Lowes Wheeling Wv

If you’re fixing up your space or starting a brand-new project, you might be thinking about heading to Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV. Lowe’s is like a giant toolbox for everyone. It’s a place where you can find lots of things to help you build, paint, and make your home better.

In Wheeling, Lowe’s is known for having a big store with aisles filled with all sorts of stuff. You can find tools, plants for your garden, and even cool lights for your bedroom. It’s a spot where your ideas can come to life, whether you want to create a race car bedroom or a jungle-themed bathroom!

People from nearby towns like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, often come to Wheeling’s Lowe’s too. They travel a little bit because they know they’ll find what they need. It’s like going on a treasure hunt for your house, and the treasure is all the cool things you didn’t even know you needed!

Location and Accessibility

Getting to Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV is pretty easy. You can hop in your car and be on your way. This store is on a big road that’s simple to find. Just look for the big Lowe’s sign, you can’t miss it!

Lowe’s has a huge parking lot, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot. It’s also wheelchair friendly, which means everyone can roll in without trouble. If you ride your bike, they’ve got spots to lock it up too.

Need to take the bus? That’s not a problem! There’s a bus stop close by, so you don’t have to walk far. Plus, if you’re coming from Weirton, WV or Steubenville, OH, there are easy roads that lead straight to Lowe’s. It’s all about making it simple to get your shopping done.

Address and Store Hours

Getting to Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV is easy. You can hop in your car and drive there. It’s right by the big road that goes around the town, which is called a highway. When you see a lot of cars and big signs, you are close to Lowe’s.

If you don’t have a car, that’s okay too! You can catch a bus that stops near Lowe’s. The buses have numbers on them, so make sure you get on the right one. The bus drivers are friendly and can help you find your stop.

For your friends in Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, visiting Lowe’s in Wheeling can be a fun trip. They just need to follow the signs that point to Wheeling. It’s not too far, and it’s worth the drive to find great things for their homes.

Lowe’s has a big parking lot too, so you can park your car easily. There are spots close to the doors for people who need them. This way, everyone can get inside quickly and start looking for their home treasures.

Directions and Parking

If you are walking to Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV, look for the sidewalks. They are safe and will lead you right to the store. Just follow the path and watch for the Lowe’s sign.

For bike riders, Lowe’s has a spot to park your bike. You can chain it up and go inside to shop. Riding a bike is a good way to get there if you live nearby.

People in Wheeling might even see their neighbors at Lowe’s. It’s a place where lots of folks go to make their homes better. You might bump into someone you know!

When it’s time to go home, the roads around Lowe’s are easy to travel on. Whether by car, bus, bike, or on foot, getting away from Lowe’s is just as easy as getting there.

The people working at Lowe’s can also help you find a taxi if you need one. They are there to make sure you get help with your bags too, especially if you buy something big or heavy.

Public Transportation Options

If you’re driving to Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV, it’s not hard to find. There’s a big parking lot with lots of space. You can park your car for free while you shop.

Do you ride the bus? Great news! There is a bus stop near Lowe’s. The buses come often, so you won’t wait long. Plus, it doesn’t cost much to ride.

Going to Lowe’s can also be a fun family trip. Parents can find things to fix up the house, and there’s stuff for kids too! Maybe you can help choose colors for your room.

If you need help, people at Lowe’s are super friendly. They will show you where to find what you need. And if you’re not sure what you need, they’ll help figure it out.

Products and Services

At Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV, there are many things you can buy. It’s like a treasure chest for your house. You can find paint for your walls and plants for your garden. They also have tools to help fix things. If you want to build something, you can get the wood and nails there too.

Lowe’s isn’t just a store; it’s a place to make your home better. They have special paints that make your rooms look brighter. If your floor looks old, they have new tiles to fix that. For mom and dad, there are shiny faucets and lights to make the kitchen look new.

Sometimes, Lowe’s has classes where you can learn to do cool stuff. You might learn how to plant flowers or build a birdhouse. It’s fun and you get to keep what you make. Check with the store to find out when they have these classes.

Did you know that you can buy things online from Lowe’s too? Just go to their website, click on what you want, and they will have it ready for you at the store. If you want, they can even bring it to your house. Here is their website: www.lowes.com.

Do you have a broken window or a door that doesn’t shut right? Lowes can help with that. They can make a new window that fits perfect or a door that closes smooth. You just have to tell them what you need, and they’ll take care of it.

Remember, Lowe’s isn’t just about buying things. It’s about finding what you need to make your home feel like new. It can be a place to learn and have fun too. Next time you go, see what cool things you can find or learn!

Home Improvement Supplies

Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV, is a place where you can find lots of different things. You can buy paint, tools, and even plants for your garden. People come here to get stuff to make their homes look nice.

Need to protect your garage floor? Lowe’s sells special paints called epoxy and polyaspartic coatings. These make the floor strong and shiny. They can take a lot of walking and won’t get dirty fast.

Want to build something? At Lowe’s, they cut wood for you. This means you can start your project right when you get home. They also mix paint in colors you like. Your room can be any color you want!

