Kroger Pharmacy Wheeling Wv

Have you ever needed to get your medicine fast and easy? Well, if you live in Wheeling, WV, then Kroger Pharmacy is a place you might know! Kroger is a big store that sells food and lots of other things. But did you know they also have a pharmacy? That means you can grab your apples and your aspirin in one trip!

What’s really cool about Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling is how they help you take care of your health. You can get your medicine there, but they also can help you figure out what vitamins you might need. Plus, if you need a flu shot or any other vaccine, they can do that too!

And guess what? If you can’t get to the store, they can even send your medicine right to your house. That’s super helpful if you’re feeling too sick to go out or if you’re just really busy. Kroger Pharmacy makes getting better a little bit easier!

Services Offered at Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling, WV

Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling, WV, also helps you with health advice. They have pharmacists who can tell you about your medicine. They explain how to take it and what it’s for. That way, you understand more about what’s going on with your body.

If you have a bad cough or fever, they have over-the-counter medicine. That’s the stuff you can buy without a doctor’s note. They have a lot to choose from, so you can find what works best for you.

Sometimes your doctor says you need a special medicine made just for you. Kroger Pharmacy can make it happen with something called ‘compounding.’ Not all pharmacies do this, so it’s pretty cool that they offer it.

Let’s not forget about checking your blood pressure. Kroger Pharmacy has machines where you can do it for free. It’s important to keep track of your blood pressure to stay healthy. You just put your arm in the machine, and it tells you your numbers!

Oh, and if you have pets, they take care of them too! They can fill prescriptions for your furry friends. It’s nice to know they care about our animal buddies as well.

If you want to learn more about what they offer or need to refill your prescription, you can visit their website. Just go to and find the pharmacy section. It’s easy and it saves you time.

Kroger Pharmacy makes sure you don’t have to worry too much about being sick. They give you what you need to get better. And they do it with a smile and lots of care!

Prescription Medication Dispensing

Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling offers more than just meds. They also check your blood pressure. It’s important to keep your blood pressure in check to stay healthy.

They also have programs to help you quit smoking. Smoking is bad for you, so it’s great that Kroger Pharmacy wants to help people stop. They will talk to you and help you find ways to quit.

Do you have questions about your medicine? The pharmacists at Kroger are super smart about this stuff. They’ll take the time to explain everything about your meds, like how much to take and when.

For moms and dads, they have special medicine just for kids. They can even make some medicine taste better, so kids will take it without a fuss.

Did you lose your medicine or run out too soon? Don’t worry. Kroger Pharmacy can help with emergency refills so you’re not without your medicine when you need it.

Immunizations and Vaccinations

If you get sick, the Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling can give you a flu shot. This helps keep you from catching the flu, which is really good during the winter when lots of people get sick.

Kroger Pharmacy also helps with keeping track of shots your kids need for school. They know what shots are needed and when to get them, so you don’t have to worry.

They even have a drive-thru! You can pick up your medicine without leaving your car. This makes it super easy if you are in a rush or don’t feel like going inside.

Sometimes you need medicine when the store is closed. Kroger Pharmacy has a 24-hour phone line you can call. You can ask questions or get help any time of the day or night.

If you take lots of different medicines, it can be confusing. Kroger Pharmacy offers pill pack services. They put your meds into little packs labeled with the days of the week. This helps you remember what to take each day.

Health Screenings and Wellness Programs

At Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling, WV, if you have asthma or breathing problems, you can get special medicine here. They make sure you have what you need to feel better.

They also check your blood pressure for free. High blood pressure can be dangerous, so it’s important to keep an eye on it.

For people with diabetes, Kroger Pharmacy checks your blood sugar levels. This helps you stay healthy and manage your diabetes.

They even teach you about the medicines you take. If you don’t understand why or how to take your meds, they make it clear for you.

If you’re going on a trip, Kroger Pharmacy can give you travel vaccines. This keeps you safe from getting sick in different countries.

And don’t forget, if you need to say goodbye to smoking, Kroger Pharmacy has stuff to help you quit. Quitting smoking is hard, but they can help make it easier.

Finally, if you need to talk to someone about your medicine or health, you can set up a meeting. They take time to help you with what you need.

Location and Access

Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling, WV is easy to find. It’s close to lots of houses and schools so getting there is not hard.

Wheeling is a neat city. It’s right by the Ohio River and not too far from other big places like Pittsburgh.

If you live in Wheeling, you can get to Kroger Pharmacy by car, bus, or even walking. It’s on a big road called National Road.

Wheeling has bridges and tunnels because it’s hilly and has a river. This means you might go over a bridge or through a tunnel to get to the pharmacy.

People from nearby towns like Weirton in West Virginia or Steubenville in Ohio can also come to Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling. It’s worth the trip because they help you a lot.

You can find out how to get there by using the internet or asking a grown-up. The address and a map are online at Kroger Pharmacy’s website.

