Salvation Army Wheeling Wv

The Salvation Army in Wheeling, WV is a place where people can get help when they need it. This organization does a lot of good in the community. They give food to people who are hungry and clothes to those who need them. The Salvation Army also helps during emergencies, like when there’s a flood or a family loses their home.

Many families in Wheeling count on the Salvation Army for help, especially during the holidays. They give away toys and food so that everyone can have a happy Christmas. Kids look forward to this all year long.

Volunteers are a big part of what makes the Salvation Army in Wheeling work. People from around the area come to give their time and help others. Without these volunteers, the Salvation Army couldn’t do all the good things they do.

The History of Salvation Army in Wheeling, WV

The Salvation Army first came to Wheeling, WV a long time ago. It started as a small group but grew bigger because they were helping so many people.

Over the years, this group has become a big part of the city. They have a building where people can go to find help and hope.

In the past, the Salvation Army has done big things for Wheeling. They’ve helped after big storms and when jobs were hard to find.

They also teach classes so adults can learn new skills. This helps them get better jobs and take care of their families better.

The Salvation Army in Wheeling isn’t just about giving stuff away. They want to make sure families can take care of themselves in the future.

Origins and Early Work

The Salvation Army first came to Wheeling, WV over a hundred years ago. It started with a few people who wanted to help the poor in their city. They would meet folks on the street, listen to their problems, and give them what they needed.

Soon, the Salvation Army in Wheeling had a building where they could do more. They set up programs to teach people how to read and how to work different jobs. This way, grown-ups could earn money and take care of their families.

Kids in Wheeling also get help from the Salvation Army. They have after-school programs where kids can play and learn in a safe place. If it’s cold outside, they give them coats so they can stay warm.

Expansion of Services

The Salvation Army’s work in Wheeling also includes a big kitchen. This kitchen makes hot meals for people who are hungry. Every day, they serve food to lots of folks who need a good meal.

During the holidays, the Salvation Army is extra busy. They have what’s called a “Red Kettle Campaign”. People can drop money into the red buckets to help those in need. This money pays for food and presents during Christmas time.

They also have a thrift store in Wheeling. When people donate clothes and toys, the store sells them very cheap. The money from the store helps the Salvation Army do their good work. And people can buy things they need without spending a lot of money.

Community Impact

The Salvation Army came to Wheeling, WV a long time ago. They started to help people in need way back in 1882. That’s more than 130 years ago!

In Wheeling, the Salvation Army helps in lots of ways. They give people a place to sleep if they have no home. This is called a shelter.

They also help kids after school. They have programs where kids can learn and play. It’s a safe spot for kids until their parents finish work.

When it gets very cold, the Salvation Army opens its doors. They let people come in to stay warm. They call this a “Warming Shelter”.

They also teach classes for adults. These classes help people learn how to take care of money and find jobs.

For more information about their work, you can visit their website. Go to to learn more.

Current Programs and Services in Wheeling, WV

The Salvation Army in Wheeling, WV also gives out food to people who need it. Every week, families can get food to help them have enough to eat. This is like a food bank.

Another cool thing they do is give clothes and furniture to people. If someone doesn’t have enough money to buy these things, the Salvation Army helps them out.

They have special times of the year when they help even more. During Christmas, they give toys and gifts to kids. They want to make sure all kids have a present to open.

People who need help paying their bills can talk to the Salvation Army, too. They sometimes help with money for things like heat or rent.

They care a lot about older folks as well. They visit people who are old and alone. They spend time with them and help with stuff around the house. They also give them hot meals.

If you need help or want to help others, the Salvation Army in Wheeling is a good place to go. You can call them or check out their website for more details. To talk to someone, you can call them at (304) 233-4400.

Emergency Assistance

The Salvation Army in Wheeling has a food pantry. They give food to families who need it. People can get things like bread, milk, and veggies.

They also have a soup kitchen. Every day, they cook meals for people without kitchens. It gives folks a hot meal when they’re really hungry.

There’s help for when disasters happen, too. If there’s a big flood or a fire, the Salvation Army helps people get through it. They give out clothes and a hand to hold on to.

They care about the holidays as well. During Christmas, there’s a toy drive. Kids get gifts to make their holiday special.

People can get vouchers for clothes and furniture. The Salvation Army has a Thrift Store in Wheeling. Here, people can find stuff they need for their homes.

Volunteers are super important to the Salvation Army. They help with all these programs. If you want to lend a hand, they would be happy to have you.

Youth Programs

The Salvation Army does more than just give out food and clothes. They teach classes to help people learn new skills.

One class might be about cooking. It shows people how to make healthy meals that don’t cost a lot of money. This is important for families to stay strong and healthy.

They also offer a program to help people pay their bills. When it’s hard to keep the lights on or the house warm, they give a little help to make sure families stay safe and comfy.

For kids, there’s an after-school program. They can do their homework and play games. It’s a safe place to be until their parents get home.

If someone doesn’t have a place to live, they can get help too. The Salvation Army works to find them a warm bed to sleep in.

