Jebbia’s Wheeling Wv

Have you heard of Jebbia’s Market? It’s a cool place in Wheeling, WV. People from all around come to shop there. Wheeling is a city with a big river called the Ohio River. It’s on the edge of West Virginia and Ohio.

Jebbia’s Market has lots of fresh fruits and veggies. They get them from local farms. People say the food there is very yummy. Jebbia’s has been in Wheeling for a long time, so lots of folks know about it.

The city of Wheeling is special for a few reasons. It’s been around a very long time and has a lot of history. There’s an old bridge there too, called the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. Jebbia’s is part of that history because it’s been there since 1937. That’s a lot of years!

When you go to Jebbia’s, you can feel the friendly Wheeling spirit. The people who work there are nice and help you find what you need. Families love to shop there because it feels like a part of their home in Wheeling.

History of Jebbia’s Market in Wheeling, WV

Back in 1937, when Jebbia’s Market first opened, it was just a small fruit stand. It was started by a man named Frank Jebbia. He worked hard to make his little stand a success.

As time went by, the stand grew into a bigger store. Jebbia’s began to sell not just fruits, but a lot of other food. People in Wheeling liked having a place to buy fresh and tasty groceries.

Frank Jebbia believed in being kind and honest. That’s why customers liked him. They trusted him to give them good food at good prices. His store became a favorite in Wheeling because of that trust.

Jebbia’s is more than a store to the people of Wheeling. It’s a piece of their history. Going there is like visiting an old friend. That’s why Jebbia’s Market is still popular today.

If you’re curious about Jebbia’s Market, you can find out more by visiting their website. Just click here: Enjoy learning about this Wheeling treasure!

The Founding of Jebbia’s Market

Jebbia’s Market started by a man named Frank Jebbia. He wanted to sell good food to the people in Wheeling. That was over 80 years ago!

At first, Frank Jebbia sold his fruits and veggies on a corner. Then he moved into a bigger space because more people wanted his food. Now, Jebbia’s Market is in a big building where lots of customers can shop.

Over the years, Jebbia’s Market grew bigger. Now, they sell more than just fruits and veggies. You can find things like cheese, meat, and even plants there. It’s like a treasure hunt when you shop.

Jebbia’s is not just a store. It’s a place where people meet and talk. The market has seen many holidays and special events in Wheeling. It’s a part of the community.

Jebbia’s Impact on the Local Community

Many people in Wheeling know about Jebbia’s Market. It’s famous for fresh food. Kids love the strawberries and apples they sell.

Frank Jebbia worked hard. His family helped him in the market. Today, his grandchildren keep the store running. They keep making it better.

Families trust Jebbia’s. They have been shopping there for years. Some folks remember when their grandparents took them to the market!

The market is close to some schools. Sometimes teachers take their classes on trips to learn about food. The kids get to ask questions and see all the colorful vegetables.

One cool thing about Jebbia’s is the strawberry festival. Every year, they celebrate the first strawberries of the season. It’s a sweet day for everyone!

Shopping at Jebbia’s is fun because you might see your neighbors. It’s more than buying food. It’s about seeing friends and feeling happy.

Evolution of the Business Over the Years

Jebbia’s Market has been around for a long time. It started way back in 1938. That’s like if your great-great-grandparents went shopping there!

Back then, Wheeling was different, but people always needed good food. Jebbia’s was a tiny store with just fruit and veggies. Now, it’s big and has all kinds of stuff.

The market changed through the years. It grew with more food and more space. Now they even sell things like cheese and meat.

A lot of people like how Jebbia’s looks. It has bright colors and big signs. When it’s nice out, they put some of their food outside so you can see it right when you walk up.

Every season brings new things to Jebbia’s. In the fall, there are pumpkins. In the summer, there are big, juicy watermelons. It’s like a treasure hunt to see what’s new.

Jebbia’s is special because it’s run by the same family for a long time. The Jebbias are proud to feed Wheeling. They say it’s like feeding their own family.

