Steubenville College

Steubenville, Ohio, is known for more than its rich history and beautiful riverfront; it’s also home to Franciscan University, a vibrant institution that brings students from all around to this corner of the Ohio Valley. Franciscan University is not just any college; it’s a place where faith meets education, offering a unique college experience.

At Franciscan University, which locals often refer to as ‘Steubenville College’, you’ll find students who are serious about their studies and their spiritual growth. It’s a small college where everyone might know your name, and the community feels just like family.

The University offers a variety of programs that prepare students for the future, with a focus on personal integrity and community service. Whether you are into science, arts, or business, there’s a place for you to learn and grow in Steubenville College.

Steubenville isn’t just a college town, though. It’s a city with its own identity, where college students and residents mix, bringing energy and new ideas. It’s where the Midwest meets the East, creating a unique blend of cultures and opportunities.

History and Founding of Steubenville College

The roots of Steubenville College go way back to 1946. It was started by a group of Franciscan friars who had a strong passion for teaching and helping others. They wanted to create a college where faith was a big part of learning.

They set up shop in a small building in Steubenville, Ohio. The city was chosen because it was peaceful and had a strong sense of community. It was perfect for a college that valued these things.

In the beginning, the college had just a few classrooms and not many students. But the friars believed in their mission. They worked hard to make the college a place where students would want to come and learn.

Even though it was small, the college grew a little bit each year. More students started to hear about it and wanted to join. They liked the idea of going to a college where they could grow both in their studies and in their faith.

Over time, Steubenville College earned a name for itself. It became known for its strong academics and its caring community. Today, it’s a place where students from different places come together to learn and become leaders.

Initial Establishment

Long ago in Steubenville, Ohio, a group of Franciscan friars had a big dream. They wanted to start a college where faith would be super important. So, they worked hard and made it happen. This college would grow up to become what we now know as Franciscan University.

It all began back in 1946. The world was just starting to get peaceful again after World War II, and people were ready to build a better future. That’s when the friars opened the doors of Steubenville College for the first time. They started with just a few buildings and a handful of students who were eager to learn.

Over the years, this small college has done a lot of growing up. More and more students started coming to learn here, from all over the place. They all wanted to be part of something special where they could get a good education and strengthen their faith at the same time.

One cool fact about Steubenville College is that it was named after a nearby city called Steubenville. This place is right by the Ohio River, which makes it super pretty. The friars picked this spot for their college because they saw how much good they could do here.

Today, Franciscan University keeps making history every day. It’s not just a college; it’s like a big family where students help each other and learn to make the world a better place. And it all started with a dream in the heart of the Ohio Valley, in a city that’s got a mix of Midwest charm and East Coast vibes.

Growth and Development

The friars who started the college were part of a group called the Franciscans. They are known for caring about people and helping others. The friars used these same ideas when they made the college.

They chose Steubenville because it was a quiet place with lots of kind people. The city was small but had big heart. It was a perfect spot for a new college.

Steubenville College began with just a couple of rooms to teach in. They used old buildings at first, but that didn’t stop the students from learning all they could.

Even back then, Steubenville College focused on more than just book smarts. It wanted students to grow in their faith, too. The friars believed that this would help students succeed in life and help others.

As time went by, the college got more buildings and teachers. They kept working to make the school better for everyone who went there.

Many students who went to Steubenville College loved it so much. They said it felt like a second home. The teachers didn’t just teach; they cared about each student. That made a big difference.

The college’s story is a big part of Steubenville, Ohio. It shows that with a little faith and a lot of work, big dreams can become real. And that’s exactly what the Franciscan friars did when they started their college in the Ohio Valley.

Notable Milestones

Steubenville College, which is officially known as Franciscan University of Steubenville today, was founded way back in 1946. Before it was a college, the land had a big house called the “Stark Mansion.” This mansion is where the story begins.

The school didn’t start big, but it was full of hope. The Franciscan friars wanted to make a place that felt safe and smart for students. They had a simple start but had big dreams to help people learn.

Classes were small, so teachers knew each student. This helped everyone feel like they were part of a family. They worked hard to grow the college from the inside out.

Back in those days, Steubenville was a busy town because of the steel mills. Many families had parents working there. The college gave their kids a chance to study close to home.

Even though the college was small, it had a library where students could find lots of books. It was like a treasure chest of knowledge. Students used these books to explore new ideas and learn about the world.