Even if people are feeling really sad or have big problems, there are folks to talk to. They listen and help people find ways to feel better.

If you want to know more about what the Salvation Army in Wheeling does, you can visit their website. Here’s the link: It’s a place to get info or ask for help if you need it.

Disaster Services

The Salvation Army in Wheeling has cool summer camps for kids. They get to play outside, make friends, and learn new things. It’s a fun break from school.

During the holidays, they give away turkeys and toys. This makes sure that every family can have a big meal and that kids get gifts to open.

They have special stores called thrift stores. Here, people can buy clothes, furniture, and other stuff for less money. Shopping there helps the community too.

When someone needs to talk to a friend, they have what’s called emotional support. It’s just like having a good buddy who listens to your troubles.

They also have church services on Sundays. People come to sing, pray, and be with others. Everyone is welcome to join in and feel better together.

Need a ride to the doctor or to get food? They have a program for that. They help people who can’t drive get to important places.

Got questions about the Salvation Army or need some help? Call them or stop by. They’re always ready to lend a hand.

How to Support and Get Involved

Do you want to help out at the Salvation Army in Wheeling? You can! Give them a call and ask about volunteering. They always need extra hands.

Another way to help is by giving things you don’t need anymore. Old clothes, toys, or books? The Salvation Army can use them to help others.

Money donations are also great. It helps buy food and other things for people who need it. If you want to give money, visit their website to donate.

Sometimes, they have events like food drives. You can bring canned food to help fill up their pantry. This food goes to families that don’t have enough to eat.

If you like to sing or play music, join their choir or band. It’s a fun way to spread joy and help others feel good.

Lastly, if you know someone who needs help, tell them about the Salvation Army. It could really make a difference in their life.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you want to help, there’s lots to do! Giving money is one way. Your dollars make big things happen. They help the Salvation Army in Wheeling do good stuff for others.

Donating stuff you don’t need anymore is another way. Bring your old clothes or toys to their thrift store. This helps people find things they need at prices they can pay.

Another fun way is to ring the bell at Christmas time. You get to stand by the red kettle and make some noise to get people to donate. This helps families during the holidays.

What if you can’t give money or stuff? You can still volunteer your time. It’s like being a super helper for free. You can even bring friends or family and make it a group thing.

You can also help by telling others about what the Salvation Army does. Post about it online, talk about it at school, or tell your neighbors. Sharing the word helps a lot!

To find out more about joining in, just check their website or drop by their place. They’re always happy to have more friends jump in and help out.

Donations and Thrift Stores

Want to do something really cool? Ask your school if you can start a drive! Collect canned food or warm clothes and share them with the Salvation Army in Wheeling. It’s like a big treasure hunt for good!

Maybe you like parties? You can have a birthday bash and ask friends to bring presents for kids who might not get any. They’ll be super happy and you’ll feel great too!

If you play sports or are in a club, get your team or group to help. You could clean up a park or put on a show to raise money. When everyone works together, it’s like being on a superhero team fighting against being hungry or cold.

Listen up! There’s a cool program called ‘Angel Tree.’ Every Christmas, you can pick a kid’s wish off the tree and make it come true! It’s like being Santa’s helper and making sure every child has a gift to open.

Remember, even small acts count. Just smiling and saying thank you when you see a volunteer can make their day. It’s like a high-five for their heart.

Ready to jump in? Go chat with the Salvation Army in Wheeling. They’ll be pumped to have you on board. You can also click to visit their website to learn more. Let’s get out there and spread some kindness!

Community Partnerships

One way to help is by volunteering. You can give your time to help people who need it. Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and learn new things.

Another idea is giving money. The Salvation Army uses money to help people with food, clothes, and other stuff they need. Even a little bit can help a lot.

If you have toys, books, or clothes you don’t use anymore, you can give them too. Someone else can love them and it can make their day super special.

Is there a big storm or something else bad that happens? The Salvation Army helps then, too. You can give things like blankets and canned food to help people who lost their stuff.

You can also tell others about the Salvation Army. Sharing what they do on social media or talking to friends can help get more people to help out.

Every year, the Salvation Army has a big red kettle. You can help by putting money in it when you see one. It’s easy to find, just listen for the bell ringing!

How about making cards or drawings to cheer up people the Salvation Army helps? Your nice words and pictures can bring big smiles.

Don’t forget, you can always ask the Salvation Army what they need. They know what will help the most. You can call them or visit them to find out.

Last thing, if you need more ideas or want to see what events are coming up, check the Salvation Army’s website. They’ll have lots of info for you!


The Salvation Army in Wheeling, WV does lots of good things for people. They help families who need food or a place to stay. They also help kids have fun at camp in the summer.

You can be a big part of this by helping. Doing things like volunteering or donating can make a huge difference for our neighbors.

Remember, every bit of help counts. Whether it’s a toy, some money, or just your time, you’re making someone’s life better. So, let’s chip in and spread the word to help the Salvation Army keep doing great stuff!