Is Steubenville Ohio A Good Place To Live

Are you thinking of moving to Steubenville, Ohio? You might be wondering if it’s a good place to set down roots. This city sits along the Ohio River and has a lot of history and charm. Let’s talk about what makes Steubenville special and why folks like living here.

First off, Steubenville is known for its friendly people. Neighbors say “hi” and look out for each other. It’s a place where you can feel like part of a community. Plus, this city is pretty affordable. That means you can have a nice home without spending too much money.

Steubenville has neat things for families, too. There are parks for picnics and playing, and events that happen throughout the year. Living here, you can enjoy all four seasons. That means hot summers for swimming and cold winters perfect for building snowmen.

If you like learning, you’ll be happy to hear that Steubenville has good schools for kids. And for the grown-ups, there are jobs around, especially in healthcare and education. It’s not too far from bigger cities like Pittsburgh if you want more options or a fun day trip.

So, as you can see, Steubenville, Ohio might just be a good place to live. It has a mix of friendly faces, affordable living, fun activities, and opportunities for the whole family. Keep reading to find out even more about this charming Ohio city.

Quality of Life in Steubenville

Steubenville takes care of its health. The town has a hospital named Trinity Health System. People go there for help when they’re sick or hurt. There are also places to keep you healthy like gyms and walking trails.

The city loves sports, too. Kids and grown-ups cheer for local teams. In the fall, everyone talks about high school football. It brings folks together and there’s a lot of hometown pride.

When you’re hungry, Steubenville has yummy food. There are places to eat like family diners and spots for pizza. Sometimes, there are food festivals with different kinds of treats to try.

For fun, you can visit the Fort Steuben. It’s an old place that tells stories about long ago. They have cool events and it’s fun to learn about the past.

Safety is important in Steubenville. The people who work to keep the city safe are friendly and caring. They make sure everyone feels okay in their homes and around town.

Let’s not forget about the library! It’s a great spot to read and learn. They have books and computers you can use. It’s a quiet place for homework or getting lost in a story.

If you like art, there’s something for you too. Steubenville has murals that paint a picture of the city’s history. They are big and colorful, and people love to look at them.

So, thinking about making Steubenville your home? It’s got lots of good things for people of all ages. From staying healthy and safe to having fun and learning, it’s got it all. It’s definitely a cozy spot on the Ohio River where life can be pretty great.

Cost of Living

Steubenville is a small city, but it’s got a big heart. Here, you know your neighbors and they become like family. People take care of each other, making it a cozy place to live.

In Steubenville, you won’t get bored. The city has a calendar full of events, like music festivals and parades. It’s fun to see the whole town come together to celebrate!

Also, Steubenville is safe, which is super important. You can play outside, bike around, or walk to a friend’s house without worry. Parents can feel good about this when raising their kids here.

For fun, families have a lot of choices. You can visit the Fort Steuben Mall or catch a movie at the local cinema. On sunny days, grab your bike and explore the nearby Ohio River or any of the beautiful trails.

Healthcare here is strong, with places like Trinity Health System. They offer lots of services and jobs to the community. It’s good to know you can get help when you need it, right where you live.

Speaking of jobs, Steubenville works hard to give people work. The city wants to make sure everyone who lives here can find a job. That’s part of what makes it a good place to call home.

So, Steubenville, Ohio, is a place where you can live a happy life. It’s got events, safety, jobs, and a strong sense of community. Could Steubenville be the right place for you and your family? It’s worth thinking about!

Education and Schools

Living in Steubenville also means you’re near some good schools. Kids can go to schools like Steubenville High School, known as “Big Red”. Learning is fun with teachers who really care.

Plus, you can get to cool places from Steubenville. A short drive can take you to Pittsburgh for a big adventure. But if you need something closer, Steubenville has shops and restaurants to explore.

And don’t forget about the parks. Beatty Park is one spot where you can play sports, have a picnic, or just run around. It’s like nature’s playground right in the city!

If you like history, you’ll love Steubenville. There’s the Historic Fort Steuben, where you can step back in time. It shows how people lived over 200 years ago!

When you get hungry, Steubenville has yummy food you can try. From pizza places to home-cooking cafes, your tummy will be happy here. And the best part? Most places won’t empty your wallet!

