In Wheeling West Virginia

Welcome to Wheeling, West Virginia, a cozy city tucked along the Ohio River. It’s a place filled with friendly faces and fun things to do. Some people know it for its history, others love it for the outdoor fun you can have.

Wheeling is a city that used to be really important for making things like glass and steel. Now, it’s more known for awesome parks and cool places to see. It’s also right by Ohio and Pennsylvania, which makes it a special spot to visit.

There’s the Wheeling Island, which isn’t just an island, but a happening place with a racetrack and a casino. The city also loves to celebrate with festivals and fairs, especially during the holidays. Plus, they have a super cool bridge called the Wheeling Suspension Bridge that’s been around for a really long time.

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or you’ve been here before, there’s always something new to check out. So, get ready to explore and find out what makes Wheeling, West Virginia, a place to remember!

History and Heritage of Wheeling, WV

Long ago, before cars and trains, Wheeling was a big deal because it was on the National Road. This road was super important for traveling west. Wheeling was a busy place with lots of people coming through.

In the 1800s, Wheeling was famous for a big meeting. People talked and decided to break away from Virginia. That’s how West Virginia became its own state during the Civil War.

Old buildings in Wheeling tell stories of the past. The Capitol Theatre is really old and has seen many famous people. Also, the Victoria Theater is the oldest one in West Virginia!

Today, Wheeling keeps its history alive. There’s a museum called the Wheeling Heritage where you can learn all about the city’s past. They even have cool old stuff like wagons and clothes.

People in Wheeling are proud of where they come from. They work hard to fix up old buildings instead of tearing them down. This helps everyone remember the city’s history.

Early Settlement and Development

Wheeling has a story that goes way back in time. It started in 1769 and has grown up since then. A long time ago, Native Americans lived on this land, and people called Fort Henry settlers came later on.

During a big war called the Civil War, Wheeling was where a new state began. West Virginia split from Virginia and Wheeling was the first capital. That’s pretty important!

There’s a place here called the Victoria Theater. It’s really old and has seen a lot of plays and shows. Imagine all the stories it could tell if it could talk!

Wheeling is a city that remembers its past. There’s a museum called the West Virginia Independence Hall where West Virginia first decided to become its own state. It’s like stepping back in time.

Some buildings in Wheeling are so special they’re protected so people can see them for years to come. There’s one called the Capitol Theatre that’s been showing movies and plays since 1928!

Industrial Growth and Decline

Long ago, Wheeling was a busy place for trading. Boats called steamboats moved goods on a big river called the Ohio River. People sent things like coal and glass to other places, helping the city grow.

Did you know Wheeling had a big bridge that was once the longest in the world? The Wheeling Suspension Bridge was built in 1849, and it was a big deal because it helped people cross the river much easier.

People in Wheeling made beautiful glass. Glass factories were really important, and many families worked there. They made shiny things like bowls and windows that were sent to other cities and even different countries.

Every year, Wheeling has a big festival called the Wheeling Heritage Port Sternwheel Festival. It celebrates the city’s history with boats and fun. There are games, food, and even big boats with wheels that paddle through the water.

If you want to see really fast cars, there’s a place called the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. It’s filled with old toys and trains, and you can learn about how kids in Wheeling played a long time ago.

Historical Landmarks and Museums

Wheeling has a special spot called Capitol Music Hall. A long time ago, it was where everyone went to watch movies and shows. Now, they still have music and plays, and it’s fun to see.

There’s also a place called West Virginia Independence Hall. It’s not just any building; it helped make West Virginia a state. Back in 1863, people met there to decide to leave Virginia and start their own state!

In downtown Wheeling, there’s a market called Centre Market. It’s really old, from the 1800s, and people go there to shop and eat. It’s cool because the buildings are from when Wheeling started growing long ago.

Did you know that a war called the Civil War touched Wheeling too? Wheeling was a big voice for West Virginia becoming a state. They didn’t want to be part of Virginia anymore because they didn’t agree with slavery.

For those who love adventures, there’s the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s a path where you can walk or bike and see nature. It used to be a railroad but now it’s a great way to explore the outdoors in Wheeling.

If you’re curious about old things, the Victorian Old Town in Wheeling is the place to go. The houses are super old and pretty. They show what life was like a really long time ago with their big porches and fancy details.

Lastly, Wheeling keeps its stories alive at the Ohio County Public Library. They have old newspapers and pictures that tell you about the city’s past. It’s like a treasure chest of Wheeling’s history!