Lowe’s has things for outside your house too. They have mulch and rocks to make your yard pretty. And if you like to grow flowers or veggies, they have those as well.

When it’s hot, Lowe’s has fans and air conditioners to keep you cool. And when it’s cold, they have heaters to keep you warm. They think about what you need in every season.

Don’t worry if you have a pet. Lowe’s has stuff for them too! There are things like dog houses and food bowls. Now everyone in the family, even pets, can find something.

Can’t carry heavy things? Lowe’s can help. They can send big stuff to your house. This service is called delivery. It’s very helpful if you buy something big like a fridge.

Garden Center

If you need a new door or window, Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV can help. They have many kinds to choose from. They’ll even tell you how to put them in.

Lowe’s knows that safety is important. They have smoke detectors and locks to keep your house safe. You can also find flashlights and batteries for emergencies.

Kids can find fun stuff at Lowe’s too. They sell playsets and swings for the backyard. It’s like having a park at home!

For those who like to fix cars, Lowe’s has car stuff. You can get motor oil and car batteries. They’ll help you keep your car running well.

If you’re from Wheeling, Weirton, or Steubenville, Lowe’s is close by. They’re happy to help you find what you need. Just ask them!

In-Store Services

Do you like to make things look nice? At Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV, they have paints in all colors. You can paint your room any color you like!

Are you interested in growing a garden? Lowe’s has seeds and plants. They also have tools for digging and planting. You’ll have a great garden in no time!

Fixing things can be fun. Lowe’s has hammers, screwdrivers, and lots of tools. They also teach you how to use them safely.

Do you want your floor to shine? They sell stuff to make your floors look new. You can choose from different kinds of tiles and carpets.

Sometimes it gets cold in Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville. Lowe’s has heaters to keep you warm. They even have fireplaces that are easy to put in.

Lowe’s can also help you save money on bills. They sell lights that don’t use much energy. These lights last a long time and help the planet too!

Community Involvement

Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV cares about the community. They help make the city nicer for everyone.

They sometimes give flowers and trees to plant in parks. It makes the parks pretty for families to enjoy.

Lowe’s helps people learn to fix their homes. They offer classes. People in Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville can learn to do things by themselves.

Schools sometimes need help too. Lowe’s gives supplies for school projects. Kids get to learn and build cool stuff for their classes.

When it’s time for a holiday, Lowe’s helps decorate the town. They give lights and decorations to make the city festive.

They also care about safety. Lowe’s donates smoke detectors to fire stations. This helps keep homes in the area safe.

Local Partnerships

Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV, likes to help people. They work with schools to make gardens. Kids can learn to plant flowers and veggies.

Sometimes they give free wood for projects. Schools and scouts use it to build birdhouses. It’s fun and helps birds find homes.

Lowe’s also helps fix things for people who need help. They work with groups to fix up parks and playgrounds. This makes our towns nicer for everyone.

They celebrate special days by teaching kids to build. On these days, kids can make a toolbox or a birdhouse for free!

Lowe’s cares about our planet too. They teach us how to save water and recycle. We can take care of the Earth together!

People at Lowe’s love our towns. They give their time to make Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville better. They show us how to do good things for our neighbors.

Educational Programs

Lowe’s loves to be a part of the Wheeling community. They team up with local groups to help with big clean-ups. Together, they pick up trash to make our city look beautiful.

They also help animals by working with shelters. Lowe’s builds cozy beds that the shelters need for pets. This helps pets feel safe and happy while they wait for a home.

During the holidays, Lowe’s shares joy. They donate decorations to make the city festive. Seeing the lights and colors makes everyone smile.

The store also holds classes for grown-ups. They teach them how to fix things at home. This means everyone can learn to make their homes better.

They don’t forget about the people who work hard to keep us safe. Lowe’s says thank you by giving discounts to firefighters, police, and paramedics.

Every year, Lowe’s gives money for scholarships. This helps students from our towns go to college. They can learn more and make their dreams come true.

Charitable Activities

Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV, goes beyond just selling stuff. They care about kids and schools. They give supplies so that every student can create and learn.

In the fall, they help farmers too. They bring fresh fruits and veggies to our town. This is so families can eat healthy and farmers are happy.

They even have days where they fix up parks. With new swings and slides, parks become the best spot for fun. Everyone enjoys cleaner and safer places to play.

Lowe’s workers volunteer to plant trees. More trees mean cleaner air and a prettier town. It’s nice to see more green when we’re out and about.

They also team up with firefighters to teach us about safety. Lowe’s helps to make sure we know what to do if a fire happens at home.

When someone’s house is broken by storms, Lowe’s jumps in to help. They find ways to fix roofs and windows so families can feel safe again.


So, Lowe’s in Wheeling, WV, isn’t just a place to buy nails and hammers. They really care about the Wheeling community. The folks at Lowe’s help make our town a better place to live.

They do a lot of good stuff in Wheeling, like helping our schools and making our parks nicer. Lowe’s makes sure we have fun and stay safe too.

If you live in Wheeling, WV, Weirton, WV, or Steubenville, OH, remember Lowe’s does more than just sell tools. They help our towns in big ways. And that’s pretty cool!