Romantic Things To Do In Wheeling Wv

Wheeling, West Virginia, is a hidden gem for couples. It’s a place where love and beauty meet. Whether you are from here or visiting, you will find sweet things to do with someone special.

Take a walk on the walking trail at Wheeling Heritage Port. You and your partner can watch the boats and the sunset. It’s a quiet place to talk and enjoy the view.

Want a night out? Check out Capitol Theatre. See a play or a concert. It’s a fancy place for a date night.

For something slow and peaceful, Oglebay Park is perfect. Ride horses or explore the gardens. The park lights up for the holidays, too!

Love food? Share a meal at a cozy restaurant in Centre Market. It’s full of history and yummy eats. You’ll find spots perfect for a couple to chat and eat together.

Is art your thing? Artworks Around Town is cool for that. Look at amazing art and maybe buy a piece to remember your date.

Wheeling is not just fun, it’s romantic too. Find little moments to share with your favorite person. Plan a visit and make memories to smile about later.

Exploring Romantic Spots in Wheeling, WV

Have you ever seen a movie in the park? Wheeling has these. They’re fun and free. Bring a blanket and watch a film under the stars with your sweetheart.

Maybe you like games? Visit a place with mini-golf. Have fun and laugh together. It’s cute and casual, great for some friendly competition.

If you’re into history, check out Wheeling Island’s Victorian homes. They’re big and pretty. You can talk about the old days while holding hands.

For a thrilling time, go see the Wheeling Nailers play hockey. Cheer for the home team and share a snack. It’s exciting and will make you feel close.

Like boats? Take a ride on the Ohio River. The water is calm and the ride is nice. This can be a special time for just the two of you.

Feeling fancy? Get dressed up and go to a nice hotel for dinner. Share dessert and whisper to each other. It feels like being in a movie!

Remember, Wheeling is a place to make heart memories. So, grab your partner’s hand and go find your own romantic adventure in this charming city.

Take a Stroll on the Wheeling Heritage Trail

If you both like history, go see the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. Hold hands and think about the old days while crossing the river.

Ice skating at the Wheeling Park ice rink can be super fun. Help each other stay up and laugh if you fall. It’s a great way to be close and have a good time.

Do you guys enjoy music? The Heritage Music BluesFest is awesome to check out. Dance to cool tunes and feel the beat together.

For a chill time, go to the Good Zoo at Oglebay. See the animals and take cute pictures to keep the memories.

If you like adventures, take a boat ride on the Ohio River. The water can be very pretty at sunset. It’s really romantic and you can cuddle while watching the sky change colors.

Looking for a special gift? Go to the Centre Wheeling Coffee Shop. Buy your sweetheart a warm drink. Sit and talk about your dreams.

Wheeling has many sweet spots for you and your loved one. Try these places and have a date to remember!

Cruise Along the Ohio River

Take a quiet walk together at Wheeling Heritage Trail. Hold hands and chat as you enjoy the peaceful river views.

Have a picnic at the beautiful Oglebay Park. Pack your favorite foods and find a nice spot to relax and eat together.

Visit the Capitol Theatre to see a show. Choose a funny play or a sweet love story, grab some snacks, and enjoy!

Spend time at the Wheeling Artisan Center. Look at cool art and maybe buy a piece that reminds you of each other.

Try something new and take a pottery class together at The C.A. House Music. Laugh and learn as you make messy art projects.

For a sweet treat, share some chocolates from a local shop like Sarris Candies. Pick your favorites and let each other try them.

These are just a few fun ideas for a romantic day in Wheeling, WV. Pick one and make some magic with your special someone!

Visit Oglebay Resort

Watch a beautiful sunset together at Grand Vue Park. Find a cozy spot and cuddle up as the sky changes colors.

Ride the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack ferris wheel. Kiss at the top while looking out over the city lights.

Take a horse-drawn carriage ride downtown. Feel like you’re in a fairy tale as you ride past the old buildings.

Surprise your partner with a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant like The Chop House. Dress up and enjoy a yummy meal together.

Explore the Good Zoo at Oglebay Park and see cool animals. Pretend you’re on a jungle adventure and snap funny photos.

Go on a boat tour on the Ohio River. Snuggle up and watch the waves as the boat rocks softly.

Every one of these spots in Wheeling, WV, can make your date feel super special. Choose your adventure and have a blast with your loved one!

Culinary Delights for Couples

Try yummy pasta and pizza at Figaretti’s Restaurant. Share bites and chat in this friendly Italian spot. It’s great for a date night!

Have sweet treats at Later Alligator. Split a fancy dessert or sip hot cocoa in this cute café.

Visit Vagabond Kitchen for a fun dinner. They have dishes that change with the seasons. You and your date can try new things together.

Pick your own fruit at Oglebay’s Hilltop Fruit Market. Walk around and fill a basket with juicy berries. Then, make a fruit salad for a picnic.

Light up your evening at the Festival of Lights. Hold hands and walk through twinkling lights at Oglebay Park.

For a casual day, grab sandwiches at Avenue Eats. Sit on the patio and enjoy the outdoors with your food.

These food spots in Wheeling, WV, are perfect for couples looking for a tasty adventure. Whether it’s dinner, dessert, or a light snack, there’s something for every pair!

Dine at a Cozy Restaurant

Try some sweet treats at Centre Market. Share a cupcake or scoop of ice cream with two spoons. It’s cute and yummy.

Have a picnic at Wheeling Park. Pack sandwiches and snacks. Feed each other grapes and laugh a lot.

