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Have you ever dreamed of gliding across the ice like a pro? In Wheeling, West Virginia, ice skating is a super fun activity that everyone can try! Whether you’re lacing up skates for the first time or you’re already doing cool spins, Wheeling’s got a spot for you.

When winter comes around, this cozy town turns into a wonderland with places to skate that are just as cool as a snowman’s high-five. Folks from all over the Ohio Valley, including friends from Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, come to have an icy good time.

So grab your mittens and get ready to make some chilly memories on the ice. Wheeling is excited to have you laughing and skating under the open sky or inside a cool ice arena. Let’s find out about the best places to go ice skating right here in Wheeling!

Exploring Ice Skating Venues in Wheeling, WV

One of the most awesome places to ice skate in Wheeling is the Wheeling Park Memorial Ice Rink. This rink is a big one, and it’s covered, so you can skate even if it’s snowing or raining.

They have times when anyone can come and skate, which is called “public skate.” You can also take lessons if you want to get really good at ice skating. And guess what? They even have ice hockey and figure skating if you’re into that!

If you don’t have your own skates, that’s totally okay. You can rent them right at the rink. And if you get cold or hungry, there’s a place to grab a hot chocolate and a snack. Yum!

For people who love to skate outside, there’s the Oglebay Resort. In the winter, they turn a part of the resort into an outdoor rink. It’s super beautiful with all the trees and snow around.

Skating outside feels really special because you can breathe the fresh air and sometimes there are cool lights at night. If you go with your family, everyone can have a blast, and there are benches nearby for when you want to take a break.

Now, for friends who are just starting out or maybe a bit wobbly on the ice, Wheeling’s rinks are super friendly. There are helpers and railings to hold onto, so you won’t fall too much. And laughing when you slip is the best part!

Don’t forget to dress warm and maybe even bring an extra pair of gloves in case one pair gets wet. Wheeling’s ice skating fun is just waiting for you, so come on down and join the frosty excitement!

Wheeling Park Ice Rink

One of the most popular places to skate is the Wheeling Park ice rink. It’s big and has room for lots of skaters. People love to come here because they can skate while listening to music and sometimes even watch a hockey game.

Are you a little worried about slipping and falling? No problem! Wheeling Park offers classes for beginners. They’ll teach you how to balance and glide like a swan on a lake. Plus, you can rent skates right there, so you don’t have to bring your own.

If you’re looking for fun beyond just skating, there’s more! Wheeling Park has a laser light show that makes you feel like you’re dancing on stars. And if you get cold, there’s always hot chocolate to warm you up.

Another awesome spot is the WesBanco Arena. It’s where the Wheeling Nailers play hockey, so you know the ice is top-notch. Sometimes, the arena opens the ice for public skating, and it’s super thrilling to skate where the pros play.

If you think ice skating is only for wintertime, think again! Some rinks in Wheeling stay open all year round. That means you can escape the summer heat and pretend it’s winter any time you want.

If you’re from Steubenville, OH, or Weirton, WV, and want to join the fun, it’s just a short drive to Wheeling. Lots of families come for the day to enjoy the ice and then explore other cool things in town. Ice skating in Wheeling is a blast for everyone!

Don’t forget to check online for rink hours and any special events. Maybe you’ll catch a cool ice show or a thrilling hockey game while you’re there!

WesBanco Arena

Wheeling has a lot of cool places to go ice skating. You can have a birthday party on ice or join a hockey team if you want to play a sport. There’s always something happening at the rinks!

Before you go, make sure to dress warm. It gets really chilly on the ice! Wearing gloves and a hat helps a lot. And remember, if you fall down – no big deal! Everyone falls at first. Just get back up and keep going.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to skate. The rinks have helpers who can give you tips. They’re super friendly and they make learning fun. Plus, skating with your friends is a great way to hang out.

If you want to take a break from skating, you can always play games in the arcade at the rink. Or grab a snack at the concession stand. They’ve got yummy treats like pretzels and pizza.

Wheeling’s ice rinks are a great place to make winter memories. Whether it’s your first time or you’re an ice pro, you’re sure to have a blast. So grab your mittens and come on down to the rink!

When you’re planning your trip, check out for more info. They’ll tell you all about the times you can skate and any cool things happening that day. See you on the ice!

Ice Skating Events and Competitions in Wheeling

Every winter, Wheeling hosts exciting ice skating competitions. Skaters from all over come to show their moves and compete. It’s fun to watch them glide and jump on the ice.

Some events have skaters who do tricks and dance on ice. If you like watching spins and cool moves, you’ll love these. They pick music you might know and skate to the beat.

Other competitions are about speed. Skaters race around the rink as fast as they can. It’s thrilling to see who will cross the finish line first.

Teams also come to play in hockey tournaments. They skate fast and work together to score goals. Cheering for your favorite team is a big part of the fun.

If you skate too and want to try competing, you can! There are events for kids of all ages and skill levels. It’s a great way to learn and show what you’ve learned.

For schedules and details about ice skating events in Wheeling, check You can find out when the next competition is and how to watch or join in. Don’t miss out on the excitement!

Annual Winter Sports Competitions

Every winter, Wheeling hosts exciting ice skating competitions. Skaters come from all around to show their best spins and jumps. You can watch them whirl and twirl and maybe even win a prize!

These events are fun for everyone. If you like music and dancing, you’ll love figure skating. The skaters glide to the beat and it feels like a dance on ice. They wear sparkly costumes that shine as they move.