Store Hours and Contact Information

The Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling, WV is easy to find. It’s right in the Kroger store, so when you shop for food, you can also grab your medicine.

It’s on 200 Mount DeChantal Road, which is a main road in town. You won’t get lost because there are signs to help you find it.

If you ride the bus, the pharmacy is on a bus route. This makes it simple to get there if you don’t have a car.

Parking is no problem either. There’s a big parking lot right in front of Kroger. It’s free to park there, so you don’t have to worry about money for parking.

The pharmacy has doors that open by themselves, so if your hands are full, it’s still easy to get inside.

If you need help or have questions, you can call them at (304) 232-4063. They’re ready to answer the phone and help you out.

You can also learn more by visiting their website. Click here to go straight to the Kroger Pharmacy page for the Wheeling, WV location.

Ease of Access and Parking Facilities

Wheeling, WV is a cool place with lots of hills and a big river called the Ohio River. The Kroger Pharmacy there is close to other stores and places you might need to go.

Some people have doctors at Wheeling Hospital. That hospital is not far from the Kroger Pharmacy. So, if you visit the doctor and they say you need medicine, the pharmacy is just down the road.

Friends or family can also get to the pharmacy easily. If they are coming from places like Weirton, WV or Steubenville, OH, they just drive on Route 70 or Route 470. These are big roads that go right to Wheeling.

Once in Wheeling, those roads connect to Route 2 and Route 40, which can take you to the pharmacy. It’s like different paths coming together at one place where you can get your medicine.

Even if you live in a different part of Wheeling, getting to this Kroger Pharmacy is still easy. Wheeling has a few bridges and tunnels, which are like shortcuts to the other side of town.

If you’re anywhere near downtown Wheeling, you’re already pretty close to the Kroger Pharmacy. You can take the bus or drive a short way to get your medicine fast.

The Kroger Pharmacy is open on most days. They close when it’s a big holiday, so just check before you go. If you forget when they’re open, you can look at their hours online or call them to make sure.

Community Involvement and Local Impact

The Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling does neat stuff for the community. They care about the people who live around them.

They help out by giving flu shots to everyone. This is important so people don’t get sick in the winter. You don’t even need to make an appointment.

The pharmacy also collects money for charities. When you pay for your stuff, they might ask if you want to give a little extra. That money goes to help other people who need it.

They have a day when they teach about medicine safety. It’s for kids and parents to learn how to use medicine the right way and not get hurt.

People in the community trust the pharmacy. They know the people who work there. It’s like visiting a friend who helps you feel better when you’re sick.

For kids who want to understand how a pharmacy works, the staff can explain it. They show them the different medicines and what they do.

People who work at the Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling also live nearby. When you shop there, you’re helping your neighbors have jobs. That’s pretty cool, right?

If you want to know more or need help, you can visit the pharmacy’s website. Here it is:

Collaborations with Local Healthcare Providers

The Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling, WV, does more than just fill prescriptions. They help people feel better about living in their city.

They have programs that make it easier for families to get the medicine they need. Sometimes, they work with doctors to teach people about staying healthy.

People who work at the Kroger Pharmacy also live in Wheeling. They are our neighbors and friends. They care about our town and want to make it a better place.

The pharmacy helps in different ways. They might give money or medicine to places that need help. They also join events in Wheeling or nearby cities like Weirton, WV and Steubenville, OH.

Sometimes, they have fun things at the pharmacy for families, like checking your health for free. It’s a way for the pharmacy to say “thank you” to the people living around Wheeling.

When you shop at Kroger Pharmacy, you support a business that gives back. That means when you buy something, you’re also helping your town.

Educational Events and Health Awareness Campaigns

Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling, WV likes to show they care about our community. They get involved in local activities and causes.

In the fall, they help with the big Wheeling food drive. It’s a time when everyone can bring food to help families who don’t have enough.

During the holidays, Kroger Pharmacy has a tree with names of kids who might not get gifts. People can pick a name and buy a present to make sure every child has a happy holiday.

They also support our local sports teams. You might see them at soccer or baseball games cheering and helping to raise money for uniforms and equipment.

Kroger Pharmacy works with local schools too. They give talks about staying healthy and not getting sick. Sometimes, they even help schools when they need things like band-aids or hand sanitizer.

Thanks to Kroger Pharmacy, our city feels like a big family. They help make Wheeling, and places nearby, nicer for everyone.


When you need medicine or health advice, Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling, WV is a good place to go. They have friendly people who know lots about health.

They don’t just sell medicine. They also check your health. If you’re getting a shot or need your blood pressure checked, they can help.

Kroger Pharmacy is part of our town. They care about us and want us to be happy and healthy. When we all work together, our town gets better and better.

If you ever need help or have a question about health stuff, just ask them. They’re really nice and always ready to help out. Remember, Kroger Pharmacy is a place where they know you by name and are happy to see you.

So, next time you’re near Kroger Pharmacy in Wheeling, pop in and say hi. They’re always there to help, with a smile!