How To Get To Wheeling Wv

Heading to Wheeling, West Virginia, is a fun adventure waiting to happen! This cozy city is nestled along the Ohio River and it’s super easy to get to. Whether you’re coming from far away or just a town over, there are lots of ways to reach Wheeling.

If you’re driving, Interstate 70 is your best friend. It runs right through Wheeling, making it a breeze to drive here. Plus, plenty of signs will guide you as you get close, so you won’t miss it. If you don’t have a car, don’t worry! There are other ways to get here too.

Buses are a great option. They’re comfy and you can relax while someone else does the driving. Greyhound buses stop in Wheeling and are a smart choice for a stress-free trip. For those who love the skies, the closest airport is in Pittsburgh, PA. From there, it’s just a short ride to Wheeling. You can hop on a bus or rent a car at the airport.

Close by, Weirton, WV and Steubenville, OH are like Wheeling’s neighbors. They’re super close and it’s a snap to get from one to the other. If you’re in Weirton or Steubenville, you’re just a hop and a skip away from all the cool stuff in Wheeling.

Remember to check the weather before you leave. You want to be ready for the bright sunshine or the rainy days. Now that you know how to get here, pack your bags and get ready for a great time in Wheeling, West Virginia!

Modes of Transportation to Wheeling, WV

Another neat way to get to Wheeling is by train. Amtrak has services that can get you close to the city. You might need to take a bus or a taxi to reach Wheeling once the train gets you nearby. It’s a fun way to travel and you can see lots of cool stuff out the train window!

Love to ride bikes? You could bike to Wheeling if you’re up for it. The Ohio River Trail is a path that runs along the river. It’s a safe route for bikers and it has awesome views. Bring water and snacks, and have a great bike trip to Wheeling!

Maybe you have friends or family in Wheeling. If so, ask if they can give you a lift. It’s a fun road trip and you can chat along the way. Plus, you’ll save money on bus or train tickets. Just make sure to chip in for gas!

Carpooling is also cool. There are websites where people going to the same place can ride together. This is called ride-sharing. It’s good for the planet and your wallet. You might make a new friend too. Just check online for a ride to Wheeling.

Once you’re in Wheeling, getting around the city is easy too. You can walk to many places ’cause it’s not too big. There are local buses that can take you to different spots in the city. Or you can call a taxi or use a ride-sharing app like Uber or Lyft to get around quick.

So, whether you’re riding, driving, or biking, there are lots of ways to get to Wheeling. Choose the one that’s right for you and come visit. Can’t wait to see you in Wheeling!

By Air

Trains are another way to get to Wheeling, WV. You can catch a train to nearby cities and then take a short drive to Wheeling. The train ride can be a fun journey with cool views out the window.

Once you’re in Wheeling, getting around town is easy. Taxis and ride-sharing apps are available. Just tap your phone and a ride will come to you. Or, if you like to pedal, you can rent a bike and cruise the streets.

For those who need help with transport, Wheeling has services for that too. Special buses that help people with disabilities are ready to assist. They make sure everyone can explore the city.

Don’t forget about walking! Wheeling is a place where you can enjoy lots on foot. The city has nice sidewalks and paths. It’s a great way to see the sights and get some exercise.

By Car

Driving to Wheeling, WV is pretty simple. Several highways lead here. The most common one is Interstate 70. It runs right through Wheeling. Once you’re on I-70, just follow the signs to the city.

For those coming from further away, flying can be a good option. The closest airport is Pittsburgh International Airport. It’s not too far from Wheeling. From there, you can rent a car or take a bus.

Buses are another great choice. Companies like Greyhound have routes that stop in Wheeling. It’s an affordable way to travel and you can relax and enjoy the ride.

If you’re coming from nearby towns like Weirton, WV or Steubenville, OH, local buses are there for you. They run between cities and are a budget-friendly option. Just check the schedules to plan your trip.

Remember to look up schedules and prices online before you go. This will help you choose the best way to get to Wheeling. Safe travels!

By Bus

Getting to Wheeling can be easy with a nice train ride. The Capitol Limited Amtrak train passes through here. It connects cities like Chicago to Washington D.C. The train has a stop in nearby cities, so you can hop on and enjoy the view.

Riding a bike might be cool, especially if you’re close by. Wheeling has some bike-friendly roads. Plus, there’s the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s a great path that goes right into the city. Always wear a helmet and be safe on the road!

Walking is always an option if you live in Wheeling or nearby. Some people like to walk across the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It’s a cool bridge that gives you great views of the Ohio River. Just be sure to stay on the walkway and watch out for cars.

Check out the Wheeling website for more ideas on how to get here. They have tips and info to help you out. Find it at

Whatever way you choose, make sure you have fun and stay safe. See you in Wheeling!

Driving Directions to Wheeling, WV

If you’re driving from Steubenville, OH, take OH-7 S. It’s about a 30-minute ride. Follow the signs to merge onto US-22 W/US-250 W toward Wheeling. You’ll cross the Ohio River and be in West Virginia in no time!

Coming from Weirton, WV? Get on WV-2 S. It’s pretty much a straight shot south for about 25 minutes. You’ll drive past little towns and see the river on your left before you know it, you’re in Wheeling.

Don’t forget to use a GPS or a map app on your phone to guide you. Just type in where you want to go in Wheeling, and it’ll show you the best way. Remember to keep your phone charged and maybe bring a car charger just in case.

When you’re reaching Wheeling, you’ll see signs for downtown or Wheeling Island. Follow the signs depending on where you want to go. Parking can be found on the street or in parking garages downtown.

