Greenwood Cemetery Wheeling Wv

Greenwood Cemetery is a special place in Wheeling, WV. This cemetery is like a history book, but instead of pages, it has tombstones. When you walk through Greenwood Cemetery, you can learn about the people who made Wheeling what it is today.

Wheeling is a city that sits along the Ohio River. It’s known for its old buildings and friendly people. Greenwood Cemetery fits right in because it’s also full of history. Many families in Wheeling have roots that go back to the people buried here.

Some of the stone markers are very old and tell stories from over a hundred years ago. It’s peaceful at Greenwood Cemetery, and many folks visit to remember their loved ones or to see the beautiful, old statues. Kids in Wheeling sometimes take field trips here to learn about their town’s past.

Greenwood Cemetery has trees and paths that make it feel like a park. People come here not just to honor those who have passed away, but to enjoy nature. They say it’s important to remember our history and the cemetery helps them do that.

Each season at Greenwood Cemetery shows a different side of Wheeling’s beauty. In spring, the flowers bloom around the headstones, and in autumn, the leaves change to bright colors. No matter the time of year, it’s a place that holds so much of the city’s memories.

History of Greenwood Cemetery in Wheeling, WV

Long ago, Greenwood Cemetery was started to give a proper resting place for people in Wheeling. It opened up its gates many years back. Today, it still serves as a home for memories and stories of the past.

People who visit the cemetery find names of Wheeling’s early settlers. Many of these settlers helped to build the town and shape its future. Their lives remind us of how Wheeling started long ago.

The cemetery is not just for remembering people, but also events. Wars that America has fought, like the Civil War, have soldiers buried here. It helps people in Wheeling to remember the bravery and sacrifices made for their country.

Students and families can learn from the cemetery, too. They look at the dates and names on the tombstones to understand how the city has changed. It’s a real-life history lesson for them right here in Wheeling.

Greenwood Cemetery is part of Wheeling’s community. It’s a place where stories of love, life, and history come together. It shows us how every person has a part in making Wheeling a great place to live.

Founding and early years

Long ago, Greenwood Cemetery was started in the 1800s. That’s even before cars were invented! It’s been a part of Wheeling for a very long time. Think about all the birthdays and holidays those old trees have seen!

Many soldiers who fought in wars are buried at Greenwood Cemetery. There are graves from the Civil War where soldiers rest. People come to say thanks to these heroes, especially on Memorial Day.

Wheeling has changed a lot, but Greenwood Cemetery stays quiet and still. When you’re there, it’s like stepping back in time. You might see names on the tombstones that are also on street signs in town.

Some famous folks from West Virginia are buried at Greenwood Cemetery. You can see monuments for these important people when you visit. Their stories are part of what makes Wheeling special.

Even though visiting a cemetery might sound spooky, it’s not. Greenwood Cemetery is a place to learn and remember. It’s a big outdoor museum where the exhibits are the lives of the people who lived before us.

Significant historical events

Greenwood Cemetery is like a giant book. Instead of pages, it has stones that tell stories. Every stone marks a life and has dates and maybe a message from the person’s family.

Some stones are big and fancy because they’re for rich or famous people. Other stones are smaller but every single one is important. They are all part of Wheeling’s history.

There are also soldiers from other wars, not just the Civil War. It’s sad to think about, but it helps us remember to work for peace. People leave flags and flowers to show they care and remember.

The cemetery is like a park, too. There are lots of trees, and you might hear birds singing. It’s a peaceful place to walk and think or to have some quiet time.

Kids from schools visit sometimes to learn. They make rubbings of the stone carvings which is like a way to take a piece of history home. It’s a cool project and helps us not forget the old days.

Once in a while, they have special tours at the cemetery. Guides tell stories about the people who are buried there. It’s interesting to learn about what life was like a long time ago.

Prominent figures buried in Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery has been around for a long time. It started in the 1800s, which means it’s over a hundred years old!

When you visit, you’ll see a gate and a sign with the name “Greenwood Cemetery”. The sign is like saying hello and welcome to a place full of history.

People buried at Greenwood were not all from Wheeling. Some were from nearby places like Weirton, WV and Steubenville, OH. They all came to Wheeling to be part of Greenwood’s story.

Back in the old days, cemeteries were on the edge of towns. Now, Greenwood is right in the middle of Wheeling. The town grew around it!