Jebbia’s Market Offerings and Services

Jebbia’s Market is more than just a place to buy food. They help you with your garden too. They have plants and flowers in the spring. This means you can grow your own tasty veggies at home.

But Jebbia’s isn’t only about buying stuff. They teach you things, like how to pick the best fruit. You can learn tips to make your food yummier and last longer.

They care about keeping food fresh. They pick many of their fruits and veggies every morning. This means you’re eating stuff that’s as fresh as it gets.

If you have a big event, Jebbia’s can help. They make fruit baskets and party trays. This means less work for you and more time to have fun at your party.

They also care about people who can’t get to the store. Jebbia’s has a delivery service. You can call them or go to their website at to order. Then they bring the food right to your door.

When the holidays come, Jebbia’s has special foods. They bring in things like Easter candy and Christmas cookies. It helps families make their holiday traditions tastier.

Jebbia’s Market even helps people who are really into cooking. They sell special oils, pastas, and sauces. This means you can make fancy meals at home, just like a pro chef.

Fresh Produce and Specialty Items

If you live in Wheeling, WV, and want fresh food, Jebbia’s Market is the place. They have fruits right from the farm and vegetables that look like they were picked today. It’s all super fresh!

Not just apples and bananas, they have exotic fruits too. Ever hear of a dragon fruit or starfruit? They’ve got those! And veggies? They have the usual, like carrots, but also cool stuff like purple cauliflower!

They also have a deli. This is where you can get yummy cuts of meat. They slice it just how you like. And there’s all kinds of cheese. Cheese you might never have tried before.

Jebbia’s flowers make the place smell nice. They are pretty and bright. People love to buy them for their homes or for gifts.

They care about Wheeling families. So, they make sure to have good prices. This way, everyone can enjoy what they have to offer.

They even help you out to your car with your bags. It’s really nice, especially if you buy a lot. This is part of their service with a smile.

Plus, Jebbia’s has this cool thing where they teach about food. Sometimes schools come to visit. They show kids how to pick the best fruits and vegetables. Learning about food can be fun!

Want to know more about what’s at Jebbia’s Market? You can visit their website. Just click on and you’ll see all the cool things they have!

Community Events and Programs

At Jebbia’s Market in Wheeling, WV, you can get plants and seeds for your garden. They have tomatoes, peppers, and even herbs. It’s like having a farm at your own home!

They bake bread every day, so it’s always fresh. You can find all sorts of bread – from whole wheat to Italian. The smell of warm bread is so good!

Jebbia’s has special treats, too. They sell homemade jams and jellies. These are sweet and great on bread or for dessert.

They support local farmers by selling their stuff. This helps the farmers, and it means you get the best local food.

When holidays come, Jebbia’s is ready. They have special foods like pumpkins for Halloween and turkeys for Thanksgiving. Everyone gets excited for holiday food!

Need help with what to make for dinner? They offer recipes at the market. These recipes use the food they sell. It makes cooking easy and fun.

They even have gift baskets. You can choose what to put in them. These baskets are perfect for saying “thank you” or “happy birthday” to someone special.

Customer Experience and Services

At Jebbia’s, you can also find lots of fruits and veggies. They are fresh and colorful. Eating them is good for your health.

They have a section for cheeses and meats. You can pick from many types, like cheddar cheese or salami. These are yummy for snacks or in sandwiches.

If you like sweet things, Jebbia’s has a candy area. They have chocolates and other candies that you’ll love.

For people who don’t eat meat, Jebbia’s has options. They have foods like tofu and other plant-based items.

Jebbia’s Market has drinks, too. You can get juices and sodas. These are nice when you are thirsty or having a meal.

They have friendly people who work there. They can help you find what you need or check you out fast.

If you can’t go to the market, Jebbia’s has a website. You can look at what they have online. Here’s the link:

Economic and Cultural Significance

Jebbia’s Market in Wheeling, WV, is an important place for people to shop. It helps the city by providing jobs for people.

