Kepner Funeral Home Wheeling Wv

When someone we love passes away, it can be a really sad and confusing time. Kepner Funeral Home in Wheeling, WV is a place that helps families during these tough moments. They’ve been around for a long time, and lots of people in Wheeling and nearby cities like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, know about them.

They’re special because they really care about each family’s feelings and memories. They know that saying goodbye to someone you love is hard, so they try to make it a little easier. They have a big building where families can gather, share stories, and remember the person who has passed.

At Kepner Funeral Home, they also know it’s important to celebrate life. They help families plan services that really show what their loved one liked and who they were. Whether you’re planning ahead or need help right now, they’re ready to help with kind hearts and gentle hands.

History of Kepner Funeral Home in Wheeling, WV

The Kepner Funeral Home has been part of Wheeling, WV for over 150 years. They started helping people way back in 1845. That’s a really long time ago! Since then, they have been part of many families’ lives.

Over the years, the funeral home has grown. They learned new ways to help families honor their loved ones. Even when times changed, they kept their promise to care for people with respect.

People from nearby places like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH have also trusted Kepner. When they needed support, Kepner was there. They made sure every person got the chance to say goodbye in the best way for them.

Origins and Founding

The Kepner Funeral Home has been part of Wheeling for a really long time. It’s been around since before cars and computers! Imagine that! A lot of history has happened since then, and Kepner has seen it all.

The funeral home started with just one person who wanted to help others in tough times. Now, it has grown and lots of people in the area work there. They all have the same goal: to help families when they need it most.

Over the years, Kepner has become a place where people feel safe to express their sadness and find comfort. They’ve helped many generations of families. Even your grandparents or great-grandparents might have known about them!

Evolution Over the Years

Long ago, the Kepner family decided to start this special business. They created a place where neighbors could come to remember and honor their loved ones who have passed away. This idea of helping others has been important to them ever since.

As time went by, the building where Kepner Funeral Home is got bigger. They added more space so more people could come together during those hard times. It became a spot in Wheeling where lots of memories were shared and tears were shed.

Even as things in Wheeling changed, like new shops and streets, Kepner stayed the same in one way. They continued to care about the people in the city and nearby places like Weirton and Steubenville. The Kepner family made sure everyone felt they had a friend to lean on when saying goodbye to family or friends.

Notable Services and Events

The Kepner family has seen generations working in their funeral home. They’ve passed down their care and know-how from parents to children. This way, each Kepner person learns how to help others in sad times.

Kepner Funeral Home began over a hundred years ago. It’s one of the oldest businesses in Wheeling. The Kepner family started their work long before most of us were born. They’ve seen Wheeling grow and change around them.

Most folks in Wheeling have heard of Kepner Funeral Home. Many families have trusted them when they lost someone they love. Kepner is kind of like an old friend that everyone in town knows.

Services Offered by Kepner Funeral Home

When people in Wheeling, Weirton, or Steubenville need to say goodbye to someone, they can call Kepner Funeral Home. They have a team that helps plan everything. This means they take care of the big stuff and the small details too.

Kepner can help you whether you want a big funeral or something smaller and private. They know how to make a service that fits what you want. They’ll even help you pick music and flowers.

If you want to say goodbye in a different way, like with a celebration of life, Kepner can do that too. They can help you plan something that feels right for the person you’re remembering.

For families who want to keep their loved one’s memory in a special place, Kepner has choices. They can guide you through picking out a perfect spot or an urn. They respect that this is a tender time and offer gentle support.

Sometimes people want to plan their own goodbye ahead of time. Kepner Funeral Home helps with this too. They sit down with you and write down your wishes, so later on, your family will know what you wanted.

They also understand that money can be tight. The Kepner team works with you to find a plan that fits your budget. They believe that saying goodbye in a meaningful way shouldn’t cost too much.

And if you’re feeling really down, they have people to talk to. Kepner Funeral Home cares about your heart and wants to help it heal.

Traditional Funerals

Kepner Funeral Home helps people when they are very sad because someone has passed away. They are good at planning funerals that honor the person who has died. The Kepner team makes sure families don’t worry about the details during tough times.

They help pick the best flowers, music, and pictures to remember the person who has died. Kepner also takes care of the place where the funeral will happen. This could be at their funeral home, a church, or another special place.

Kepner Funeral Home helps families say goodbye in their own way. They let people choose whether they want a big funeral or a small, quiet one. They even help families who want to say goodbye in ways that fit their own traditions.

After the funeral, Kepner Funeral Home can help make special things like memory books. These books are filled with photos and stories about the person who has passed away. Kepner helps people remember the happy times they had together.

When someone is buried, Kepner takes care of the grave site too. They make sure it’s peaceful and looks nice for when families come to visit. They can also help with picking out a headstone.

For families who want to remember their loved one in a different way, Kepner offers to help with cremation. This is when the person who has died is turned into ashes. The Kepner team can explain how this works and what your choices are.

Kepner Funeral Home is there to support people in Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville. They want to make sure families feel cared for and remembered. The Kepner family has been doing this for a very long time, and they truly care about their neighbors.

Cremation Services

Kepner Funeral Home is there for families when they need to make a hard choice about what to do with their loved one’s ashes. Some people choose to keep the ashes in a special urn, while others might scatter the ashes in a place that was important to the person who died.