Visit Figaretti’s and share a pizza heart-to-heart. They make them really good and it’s fun to pick toppings together.

Make s’mores at a fire pit at Oglebay Resort. It’s warm and fun to roast marshmallows and get a little messy.

Stop by Later Alligator for some crepes. They have sweet and savory ones. Pick different kinds and trade bites.

These food spots in Wheeling, WV, are great for couples. They add a pinch of love to your food adventure!

Picnic at Wheeling Park

Go to Vagabond Kitchen for a dinner date. They have fancy mac and cheese and more. It’s cozy and you can talk a lot there.

Visit Sarah’s Vineyard for wine tasting. Sip different wines and find which one you both like best. Talk about the flavors and have fun guessing them.

Walk to the waterfront and eat at River City. They have steaks and seafood. Sit close by the water and watch boats go by.

Grab chocolate from Sarris Candies in Canonsburg. Choose your favorite sweets and share. Chocolate makes everything romantic.

These places in the Ohio Valley are perfect for couples. They make dinner time or any time feel special. Go try them and have a great date!

Taste Local Wines at Good Mansion Wines

If you’re looking for tasty pizza, try Figaretti’s in Wheeling. Share a big, cheesy pizza. They even have heart-shaped ones sometimes!

Do you both like breakfast for dinner? Ye Olde Alpha in Wheeling serves breakfast all day. Share pancakes and smiles in their warm spot.

For something fun, go to Undo’s in Weirton. They have pasta and pizza. On some nights, you can also dance there after you eat.

Like spicy food? Visit Choo Choo’s in Weirton. Try their hot wings and cool off with a milkshake. It’s fun to dare each other to try the hottest sauce!

For a quiet night, pick up food from DiCarlo’s in Steubenville. Eat their famous pizza at home with a movie. That can be super romantic too.

Cultural Experiences in Wheeling

Take a walk on the Wheeling Heritage Trail. Hold hands and enjoy the river views. It’s peaceful and pretty, great for talking.

Visit the Wheeling Artisan Center. It’s full of cool stuff made by artists. You can pick out a gift for each other.

Go see a show at Capitol Theatre in Wheeling. They have concerts and plays. It’s a fun date night with great music or stories.

Look at the stars at SMART Centre Market in Wheeling. They have a telescope for stargazing. It’s really romantic to wish on a star together.

Ride the Wheeling Island Trolley. It’s like a trip to the past. Cuddle up on the bench and see the sights.

Plan a picnic at Oglebay Park. There are lots of beautiful spots. Share sandwiches and watch the ducks, it’s relaxing.

Lastly, go to the Victoria Theater in Wheeling. They show old movies sometimes. It’s cool to watch classics in an old theater.

Catch a Show at Capitol Theatre

Walk hand in hand at the Wheeling Artisan Center. See beautiful art made by people from around here. It’s free to look and can be very romantic.

Go see a play at the Capitol Theatre. It’s old and grand and has lots of shows. Watching a love story on stage can be very special for you both.

Visit Oglebay Park and walk around the gardens. It’s pretty with flowers and trees. They often have music events that are nice to listen to together.

Take a ride on the Wheeling Trolley. It’s fun and you can see the city. Hop off near the water and watch the sunset for a sweet end to your day.

Try making art together at the Stifel Fine Arts Center. They have classes where you can learn to paint or make pottery. It’s a fun way to make memories with your partner.

Explore Art at Stifel Fine Arts Center

If you like history, visit the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s a place where you can walk and learn about old times in Wheeling. And if you both enjoy stories from the past, it can be really cool.

For a quiet evening, check out Wheeling’s local library. They have cozy spots where you can read books together. Sometimes, they even have poetry readings—that can be super romantic!

You can also go to the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra. They play beautiful music. It’s nice to dress up and listen to the music while holding hands.

Visit a cozy coffee shop downtown. Some have live music on certain nights. You and your sweetheart can enjoy warm drinks and maybe even dance a little.

Attend an Event at Wheeling Symphony Orchestra

Do you both like art? The Stifel Fine Arts Center has lots of cool stuff to see. It’s a great place to enjoy paintings and feel fancy.

Is it a pretty day? Take a walk in Oglebay Park. They have beautiful gardens that look like a fairy tale. It’s perfect for a nice, slow walk with the person you love.

Tired of walking? How about a movie at Capitol Theatre? It’s an old, pretty building with lots of history. Watching a romantic film there can be very special.

For something fun, you can try pottery painting at a local studio. You can make something for each other as a gift. It’s fun, relaxing, and you have a keepsake to remember your date.

If you’re hungry, have dinner at a riverfront restaurant. The food is good, and you can see the water while you eat. It’s really nice when the sun is setting.

Last, there’s the Victoria Theater. It’s a neat place that shows cool plays. A night at the theater can make you feel like you’re in a different world.


Wheeling, WV, has lots of things for couples to do. When you plan your date, think about what you both like. Is it nature, art, or good food? Wheeling has a bit of all that.

Maybe you love being outside. Wheeling has pretty spots by the river for picnics. Pack some snacks and enjoy the view together. It’s simple but very sweet.

If you enjoy being active, go for a bike ride on the Wheeling Heritage Trail. Hold hands when you stop to rest. It’s fun and you can talk a lot while riding.

For a quiet end to your day, visit the Wheeling Suspension Bridge at night. The lights on the bridge make it look magical. Stand close and make a wish together.

Remember, it’s not about where you go. It’s about spending time with each other. Wheeling, WV, has many places that can help make your date feel special. Just have fun and enjoy each other’s company.