Lastly, Steubenville likes to keep things looking nice. You’ll see pretty flowers and trees when you walk around. It’s a place that smiles with you, making every day brighter.

So there you have it! Steubenville has schools, parks, and history. It’s close to big cities but has its own fun. And let’s not forget the tasty and affordable food. All these things help make life in Steubenville sweet and enjoyable for families!

Crime and Safety

Have you heard of Friendship Park? It’s a super place where families like to hang out. There’s enough space to fly kites, fish, or just chill with your buddies. It’s one of the spots that makes living in Steubenville awesome!

Do you know someone who needs a hospital or doctor? Well, Steubenville has Trinity Health System where people get help when they’re sick. Good hospitals are important, and Steubenville has got it covered.

Are you thinking of getting a job in Steubenville? That’s great because there are jobs here, like at Franciscan University. This place is not only for learning; it’s also one of the big places to work in town.

Guess what? In Steubenville, people celebrate together. There’s this cool thing called the Dean Martin Festival. People sing, dance, and remember a famous singer from here. It really brings everyone close like a big family.

Also, Steubenville has a library named Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County. You can read all sorts of books, use computers, and even enjoy story times. It’s a quiet place for everyone who loves to learn.

One more thing, safety is a big deal, right? Well, Steubenville has police officers and firefighters who work hard to keep everyone safe. Feeling safe is a big part of having a good life where you live.

Economic Opportunities

Thinking of moving? Steubenville, Ohio, might be a good spot. They’re working to make the city better for businesses. This means there might be new jobs opening up soon. Cool, right?

Stores in Steubenville are nice places to work, especially if you like helping people find what they need. So if you’re friendly and like talking to folks, you could work in one of these shops.

Maybe you’re into making things? There are places near Steubenville where stuff is made. Factories can be cool to work at, and they’re an important part of the town.

If you like fixing cars, you’re in luck. Steubenville has car shops that fix up rides. Working with your hands can be super fun if that’s what you’re into.

People who work on computers have a spot in Steubenville too. There’s demand for tech-savvy folks in lots of businesses here.

And hey, don’t forget the food! Restaurants here might need cooks or servers. If you enjoy food and making people smile, this could be your thing.

Job Market

Think about making money and having a job. Well, Steubenville can be a good place for that. There are factories around where people can work and make things. Building stuff can be a cool job.

What about new businesses? Yep, Steubenville is a place where people can start their own shops or services. This is good because when businesses grow, more jobs come up. It means you could maybe work close to where you live.

Many folks work in schools, stores, and offices here too. Steubenville isn’t just about one kind of job. You can find different work that fits what you like to do. Having choices for work is really nice.

And guess what? Every year, there’s this big thing called the Steubenville Nutcracker Village & Advent Market. It brings lots of visitors who shop and have fun. This helps the city make money and lets business people be happy too.

For more information, you can check out the City of Steubenville’s website here. They have news about jobs and stuff happening in the city. So, if you’re thinking about living and working in Steubenville, it’s a good place to look.

Local Businesses

Some folks might worry about what happens if a job goes away. Steubenville thinks about this too. They work on bringing in different kinds of businesses. That way, there’s not just one job for everyone. This is called having a “diverse economy,” and it’s a smart idea.

One cool thing is that Steubenville is not too far from big cities. Places like Pittsburgh are close. This means if you live in Steubenville, you can also look for jobs in those big cities. It’s like having more choices in a bigger place, while still living in a smaller, friendlier town.

Kids here learn about work in schools. They have programs that teach about jobs and money. This is great because when kids know about jobs early, they can make better choices when they grow up. It also means they can dream about what they want to be one day.

The city works hard to keep everyone’s money safe. They plan so that jobs stay in the city and new ones come too. When the city plans well, it’s more likely people can keep making money. This helps make sure that living in Steubenville can be good for a long time.

Real Estate and Housing

Steubenville has places where people can start their own businesses. These places are like helpers that give advice and space to build ideas. This is good for folks who want to be their own boss.

The city has factories that make things like steel. These factories need people to work in them. Working in a factory can be a way to make money and live in Steubenville.

Health care is also a job that’s needed in Steubenville. Hospitals and clinics look for nurses and doctors. If someone likes to help and care for others, this could be a good job for them here.

There are schools and colleges in Steubenville, too. These schools need teachers and workers. Education jobs can be a path for someone who likes to teach and help kids learn.

