grown. But even as it got bigger, it never lost its friendly feel. The place might change a bit, but the good food and happy times stay the same.

Expansion and Reputation

Long ago, Greco’s began as just a tiny spot in Wheeling. It wasn’t big, but people loved it. They would come to enjoy spaghetti, pizza, and other yummy Italian foods.

Greco’s is also known for being cozy and welcoming. The workers say ‘hello’ when you walk in, and it feels like you’re eating at a friend’s house. It’s a nice feeling that makes you want to come back.

Kids and grown-ups alike have their favorite foods at Greco’s. Whether it’s a cheesy slice of pizza or a big plate of pasta, everyone can find something they like.

The secret to their delicious food might just be love. They cook each meal like it’s for their own family. That might be why everything from Greco’s tastes extra good.

Many people who move away from Wheeling remember Greco’s. They miss the food and the memories. Whenever they come back to visit, they often stop by Greco’s to eat and feel at home again.

Notable Milestones

Greco’s has been around for years in Wheeling. It started with a family wanting to share their recipes.

Over time, the restaurant got bigger because more people wanted to eat there. The family who owns Greco’s was very happy about this.

They have a special day each year where they celebrate the restaurant’s birthday. Everyone in Wheeling looks forward to it. There’s usually special food and fun.

The walls inside Greco’s are filled with pictures. You can see photos of Wheeling from a long time ago and pictures of people having a good time at Greco’s.

Sometimes schools in Wheeling will have their events at Greco’s. They pick it because the food is good and it’s a place everyone knows.

Even the mayor of Wheeling eats at Greco’s. The mayor says it’s important to support local places like this one.

One thing is for sure: Greco’s isn’t just a restaurant. It’s a part of Wheeling’s story. And it’s a place that keeps making new stories with the people who eat there.

Culinary Offerings and Signature Dishes

At Greco’s in Wheeling, WV, they make food that makes you feel at home. They use recipes that have been in their family for a long time.

Their pizza is famous in town. It has a special sauce and cheese that melts just right. People say it’s the best around.

Another big hit is their spaghetti. It comes with meatballs that are big and juicy. They even make their own noodles!

Don’t forget the salads! Greco’s salads are fresh with lots of toppings. You can add chicken or other things to make it a bigger meal.

They have a dessert that everyone talks about too. It’s a chocolate cake that’s really moist and has a lot of frosting. People come just for the cake sometimes.

Greco’s also has subs and sandwiches. The bread is always soft, and they stack the meat and cheese high. Kids love their subs after school.

If you want to look at the menu or order online, go to Greco’s website. Click here to see all the yummy things they have.

Traditional Italian Cuisine

At Greco’s in Wheeling, they make Italian food that’s really tasty. People love their pizza because it’s cheesy and has a crunchy crust.

Spaghetti at Greco’s comes with meatballs that are juicy and big. It’s a meal lots of families order when they go there.

They also have a dish called lasagna that’s like a pasta cake. It has layers of noodles, cheese, and sauce that’s cooked until it’s just right.

For dessert, Greco’s makes a sweet treat called cannoli. It’s a crunchy tube filled with creamy stuff and little chocolate chips.

If you want to try lots of things, Greco’s has a special plate. It’s called the sampler and it has different Italian foods to taste.

Kids can get smaller meals made just for them. This way, they don’t have too much and can finish their dinner.

People who eat at Greco’s say you have to try their garlic bread. It’s warm, buttery, and has just the right amount of garlic on it.

When you eat at Greco’s, you feel like you’re part of the family. They want to make sure you leave happy and full.

Innovative Menu Items

Greco’s has a secret recipe for their red sauce that makes everything taste super good. Everyone wants to know how they make it, but it’s a secret!

They serve a pizza called the ‘Wheeling Special’. It has pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and more. It’s a favorite for people who are really hungry!

There’s even a yummy salad with lots of veggies and Italian dressing. It’s perfect for folks who want something light.

On cold days, Greco’s has warm soup that changes every day. You might find chicken noodle one day and tomato basil the next!

They have a hoagie sandwich with Italian meats and cheese. It’s toasted and comes with chips on the side.

For people who love cheese, Greco’s has a cheese pizza that’s just cheese and crust. It’s gooey and delicious!

Greco’s even remembers people who can’t eat gluten. They have a special pizza just for them so they can enjoy it too.

If you’re not sure what to drink, Greco’s makes homemade iced tea and lemonade. They’re super refreshing with any meal.

Customer Favorites

If you have a sweet tooth, Greco’s in Wheeling, WV has got you covered. They serve a dessert pizza that’s topped with sweet stuff like fruit and a yummy drizzle. It’s a big hit with kids and grown-ups too!

Some days, they bake cookies that are warm and gooey right out of the oven. These aren’t just any cookies—they’re huge and loaded with chocolate chips.

The stromboli at Greco’s is like a pizza sandwich. It’s stuffed with cheese and whatever toppings you like, all wrapped up in dough and baked until it’s golden.