Culture and Community in Wheeling, WV

People in Wheeling love their sports, especially high school football. On Fridays, you can feel the excitement as friends and families gather to cheer for their favorite teams under the bright lights.

Every summer, the Ohio River comes alive with the sound of music during the Heritage Music BluesFest. Artists from all over come to play their tunes, and it’s a blast for everyone who goes.

Wheeling is not just fun, it’s also kind. The Soup Kitchen of Greater Wheeling helps people who are hungry. It’s a place where volunteers serve food and make sure nobody goes to bed with an empty stomach.

The community in Wheeling is strong because people work together. There are groups like the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce which help businesses grow and do better.

Wheeling also celebrates the holidays in style. Around Christmas, the Oglebay Winter Festival of Lights makes the whole place sparkle. It’s one of the biggest light shows in the USA, and it’s really cool to see.

Art is big in Wheeling, too. The Stifel Fine Arts Center shows paintings and sculptures, and sometimes they have art classes. Kids and grown-ups can learn to make art, and it’s a fun way to hang out with other people.

For families, the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum is a super fun spot. It’s full of toys and trains, some very old and some newer. It’s like stepping into a time machine and seeing what kids played with in the past.

If you like stories about heroes, you can learn about Wheeling’s own at the West Virginia Veterans Memorial. It honors the brave people from West Virginia who fought for their country.

When you want to know what’s going on in Wheeling, The Intelligencer newspaper is where people look. You can read about sports, what’s happening in town, and lots of other stuff. To check it out, visit their website at

Local Festivals and Events

Wheeling loves to celebrate with festivals. One big party is the Wheeling Heritage Port Sternwheel Festival. Big boats with paddle wheels come and it feels like going back in time.

People in Wheeling are into sports, like hockey. The Wheeling Nailers are the local team, and going to their games is a blast. The whole town cheers really loud for them!

The Oglebay Institute does art stuff for kids and grown-ups. They have classes where you can paint, make pottery, or even act in a play. It’s a place where anyone can make something beautiful.

Another cool spot is the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. You can see old toys and trains that kids played with way before video games. It’s neat to think about kids in Wheeling playing with them a long time ago.

Kids in Wheeling get to learn about stars and planets at the SMART Centre Market. They have a big telescope to look at the sky and they even throw fun science parties.

Every year, there’s the Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival. People eat yummy food like pasta, play games, and dance to music. It’s a way to remember the Italian families that came to Wheeling years ago.

Finally, the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra is all about music. They play concerts with instruments like violins and trumpets. When you hear them, it’s like the music tells a story without any words.

Music and Arts Scene

In Wheeling, there’s a place called Capitol Theatre. It’s really old and has a big stage for plays and concerts. Lots of people go there to see live shows and it’s fun to watch.

Every summer, the city has something called Waterfront Wednesdays. It’s right by the river and families come to listen to music, eat, and have a good time together.

The Wheeling Heritage Trail is a long path where folks bike and walk. It’s pretty because it goes by the river and through the woods. Sometimes, there are races and walks for charity there too.

People here also love their history. There’s a place called West Virginia Independence Hall. It’s where some big decisions were made a long time ago. You can take a tour and see what it was like back then.

At Centre Market, you can find a bunch of cool shops. They sell things like tasty treats, clothes, and neat stuff made by people from around here. It’s a fun place to find a gift or something special for yourself.

For those who like animals, you can visit the Oglebay Good Zoo. They have all kinds of animals, and it’s fun to learn about them. Sometimes, they even let you get really close and feed some of them.

Once a year, the Jamboree in the Hills brings a lot of country music fans to Wheeling. They have big concerts and it’s like a giant outdoor party for everyone who enjoys music.

Educational Institutions and Libraries

Wheeling is proud of its sports, especially hockey. The Wheeling Nailers are the local team and people get really excited about their games. Going to watch a game is a way to have fun with friends and cheer loud.

The city has a cool tradition called Victorian Old Town. Every December, people dress up in old clothes and celebrate the holidays. They have carriage rides and everyone feels like they’re in a different time.

There’s also a spot called the Wheeling Artisan Center. It shows art made by folks from Wheeling. It’s a place to see beautiful paintings and handmade things, and sometimes you can watch people make art.

At the Ohio County Public Library, there are lots of books for kids. But they do more than just lend books. They have story times and help with homework, making it a great spot for learning new stuff.

