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If you live in Wheeling, WV, Weirton, WV, or Steubenville, OH, you might be searching for a new job. Maybe you want a job that is fun or one where you can help people. Or maybe you want a job that lets you work with your hands or one where you can be a boss. There are many different kinds of jobs out there!

Wheeling is a city with history and it is growing. New stores and restaurants mean they need more workers. In Weirton and Steubenville, there are also places hiring. Factories, hospitals, and schools in these towns need people to do all sorts of jobs.

It’s good to think about what you like to do. Some jobs need you to be good with numbers or good at talking to people. Other jobs might need you to be strong or quick. In these cities, you can find a job that fits what you like to do and what you are good at.

Economic Profile of Wheeling, WV

Wheeling, WV is a place where a lot of people work in hospitals and schools. These jobs help a lot of people every day. If you like to take care of others or teach, Wheeling could be a great place to look for a job.

There are also jobs in stores and restaurants in Wheeling. When you work in a store, you help people find what they need. Working in a restaurant, you might make food or help keep the place clean. These jobs can be busy, but also fun.

Some people in Wheeling work in offices where they use computers and talk on the phone. This kind of job can be good if you like being indoors and working with others. Every job is important and helps the city of Wheeling keep growing.

Historical Industries

Wheeling, WV, is a place where people make things like toys and clothes. It has factories where people work together to build stuff. When people buy these things, it helps Wheeling make money.

There are also many hospitals in Wheeling. These hospitals need lots of workers to take care of sick people. If you like helping people and making them feel better, a hospital job could be great for you.

Did you know that Wheeling has a big river? The Ohio River helps the city by letting boats carry things to other places. Jobs on boats and at the docks are important in Wheeling.

Some people in Wheeling are good at cooking. The city has many restaurants where they can work. Being a cook or a server is a fun job if you enjoy making food or talking to people.

Wheeling also has schools. Schools need teachers who love sharing what they know. They also need other workers to help keep the schools clean and safe.

There are many different jobs in Wheeling. Whether you like to create, help, build, cook, or teach, you can find a job that is just right for you in the city.

Current Economic Landscape

Wheeling, WV, has places where people can buy and sell things. Stores and shopping centers are big in Wheeling. People there work as cashiers, stock shelves, and help customers find what they need.

The city is becoming a better place with new buildings and fixing old ones. This means there are jobs for people who know how to use tools and make things strong and look good. These workers are called construction workers.

Wheeling is also a place where people drive trucks. Trucks take things from one place to another. If you like to drive and see different places, you might like being a truck driver in Wheeling.

In Wheeling, some people work with computers. They make sure everything on the computer works like it should. This is called IT, or information technology.

Hotels in Wheeling need workers too. They need people to clean rooms, check in guests, and sometimes plan fun events for people staying at the hotel.

So, in Wheeling, you can work in a store, help build things, drive trucks, work on computers, or help in a hotel. There are many kinds of jobs you can choose from!

Major Employers

Wheeling has factories too. These places make things like toys or parts for machines. People who work there use tools to put things together. This kind of work is called manufacturing.

Some folks in Wheeling care for sick people. They work in places called hospitals. If you like helping others feel better, you might want to work there too. Nurses and doctors are important jobs at hospitals.

There are also schools in Wheeling. Teachers help kids learn about math, reading, and lots of other stuff. Working in a school can be fun if you like to learn and teach others.

Eating at restaurants is something people enjoy. This means there are jobs for cooking food, cleaning up, and taking orders. If you’re good at making tasty food or like talking to people, you might like this kind of job!

Some people in Wheeling also take care of pets. They make sure animals are clean, healthy, and happy. This job is for people who really love pets and want to help them.

Wheeling’s economy has different jobs like making things, helping sick people, teaching kids, making food, and caring for animals. You can pick what you like to do!

Job Market Trends in Wheeling, WV

Computers are a big deal today. In Wheeling, they need people who understand technology. This means there could be jobs for fixing computers or helping people use them.

Stores are where we buy things we need. In Wheeling, many people work at stores. They help you find what you’re looking for and make sure the store is nice and tidy.

People in Wheeling also build houses and fix them up. If you’re good with tools and like to make things strong and safe, this could be a great job for you.

Banks are places where money is kept safe. Wheeling has banks that need people to help with money. You would count money and talk to people about saving it.

Trucks help carry things from one place to another. Wheeling needs people to drive trucks and make sure things get to where they need to go safely.

In Wheeling, there are many ways to work. You can work with technology, in stores, building houses, at banks, or driving trucks. Think about what you like and maybe you can work there one day!

Employment Growth Sectors

In Wheeling, people can work in stores too. Stores are where you buy clothes, food, and other stuff. Jobs at stores include selling things or helping people find what they need.

Technology jobs are growing in Wheeling. People in these jobs work with computers and the internet. They help make sure everything on a computer works right and is safe.

Some folks in Wheeling help build houses or fix them. This is called construction. If you like to build things or work with your hands, construction can be a good job for you.

There are also offices in Wheeling where people do lots of different jobs. They might talk on the phone, type on computers, or meet with other people to do business.