For those who love speed, there are racing contests. Skaters zoom around the rink as fast as they can. It’s thrilling to see who will cross the finish line first. You might even hold your breath watching them race!

Some events let kids skate with characters from their favorite stories. Imagine skating with a princess or a superhero! These events are super special and make for great photos.

Don’t forget about the hockey games. Teams battle it out on the ice, and the crowd cheers them on. It’s really cool to see them play and try to score goals against each other.

Remember to check the calendar at the rink. They’ll list all the dates for competitions and fun events. Just go to to find out when you can join in the fun or watch an event.

Local Ice Skating Shows

If you are new to ice skating, Wheeling has options for you too. There are beginner contests where you can try out your skills. Don’t worry about falling; everyone is learning just like you.

Maybe you want to skate, but don’t know how. Look for ice skating classes at the local rink. They have teachers who can help you learn. Once you get the hang of it, you might find it’s your new favorite thing!

And guess what? Sometimes there are cool shows on the ice. Skaters dress up and tell a story while they skate. You get to see fairy tales and adventures come to life right before your eyes!

Also, Wheeling has special skating nights for families. This means you can bring your whole family to skate together. It’s a fun way to spend time with the ones you love and create some wonderful winter memories.

Last of all, don’t be shy if you have a birthday in the winter. You can have a skating party with all your friends. The rink can help you set it up. It’s like having your own ice palace for a day!

So strap on your skates, and get ready for a great time on the ice in Wheeling. It’s a cool place, literally! And if you need more info, just glide over to

Learning to Ice Skate in Wheeling

Ice skating is fun, and in Wheeling, you’ll find a great place to glide on the ice. The rink here is open for everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or if you’ve skated a lot before.

Want to go fast? Try speed skating! It’s like racing on ice. The rink in Wheeling has times when you can learn to speed skate. It’s super thrilling!

Don’t have ice skates? That’s okay. You can rent skates right there at the rink. This means you don’t need your own pair; just show up and they will give you skates that fit your feet.

Remember, it’s okay to hold onto the sides when you start. Lots of kids do it. Soon, you’ll be skating in the middle with everyone else. You just need a little practice.

It’s important to stay warm. Wear gloves and a hat when you skate. If you fall down, the ice is cold, but your clothes will help you stay cozy.

One more thing, make sure to take breaks. If you get tired or cold, sit down and have some hot cocoa. It’s a yummy way to warm up and watch the other skaters for a bit.

Remember, ice skating is all about having fun. So, lace up and come out to the rink. You’ll make new friends and learn cool moves on the ice. And who knows? Maybe you’ll love it and skate all winter long!

Ice Skating Lessons and Clubs

Ice skating is super fun, and it’s even better when you do it in Wheeling! The rink is a place where you can twirl and glide across the ice. It’s like dancing on a frozen pond, but safer and much more exciting.

When you go to the rink, you can rent skates if you don’t have your own. The people there make sure you find ones that fit just right. This way, your feet won’t hurt, and you can enjoy skating more.

Feeling a little scared? No need to be! There are helpful guards on the ice. They’ll scoop you up if you take a spill. They’re super nice and always there to make sure everyone is safe.

Sometimes, the rink has fun music playing while you skate. You can groove to the beat as you whoosh around the ice. It’s like having a party on your skates!

And if you get tired or hungry, there’s a snack bar. You can grab a hot chocolate to warm up or a snack to give you energy. Then, you can jump right back into the skating fun.

Remember, ice skating is not just for winter. The rink in Wheeling is open in other seasons too. You can enjoy the chill of the ice even when it’s hot outside.

Want to keep up with all the ice-skating events? Check out the calendar on the rink’s website. Just click on and find out what’s coming up. You don’t want to miss out!

Community Programs and Outreach

Ready to learn how to ice skate? The place in Wheeling makes it easy for beginners. They have classes that teach you step by step. You’ll start with the basics, like how to stand on ice without falling.

You might feel a bit wobbly at first. But don’t worry, you’ll have a coach. They’re friendly and good at teaching kids. Your coach will help you get better each time you go. Soon, you’ll be able to skate without help!

Did you know you can have a birthday party at the rink? Imagine celebrating with your friends, playing games on ice. Plus, everyone gets to skate. It’s a cool way to make your birthday extra special.

Don’t forget to dress warm. Even if it’s not cold outside, the ice can make you chilly. Wear gloves or mittens, and maybe a hat. You want to stay cozy while you’re having fun on the ice.

Are you excited to try tricks? After learning the basics, you can. Like spinning or jumping. But it takes practice. Start slowly and listen to your coach. They’ll tell you when you’re ready for tricky stuff.

So why not give ice skating a try? It’s a blast, and Wheeling has the perfect spot for it. Grab a buddy, or your whole family, and slide into a cool adventure.


Ice skating in Wheeling, WV is super fun for everyone. You get to glide on ice and feel like you’re flying! Plus, it’s a great way to exercise without even noticing you’re working out.

Remember, practice makes perfect. If you keep going to the rink, you’ll get better. And guess what? You might even make new friends there too. The rink is a cool place to meet other kids who like skating just as much as you do.

Don’t be shy to go back to the ice rink in Wheeling. Every time you go, you’ll have more fun. You can show off what you’ve learned and try new things. And who knows? You might become an ice skating star!

So, what are you waiting for? Lace up your skates and hit the ice. It’s a super fun way to spend a day or a whole season. And it’s right here in Wheeling. See you at the rink!