South Wheeling Wv

South Wheeling is a special part of Wheeling, WV, with its own stories and treasures. It’s like a small town inside a bigger one! People here know each other, and there’s a feeling of friendship all around.

Long ago, this place was full of workers who made things with their hands. They helped build the city into what it is today. Even now, South Wheeling reminds folks of the past, with old buildings and memories on each street.

There’s a river that runs near South Wheeling, it’s called the Ohio River. It’s big and wide and used to be super important for bringing stuff to the city and taking things far away to sell. Boats still travel on it, making South Wheeling kind of like a watery doorway to other places!

South Wheeling is not just about the past, though. Today, there are parks where kids play, and places where families can have fun together. There’s even a spot called the South Wheeling Preservation Society, which helps people remember the cool history of this place.

Schools here are a big deal too. They teach kids all kinds of things, from math and reading to how to be good neighbors. The teachers work hard to make sure kids in South Wheeling grow up smart and kind.

So, South Wheeling isn’t just a dot on a map; it’s a community full of life, history, and people who care a lot about where they live. It’s a place where the past and present mix together to make something really neat.

History of South Wheeling

Did you know that once upon a time, glass and steel factories were the heartbeat of South Wheeling? People from all over came to work here because there were so many jobs.

Some of the houses in South Wheeling are from way back when the factories were booming. They might look old, but they have lots of stories tucked inside their walls.

There’s this street called Jacob Street that’s really important. A long time ago, it was like the main road where everyone would go for shopping and to meet friends.

Also, there used to be a big park called the Belle Isle Park right in South Wheeling. It was a place where families had picnics and laughed a lot on sunny days. Now, new parks are there for kids to swing and slide.

And guess what? In South Wheeling, they used to have their own newspaper! It was called the South Wheeling Bulletin. It told all the news about what was happening in the neighborhood.

One more thing, many people who lived in South Wheeling were super proud of their work. They made things that went all the way to other countries. That’s pretty cool, right?

Early Settlement and Development

Years ago, factories were super important in South Wheeling. There were places that made glass and even nails! These factories were like the heart of the town because so many people worked there.

Did you know that one of the first big roads ever made in America went through South Wheeling? It’s called the National Road. Imagine all the horses and wagons that used to bump along it a long time ago!

People who lived here back then built really neat houses. Some of them are still standing! They remind us of how folks used to live, with big families all under one roof.

Also, there was this cool thing called the South Wheeling Pottery Company. They made dishes and other stuff out of clay. People from all over wanted to buy what they made because it was so good!

There’s a part of South Wheeling called “Chicken Neck”. It got its funny name because it’s shaped kind of like a chicken’s neck! Around here, people have been making tasty food and sharing stories for generations.

One more thing, did you know that during a war called the Civil War, South Wheeling played its part? The people here supported their side and helped in big ways, even though they didn’t actually fight right here.

In summary, South Wheeling is packed with history from the buildings to the roads. It has seen a lot of changes, but the spirit of the people here keeps the past alive in a cool way.

Industrial Growth

South Wheeling isn’t just about old stuff. There’s new things happening all the time! Parks are popping up where kids can play, and families hang out together.

Every year, people in South Wheeling celebrate with festivals. They eat yummy food and listen to music. It’s a way to have fun and remember the good times from long ago.

Kids here go to schools that are part of a big family called Ohio County Schools. They learn about math, reading, and also about the history of their own town.

Even with new stuff around, some things stay the same. Like the Ohio River that’s been flowing by South Wheeling forever. It’s seen all the changes, from the days of the factories to now.

And don’t forget about the churches and old buildings. They stand tall, telling stories without using words. When you walk by, it’s like you can hear the whispers of the past.

Lastly, did you hear that people from all over come to visit South Wheeling? They want to see the cool old stuff for themselves. They walk down the same streets and touch the bricks and stones that have been there for over a hundred years!

So that’s a peek into South Wheeling. It’s a place where the old and the new mix together, making it special for everyone who lives here and visits.

Decline and Revitalization Efforts

A long time ago, Wheeling, WV was a busy place because of the Ohio River. This river helped people make money by moving goods back and forth.

In South Wheeling, they made a lot of glass and other stuff in big factories. Workers from all over came to the city to find jobs.

Some of the old factories are still there. You can see them when you go across the 10th Street Bridge. They’re like giant reminders of the city’s busy days.

People lived close to where they worked. They built their homes and neighborhoods near the factories. That’s why South Wheeling has houses that are really close together.

