Sleep Inn And Suites Steubenville

If you’re planning a trip to Steubenville, Ohio, and looking for a comfy place to stay, Sleep Inn and Suites Steubenville is a great choice. It is a cozy hotel that’s close to many fun places.

Sleep Inn is easy to find right off the highway. It’s near the Ohio River, which is perfect for walks and picnics. The hotel is also close to a lot of history in Steubenville.

The rooms at Sleep Inn are clean and have everything you need to relax. You can sleep well and be ready for a day of adventure in Steubenville.

They offer free breakfast, so you can start your day right. They have yummy food like waffles and fresh fruit. Plus, the hotel is close to shops and restaurants in town.

Getting around is easy because Sleep Inn is not far from Wheeling, WV, and Weirton, WV. You can visit those cities too. Steubenville has lots to do, but it’s always fun to explore nearby places.

Remember to pack your camera. There are lots of beautiful sights around the Ohio Valley. Sleep Inn and Suites Steubenville will make sure you have a nice place to come back to after a day full of pictures and memories.

Location and Accessibility

The Sleep Inn and Suites in Steubenville is right by U.S. Route 22. This makes it super easy to get to from anywhere!

There’s a big river called the Ohio River and it’s not far from the hotel. You can see the water and maybe even boats going by.

If you’re coming from Wheeling, WV, it won’t take you long to drive over. It’s just about half an hour away by car.

Driving from Weirton, WV, is fast too. It’s a short 20-minute drive to the hotel. This makes Sleep Inn a good spot to stay if you want to visit Weirton.

If you don’t have a car, that’s okay. You can grab a bus or a taxi to get to the hotel. The people at Sleep Inn can help you find the best way to get there.

Once you’re at the hotel, there are a lot of places you can go on foot. You can walk to see cool stuff like museums and parks.

If you need groceries or anything else, there’s a shopping center really close by. You can pick up snacks or stuff you forgot to pack.

Want to eat out? There are restaurants and cafes not too far away. You can try different kinds of food and maybe find a new favorite.

Proximity to Steubenville, OH

To get to Sleep Inn and Suites in Steubenville, it’s super easy! If you’re driving, just hop off at Exit 228 from US Route 22. It’s really close to the Franciscan University of Steubenville too.

Traveling without a car? No problem! The hotel isn’t far from the local bus line. The bus can help you zip around town to see all the cool spots.

If you’re coming from far away, the Pittsburgh International Airport is the closest big airport. It’s about a 30-minute drive to the hotel, which isn’t too long. You can rent a car or take a shuttle to get to Sleep Inn.

For families, this hotel is awesome! It’s safe and the roads to get there are easy to drive on. Plus, the staff at Sleep Inn can help you find the best way to visit places you want to see.

Want to check out more about Sleep Inn and Suites Steubenville? You can visit their website by clicking here.

Ease of Access from Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV

The Sleep Inn and Suites in Steubenville is really close to some fun places. You can visit the Fort Steuben Mall and get there in just a few minutes. Shopping is fun and easy when it’s so close!

If you like to explore, Wheeling, WV, and Weirton, WV, are not too far away. Wheeling is about a 30-minute drive and Weirton is even closer, just 20 minutes by car.

When you stay at Sleep Inn, you can visit two states really easily. Ohio is where you sleep, and West Virginia is just across the river. How cool is that?

If you need to get around and don’t have a car, taxis and ride-sharing options like Uber are available. Just ask the hotel staff, and they will help you get a ride.

Going places from the Sleep Inn and Suites is simple. The hotel has plenty of parking if you brought your own car. The parking is free too, so you can spend your money on fun stuff instead.

Amenities and Services

At the Sleep Inn and Suites in Steubenville, you get free breakfast every morning. They have waffles, fruit, and all sorts of tasty things to start your day off right.

There’s also a pool at the hotel. You can swim or just play in the water. Don’t forget your swimsuit!

The hotel has Wi-Fi that doesn’t cost extra. You can use the internet as much as you want. This way, you can watch videos, play games, or chat with friends anytime.

They even have a fitness center. You can use the treadmill, lift some weights, or hop on a bike to get your exercise.

If you’re visiting for work, there’s a business center. You can use a computer, print stuff, or send a fax if you need to.

Every room has a TV with lots of channels. You won’t miss your favorite shows while you’re away from home.

And don’t worry about your dirty clothes. The hotel has a laundry place. You can wash and dry your clothes just like at home.

Do you have a lot of stuff? No problem. You can use the hotel’s safe to keep your things secure.

If you want to know more about the cool things you can do at Sleep Inn, check out their website here.

Room Types and Features

At Sleep Inn and Suites Steubenville, you get free breakfast every morning. They have waffles, eggs, and more. It’s a yummy way to start your day!

They have a gym too. So, you can exercise and stay healthy even when you’re away from home.

Swimming in their indoor pool is fun all year. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside, you can always go for a swim.

The rooms have free Wi-Fi. You won’t miss any videos or chats with your friends. Plus, you can do homework if you need to.

They keep you safe with smoke alarms and they have a place to do laundry. Moms and dads will like that they can wash clothes if they need to.

If you’re there for work, there’s a business center. It has computers and a printer. You can get your work done even when you’re not at the office.

For people with pets, good news! This hotel lets you bring your furry friends. Remember to check their rules about pets first.

You can chill and watch TV in your room after a long day. Sleep Inn rooms have cable so you can watch lots of shows.

Getting ready is easy with an iron and ironing board in each room. So your clothes can look nice every day.

Each room also has a coffee maker. Parents can make coffee whenever they want. It’s nice to have coffee ready when you wake up.

