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When you think of Wheeling, WV, you might think of the beautiful Ohio River or the historic Wheeling Suspension Bridge. But there’s something else that Wheeling is famous for, and that’s pizza! This city loves its pizza, and you can find lots of yummy pizza places here. From classic pepperoni to fancy gourmet toppings, there’s a slice for everyone.

Pizza in Wheeling isn’t just food; it’s a big part of the community. Families and friends love to gather around a big, cheesy pizza at their favorite local spot. It’s a way to celebrate special days or just enjoy a regular evening. Plus, kids really like the taste and can even share with their friends after soccer practice or during a birthday party.

Wheeling has a bunch of different pizza joints. Some have been around for a long time, and people go there a lot. Others are newer, but they’re getting popular fast because they make really good pizza. You’ll find these pizza places all over the city, even near schools and parks.

So, next time you’re in Wheeling and your tummy starts to rumble, remember that you’re in a great place for pizza. Let’s get ready to discover why Wheeling’s pizza is a big deal and where you can grab a tasty piece. Get excited to learn about the cheesy, saucy, delicious world of pizza in Wheeling, WV!

The History of Pizza in Wheeling, WV

Long ago, Italian immigrants came to Wheeling, WV, bringing with them their amazing pizza recipes. They opened the first pizza shops, and everyone in town loved it! The secret was in the sauce and the way they baked the crust just right. It’s that good old tradition that started the pizza craze in Wheeling.

Back in the day, there weren’t as many toppings to choose from. People usually got plain cheese or pepperoni. But that was enough to make everyone happy. The pizza was so tasty that it didn’t need lots of different toppings!

One cool thing about pizza in Wheeling is that every pizza place makes it a little different. Some like their crust thin and crispy, while others make it thick and chewy. There’s a favorite spot for everyone, depending on how you like your pizza.

There’s also a special kind of pizza called “Ohio Valley Style.” They put cold cheese on the hot pizza right after it comes out of the oven. It sounds weird, but it’s really good! It’s something you’ll find only in this area.

Wheeling has a special day called “Pizza Fest” where all the pizza places come together. People get to try lots of pizza and vote for their favorite. It’s a fun day for the whole family, and it shows just how much Wheeling loves pizza!

If you want to know more about Wheeling’s pizza history, there’s a local museum that talks about it. They have old photos and stories about the Italian families that started it all. And if you get hungry while learning, there’s a pizza shop not far from the museum!

And don’t forget, you can always ask a parent, grandparent, or neighbor about Wheeling’s pizza past. Lots of them remember the good old days and can tell you about the first pizza they ever ate in Wheeling.

To find your new favorite pizza in Wheeling, just look for a place with a warm, inviting glow and the yummy smell of baking pizza. It’s a treat that keeps bringing smiles to faces, one slice at a time.

Early Italian Immigrants

Long ago, Wheeling didn’t have pizza. Then, people from Italy came to Wheeling and brought pizza with them. That’s how pizza places started popping up in this town. These Italian families wanted to share a piece of their home with everyone in Wheeling.

The first pizza shops in Wheeling were small and cozy. They had ovens that would bake the pizza just right. The smell of pizza would fill the air and make everyone’s mouth water. Kids would press their noses against the window, waiting to take a bite of that hot, cheesy slice.

Over time, these pizza places became a Wheeling tradition. People in Wheeling have their favorite pizza spots. Maybe it’s the sauce or the way they bake the crust, but everyone has a place they say has the ‘best pizza ever.’

Even the toppings changed over the years. At first, it was just cheese and pepperoni. But now, you can find all sorts of toppings. From veggies like peppers and onions to meats like sausage and bacon, there’s no end to what you can put on your pizza in Wheeling.

Some pizza places have fun names and decorations. They make eating pizza like going on a mini adventure. Imagine sitting in a booth that looks like a race car or having a slice in a place that feels like a castle!

One more cool thing about pizza in Wheeling is how they can even bring it to your house. Yep, pizza delivery is a big deal here. Just pick up the phone, and before you know it, a hot pizza is at your door. Perfect for movie nights or when it’s too chilly to go out.

If you want to learn more about all the yummy pizza places in Wheeling, WV, check out this cool website where you can see a list of them: Go ahead and find your next pizza adventure!

Growth of Pizza Popularity

Pizza is not just about eating; it’s also about making. Some families in Wheeling have been making pizza for a long time. They pass their secret recipes from parents to kids. This is how they keep the pizza tasting great.