Lastly, Wheeling has places where people go to have fun, like movie theaters or parks. Jobs at these places can be about helping people have a good time. If you like movies or being outside, these could be fun jobs for you!

Declining Industries

Wheeling is also a place where you can work in hospitals. Hospitals are big buildings where doctors and nurses take care of sick people. There are many kinds of jobs in hospitals, like being a nurse or helping people at the front desk.

Some folks in Wheeling like to cook or bake. They work in restaurants or bakeries. If you enjoy making yummy food, you might like these jobs. Restaurants also need waiters to serve the food and cashiers to ring up orders.

If you’re really good with cars, Wheeling has jobs for you too. Some people fix cars when they break down. Others make sure cars are clean and shiny. These jobs are at places called garages or car washes.

Teachers are important in Wheeling. They work in schools to help kids learn. Teachers need to know a lot about subjects like math or reading. But there are other school jobs too, like being a bus driver or working in the library.

In Wheeling, you can also find jobs that help keep the city running. These jobs might be picking up trash so the city stays clean or fixing the roads. It’s a way to take care of the community and make it a nice place for everyone.

Impact of COVID-19

There are businesses in Wheeling that let people buy things they need or want. People can work in these places, like stores and shops. They help customers find what they’re looking for and check them out at the cash register.

You can also work outside in Wheeling. Some people take care of plants and grass in parks and yards. They use tools to make these places look nice. This job is good for people who like to be outdoors and work with their hands.

Wheeling has places called factories where things are made. They might make toys, clothes, or parts for machines. People who work there can build these things, check that they are good, or pack them up to be sent to stores.

There are offices in Wheeling where people do their jobs on computers. They can make sure that other businesses have what they need or talk to customers on the phone. You have to be good at typing and knowing how to use a computer for these jobs.

For people who like taking care of others, there are jobs called caregiving. This might be for older people or those who need extra help. Caregiving jobs are really important because they help people live better lives.

Resources for Job Seekers in Wheeling, WV

If you are looking for a job in Wheeling, WV, there are places that can help. They have people who can talk to you about jobs and teach you new skills. These places are called job centers.

Wheeling has a library, and it’s a great spot for job seekers. The library has computers you can use for free. You can look for jobs online or work on your resume. They sometimes have people come to the library to talk about how to get a job.

Schools sometimes help with jobs too. They might have classes on how to do a job interview. They also have career days where you can meet people from different places to work.

There are groups in Wheeling that are just for helping people find jobs. They are called workforce groups. They know a lot about jobs and can help you get ready for work.

If you like helping people, there are jobs in health care in Wheeling. You might work in a hospital or a clinic. In these jobs, you help people feel better when they are sick.

Some people need help with their computers. If you are good with technology, you can work at a place that fixes computers or helps people learn how to use them.

Remember, finding a job can take time. But don’t give up! There are lots of resources in Wheeling to help you find the right job for you.

Local Job Centers

If you want to find a job in Wheeling, WV, you can look online. There are websites that show lots of jobs in one place. You can search for the kind of work you like to do.

Another way to find jobs is to go to a job fair. At a job fair, lots of businesses are there to talk about the jobs they have. You can ask questions and see if you like any of the jobs they talk about.

Wheeling has a place called a job center. People there can help you make a resume. A resume is a paper that tells someone why you are good for a job. They can also help you practice talking to a boss in what’s called an interview.

Libraries in Wheeling are useful too. They have computers you can use to look for jobs. They also have books that give tips on how to get a job. You can learn a lot from these books.

Some groups in Wheeling help people learn new skills for work. They have classes where you can learn to cook, fix cars, or even how to take care of sick people. This can help you get a better job.

Educational Opportunities

It’s good to know people who have jobs. They might know who is hiring. You can talk to friends, family, and neighbors about work. They can help you find a job.

Sometimes schools help students find jobs. If you are a student, you can ask your teacher or the school office about this. They might know about jobs for young people.

There are also groups in Wheeling that help grown-ups find work. They can teach you how to make money with your hobbies. This means you can do what you love and get paid for it.

Online Platforms and Networks

If you are looking for a job, going to the library can help. The library in Wheeling has computers you can use. You can look for jobs online and write your resume there.

There is a place called WorkForce West Virginia. They have an office in Wheeling. They help people find jobs. You can visit their website at to see job listings.

Don’t forget to check the newspaper. The local paper has job ads. You can see who is hiring in Wheeling and nearby places like Weirton, WV and Steubenville, OH.


So you see, there are many ways to find jobs in places like Wheeling, WV, Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH. Remember to check different places when you look for a job. Every place has different jobs to see. It’s like a treasure hunt for work!

Some jobs might be in stores, restaurants, or even fixing things. Others could be at a desk with a computer. Think about what you like to do. Then, look for a job that fits what you like. You might find the perfect job for you!

And don’t give up if it takes time to find a job. Keep looking and asking people. Someone might know about a job that’s just right for you. Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville have lots of chances for everyone. So, go out there and find the job that’s waiting for you!