They also offer to put together video tributes. These videos are a way to share memories with friends and family during the service. It’s like making a movie about the person’s life, with their favorite songs and photos.

For people who have loved ones far away, Kepner provides a way to watch the funeral online. This service is called live streaming. It lets people who can’t be there in person say goodbye and be part of the ceremony.

They have a place called a grief library too. It’s full of books and resources to help people feel better after they lose someone close to them. It’s a cozy spot where people can learn about healing.

Kepner Funeral Home also offers pre-planning services. This helps people make plans for their own funeral ahead of time. It can make things easier for families when the time comes because there will be fewer decisions to make.

Last of all, Kepner has something called aftercare services. This means they keep helping families even after the funeral is over. They might check in to see how people are doing or offer support groups where people can talk about their feelings.

Pre-Planning Options

Kepner Funeral Home helps families create a final resting place that feels right. They can arrange for burials in graveyards around Wheeling, WV, Weirton, WV, or Steubenville, OH. The team will take care of the details, so families don’t have to worry during a tough time.

They also offer to help with making a place to remember someone at the funeral service. Whether it’s a table of memories with photos and items that were special, or a big board where people can write down their favorite stories, they make sure there’s a way to share the good times.

At Kepner, they also have special cars to take families from the funeral home to the cemetery. These cars are called hearses. They look very fancy and make sure everyone gets to the burial safely and together.

If someone wants to say something about the person who died, Kepner’s staff will help them get ready. They can give advice on what to say or how to write their thoughts down. This makes it easier for people to share their feelings with others at the service.

For the people who want to give gifts, Kepner Funeral Home can help pick out things like flowers or donations. They make sure these gifts are set up nicely at the service and tell the family about everyone who gave something to remember the person by.

Kepner Funeral Home’s Role in the Wheeling Community

Kepner Funeral Home is a place in Wheeling, WV that has been with the community for a long time. People in the town trust them to be respectful and caring when they need help the most.

They are like friends who know how to plan a proper goodbye. The people working at Kepner listen carefully and try to do everything the way the family wants. It makes the families feel less alone.

The funeral home is part of local traditions. They know how people in Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville want to honor their loved ones. The Kepner team works with local churches, gardens, and community halls to plan services that feel right.

When a school or group in Wheeling loses someone, Kepner Funeral Home helps them too. They guide schools on how to talk to students about loss and remembering someone special. Kepner can also help plan memorials where friends and classmates can say goodbye.

For families who want to look back on the memories later, Kepner offers to record the service. This way, people who couldn’t come or live far away can see the service too.

Kepner Funeral Home also helps with things that come after the service. They can talk to families about what to do with things left behind by the person who passed away, like making sure their clothes and stuff go to the right place.

Community Engagement

Kepner Funeral Home has been in Wheeling for a long time. They know a lot about what the people in the city need when they say goodbye to someone they love.

The folks at Kepner are like friends to many families. They are there to listen and help when someone passes away. It makes it a little easier for families during a sad time.

They care about the schools and parks in Wheeling, WV, too. Kepner gives back by supporting local teams and helping make the town a better place.

They also teach people about staying safe. Sometimes they visit schools to talk to kids about this. They want everyone to know how to handle tough situations.

Every year, Kepner remembers the people who have passed away. They have a special event where they light candles and everyone can remember the good times they had with their loved ones.

Support During Grief

Kepner Funeral Home is there to help with more than funerals. They also make sure folks can honor their loved ones in special ways.

When the holidays come around, they have events where people can remember those they miss. It’s a way for the community to come together and share memories.

Kepner Funeral Home also understands that kids can have a hard time when they lose someone close. They create activities to help children express their feelings and find comfort.

They’re part of the Wheeling community in other ways too. They give to local charities to help those in need. This shows they care about people not just in sad times, but all the time.

For families that might not have a lot of money, Kepner tries to help. They find ways to make sure every person gets a respectful farewell without a big cost.

And they do all of this with kindness. The people at Kepner want to make life in Wheeling, WV, a little better for everyone. That’s a big job, but they do it every day.

Contributions to Local Traditions

Kepner Funeral Home is a place where people say goodbye to their loved ones. But it’s also a place where folks learn how to handle their sadness. They teach people about grieving and how to feel okay again.

In Wheeling, WV, Kepner Funeral Home is like a friend to many. They are there when times get tough. The funeral home’s team talks and listens to those who are feeling lost or alone.

They also care about safety. Kepner Funeral Home helps teach people about being ready for emergencies. This is important because it helps keep families in Wheeling safe.

The workers at Kepner are like good neighbors. They join in community events and show their support. This helps make Wheeling a closer, friendlier place to live.

Every year, they join in remembering veterans. Kepner Funeral Home helps honor men and women who served in the military. This teaches kids and adults to be thankful for these heroes.


When it’s time to say goodbye, Kepner Funeral Home in Wheeling, WV, is a caring place to be. They help people feel less sad and alone during a tough time.

This funeral home is not just about sadness. It’s about remembering happy times too. Everyone who works there wants to make sure that families can smile when they think of the special moments they shared.

Someday, you might visit Kepner Funeral Home to remember someone. If you do, know that you’ll find friends there. They will help you feel better and teach you about honoring the person you miss.

So, Kepner Funeral Home is more than a building in Wheeling. It’s a big part of the heart of the city. And just like a heart, it helps the people of Wheeling share love, even when they feel sad.