There are pizza competitions in Wheeling, too. Pizza makers show off who can make the best pizza. Folks try different pizzas and vote for their favorite. It’s a fun time with lots of cheering and yummy pizza tasting.

Schools in Wheeling sometimes have pizza days. The kids get super excited. They learn how to make pizza dough and add toppings. It’s a yummy lesson, and they get to eat their homework!

Pizza parties are big in Wheeling. Whether it’s for a birthday or a sports team winning a game, pizza makes it a blast. Everyone gathers around, grabbing slices, and having a good time.

Remember, Wheeling isn’t the only place with good pizza. Neighboring towns like Steubenville, OH, and Weirton, WV, also have pizza places. People sometimes drive from one town to another just to try a new pizza spot.

Finally, there’s a special day for pizza. National Pizza Day is celebrated in Wheeling, too. Pizza places might give discounts or make special types of pizza just for that day. It’s a day when pizza love shines bright in Wheeling.

Top Pizza Spots in Wheeling, WV

Wheeling has some cool pizza spots that everyone loves. Kids and grown-ups go there to eat cheesy, hot pizza. These places make pizza in different ways. Some use big ovens, and others toss the dough high in the air.

One popular spot is called DiCarlo’s Pizza. They make pizza that’s special to Wheeling. It’s square and has cold cheese on top. People line up to get a piece of this yummy pizza.

Another hit is Generations Pub. They have pizza with lots of toppings. Friends and families like to get together here. They enjoy eating pizza and having fun.

Wheeling’s also got pizza trucks. These trucks drive around and stop at different places. Kids love when the pizza truck shows up. They get to grab a slice right on the street.

Lastly, don’t forget about the pizza with a twist. There’s a place that makes a pizza called ‘The Beast.’ It’s really big and has lots of meat. You might need help to finish this one!

So, if you’re in Wheeling and feel like eating pizza, these are the spots to check out. Everyone has their favorite. Maybe try one or try them all and find yours!

Classic Pizzerias

If you’re looking for a yummy pizza in Wheeling, WV, you have plenty of choices. Kids and adults all have their favorite pizza spots. Let’s talk about some places where people love to grab a slice of pizza.

One popular place is called Wheeling Island Pizza. This spot is on an island in the river! You can watch boats go by while munching on a hot slice. They have cheesy, gooey pizza that makes your mouth water.

Another favorite is DiCarlo’s Pizza. They put cold cheese on their pizza right after cooking. This might sound strange, but people say it’s really tasty. They’ve been making pizza this way for years, and everyone loves it.

Generations Pizza is a cool spot where kids can watch their pizza being made. The cooks toss the dough up high in the air! Their secret sauce and lots of toppings make their pizza super delicious.

Also, there’s Figaretti’s Pizza. They’re known for their thick crust and lots of pepperoni. It’s a family place, and they make you feel right at home. Their pizza smells so good, you can’t wait to take the first bite!

Some places even let you build your own pizza. You pick the sauce, cheese, and all the toppings you like. It’s like being a pizza chef for the day!

And let’s not forget about the pizza trucks. They drive around and make fresh pizza right in front of you. It’s like having a pizza party come to your street.

With all these great places, Wheeling is a super spot for pizza lovers. Next time you’re in town, grab a slice and see why people can’t stop talking about Wheeling’s pizza!

Newcomers and Trendsetters

At Pizza Villa, families can sit down for a slice of pizza that’s been a local favorite for years. Their sauce is sweet, and they pile on the cheese really high. You’ll see lots of smiles in this cozy place.

Domino’s Pizza is the spot to go for a quick pizza fix. You can get it delivered right to your door, or pick it up and take it home. They make sure every slice is just right.

Over at Vocelli Pizza, they put fancy toppings on their pies. If you like trying new things, this is the place to go. They even have a pizza with pineapple on it!

Then there’s Defelice Brothers Pizza. This place has a crunchy crust that everyone loves. They add spices to make their pizza extra special. And guess what? They also have yummy pasta dishes!

Don’t miss out on Undo’s Pizza. This spot has a big buffet with different kinds of pizza. You can try a little bit of everything and find your favorite one.

If you’re having a birthday party or a big get-together, you can order a giant pizza from Giannamore’s Pizza. It’s so big, you might need help carrying it! Everyone at the party will be talking about it.

For those who love thin crust, you’ve got to try Bob’s Lunch. They cut their pizza in squares, not triangles. It’s fun to try pizza that’s a little bit different.