In 1974, the college grew bigger and changed its name to Franciscan University of Steubenville. It started to offer more classes and degrees. Students from different places started coming to learn there.

The college’s growth made the Ohio Valley proud. It showed that in a small town like Steubenville, a college could bring people together and make the future brighter.

Now, the university isn’t just a few rooms anymore. It’s a big campus with lots of students and teachers. But it still remembers how it started, with a few friars, a mansion, and a dream. If you’re ever in Steubenville, you can visit the campus and see how far it’s come. Visit their website for more info at

Academic Programs and Campus Life

At Franciscan University of Steubenville, students can choose from a lot of different subjects to study. They have science, business, and even art classes. A favorite is the nursing program, where students learn how to take care of sick people.

Students also get to practice what they learn. In science classes, they do experiments. Business students look at real companies. And in art classes, they create their own masterpieces.

Being at college isn’t just about studying, though. There are fun clubs to join, like drama or outdoors club. Some students join sports teams, like soccer or volleyball, and play against other colleges.

The college campus is a cool place to live in. There are dorms where students sleep, eat, and hang out with friends. They also have a chapel where everybody can pray and find peace.

Big events happen during the year like the homecoming dance, fairs, and talent shows. The college has something called the “Festival of Praise” where students sing and celebrate their faith together.

Students learn to help others too. They volunteer in Steubenville and nearby places. This makes the town and the college really close, like a big family. Franciscan University takes pride in making a difference in the community.

Undergraduate and Graduate Offerings

At Franciscan University of Steubenville, students can pick from lots of different things to study. They have classes like biology, business, and even gaming. This is cool because everyone can find something they like.

They also have special programs to help students learn beyond books. Like going on trips to other countries, working on real projects, and meeting people who are experts in their jobs.

Life on campus is fun, too. Students can join clubs, play sports, or be part of theater shows. There’s always something happening, from music concerts to prayer groups.

Students live in dorms with roommates, which is a great way to make new friends. They eat together, study together, and sometimes even play pranks on each other. It’s like having a big family at college.

Every year, Franciscan University has cool events. There’s a big fair in the fall with games and food, and a dance in the spring where everyone dresses up. These events are a blast and help students make memories that last a long time.

For those who love helping others, the college has programs to give back to the community. Students can help at food drives, clean up the city, or volunteer at hospitals. It’s a good way to feel good by doing good.

If you want to check out what’s going on at Franciscan University or see pictures of the campus, go to their website at

Campus Facilities and Student Organizations

The teachers at Steubenville College are pretty awesome. They really know their stuff and care about how students do in their classes. You’ll see professors cheering students on at games and even grabbing lunch with them.

There’s this big library where you can study or get help with homework. It’s packed with books, computers, and places to read. Sometimes, there are even tutors to help if you’re stuck on something tricky.

On nice days, students hang out on the ‘Quad.’ It’s like the living room of the campus with lots of green grass to play Frisbee or just chill with friends.

And get this, there’s a café where you can grab a snack between classes. It’s a cool spot to meet up or just take a break with your favorite drink. They’ve got all sorts of treats like smoothies and sandwiches.

When the weather’s not great, students go to the rec center. You can work out, play basketball, or join a fitness class. It’s a good way to stay active even if it’s snowing outside.

Some buildings look really old and cool because they’ve been around for a long time. They give the college a special look that makes you feel like you’re part of history.

For those who like to sing or play music, there’s a band and choir. They perform at events and sometimes travel to sing in other places. It’s a great way to show your talent and have fun with music.

Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

Classes at Steubenville College are cool because they have all sorts of subjects. You can learn about science, art, history, and even how to run a business. Plus, they offer classes that help you get ready for a job after you graduate.

There are lots of clubs you can join, too. Like one for movie lovers, one for future scientists, and even one for people who enjoy playing chess. Being in a club is fun and helps you make new friends who like the same stuff you do.

If you’re into sports, there are teams for soccer, basketball, and more. Students get really excited about games and show up to cheer for their friends. It’s a big deal and brings everyone together.

They also have dances, talent shows, and movie nights at the college. These events are a blast and make it easy to hang out with your classmates. You’re never bored because there’s always something happening on campus.

If you need to talk to someone or get advice, there’s a place on campus for that. Counselors are there to listen and help you with any problems you might have, big or small. It’s good to know that help is there when you need it.