On-Site Facilities

If you need to go places, the hotel can help. They have info on taxi services. That means you can visit cool spots in Steubenville, OH without any trouble.

There’s a snack bar at the hotel. If you get hungry, you can grab some treats there. It’s handy for a quick snack between meals.

Your family’s car can stay safe too. The hotel has free parking. You can park your car and not worry about it.

Each room has a fridge and microwave. That means you can save leftovers and heat them up later. It’s just like being at home!

Waking up is easier with their wake-up service. If you need to get up early, they’ll call your room. You won’t miss any fun plans you have!

If you forget something, the hotel might have it. They have extra things like toothbrushes and toothpaste. Just ask at the front desk.

Your stuff is safe too. There are safes in the rooms. You can put things like money or games in there. Then you can go have fun without worrying.

They also have a front desk that is open all the time. If you need help at night or have a question, someone is always there to help you.

Additional Services Offered

Keep your clothes clean with their laundry machines. If you get dirty, you can wash your clothes right at the hotel.

Staying fit is easy too. There’s a place to workout at the hotel. You can use the gym anytime to run or lift weights.

Swimming is fun at this hotel. They have a pool! You can swim anytime or just play in the water.

Getting online is not hard. The hotel has free Wi-Fi. You can use your phone or laptop to play games or do schoolwork.

Hot breakfast is the best way to start your day. They have yummy things to eat like waffles and fruit every morning.

If you’re here for work, they have a business center. It has computers and a printer. You can do your work or print out papers you need.

The hotel is good for people with wheelchairs too. They have special rooms and ways to get around the hotel easily.

Feeling chilly? Some rooms have a fireplace. It can make your room feel warm and cozy.

Local Attractions and Activities

If you like movies, you’ll love the cinema nearby. It shows the latest films. You can walk there from the hotel.

Fort Steuben is close too. It’s a cool place with old buildings and history. People dress up from the past and show how life was long ago.

You can see lots of fish at Beatty Park. It’s a great spot for fishing. Or you can hike and see waterfalls and pretty trees.

Belleview Park is another fun place. It’s got playgrounds and lots of space to run and play sports. There’s even a small train you can ride.

Love animals? The Good Zoo in Wheeling is not far away. You can see all sorts of animals and even feed some of them.

If you want to see a game, check out the baseball field. Sometimes there are fireworks after the games. It’s exciting and loud!

Like to shop? There’s a mall with lots of stores. You can buy toys, clothes, or get tasty snacks.

Don’t miss the Ohio River. You can walk by the water and see boats. Sometimes, there are big races with boats. It’s super fast and fun to watch.

The Public Library is a quiet spot. You can read books or find movies to watch. They have computers too, just in case you need one.

Nearby Steubenville Attractions

If you stay at the Sleep Inn and Suites in Steubenville, there’s a lot to do nearby. You can visit the Franciscan University. It’s a pretty place with a big church.

The city has a cool museum too. It’s called the Steubenville Historic Fort Steuben. You can learn about old times and see a fort like the ones from long ago.

For people who love outside fun, there’s Beatty Park. It’s a big park with lots of trees and places to play. You can hike, have a picnic, or just run around.

Fort Steuben Mall is a place to shop. There are stores for clothes, games, and even snacks. You can find neat stuff to buy or just look at cool things.

Movie fans can watch films at the AMC Classic Steubenville 6. It’s a movie theater where the latest movies play. You can see a new movie with your family or friends.

An awesome bridge called the Market Street Bridge is neat to see. It’s a big bridge over the river, and you can walk or drive over it to see the water below.

If you like sports, the Belleview Park has fields to play on. You can play soccer, baseball, or just catch and throw balls. There’s a playground for little kids too.

Yearly, Steubenville has a fun event called the Nutcracker Village & Advent Market. It happens in winter with lots of nutcrackers and cool stuff to see.

To eat like a local, try the food at Naples Spaghetti House. It has yummy spaghetti and other Italian dishes. You can walk there from the hotel!

Events in Wheeling and Weirton

Near the Sleep Inn and Suites in Steubenville, you can visit the Jefferson County Historical Association and Museum. It shows how people in the area lived a long time ago. Kids can see old clothes and things from the past.

Want to see a show? The Historic Steubenville Theater offers plays and concerts. You can watch actors on stage or hear music. It’s fun for the whole family.

The Steubenville Marina is a nice spot by the water. You can see boats and maybe fish. It’s peaceful and pretty to just sit and look at the Ohio River.

Kids can learn and play at the Steubenville Children’s Museum. There are games and stuff to touch. It’s a place where learning is fun.

You can go to Froehlich’s Classic Corner for a meal. They serve burgers and shakes. It’s close to the hotel, so you can walk there for a quick bite.

If you enjoy walking, the Steubenville Greenway Trail is nearby. It’s a path for walking or biking. You can see trees and maybe some animals while you exercise.

For a sweet treat, you can visit Downtown Bakery. They have cookies, cakes, and bread. It smells really good when you walk in.

Baseball fans can go to the Vaccaro Field. There are games in the summer. You can cheer for a team and eat hot dogs or popcorn.


When you choose to stay at Sleep Inn and Suites in Steubenville, there’s a lot to do around town. You can visit different places, see shows, and have fun by the river.

After a day of adventure, the hotel is a comfy place to rest. Your family can get a good night’s sleep and be ready for more fun the next day.

The hotel is close to places to eat and play, so you don’t have to go far. It’s nice to have everything close by when you’re on vacation.

Remember, Sleep Inn and Suites in Steubenville is more than just a place to sleep. It’s close to fun stuff for everyone in the family!