Also, take a break if you need to! Long drives can be tiring. Stop by a rest area or a cool spot to stretch your legs. Wheeling has parks and places to relax and get ready for more fun ahead.

From Weirton, WV

If you’re driving from Weirton, WV, the trip to Wheeling is a breeze. Just hop onto US-22 W. You’ll cruise through some small towns and see the Ohio River. It’s about a 30-minute drive.

Starting in Steubenville, OH? No problem. You’ll take OH-7 S. This route runs along the river too. You’ll reach Wheeling in just about 20 minutes. Watch for the signs as you cross the state line into West Virginia.

Remember to check your car before you leave. Make sure the tires are good and your gas tank is full. If you’re using a phone or GPS for directions, plug it in so it doesn’t run out of battery. And it’s smart to have a backup plan, like a map, just in case.

On your drive, you’ll see lots of cool stuff. Keep an eye out for the hills and the beautiful scenery. Wheeling is tucked in the Ohio Valley, so the views are pretty special. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road too!

When you’re close to Wheeling, you’ll see signs for I-70. This interstate will take you right into the city. If you’re coming from the east or west, I-70 is the main road you’ll use to get here.

Don’t forget, traffic can get busy, especially during rush hour. Try to avoid the morning and late afternoon if you can. You’ll get to Wheeling faster and with less stress.

Once you’re in Wheeling, there are lots of places to park. The city is friendly for drivers. You can find parking garages and spots all over downtown. Just be sure to read the signs to know where and when you can park.

Need more help with directions? You can visit MapQuest or Google Maps for turn-by-turn directions. Just type in your starting point and Wheeling, WV, as your destination.

From Steubenville, OH

If you’re planning on getting to Wheeling from a bit further away, like from Pittsburgh, PA, it’s still pretty simple. You’ll start on I-279 S. Then, take I-79 S toward Washington, PA. From there, follow I-70 W to Wheeling. The whole drive should take you about an hour or so.

Coming from the south, say Charleston, WV? You’re looking at around a three-hour ride. You’ll want to get onto I-79 N. This highway will lead you straight to I-70. Take I-70 E right into Wheeling. Just keep going until you spot the Wheeling exits.

Not from around here and flying in? The nearest airport is Pittsburgh International Airport. Once you land, rent a car or catch a ride and head west. Follow the signs for I-376 W, merge onto I-79 S, and then take I-70 W to Wheeling. It’s a pretty straight shot and takes about an hour.

Traveling by bus? You can catch a Greyhound that stops in Wheeling. Check their website for schedules and prices. Once you’re in the city, local buses can help you get around, or you can grab a taxi.

Remember, no matter how you come to Wheeling, there’s always a way to get here that’s not too tough. And the people are friendly, so if you get mixed up, just ask. Someone will help you find your way.

From Major Nearby Cities

Let’s say you’re starting in Weirton, WV. Your ride to Wheeling is pretty chill. Hop on US-22 W and cruise over to Weirton’s neighbor, Steubenville, OH. Once there, take the Market Street Bridge back into West Virginia.

After crossing the bridge, you’ll drive a little bit on WV-2 S. Then, hang a right on WV-7 S. Follow WV-7 S along the Ohio River until you reach Wheeling. The drive should be a quick deal, like around 40 minutes or so.

Maybe you’re in Steubenville, OH, and Wheeling’s your goal. Easy-peasy. You’ll start on US-22 W towards Weirton. But, don’t go all the way to Weirton. Look for the exit to WV-7 S after crossing into West Virginia. WV-7 S will take you straight to Wheeling. The drive’s about half an hour.

For folks who like train rides, hold tight. Amtrak doesn’t roll straight into Wheeling. But, you can take a train to Pittsburgh. From there, grab a car or bus to get down to Wheeling. Check out the Amtrak website to plan that part of the trip.

Just remember, roads can get snowy or foggy, especially near the river. So, if the weather’s looking iffy, take it slow. Safety first, right?

Accommodations and Amenities in Wheeling, WV

Once you get into Wheeling, WV, you’ll find plenty of places to stay. Hotels range from familiar chains to local spots with hometown charm. Many places have pools, free breakfasts, and Wi-Fi so you can chill after your trip.

Wheeling is full of fun stuff to do. You can check out the Wheeling Island Casino if you’re feeling lucky. For a dose of nature, visit Oglebay Park. It’s got gardens, a zoo, and golf. It’s a great way to stretch your legs after a car or bus ride.

Eating out is no problem. Wheeling has restaurants that serve up everything from pizza to steaks. There are also cafes where you can grab a quick snack or a hot drink, especially nice if you’re arriving on a chilly day.

For shopping, hit up the Highlands. It’s a big shopping area with lots of stores. You can find almost anything you need there. It’s a cool place to hang out and get souvenirs, too.

If you need a ride around town or to the hotel, there are cabs and ride-sharing services. They make it easy to get from place to place without having to drive yourself.


Getting to Wheeling, WV, is just the start. Once you’re there, it’s all about making memories. Try new foods, explore the parks, or shop till you drop. Remember, there’s always something new around the corner.

Don’t forget to plan how you’ll get around. Cabs and ride-sharing are good picks. This way, you won’t miss out on any of the cool spots Wheeling has to offer.

And if you have time, take a quick trip to nearby cities like Weirton, WV, or Steubenville, OH. Each place has its own unique vibe and is worth checking out.

So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventure. Wheeling is waiting to show you a good time. Safe travels!