With all these tasty choices, Wheeling is a pizza paradise. Whether you like it cheesy, crunchy, or with a twist, you’ll find your perfect pizza in this town. So next time you’re hungry for a slice, you know where to go!

Pizza Culture in Wheeling, WV

In Wheeling, WV, kids get super excited about DiCarlo’s Pizza. Their pizza is served with the cheese and toppings put on after the crust is baked. It may sound odd, but it’s super yummy and a big deal here.

There’s also a cool pizza truck that drives around called the Ziegenfelder’s Twin Pops Pizza. They make pizza with two sticks in it, just like a popsicle. If you see it, you’ve got to try it because it’s fun to eat pizza like a snack on a stick.

When people in Wheeling want to cheer on their favorite sports team, they head to Generations Pub. They serve big pizzas that are perfect for sharing with friends while watching the game. It’s a fun place to hang out and root for your team.

Do you like pepperoni rolls? Well, in Wheeling, they put them on pizza! At Wheeling Island Pizza, they have a pepperoni roll pizza that’s filled with lots of pepperoni and melted cheese. It’s like two amazing snacks in one.

Another cool thing in Wheeling is the pizza challenge at Pizza Al’s. If you can eat a super-duper large pizza all by yourself, you might get your picture on the wall. It’s really hard to do, but it’s fun to see who can try.

Lastly, there’s a secret pizza that not everyone knows about. Some restaurants make a “Ohio Valley Style” pizza. It’s got sweet peppers and a kind of cheese you can only find around here. It’s a special Wheeling thing that’s totally delicious.

Pizza in Wheeling isn’t just food; it’s an adventure. Trying different pizzas here is like a treasure hunt for your taste buds. So when you’re out with friends or family, make sure to check out these fun pizza spots!

Local Pizza Events and Festivals

Wheeling, WV is a place where pizza isn’t just food; it’s a part of the town’s heart. Kids and grown-ups line up for hot, cheesy slices from local shops that feel like family.

You’ll find DiCarlo’s Pizza, which is famous around here. They have a unique way of making pizza. The cheese goes on after the crust comes out of the oven, so it melts in your mouth.

In Wheeling, even schools get excited about pizza day. Teachers sometimes bring pizza for the whole class to enjoy. It’s a fun break from the usual lunch and a big deal for the kids.

When Wheeling’s sports teams win, guess what the fans do? They celebrate with pizza! It’s like the city’s victory food, and everyone has their favorite spot to grab a slice.

People often talk about their favorite pizza places at parks and on the school bus. And when friends come to visit, taking them to grab a Wheeling pizza is a must.

For more info on Wheeling’s pizza love, check out this cool website about our pizza places It’s got fun facts and pictures to look at.

Pizza in Wheeling’s Social Scene

Something awesome happens in Wheeling every year. It’s the Wheeling Pizza Festival! Families and friends get together to taste all kinds of pizza. You can see smiles and hear laughs everywhere.

The festival has fun games too. You can toss a pizza dough or join a pizza eating contest. People cheer and the winners get prizes. It’s super fun!

Another cool thing in Wheeling is Pizza Week. Some pizza shops offer special deals. You might get a discount or try a new topping. It’s a great time to eat lots of pizza with your buddies.

Also, did you know that Wheeling has pizza delivery bikes? That’s right! In the summer, some places deliver pizza right to your door on a bike. It’s really neat and good for the planet, too.

Oh, and don’t forget about pizza parties! Birthdays in Wheeling often mean tables full of different pizza pies. From pepperoni to plain cheese, there’s something for everyone.

To wrap it up, pizza in Wheeling is more than just eating. It’s about having a good time with people you care about. It’s about being happy and making memories, one slice at a time.


In Wheeling, pizza isn’t just food. It’s a part of what makes our town special. Every slice shared brings people closer. When you bite into that cheesy goodness, you’re tasting more than just great flavor.

Remember, whether you live here or you’re just visiting, you can always find a pizza place that feels like home. Big parties or cozy nights, pizza is perfect for any moment.

So, next time you’re thinking of what to eat, why not pick pizza? You’ll not only fill your belly but also join in on a Wheeling tradition. And who knows, you might even make new friends over a pizza box!

Before we say goodbye, here’s a fun fact: Wheeling has some secret recipe pizzas too! Keep an eye out for hidden pizza gems around town. They might just surprise you.

That’s it, friends. We hope this makes you want to grab a slice in Wheeling, where pizza is more than just a meal – it’s a slice of life!