Many years ago, there weren’t machines to dig graves. People had to dig by hand, which was really hard work. Imagine digging with just a shovel!

This cemetery is special because even after so many years, it’s still taken care of. People work to keep the grass cut and the stones clean. It’s nice to see that we take good care of places from the past.

Cultural Significance and Local Lore

Greenwood Cemetery is more than just a place with old graves. It’s full of stories from Wheeling’s past. Think of it like a big book, but instead of pages, it has tombstones.

In every corner of Greenwood, there’s a tale. Some are about heroes who fought in wars. Others are about famous folks who did great things for Wheeling.

Kids sometimes hear ghost stories about the cemetery. They’re spooky, but they also teach us about the people who lived long ago. It’s a fun way to learn history!

Every year, there’s a big event called “Decoration Day”. People come to put flowers and flags on graves. It’s a way to say thank you to the people who came before us.

Families have picnics near the beautiful old trees. It may sound odd, but it’s a way for families to remember their loved ones happily.

There’s even a legend about a statue that moves at night. Nobody’s sure if it’s true, but it’s a cool story that makes Greenwood mysterious.

Visitors and school classes come for tours. They walk around and see the art on some headstones. Some stones have pictures and fancy writing from long ago.

People also visit from Steubenville and Weirton. They come to learn or to find where their family’s history is buried in Wheeling.

Role in Wheeling’s local history

Greenwood Cemetery is filled with stories from Wheeling’s history. Some say the cemetery is like a giant book with each tombstone telling part of the story.

Among the graves, you’ll find famous names from Wheeling. These were the people who helped build the town. They were business owners, leaders, and even soldiers from old wars.

Folks in Wheeling sometimes tell tales about the people from long ago. It’s like the town’s very own treasure chest of secrets and stories. You can learn a lot just by walking and looking around.

Every year, when Halloween comes, some kids think Greenwood Cemetery is spooky. They dare each other to walk through, but really, it’s just a peaceful place where we remember folks from the past.

Visitors often come to see the old carvings on the stones. The pictures and words help us think about what life was like back when Wheeling was a new town.

In Wheeling, we’re proud of places like Greenwood Cemetery. It reminds us to be thankful for the people who came before us. We keep their stories alive by visiting and taking care of the cemetery.

Legends and ghost stories

Greenwood Cemetery has a special spot called the Point. It’s where a lot of the oldest graves are. Kids learn about history here by seeing the dates and names from long ago.

Some of the stones have symbols, like flowers or hands. These pictures tell a secret language about the person’s life. A lamb might mean someone was gentle, and a book could mean they loved to learn.

There are also soldiers buried here with flags by their stones. On days like Memorial Day, people come to say thank you to them. They tell stories of bravery and how they fought for our country.

In the fall, the trees in the cemetery turn bright colors. People like to take pictures because it’s so pretty! It’s like the trees are dressing up to honor the stories from long ago.

When you’re in Wheeling, you might hear about the legend of the Greenwood ghost. It’s just a story, but it makes you wonder about the mysteries the cemetery holds. But don’t worry, it’s all in good fun.

Families come here to find their roots. They look for names that are the same as theirs. It’s like a puzzle to see how everyone is connected and how their families helped shape Wheeling.

Cemetery tours and public events

At Greenwood Cemetery, every headstone has a tale. Long ago, people in Wheeling started to bury their loved ones here. It’s a place full of Wheeling’s past.

Local families have been coming to Greenwood Cemetery for generations. It helps them remember who they are and where they came from.

Even the trees are part of the history. Some have been here for over a hundred years. They’ve watched the city of Wheeling grow and change.

Visitors often pause by the famous graves. They’re the final homes of important people from Wheeling’s history. It’s like meeting someone famous, but very quiet.

Every year, there’s a tour of the cemetery. You can walk around and hear stories about the people who helped build Wheeling. It’s as if the past comes to life for a little while.

Wheeling folks say that the cemetery is a treasure map. You can find clues to old tales and maybe even stumble on a secret or two about the city.

Preservation Efforts and Challenges

Greenwood Cemetery in Wheeling, WV, is really old. So, taking care of it can be hard. Weather and time make stones crack and crumble. It’s sad when a piece of history gets worn out.

People work very hard to fix the stones. They want kids and grown-ups to learn about history when they visit. But fixing stones costs a lot of money, and there’s never enough.