The market has been around for a long time. It’s part of what makes Wheeling special. People know each other and feel like a big family.

They also support local farmers. When you buy food there, you help people who grow food nearby. This is great for the community.

Jebbia’s Market holds events, like pumpkin giveaways. These events bring fun to the city and make people happy.

On holidays, Jebbia’s can be really festive. They make Wheeling feel like a joyful place with decorations and special food.

Kids learn about different foods when they visit. They can see fruits and vegetables they might not know. This helps them eat better.

Contribution to the Local Economy

Jebbia’s Market is a special place in Wheeling, WV. It’s been around for a long time, giving people a place to buy food.

Many families in Wheeling shop at Jebbia’s. They meet friends and talk while they shop. It’s a warm place that brings people together.

The market helps farmers who grow food nearby. When you buy food there, you help these farmers keep farming.

Jebbia’s Market also adds beauty to Wheeling. It’s a colorful spot with fruits and veggies that brighten up the city.

Around holidays, Jebbia’s is even more exciting. They have special foods and decorations that make the store look magical.

Local schools talk about Jebbia’s in classes about healthy eating. Kids learn the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.

Jebbia’s is part of what makes Wheeling special. It shows how markets can help a city’s economy and make life more fun.

Preservation of Local Culture

Wheeling, WV is not just any city. It has a history of working hard and making things. Jebbia’s Market shows this spirit.

In the city, lots of people have jobs because of Jebbia’s. They work at the market or with the trucks that bring in the food.

Cultural festivals in Wheeling often have booths from Jebbia’s. They share food and teach people about different cultures.

When people visit Wheeling, they hear about Jebbia’s. It’s a place they like to see. They can eat local food and feel they are part of the city.

Music is a big part of Wheeling’s culture. Sometimes, Jebbia’s has music events. People come to enjoy the tunes and taste fresh snacks.

On weekends, families make plans to visit Jebbia’s. They enjoy the market and then go to other places in Wheeling like the park or the museum.

At Jebbia’s, you can also learn how to cook. They show how to make meals with the food they sell. This helps people in Wheeling eat better.

The market is a place where charity happens too. They give food to people who need it. This shows how Jebbia’s cares about everyone in Wheeling.

Overall, Jebbia’s Market is a treasure for Wheeling. It helps people live better and enjoy their city more. It’s a happy place in Wheeling’s heart.

Supporting Local Agriculture

Jebbia’s is not just a store; it’s part of Wheeling’s story. The city grew with places like Jebbia’s. It helped make Wheeling what it is today.

Many families in Wheeling have been going to Jebbia’s for a long time. Parents teach their kids about the market. It’s a special spot for them.

Jebbia’s brings people together. Friends meet at the market to shop and chat. It’s a place where they can catch up and share news.

Wheeling has a beautiful river and Jebbia’s is close to it. After shopping, people can walk by the water. They can sit, talk, and enjoy the view.

At Jebbia’s, you can find foods from around the world. It’s exciting to try new things. Kids and adults can taste different spices and treats.

The workers at Jebbia’s know a lot about fruits and veggies. They can tell you what’s best to eat in each season. That’s really helpful.

Schools in Wheeling sometimes take kids to Jebbia’s. They learn where their food comes from. It’s a cool trip for them.

Without Jebbia’s, Wheeling would be different. It’s a big piece of the city that makes it feel like home for so many people.


Jebbia’s is like a treasure in Wheeling. It’s a fun place where you can buy fresh food and learn new things. Everyone in Wheeling knows Jebbia’s is important.

When you go to Jebbia’s, you don’t just shop. You become part of a tradition. It’s a great place that makes everyone in Wheeling smile and feel happy.

Remember, Jebbia’s is more than a market. It’s a spot where people from Wheeling can feel proud. It shows how special their city is.

Thanks for learning about Jebbia’s with us. If you visit Wheeling, don’t forget to check out Jebbia’s. It’s a place you won’t want to miss!