For pasta lovers, Greco’s serves spaghetti with that secret red sauce. You can add meatballs or sausage to make it extra tasty!

Don’t forget to try their garlic bread. It’s crispy, buttery, and has just the right amount of garlic. It’s great for dipping in sauce or soup.

And lastly, there’s a special dish for veggie lovers too. Greco’s makes a veggie pizza loaded with fresh toppings like peppers, onions, and olives.

Community Engagement and Impact

Greco’s in Wheeling, WV is not just about yummy food. They love to help out in the town. Greco’s is a big part of the community and likes to make Wheeling a better place.

They often join in on local events and work with schools. Kids from nearby schools come to learn how to make pizza and have fun. It’s a great way for them to see how a restaurant works.

Greco’s also does something super cool called ‘Pizza with a Purpose.’ When people buy certain pizzas, some of the money goes to help local groups. This helps the whole town and makes everyone feel good.

Every year, Greco’s throws a party for the community. It’s full of games, prizes, and of course, lots of pizza. It’s their way of saying ‘thank you’ to the people who live in Wheeling.

To spread the love even more, Greco’s gives away gift cards. These cards help families who might not have a lot of money. They can come and enjoy a nice meal without worrying about the cost.

Greco’s also loves animals. They often help the animal shelter in Wheeling. They raise money so the shelter can take care of more pets and find them homes.

Local Partnerships

Greco’s isn’t just a place to get yummy food; they’re a big part of Wheeling, WV. They help make our city like one big family. When you eat at Greco’s, you’re helping them give back to our community.

Every year, Greco’s helps out with local events. They bring their food to festivals and sports games. People love seeing them around and their food truck is super cool.

They also care about people who need help. Greco’s works with charities to make sure everyone in Wheeling gets a warm meal. They know food brings smiles, and they love sharing that joy.

Greco’s hires people from our town too. This means when you order a pizza, you’re helping create jobs. That’s really important for making our town a happier place to live.

Last thing, students love going to Greco’s after school. They can hang out, do homework, and enjoy a slice. It’s like Greco’s is part of the team that helps kids grow up great.

So, every time you eat at Greco’s, remember you’re doing something good for Wheeling. It’s more than just eating; it’s about being part of our town’s story.

Charitable Activities

Greco’s likes to support our Wheeling kids. They sponsor sports teams and school events. It’s awesome to see their name on the back of our jerseys!

And guess what? Greco’s gives prizes for reading programs at the library. Kids who read lots of books can win a pizza party. Yum!

They even have a special day where kids learn to make pizza. It’s super fun and messy. The best part is, they can eat their pizza creations!

During the holidays, Greco’s makes sure to spread cheer. They share holiday meals with people who might be feeling a bit lonely. That’s super kind!

Plus, Greco’s is all about keeping our city clean. They join in on community clean-up days. Imagine picking up trash with the folks who make your favorite spaghetti!

Have you heard of the big Wheeling parade? Greco’s floats are always a hit. They toss out candy and make everyone smile as they go by.

Oh, and they always say “thank you” to our local heroes. Greco’s gives discounts to police, firefighters, and teachers. They’re rockstars in our community!

To wrap it up, Greco’s isn’t just a restaurant. They’re a friend to all of us in Wheeling. They help make our hometown the best place to be.

Cultural Contributions

Greco’s doesn’t stop at sports and schools. They also help animals. Yes, our furry friends! They raise money for the Wheeling animal shelter. That helps dogs and cats find homes.

They care about fun, too! Greco’s hosts cool contests. Like, who can eat the most wings? Winners get their photos on the wall. So keep an eye out for your friends’ faces!

Here’s something cool: they celebrate our local farmers. Greco’s uses veggies from nearby farms in their dishes. This keeps our farmers happy and our food fresh!

Greco’s also remembers our seniors. They deliver meals to older folks who can’t get out much. It helps them feel loved and not forgotten.

Did you know they also support our Earth? They recycle tons of paper, plastic, and glass. That’s good for our planet!

Plus, Greco’s likes to teach kids about work. They let high school students work part-time. This helps them learn and earn some cash.

During tough times, like when someone is sick, Greco’s sends tasty meals. That way, families can focus on getting better.

Greco’s wants everyone to feel welcome. No matter where you are from or what language you speak, you’ll feel like part of the family. They believe that good food brings people together.


So, what’s the big deal about Greco’s in Wheeling, WV? Well, they do a whole bunch of good stuff! They help animals, people, and even the Earth. That’s pretty awesome, right?

It’s not just about yummy food at Greco’s. It’s about being kind and helping everyone out. They make sure no one is left out, and that’s why lots of folks around here love them.

If you ever go to Greco’s, you’ll see. You’ll feel right at home and maybe even see a friend’s picture on the wall. Plus, the food’s fresh, and you’ll be helping out the community too.

Next time you’re hungry, think about stopping by Greco’s. You get to eat tasty stuff and do some good at the same time. How cool is that?