Wheeling loves to eat, and there’s a yummy tradition called Fish Fry Fridays. During certain times of the year, lots of places cook fish and it’s a time when families enjoy eating together.

The city is also by the river, so people like to go fishing and boating. When the weather’s nice, it’s common to see boats on the water and people having picnics by the riverside.

Every so often, the city has an event called the Wheeling Feeling Chili Cook-Off. People make their best chili and see who’s is the yummiest. It’s a spicy and fun day for everyone who loves to eat!

Economic and Urban Development in Wheeling, WV

In Wheeling, people are working to make the city better. They’re fixing old buildings and making new places for people to shop and work. This helps Wheeling look nice and gives folks more jobs.

Wheeling is also getting more places to live. They are building new houses and apartments. This is good because more people can have a home in Wheeling.

The city is trying to get everyone to have fun downtown. They put on music shows and have places to eat. When people go downtown, they can have a great time and help businesses grow.

Factories used to be a big deal in Wheeling. Now, a lot of them are closed, but the city has plans to use these old buildings. They want to make them into places where new kinds of work can happen, like making technology stuff.

Some folks in Wheeling are starting their own businesses. They make things like soap, candles, and clothes. There are markets where they sell these cool things they made.

Wheeling has a college called West Virginia Northern Community College. It’s a place where people can learn about lots of stuff like cooking and fixing cars. When people learn new things, they can get better jobs.

To get around Wheeling, there’s a bus system called OVRTA. It stands for Ohio Valley Regional Transportation Authority. This helps people go to work and school without needing a car.

There’s a big road called the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s not for cars but for walking and biking. The trail is good for health and makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors.

For more about the changes in Wheeling, WV, you can visit the Wheeling Heritage website at

Current Economic Landscape

Wheeling, WV is working on making the city even better. This includes fixing old buildings and making new places for people to live and work. Some old factories are being turned into apartments.

Shops and restaurants are also opening in downtown Wheeling. This helps people have jobs and brings more money to the city. When there are more places to shop and eat, it makes the town more fun.

Parks are an important part of Wheeling too. The city is making them nicer so families can enjoy being outside. Having beautiful parks makes people happy and proud of their town.

Wheeling also helps people start their own businesses. There’s a special place called a business incubator that helps people with new ideas. They give advice and support to help these businesses grow.

Urban Revitalization Projects

Wheeling, WV is growing its downtown area. New buildings are going up to offer more to the community. The goal is to make downtown a great place for everyone.

Along with the new buildings, Wheeling is fixing roads and sidewalks. Making streets look nice and safe is good for everyone. This work also makes it easier for people to walk and bike around town.

Events and markets are becoming popular in Wheeling. These gatherings are fun and let neighbors meet and enjoy local goods. They also help small businesses show off what they make or sell.

In Wheeling, they want more art in the city. Murals and sculptures are popping up. This makes the city brighter and more creative. People come to see the art, which is good for businesses around them.

Education is getting a boost too. Schools and programs in Wheeling are linking up with companies. This helps kids learn skills they need for good jobs in the future. It’s all about making sure the city’s kids can succeed.

Business and Employment Opportunities

Wheeling is working to bring in new businesses. Shops and restaurants are opening, giving people more places to go. This is great for jobs and lets everyone have fun places to shop and eat.

There are also plans to build new homes and fix old ones. This means more people can live and stay in Wheeling. Nice homes make a neighborhood better for all.

Wheeling is using technology to grow too. They are putting in fast internet and teaching people how to use computers. This keeps the city up-to-date with the rest of the world.

Parks and the riverfront are getting attention as well. Wheeling wants these spots to be clean and beautiful. This way, families and friends can enjoy being outside together.

Lastly, taking care of the planet is important in Wheeling. They are working on using cleaner energy and recycling more. This helps keep the city green and healthy for years to come.


Wheeling, West Virginia, is a cool place to be. It’s changing in lots of good ways. People there are working really hard to make the city better for everyone.

Schools in Wheeling are also teaching kids about technology and nature. Kids are learning to take care of the earth. That’s a big deal because it means a cleaner future for everyone.

Getting around in Wheeling is getting better too. Buses and roads are improving. This means it’s easier to get to all the fun new places popping up in town.

Wheeling has a lot of history and cool old buildings. Some of these places are being fixed up to look great again. This keeps the city’s story alive for all to see.

So, remember, Wheeling isn’t just a dot on the map. It’s a place where cool things are happening. It’s a place where people care about their home and are excited for what’s coming next.