Intelligencer Wheeling Wv Obituaries

When we think about the town of Wheeling, WV, we think of a close-knit community with a rich history. In such towns, the local newspaper plays a big role in keeping everyone connected. That’s where the Intelligencer comes in. The Intelligencer is a newspaper that’s been around for a long time, and it’s how people in Wheeling stay up-to-date on what’s happening around them.

Obituaries are a special part of the newspaper. They help us remember people who have passed away. The Intelligencer’s obituaries tell us about the lives of people from Wheeling and nearby places like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH. Reading them can make us feel sad, but they also remind us of good memories and the stories that loved ones have shared.

If you want to see the obituaries in the Intelligencer, you can look at the newspaper itself or go online. The website lets you read about people’s lives and even share memories or messages with their families. It’s a way to show you care, even if you can’t be there in person. If you want to look at the obituaries, you can click on this link: Intelligencer Wheeling WV Obituaries.

Understanding Obituaries in Wheeling, WV

Obituaries are like stories that tell us what someone did in their life. They talk about where a person was born, the schools they went to, and their jobs. They can also tell us about the family and friends they loved.

People put obituaries in the Intelligencer to let others know when someone has died. They share when and where you can go to say goodbye. This could be a church or a place where people meet to remember the person who died.

Sometimes, the obituaries will ask for help instead of flowers. They might want you to give money to a hospital or a group that takes care of animals. This helps good things happen even after someone is gone.

Historical Significance

Obituaries in Wheeling, WV, are important for a lot of reasons. They are a way for us to think about someone’s life and all the things they did. When someone from Wheeling, Weirton, or Steubenville passes away, their story is shared in the Intelligencer.

The stories in the obituaries are not just sad news. They are also about the good things people did, like helping others or being great at something special. It’s a way to learn about our neighbors and the mark they left on the world.

Everybody can read the obituaries. You might see the name of a teacher or a friend’s grandparent. It can be a surprise, but it can also make you feel like you’re part of a big family that cares for each other. That’s one of the nice things about living in a place like the Ohio Valley.

If someone you know has passed away, you can put their story in the Intelligencer too. This helps others learn about the person’s life and remember them. You can talk to the newspaper to find out how to do this.

Reading about someone’s life in the obituaries can help us feel closer to them. It’s a way to say goodbye and keep their memory alive. So next time you see the Intelligencer, maybe take a moment to read the obituaries. It’s a special way to connect with the community and honor those we’ve lost.

Contemporary Practices

An obituary in the Intelligencer tells us about a person’s whole life. We get to know where they were born and the people in their family. We can also read about the fun stuff they liked to do.

Sometimes, there will be details about a memorial service or where to send flowers. If you want to show you care, you can go to the service or send a card. It’s a nice thing to do for the family.

When you read an obituary, you might find out that the person did something really cool, like serving in the army or teaching kids for many years. These stories help us remember them for the awesome things they did.

It’s easy to find obituaries from the Intelligencer. You can get the newspaper, or you can look online for them at This way, you can read them whenever you want to.

Digital Transition

Obituaries are a way to say goodbye. They help us learn about the person who passed away. It’s like a final story of their life.

Every obituary is different, just like every person is. They share the big things that happened in their life. They tell us about their family, friends, and maybe even their pets.

People write messages to the family in the guestbook. If you knew the person, you could write a note too. It’s a kind way to show you remember them.

Wheeling is a close-knit community. So, when someone writes an obituary, it can make a lot of people feel better. Sharing memories brings people together.

Obituaries in the Intelligencer help us pause and think about life. They can teach us to cherish every day and all the people we meet.

The Role of the Intelligencer Newspaper

The Intelligencer newspaper in Wheeling, WV, has a special role. It tells us when someone in town has died. Their obituaries section is an important part for many people.

When we read the Intelligencer, we can find out about services and funerals. It lists where and when these are happening. This way, people can come and say their goodbyes.

Local businesses sometimes help families by placing obituaries in the newspaper. This is a way to let the whole town know about their loss. It also lets them share their loved one’s story.

Sometimes, the newspaper will have stories about the person’s life. These stories can help us feel like we knew them, even if we didn’t.

The Intelligencer is a place where memories last. Even after the funeral, the obituary stays. People can go back and read it, remembering the good times.

For people in Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, the newspaper is just a short drive away. They also rely on the Intelligencer for news about their neighbors who have passed.

Everyone can see the newspaper online, too. If you can’t get the paper, you can visit their website. Click here to view the obituaries on the Intelligencer’s website.

History of the Intelligencer

The Intelligencer newspaper is like a friend to folks in Wheeling, WV. It tells them about the news and what’s going on in town. But it does more than that. It also shares stories about people who have died.

When someone passes away, their obituary is put in the Intelligencer. This helps everyone in Wheeling know about it. The paper makes sure the obituary gives a good picture of what the person was like.

Some people might not have seen the person in a long time. By reading the obituary, they can remember them. They learn about the difference the person made in Wheeling. It’s a special way to honor them.

The Intelligencer also has a website. That’s where you can find the obituaries too. People can go online to read about their neighbors who have passed. If you want to see the obituaries, you can click here.

Sometimes, kids in school are asked to read the obituaries for a project. This can help them learn about history. They see how people in Wheeling lived their lives a long time ago.

In towns close to Wheeling, like Weirton, WV and Steubenville, OH, people also read the Intelligencer. They might know someone from Wheeling. When that person dies, they look at the obituaries to find out more and to remember them.

Contribution to Local Heritage

When the Intelligencer prints obituaries, they tell about the person’s life. They talk about where they were born, their family, and what they did. Sometimes, they share fun stories or what the person loved to do.