The ground can get mushy when it rains a lot. This can make the graves sink, and that’s another thing that needs fixing. Workers try their best to keep the graves nice and tidy.

There are animals that live at the cemetery, like deer and birds. But sometimes they can mess things up. People have to make sure the animals don’t harm the old graves.

Greenwood Cemetery is important to Wheeling’s story. But as time goes on, fewer people remember to visit. The friends of the cemetery talk to others so they don’t forget this special place.

If you want to help or learn more, you can visit the Greenwood Cemetery website. They talk about all the ways to help and what’s happening at the cemetery.

Conservation projects

Greenwood Cemetery is really old and needs help to stay beautiful. People who look after the cemetery try hard to fix broken things and clean up.

Sometimes, it’s tough because fixing old stuff can cost a lot of money. They have to be careful not to change how things look while making repairs.

Weather can be a problem too. Big storms and really cold days can hurt the stones and trees. The people in charge keep an eye out to protect the cemetery.

There are helpers who plant flowers and bushes to make the place look nice. They pick plants that can live well in Wheeling’s weather.

Some people have special jobs like fixing the stones that have names and dates on them. They have to learn how to do it just right.

It’s important to keep the cemetery safe for everyone. That means they have to watch out for things that could trip someone or hurt them.

Want to help? The cemetery has days when volunteers come to clean and fix things. It’s a way to make sure Greenwood stays a special spot in Wheeling.

Keeping history alive is hard work, but the folks in Wheeling are proud of Greenwood Cemetery. They want to make sure it’s here for many more years.

Vandalism and weather impact

At Greenwood Cemetery, they use special rules to fix old gravestones. They have to think about the right way to clean them without making them worse.

Money can be tight. Sometimes they need more than what they have to make big repairs. They look for help from the community and sometimes get money from grants.

Animals like deer and squirrels live in the cemetery too. Taking care of the place means making sure these critters don’t harm the stones or plants.

History lessons happen here. Schools and tour groups learn about the past. They try to keep the cemetery just like it was a long time ago so people can learn.

Kids can join in! There are programs for young people to learn about taking care of history. They even get to try helping with small tasks.

It’s not just about old times, though. They put in new things that are good for the earth, like special lights that save energy.

A big challenge is keeping the grass and trees looking good. They use machines that are kind to the earth. This helps keep the air and water clean.

Greenwood Cemetery has friends called “Friends of Greenwood.” These folks work together to plan fun events. These events celebrate the cemetery and raise money for it too.

Erosion is when the ground washes away. It can make the cemetery ground weak. The people who take care of Greenwood try to stop erosion by growing strong plants.

It’s not easy, but the Wheeling community is sticking together to keep Greenwood Cemetery a place of peace and history for everyone.

Community involvement

People in Wheeling, WV, are working hard to keep Greenwood Cemetery safe. This place is important and they want to make sure it stays here for a long time.

Old trees can fall and damage the gravestones. The cemetery folks check the trees and take care of them so they don’t fall down.

Weather like rain, snow, and wind can hurt the cemetery. They build small walls called “retaining walls” to keep the land in place when it rains a lot.

It’s not easy to find people who know how to fix old gravestones. The cemetery looks for experts who can do the work the right way.

They have rules to follow when putting in new gravestones. They want them to look right and not take away from the old ones.

Some stones are so old you can’t read them anymore. They take pictures and write down the words so we don’t forget who was there.

The community helps out by keeping an eye on the place. If they see something wrong, they tell the cemetery people.

Greenwood Cemetery also has to be careful about money. They try to use the money they have to do the most good for the cemetery.


Visiting Greenwood Cemetery is like stepping back in time. You can see the names of the people who lived in Wheeling long ago.

When you go, you can learn about history. It’s not just about the people buried there, but also about Wheeling’s past.

The cemetery is a peaceful place. It’s full of trees and birds. It’s a good spot to think and remember people who are gone.

Kids can help keep the cemetery clean. They can pick up trash or leaves. This helps the cemetery stay beautiful.

If you like stories, Greenwood Cemetery has lots of them. Some graves have pictures and words that tell about the person’s life.

Remember, it’s important to be respectful. This place is special to many people. Always walk and talk quietly.

Greenwood Cemetery shows us how people in Wheeling care about their town. By taking care of this place, they keep history alive for everyone.