Back then, the streets of South Wheeling were full of life. Shop owners knew everyone’s names, and kids played in the streets until the sun went down.

Even though some factories closed, the spirit of South Wheeling didn’t. People stayed and made their community strong. They took care of each other, like a big family.

Today, when you walk through South Wheeling, you can feel the history. Every brick and alley has a story of the hard work and dreams from long ago.

For more information, you can visit the Wheeling Heritage website. It has lots of cool facts and pictures about South Wheeling’s history.

Cultural and Demographic Aspects

South Wheeling has a mix of people from different places. Many folks have roots in Europe, like Italy and Ireland. They brought their traditions to Wheeling long ago.

There are also new families moving in. They come from different parts of the United States or even from other countries. It’s like a patchwork quilt of cultures.

Most people in South Wheeling speak English, but you might hear other languages. Sometimes you can hear people speaking Spanish or other languages from their homes.

There are fun festivals in South Wheeling. One big festival is about fish! It’s called the Fish Fry, and it happens in Lent, a special time before Easter.

Food in South Wheeling is yummy. You can find pepperoni rolls and haluski. These are foods that people’s grandparents made. They are a big part of Wheeling’s history.

Schools in South Wheeling teach students from the area. Kids learn about reading, math, and how to be good friends. They also learn about the history of their city.

The people in South Wheeling are friendly. Neighbors often know each other. They help one another, like shoveling snow or planting flowers together.

To see pictures of South Wheeling families and hear their stories, you can check out the Ohio County Public Library.

Population Characteristics

Many people in South Wheeling have families that came from places like Italy, Ireland, and Germany. They brought their own ways of cooking, talking, and celebrating with them.

Today, you’ll still find this mix of cultures. There are festivals where people share their traditions, like music and dances from where their families first came from.

There are also lots of churches in South Wheeling. Old churches with beautiful stained glass that people from different cultures built long ago. Some people still go to these churches every week.

South Wheeling is also known for its food. You can eat big pepperoni rolls that Italian miners used to take for lunch. Or, you might find some haluski, a dish with noodles and cabbage, that comes from Eastern Europe.

Even the way people talk shows the mix of cultures. Sometimes you can hear a funny word that came from another language, but now it’s just a normal part of talking in South Wheeling.

There’s a school in South Wheeling where all the kids go to learn. It’s old, but it’s a place where friends meet and play games together like soccer and basketball.

The people in South Wheeling are friendly. They say hello to each other and aren’t afraid to lend a helping hand. It’s a place where neighbors look out for one another.

If you want to see what’s going on in South Wheeling or learn more, you can check out the news on the The Intelligencer website. It tells you all about the neat stuff happening in town.

Cultural Landmarks

In South Wheeling, lots of folks have jobs that help the city run smoothly. Some work in hospitals, while others fix cars or work in stores. Many people here are really good at making things with their hands.

People come from different places, so there are a bunch of languages spoken here. But most everyone speaks English, and they’re happy to teach each other words from their own languages.

Kids in South Wheeling go to different schools, and they all learn about how to be good neighbors. They also learn about the history of their city and why it’s a special place.

South Wheeling has a big park where families come to play and relax. There’s a playground, a baseball field, and space to have picnics. On sunny days, it’s full of kids running around and having fun.

Every year, there’s a big parade in South Wheeling. People make floats, and bands come to play music. It’s a day when the whole city comes together to watch and cheer.

Young people and old people live together in South Wheeling. Sometimes grandparents live with their families, which means homes are full of stories and laughter.

Community Events and Traditions

South Wheeling is like a melting pot. That means lots of different kinds of people live here. You can meet someone whose family has lived in West Virginia for a long time or someone who has just moved to town.

Food in South Wheeling is yummy and comes from lots of places. You can eat pizza, tacos, or try foods from countries far away. This is because people bring recipes from where they or their families came from.

Holidays are a big deal in South Wheeling. Whether it’s Christmas, the Fourth of July, or Halloween, people decorate their homes and share good times. Neighbors give each other treats or light up fireworks together.

There are churches, temples, and other places where people go to follow their beliefs. On weekends, you might see folks dressed up, heading to their place of worship, or getting together for a community event.

Music and art are important to folks here. Sometimes, there are concerts in the park or art shows at the local community center. Kids and adults get to show off their talents and everybody claps for them.

South Wheeling loves sports too. Football and basketball games are a big thing. You can hear people cheering for the local teams, especially when they play against other cities. It’s really exciting!