The newspaper lets friends write messages too. People can say goodbye or talk about good times they had with the person who died. This is called a ‘guest book’ and it can be found online.

Having an obituary in the Intelligencer is a tradition. It’s been happening for many years. It helps keep the memory of people alive. Families in Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville feel this is important.

Every day, the Intelligencer updates its obituaries. This means you can see new stories about people every day. If you miss a day, you can look back at old obituaries on their website.

When someone famous from Wheeling dies, the Intelligencer writes a big story. Lots of people might have known them. The newspaper helps the whole town remember their life and what they did.

An obituary is a way to say ‘this person mattered’. The Intelligencer makes sure everyone’s story is told. It shows that every person is special in their own way.

Coverage of Life Events

Obituaries in the Intelligencer also help teach us history. By reading about people’s lives, we learn about the past. The paper has stories from long ago and from now.

Teachers and kids use the Intelligencer for school projects. They can learn about Wheeling’s history or find out about someone who did great things for the town.

Sometimes, people who have moved away use the Intelligencer to keep in touch with Wheeling. They read obituaries to know about friends or family who have passed away.

The Intelligencer’s website has a special part for obituaries. You can find it at Here, you can search for the names of people. It’s easy to use.

When there’s a funeral, the Intelligencer tells you when and where it will be. This helps people go and say goodbye. They also tell about where to send flowers or how to help the family.

The paper cares about the community. When lots of people from Wheeling, Weirton, or Steubenville pass away, they might put more pages in the newspaper just for obituaries.

Navigating Obituaries for Genealogical Research

To do research on family history, obituaries are a big help. They are like clues that tell us about our ancestors.

When you read obituaries, you find important dates. Like when someone was born or when they died. This info helps you build your family tree.

Obituaries also tell you about people’s lives. Like where they worked or what they liked to do. This paints a picture of who they were.

It’s easy to find old obituaries. You can ask at the local library in Wheeling, Weirton, or Steubenville. They keep newspapers on big rolls of film called microfilm.

Sometimes, churches keep records too. They might have obituaries for people who were part of their church family.

You can also find help online. There are websites where people work together to share family history. An example is Find A Grave, where you can find pictures of gravestones and obituaries.

Remember, when you’re searching, names might be spelled differently. So, try different spellings if you can’t find someone at first.

Asking family members is a good idea too. They might have old obituaries saved in photo albums or boxes.

Being patient is part of the search. Sometimes it takes time to find the right information. But it’s worth it to learn about your family’s past.

Accessing Archives

If you want to know about your family from long ago, obituaries can help. They are stories about people’s lives when they die. These stories can give clues about your own family’s history.

When you look at an obituary, you can see names, birthdays, and places. These facts can help you build your family tree. It’s like putting together a puzzle about your own family.

You can use the Intelligencer website to find old obituaries. There, you can search for people from Wheeling, Weirton, or Steubenville. It’s a good place to start if you’re looking up your family from these towns.

Sometimes you can learn what jobs people had or where they went to church. Little details in obituaries can tell you a lot about how people lived in these Ohio Valley towns.

It’s important to write down any information you find. You might find out that your family has been in Wheeling for many years. Or you may learn that they were important to the town of Weirton or Steubenville.

Don’t forget, you can also ask older family members about what they remember. They might know stories that you won’t find in the newspaper.

When you have questions about finding family stories in obituaries, the Intelligencer website can help. Look for the ‘Contact Us’ link if you need to ask someone for help. Click on this link to get in touch with the Intelligencer.

Tips for Effective Searches

Looking at obituaries in the Intelligencer can show you if someone was married or had kids. This can help connect the dots between different family names.

Obituaries can also tell you about people’s hobbies or what they liked to do. This can make you feel closer to relatives you have never met.

The obituaries in the Intelligencer might even talk about awards or special things your family did. This could be something like serving in the army or helping build a church.

If you find someone with the same last name, you can use your notes to see if they are related to you. You might find a whole part of your family you didn’t know about!

Remember, looking at old newspapers can be tricky. Words or names might be spelled differently, so try different spellings if you can’t find something.

Understanding the Local Context

When you’re digging into your family’s past, old papers can be a big help. The ‘Intelligencer’ in Wheeling, WV has a lot of stories about people who used to live there. You can find out when someone was born or passed away.

It’s smart to look at different obituaries over time. Sometimes, a second notice has more details. You might learn about brothers, sisters, or where someone was born.

Even little facts can help you learn more. Did they go to a certain church or school in Wheeling, Weirton, or Steubenville? This can lead you to more clues about your ancestors.

Keep a list of the names and dates you find. This will make it easier when you look for more information later.

If you don’t have the paper, you can go online. Look for the Intelligencer’s website and search for obituaries there. Here’s a link you can use:

Sometimes, the library can help too. Libraries in Ohio Valley often have old newspapers or can help you find things online. You can talk to a librarian for help with your search.


Reading about old times and the people of Wheeling, WV can be interesting. Obituaries in the ‘Intelligencer’ can tell us stories about how people lived long ago.

When you look at these old obits, it’s like time travel. You might see a familiar last name that matches your family. That’s a special moment.

Getting to know the past can be important. It helps us remember people who made today possible. Their stories are part of Wheeling’s history and your family’s story too.

And remember, each obituary is more than just a name. It’s a piece of a puzzle that tells us about our Ohio Valley communities. Whether they’re from Wheeling, Weirton, or Steubenville, each person’s life is a chapter in our shared history.

So keep looking, and keep learning. Your family’s history is waiting to be discovered in the pages of the ‘Intelligencer’ obituaries. And who knows, you might find a connection to someone amazing.