Stats About West Virginia

West Virginia is a state filled with mountains, rivers, and history. It’s known as the “Mountain State” and has a lot to explore. Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville are three cities in the Ohio Valley that each have their own cool facts.

In Wheeling, you might hear about a huge suspension bridge or a park with a glass museum. This city was really important back in the day for making things like nails and glass.

Weirton is a city that’s right by the Ohio River. It’s known for making steel and has a big factory that’s been around for a long time. People here are proud of their hard work.

Steubenville might make you think of the Dean Martin Festival. It’s in Ohio, but it’s super close to West Virginia. Lots of folks there work in health care and education.

These cities share a lot of history and they’re pretty close together. They’ve seen a lot of changes over the years and have some cool stories to tell. So, when you look at stats about West Virginia, you’re seeing part of what makes these places special.

Demographic Insights of Wheeling, WV

Wheeling, WV, is a neat place with people from all different backgrounds. A bunch of them have families that have lived there for generations. Others have come more recently for work or school.

Most folks in Wheeling are white, but there’s a growing number of African American, Asian, and Hispanic people adding to the mix. This makes for some great food and festivals that celebrate all kinds of cultures.

Kids and teenagers make up a good part of the city, but there are also a lot of older folks who have a lot of history to share. Some say Wheeling is getting smaller, but it’s still home to thousands of people.

Education is big in Wheeling, with schools and a college where students learn all sorts of things. Some people have lived in Wheeling their whole lives, while others came for school and decided to stick around.

Population Statistics

Wheeling, WV is a place with history and lots of different people. Some folks have lived there for a long time. Others are new to town. But they all make Wheeling what it is today.

Many people in Wheeling are older than in other cities. This means you’ll see more grandparents and fewer little kids running around. It’s kind of like having a bigger family with lots of aunts and uncles.

When you walk around Wheeling, you’ll see that most people speak English. But there’s also a sprinkle of other languages because some folks have roots in other countries.

In Weirton, WV, people come from all sorts of backgrounds. A lot of them have families that worked in steel for years. They’re tough and proud of where they come from.

Weirton has a mix of different ages, but just like Wheeling, it has more older folks. These cities look after each other, which is really nice to see.

Steubenville, OH might not be in West Virginia, but it’s like a neighbor to Wheeling and Weirton. People here are friendly, and it’s a place where everybody seems to know each other.

While you’ll mostly hear English in Steubenville, there are also people who speak Italian and other languages. It’s like a big mix of cultures living side by side.

All these cities in the Ohio Valley have their own vibe, but they share a sense of community. It’s like a quilt with lots of different patches — each one is unique, but together, they make something beautiful.

To see more about the people in these cities, check out the latest stats at the United States Census Bureau’s website. Here’s the link:

Age Distribution

Wheeling, WV is a city with quite a few people. Even though there are more old than young, the kids you do meet are from many kinds of families. Some are big with brothers and sisters, and some are smaller.

Kids go to school and learn a bunch of cool stuff. Most of them go to public schools, but there are private ones too. School is where they make friends and learn about the world.

In Wheeling, you’ll find homes that look different from each other. There are old houses with lots of stories and new ones with shiny windows. People take pride in making their homes cozy.

The city isn’t super big, so it’s easier for neighbors to know each other. They say “hi” at the store or when they’re out walking their dogs. It’s a friendly place to live.

There’s a chance you’ll meet someone from another place too. Wheeling has people whose families came from far away lands. They bring their traditions and food, which makes life in Wheeling exciting.

To learn even more neat stuff about the people in Wheeling, like how many there are or what kinds of jobs they do, you can visit the Census Bureau. You might be surprised by what you find!

Here is where you can get all those facts:

Ethnic Composition

Wheeling, WV is home to people with different backgrounds. Some folks have lived here for a long time, and their grandparents did too. New people come to live here as well, adding to the mix.