With everyone from different backgrounds living in South Wheeling, it’s like the world in one place. It’s cool to learn about each other and make new friends who might live next door or just down the street.

Economic Landscape

South Wheeling’s economy used to be all about making things. People worked in factories making glass or steel. These jobs were really important for a lot of families. Now, things are changing.

Today, some people work in hospitals or schools instead of factories. These jobs help take care of our community. Doctors, nurses, and teachers are the new heroes in town.

Lots of folks also have jobs in stores or restaurants. They sell things we need or cook food for us to eat. When we buy things from these places, it helps our town’s money grow.

Some people in South Wheeling are starting their own businesses too. They might fix cars, cut hair, or build things. When these small businesses do well, it’s good for everyone here.

But not all people have jobs close by. Some have to go to other cities to work. They might drive to Pittsburgh or Columbus. It’s kinda like a big adventure every day!

Jobs are not always easy to find, so some folks in South Wheeling need a bit of help. There are places that offer food and clothes to those who need them. It’s all about neighbors helping each other.

Even kids can learn about jobs in South Wheeling. Schools teach them how to make things or how to be a leader in business one day. It’s never too early to think about what you want to be when you grow up.

Historic Industries

South Wheeling has businesses that make it special. People work in shops, restaurants, and factories. These places help everyone in town have the things they need and jobs to make money.

Factories in South Wheeling make things like glass or toys. Some of these factories have been around for a long time. They are a big part of the town’s history and how it makes money.

There are also new businesses. This helps the town grow. When new people come, they can start their own business too. This means there are always new jobs and new stuff to buy.

People work hard in South Wheeling. Sometimes, parents have more than one job. They do this to make sure their families have what they need. Kids might hear their parents talking about work a lot.

Many families in South Wheeling own their homes. This is good because it helps make the neighborhood stronger. When people own their homes, they take care of them and want to make everything look nice.

It’s not always easy for everyone. Some people need help. There are places like food banks and community centers that help people when they need food or clothes. People are willing to help their neighbors.

Money from people working and buying things helps South Wheeling stay alive. It’s like a big family where everyone does their part. People are proud of working together to build a better place for everyone.

Current Economic Climate

People in South Wheeling like to go to different stores. Some stores sell clothes, and others sell food or toys. When people buy things, the money helps the stores stay open.

There are also people who work on cars or fix houses. These workers are very important. Without them, it would be hard to drive to school or stay warm and dry at home.

Some grown-ups go to offices where they use computers and talk on phones. They do different jobs like planning events or helping people who are sick.

In South Wheeling, there’s a place where people make things out of metal. It’s called a factory too. The workers there are skilled at making parts for machines or buildings.

Even though South Wheeling is small, it’s part of a big area called the Ohio Valley. This area includes cities like Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville. They all work together to grow and make the valley better.

Kids in South Wheeling sometimes have lemonade stands or sell things they make. This is their way of learning about business and helping at home.

Everyone can be a part of the economy in South Wheeling. By working and buying things here, people help their town. And that’s something to be proud of.

Future Prospects

South Wheeling has a river called the Ohio River. It’s important for the town’s economy. Boats use the river to carry things that are made in South Wheeling to other places.

People in the town also build houses and shops. When they build new places, it makes the town look nice. It also gives people a place to live or work.

Sometimes, there are big trucks on the roads. These trucks bring food and other stuff to the stores. This helps make sure that everyone in South Wheeling can buy what they need.

There are places called banks in South Wheeling too. Banks help people keep their money safe. They also lend money to people who want to buy a house or start a business.

The Ohio Valley is known for its hills and trees. South Wheeling is lucky because it looks pretty and people like to visit. Visitors spend money which helps the town’s businesses.

Some people in South Wheeling work in hospitals or schools. These are important jobs that help everyone. Schools teach kids, and hospitals make sure people are healthy.

Once in a while, South Wheeling has festivals and fairs. These events are fun and bring everyone together. They also help people who make and sell food or crafts.


South Wheeling is a cool place with lots of things to do. It’s where a lot of people have fun with their friends and family.

There’s a big park where kids can play and you can have picnics. They even have playgrounds and places to walk your dog.

In South Wheeling, everyone works together to make it a better place. People are always trying to clean up the streets and plant flowers.

Neighbors know each other and look out for one another. It’s like one big family in South Wheeling. People help each other when they need it.

If you ever visit South Wheeling, you’ll see why people here are proud. It’s not just a spot on the map. It’s home for a lot of happy folks.