For more information on the job help in Steubenville, check out Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce.

Lifestyle and Recreation

People living in Steubenville like to spend time outside. There are parks to play, walk, and have picnics. Fort Steuben Park is a cool spot with a lot of history.

Love sports? Steubenville has places to play baseball, basketball, and soccer. Kids and grown-ups can join leagues or just play for fun.

In the summer, there’s a big fair called the Jefferson County Fair. It has rides, animals, and yummy food. Families have a great time together there.

If you enjoy swimming or boating, Steubenville is close to the Ohio River. The river is nice for fishing too. Just make sure to be safe and wear a lifejacket on the water!

Steubenville also has Belleview Park. It has a pool for swimming and lots of space to run and play with friends.

For movie fans, there’s a cinema in the mall. It shows new movies so you can have a movie night with your family.

Want to learn new things? The Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County has books and computers. They even have story times for little kids.

Every year, people look forward to the Nutcracker Village and Advent Market. It’s a winter wonderland with cool nutcrackers to see and gifts to buy.

Remember, for more fun things to do in Steubenville, you can visit Visit Steubenville.

Parks and Outdoor Activities

Steubenville has a fun park called Belleview Park. It’s got a playground, baseball fields, and a swimming pool. Kids and families love to spend time here, especially in the summer.

The town is close to the Ohio River where people can fish or go boating. It’s nice to relax and enjoy the water. The river is a big part of life in Steubenville.

Every year, the city has a big fair called the Jefferson County Fair. There are rides, animals, and yummy food. It’s a special event that brings everyone together.

There are also little leagues for sports like baseball and soccer. Games are a way for kids to play, make friends, and be part of a team.

When it’s cold, people in Steubenville go sledding at the big hill in Jim Wood Park. It’s super fun to slide down and race each other.

If you like to walk or ride a bike, there’s the Steubenville Historic Trail. The trail takes you around the town and you can see lots of cool places.

Cultural Events and Entertainment

In Steubenville, people love to watch movies under the stars. They do this at the Autumn Drive-In, which is a big screen where families can watch from their cars.

There’s a place called Franciscan University where many events happen. Sometimes they have concerts and talks that anyone can go to. It’s not just for students!

The city cares about art too. They have something called “First Fridays on Fourth.” On the first Friday of every month, people can see art, hear music, and eat food downtown.

For those who like to play basketball, many parks in Steubenville have courts. It’s a popular spot after school or on weekends to shoot hoops.

Also, there’s a cool skate park for kids who like to skateboard or rollerblade. This park is a safe spot where kids can learn new tricks and hang out with friends.

Golf is a hit in Steubenville as well. The city has a public golf course where people can play. It’s called Belleview Municipal Golf Course and grown-ups like to go there too.

Community and Social Life

Steubenville has fun things for kids who like sports. In the summer, they can join a swim team or take swimming lessons at the public pool.

Many families like to visit Beatty Park. It has trails for walking and spots to have picnics. Sometimes, you can see deer and birds while you walk.

When it gets cold, people in Steubenville can go to the ice rink. You can learn to skate or play ice hockey there.

There are also fun festivals in town. The Greek Food Festival is one where people eat yummy food and watch traditional dances.

Don’t forget the Steubenville Nutcracker Village! Around Christmas, you can see lots of nutcrackers and it’s really pretty with all the lights.

If you like to fish or boat, the Ohio River is right by Steubenville. Families can spend the day by the river and have a lot of fun.


Living in Steubenville, Ohio, is like being part of a big family. Everyone knows each other, and neighbors are friendly. It’s a safe place, so you don’t have to worry too much about bad things happening.

The schools here are good places to learn. Teachers work hard to make sure kids know what they need to do well in class and in life.

The city cares about its history, too. You can visit places like the Fort Steuben to learn about the past and see how people used to live.

Steubenville is not a big city, so there’s not as much noise or traffic. That’s nice for people who don’t like the rush of bigger places.

But Steubenville is close to big cities. You can take a short drive to Pittsburgh if you want more shopping or to see a big sports game.

Some people say that the town could use more shops and restaurants. But it’s good for families who like a quiet place to live.

If you think about all of these things, Steubenville might be a great place for you and your family. Why not come and see it for yourself?