Silver Chopsticks Wheeling Wv

Have you heard of Silver Chopsticks? It’s a cool place in Wheeling, WV, where you can eat yummy Chinese food. Lots of people like to go there when they want something different from pizza or burgers.

It’s right in the Ohio Valley, so it’s not a long drive if you live in Steubenville, OH, or Weirton, WV. That means you can head over to Silver Chopsticks with your family or friends for a fun meal.

At Silver Chopsticks, they have lots of dishes that come from China. They make sure everything tastes just like it does over there. It’s a great way to try new foods without having to travel really far.

The History of Silver Chopsticks in Wheeling, WV

Did you know the Silver Chopsticks in Wheeling, WV has a neat story? People say it started a long time ago. They wanted to bring a piece of China to our town.

The restaurant got its name because chopsticks are important for eating Chinese food. And silver ones are special, like a treasure. The place quickly became a favorite spot.

Some say the silver chopsticks they have are just for looking, not eating. They shine on the walls and make you think of China. When you eat there, you use regular chopsticks to enjoy your meal.

Everyone in Wheeling talks about it. Even if you’re from Steubenville or Weirton, you might know about it too. It’s kind of famous around here for being the little Chinese place with a big heart.

Origins of the Restaurant

Long ago, people in Wheeling started to enjoy foods from all around the world. Silver Chopsticks was one of the first places to offer Chinese cuisine in the area. Now, it’s a favorite spot for many who live nearby.

This restaurant didn’t just bring food; it brought a piece of Chinese culture to Wheeling. The name “Silver Chopsticks” comes from the special utensils used to eat many Asian foods. They’re like forks and knives but with a twist!

Kids love trying to use chopsticks when they visit. It can be funny to watch them pick up noodles or rice for the first time. It’s not only about eating; it’s about having a good time and learning something new.

Popularity and Growth

When Silver Chopsticks opened its doors, it was more than just a place to eat. It became a cool spot where people could hang out and try new things. Even today, families and friends love to meet there.

Some folks say that eating with chopsticks is good for your health. It makes you eat slower and enjoy your food more. That’s a fun fact that many people in Wheeling have learned at Silver Chopsticks.

Every year, the restaurant celebrates Chinese New Year. They decorate with red lanterns and dragons. It’s a big party where people can see dances and hear music they don’t find anywhere else in town.

Cultural Impact in Wheeling

In Wheeling, WV, Silver Chopsticks wasn’t always known as it is today. Long ago, it started as a little shop. The owners wanted to share food from their home in China with everyone in Wheeling.

To make the place special, they brought in silver chopsticks. These weren’t just for eating but for showing the beauty of Chinese culture. Kids love to learn how to use them, and adults think they’re pretty fancy too.

Even the schools in Wheeling come to visit. Teachers bring their students on field trips to Silver Chopsticks. They want the kids to try new foods and see the silver chopsticks. It’s a fun way for them to learn about a different culture right in their own city.

People who work at Silver Chopsticks have neat stories to tell. They talk about how important it is to share their traditions. When someone tries eating with chopsticks for the first time, it’s a big deal. The staff cheers them on and sometimes even gives tips.

The restaurant is a favorite for birthday parties. When a kid has a birthday, they bring out a cake with glowing candles. And guess what? They use a silver chopstick to cut the cake! It’s a unique tradition that makes birthdays there extra special.

Cuisine and Menu Highlights at Silver Chopsticks

At Silver Chopsticks, the food is yummy and comes from many parts of China. They make a sweet and sour chicken that’s both tangy and sweet. It’s a hit with folks who like a little zing in their bite.

Another favorite is the lo mein noodles. They’re long and wiggly and fun to eat with chopsticks. Tossed with veggies and your choice of meat, they’re a tasty meal everyone enjoys.

Dumplings are a big deal too. They’re like little presents filled with meat or veggies. You can dip them in soy sauce and they’re super delicious.

People who like spicy stuff go for the Kung Pao chicken. It has peanuts and a spicy sauce that can really make your tongue tingle. If you don’t like heat, no worries, they’ll make it mild for you.

For dessert, there’s a cool treat called mochi ice cream. It’s ice cream wrapped in a sweet dough and comes in lots of flavors. Kids think they’re super fun to eat after using those tricky chopsticks!

If you want to see the menu or learn more, you can check out Silver Chopsticks online by visiting their website at

Signature Dishes

At Silver Chopsticks, the menu is full of yummy dishes. People can order crispy egg rolls and sweet and sour chicken. Both kids and grown-ups find lots of stuff they like to eat.

There are so many noodles to try! You got chow mein, lo mein, and even rice noodles. They all come with different toppings, like beef, shrimp, or veggies. Customers can pick whatever they like best.

One dish that’s really popular is General Tso’s chicken. It’s a little bit spicy and very tasty. Many folks in Wheeling say it’s their favorite. Some even call ahead to make sure they get some before it’s all gone.

Desserts are cool too! They have fortune cookies that are fun to crack open. Everyone loves to see what their fortune says. Plus, there’s something called mochi ice cream. It’s like a soft, sweet dough with ice cream inside.

The drinks menu has a lot of choices. People can sip on jasmine tea or try bubble tea. Bubble tea has these big tapioca balls that are chewy. Kids find the bubbles really fun, and some come just to get this drink.

Lastly, you can get your food to go. If you’re in a hurry or want to eat at home, they pack it up for you. Silver Chopsticks makes sure it’s just as good as eating in the restaurant.

Fusion and Innovation

Silver Chopsticks also offers a special sushi menu. It’s got lots of rolls with fish, rice, and seaweed. Some rolls are cooked and some are raw, so there’s something for everyone.