Many people work in and around Wheeling. They might fix cars, help sick people in hospitals, teach kids in schools, or cook food in restaurants. Jobs are a big part of life here.

A lot of the time, people in Wheeling hang out with family and friends after work. They might watch sports, have a barbecue, or just chat on the porch. Fun times are important to them.

When you walk through Wheeling, you’ll see churches, temples, and other places where people go to celebrate their beliefs. This shows how diverse the city is in its ways of thinking and living.

To find out more about who lives in Wheeling and their day-to-day lives, the library is a great place to start. They have books and computers that can help answer your questions.

Economic Overview of Weirton, WV

Weirton, WV is a city that used to have a lot of factories. Many years ago, people made steel here. This was a big deal because steel is used to make a lot of important things, like cars and buildings.

Nowadays, not as many people work in steel. The city is changing. New kinds of work are showing up, and some people have jobs in different towns nearby, like in health care and education.

Even with changes, Weirton still makes things. There are places that make products out of metal and plastic. They also have businesses that help with transportation, storing stuff, and distribution which means moving goods to different places.

Money matters are important in Weirton. The city works to spend its money wisely. They focus on improving streets and keeping parks nice for families. They also try to attract new businesses to create jobs.

If you’re curious about how Weirton manages its economy, you might want to check the local government’s website. They share reports and updates on how the city is doing. Here’s the link to their site:

Employment and Industry Trends

Weirton, WV used to be a city known for making steel. People worked hard in the mills and made stuff that helped build America. Now, the city is changing and looking for new ways to make money.

Today, Weirton has businesses that do different things. Some make things like plastics and metal parts. Others are shops and companies that offer services, like fixing your car or cutting your hair.

Even though it’s not just about steel anymore, many people in Weirton still work with their hands. They build, create and fix things every day. This kind of work is important in Weirton.

Families in Weirton also run small businesses. They might own a store or a little restaurant. These places are special because they’re part of the community, and the people who live here support them.

If you want to learn more about these businesses in Weirton, you can visit the local chamber of commerce website. Here is their site

Income Levels and Standards of Living

Weirton is also a place where education matters a lot for jobs. The better your education, the more chances you have to find good work. Schools here are working to make sure kids learn skills they need for the future.

Plus, with new technology, jobs in Weirton are not just about strong muscles. They need brains too! People work on computers and use machines that are really advanced. That’s why learning new tech skills can help you in Weirton.

Healthcare is big in Weirton as well. With hospitals and clinics, lots of folks work in jobs taking care of others. It’s a job that’s really needed and helps keep our community healthy.

Weirton’s location is pretty cool. It’s right by two states, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This means people and businesses can easily go between places. It’s like Weirton is at a crossroads, which is good for trade and business.

Finally, the government here knows that to keep Weirton growing, they need to help businesses. They try to make things easier for people to open new places and hire folks. This could mean more jobs and better lives for people in Weirton.

Business Growth and Opportunities

Weirton’s economy used to depend a lot on steel. That’s because Weirton Steel was one of the biggest employers around. But things change, and now the city is working on having different kinds of jobs too.

There are plenty of small businesses in Weirton. These are shops, restaurants, and other services that people around here use every day. When people shop local, they help these businesses do well.

Another cool thing is the area around Weirton is beautiful. Because it looks so nice, tourists come to visit. This helps hotels, shops, and places to eat earn money and keep workers busy.

One big deal for Weirton’s economy is the energy sector, especially natural gas. There’s been a lot of action in drilling and fracking, which makes jobs that pay well.

Even though Weirton is not as big as some cities, it’s got its own place in the economy of West Virginia. People are working hard to make sure there are jobs and opportunities for the folks who live here.

If you want to learn more about what’s going on in Weirton and what sorts of jobs there are, check out their city website at

Cultural and Historical Significance of Steubenville, OH

Steubenville, OH is right across the river from West Virginia. It’s known for some pretty neat history. Did you know that the famous singer Dean Martin was born here?