This college isn’t just about homework; it’s about making memories and learning new things. It’s a place where you can grow up, meet cool people, and prepare for your future.

Steubenville College’s Impact on the Local Community

Steubenville College does a lot for the city of Steubenville, Ohio. It gives people jobs like teachers, librarians, and even cooks in the cafeteria. This helps families in the city have money to buy stuff they need.

When students come from other places to study, they live in Steubenville. They rent houses, buy food, and shop in the city. This means the local businesses get more customers and can make more money.

The college also works with the city on big projects. They help make parks nicer and clean up streets. When the college and city work together, it makes Steubenville a better place for everyone.

Every year, the college has a big day where students volunteer in Steubenville. They might paint houses, plant flowers, or help in other ways. This shows how students at Steubenville College care about their city.

Good stuff happens when the college sports teams win games. People in Steubenville get excited and proud of their city. This good feeling spreads and makes people happier to live and work here.

The college also lets people in Steubenville come to cool events. They might go see a play, hear a concert, or attend a talk by someone famous. This brings fun to the city and teaches people new things.

Steubenville College helps students learn how to help others. They teach them it’s good to give back to the city. When students do good things, it makes Steubenville shine.

Economic Contributions

Steubenville College has a big impact on the city of Steubenville, OH. When students come to live and study here, they spend money in the city. This means they buy stuff like food, clothes, and other things they need. This is good for local businesses because they sell more.

Many students help out in the city too. They volunteer at places like food banks, help clean up parks, and work with kids. Their help makes the city a better place for everyone. Plus, they learn a lot and make the community stronger.

Every year, the college also hosts events that people from the city can go to. There are plays, concerts, and art shows. Folks from Steubenville come to see these and have a great time. This means the college isn’t just for students, but for everybody in the city.

Jobs at the college are another way it helps the city. Teachers, librarians, and many others work at the college. This gives people in Steubenville good jobs and a way to make money for their families.

Lastly, the college and the city sometimes work together on big projects. They might build new places for everyone to enjoy or make the city nicer and safer. This teamwork shows how important the college is to Steubenville.

Cultural and Educational Outreach

Students from Steubenville College often do internships at local companies. This means they work for a little while to learn and get experience. It’s good for students because they learn how to work. It’s also good for businesses because they get extra help and can teach the students.

Businesses like to hire college graduates. So when students finish school, they might stay in Steubenville. This means more smart and educated people live in the city. They can help the city grow and become even better.

Sports are big at the college too. When there are games, lots of people come to watch. They cheer for the teams and have fun. After the games, they might go out to eat or shop. This is good for businesses because they make more money when there are more people.

The college also has programs to help high school students. They can take college classes or get help with their school work. This helps them do better in school. It’s also great because it helps them get ready for college life.

Lastly, the college talks to the city leaders. Together, they think of new ideas that can help Steubenville. They talk about what’s best for the city and how they can work together. This means they plan for the future to make the city even better for everyone.

Partnerships with Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV

The college brings a lot of events to Steubenville. They have things like plays, concerts, and art shows. People from the city and nearby places come to enjoy them. This also means they might have dinner in town or go shopping, which is great for local businesses.

Students at the college also give back by volunteering. They might clean up parks, help at food banks, or work with kids. This makes Steubenville a nicer place to live. It shows that the college cares about the city and the people who live there.

The college also offers classes and workshops for adults in the community. This means if someone wants to learn something new or get better at their job, they can take a class. It is a big help for people who want to keep learning without going far from home.

When the college grows, the city grows too. They might build new buildings or improve old ones. This can make the city look nicer and offer more places for people to work. It’s like when a plant grows and makes the whole garden better.

Every year, the college has a big graduation ceremony. Families and friends come to see their loved ones graduate. This is a special day for the graduates, and it brings a lot of happiness to the community. Plus, all these visitors help the city’s hotels and restaurants do well.


Steubenville College doesn’t just teach students, it connects people. Friends are made, memories are shared, and everyone learns a lot. It’s a big part of what makes Steubenville special.

There’s a sense of pride in having Steubenville College in town. It stands for education and helping others. It’s a friendly place where people cheer each other on.

So, in the end, Steubenville College is more than just a school. It’s a heart of the community. It helps make Steubenville, OH, a brighter place for everyone.