Vegetarians like to eat here too. They can have tofu dishes or a veggie stir-fry. These meals are made without any meat, so they’re perfect for people who don’t eat animals.

For those who love a good deal, Silver Chopsticks has a lunch special. It comes with an entrée, rice, and a soup or an egg roll. It’s a great price and just the right amount for lunchtime.

And don’t forget, Silver Chopsticks is in Wheeling, WV. It’s a nice spot to grab a bite if you’re nearby. Friends and families come here to enjoy a meal together.

Dietary Accommodations

When you sit down to eat at Silver Chopsticks, there’s a menu just for kids. It’s got simpler dishes like chicken nuggets or fries. Kids can find something they like while parents enjoy different foods.

Drinks are fun at this place too. They’ve got bubble tea in flavors like mango or chocolate. It’s a sweet drink with little chewy balls made from tapioca. Adults can try green tea or sodas.

Silver Chopsticks makes their noodles fresh. You can try lo mein with chicken, beef, or shrimp. The noodles are long and tossed in a tasty sauce. Customers really like this dish.

People who like spicy food can find hot dishes here. You can ask for extra spice if you really like a kick. But don’t worry, you can get it mild too.

For dessert, they offer fortune cookies and sometimes other sweet treats. Each cookie has a paper inside with words that might tell your future. It’s a fun way to end your meal.

Want to eat at home? Silver Chopsticks does takeout. You can call or order online, pick up your food, and enjoy it in your own space.

Customer Experience and Reviews

At Silver Chopsticks in Wheeling, WV, people love talking about their meals. Many say the food is yummy. They like the big menu with lots of choices.

Folks say the staff at Silver Chopsticks is friendly. They help you pick what to eat if you’re not sure. The people who work there make you feel welcome.

Some customers say Silver Chopsticks is their favorite spot. They come back again and again. They tell friends to try it too.

Even when the restaurant gets busy, diners say service is quick. They get their food fast and it’s always hot and delicious.

There’s a spot on the web where you can write about Silver Chopsticks. People give stars and talk about their visits. Check out the reviews on Yelp.

Atmosphere and Service

People who eat at Silver Chopsticks in Wheeling, WV, like to share their thoughts online. They write reviews on websites to tell others what they think. This helps folks decide if they want to eat there too.

Many customers say they love the food. They talk about how yummy the General Tso’s chicken is. Some say it’s the best they ever had. They like how crispy and sweet the sauce is.

Families like going to Silver Chopsticks because it’s a friendly place. The staff smiles and makes sure everyone is happy. They are quick to bring out the food, which is good when kids are super hungry.

One thing people talk a lot about is the lunch special. You get a lot of food for a little money. It comes with an egg roll, which is a crispy snack filled with veggies or meat.

Customers also like the inside of Silver Chopsticks. They say it feels cozy and clean. It’s nice for a family dinner or eating with friends. The decorations are pretty, and there’s lots of light.

Some people leave tips for new customers. They say to try the crab rangoon. It’s a fried treat with cream cheese and crab inside. It’s crunchy outside and creamy inside.

Finally, many reviews remind people to save room for a fortune cookie. It’s part of the fun. Plus, who knows? The fortune might bring good luck!

Customer Satisfaction

When you visit Silver Chopsticks, you might have to wait. Sometimes, it’s really busy. Folks say it’s worth it because the food is so good.

Parking can be tricky. The lot isn’t very big. But there’s street parking too. Just make sure you read the signs!

Kids get a special treat – chopsticks made just for them. These help them learn to use chopsticks. Parents say it’s cute to watch.

Some customers talk about the sweet and sour chicken. They like the pineapple that comes with it. It adds a fruity flavor to the meal.

People who eat spicy food should try the Kung Pao chicken. It’s hot and has peanuts in it. Customers say it’s a tasty dish with a good kick.

On birthdays, the staff sings a song. This makes the birthday person feel special. Friends like to surprise each other with this little show.

You can take food home if you can’t eat it all. They pack it up for you in boxes. This way you can enjoy it later too.

Lastly, if you’re in a hurry, you can call ahead. They will have your food ready. This way, you don’t have to wait!


People who go to Silver Chopsticks in Wheeling, WV, say the staff is friendly. They smile and make sure you have everything you need.

Some visitors talk about the egg rolls and dumplings. They say these are some of the best around. Yummy dipping sauces come with them.

Others like the lunch specials. They get to try different foods and it doesn’t cost a lot. Kids and grown-ups both find something they like.

If you’re not sure what to order, the waiters can help. They know the menu well and can suggest tasty things to try.

People who like vegetables enjoy the stir-fries. They say the veggies are fresh and crunchy. Plus, you can choose chicken, beef, or tofu to go with them.

Groups of friends like to share the big family meals. They get a bit of everything and share. It’s fun to try many dishes.

Some customers have food allergies. They say Silver Chopsticks takes care. The cooks make sure to keep those foods out of their meal.

For dessert, the fortune cookies are a fun way to end the meal. Everyone gets a little message. It makes people laugh.

When people talk about Silver Chopsticks online, they leave good reviews. You can read what they say on websites like Yelp and Google.

If you want to see pictures of the food, check out Silver Chopsticks’ Facebook page. It’s got photos and comments from people who have eaten there.


So, Silver Chopsticks seems like a happy place to eat in Wheeling, WV. The people working there are nice and the food gets big thumbs up.

From tasty appetizers to full family meals, there’s a lot to choose from. And, if you have allergies, they look out for you!

Don’t forget to peek at their Facebook page for cool food pics. Or, look up what others say on Yelp or Google.

Next time you’re hungry in Wheeling, maybe give Silver Chopsticks a try. See for yourself why it’s a favorite spot!