It’s not just famous people that make Steubenville important. The city also holds an annual festival called the Dean Martin Festival. This brings in visitors from all over, which is great for businesses.

Steubenville has old buildings with cool architecture. Some of these buildings are really important because they’ve been around for a long time and tell the story of the city’s past.

The city’s history is tied to the steel industry, just like in Weirton, WV. They also had big factories that gave lots of people jobs back in the day. Now, they’re working on new ways to keep the city strong.

One way Steubenville keeps its past alive is through murals. These giant paintings on buildings show different parts of the city’s history and attract tourists.

Even though Steubenville is in Ohio, it’s part of the Ohio Valley which includes parts of West Virginia. So what happens in Steubenville can affect places like Wheeling and Weirton too.

Historical Landmarks

Steubenville, Ohio, has a cool history that goes way back. It’s right across the river from West Virginia. This spot has seen a lot of history, like being an important place for making steel.

What’s really neat is that a famous entertainer, Dean Martin, was born here. Every year, Steubenville has a big party to celebrate him. People come from all over to remember this star.

Dean Martin isn’t the only cool thing from Steubenville. The city also has some amazing old buildings. When you walk downtown, it’s like stepping back in time.

Did you know? Steubenville is part of a big football deal. The high school team here, the Big Red, is super famous for being tough on the field. It makes the folks in town and across the river in West Virginia proud.

The city is working hard to keep its history alive but also make new jobs. There’s a university here, and that helps bring in young people and new ideas.

Steubenville’s story is not just its past. The city is always trying to grow and be a great place for families and businesses. This way, it can be a strong part of the Ohio Valley and a good neighbor to West Virginia too.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Steubenville is close to the Ohio River, which is a big deal. Before cars and trucks, rivers were like highways. That made this city a key spot for trade and growth.

The Ohio River helped the whole Ohio Valley get richer, including places in West Virginia like Wheeling and Weirton. Together, they made one strong area for business and living.

Historic battles also happened near Steubenville. Back in the day, it was frontier land, and people had to be brave to live there.

This city shared its strength with neighbors, helping other towns grow too. They all have stories of hard work and working together.

There’s more to Steubenville than old tales, though. It’s changing and helping the whole valley move into the future. They’re building new stuff, like shops and homes, but keeping the cool old stuff too.

Visit Steubenville’s website to learn more about what’s happening in town now. It’s a good way to see how they keep making history every day.

Educational Institutions

Steubenville is famous for Dean Martin, a big-time singer and movie star. He was born here. Lots of fans come to the annual Dean Martin Festival.

The city also has lots of art that tells its story. Murals are painted on buildings downtown. They show important people and times from Steubenville’s past.

Big Red, the local high school football team, is huge here. Friday nights in the fall, the whole town comes out to cheer for them.

Steubenville’s history of steel is tied to Weirton, WV. For years, folks here worked in steel mills, making materials used all over the country.

Every Christmas, there’s the Nutcracker Village. It’s a fun festival with lots of nutcrackers and holiday spirit. Families come from all around to enjoy it.


Wheeling, WV has some cool facts too. It’s known as the birthplace of the state of West Virginia. It split from Virginia during the Civil War because people here didn’t want to join the Confederacy.

Today, Wheeling has about 27,000 people living there. That might seem small, but it’s actually one of the biggest towns in the Northern Panhandle region of West Virginia.

On the business side, Wheeling has a lot of law firms and health care jobs. People work hard and take care of each other here.

Let’s not forget Weirton, WV. It’s part of a two-state area with Steubenville, OH. This means they share a lot, like businesses and TV stations.

Weirton was also a steel town. Now, the old steel mill areas are being changed into new places for people to work and shop.

Sports are big in Weirton too. People get into high school football and soccer, cheering as loud as they do in Steubenville.

When you look at these towns, you see a piece of what West Virginia is all about. History, community, and change. They may be small, but they’re full of stories and stats that are worth knowing.