Steubenville Ohio County

Steubenville, Ohio is a city with a rich history and a strong sense of community. It’s the county seat of Jefferson County, nestled along the banks of the mighty Ohio River. This city might be small, but it has a big heart and an interesting past that locals are proud of.

Known for its role in the steel industry, Steubenville has been through many changes over the years. It’s seen the ups and downs of American manufacturing, but it’s more than just its industrial history. The city is also home to beautiful parks, historic buildings, and friendly people.

Students here might know Steubenville because of the Franciscan University, which attracts young people from all around. And if you’re into sports, you’ll be excited to know Steubenville loves its high school football. The Big Red team is a source of local pride!

If you’re looking for fun, Steubenville has that too. From the annual Dean Martin Festival to the Nutcracker Village & Advent Market, there’s always something happening in town. It’s a place where there’s a good balance between honoring traditions and enjoying the present.

History of Steubenville, OH

Before it became known for steel, Steubenville was a key player in Ohio’s early days. Founded in 1797, the city is named after Fort Steuben, built to protect early settlers from Native American tribes. Fort Steuben was named in honor of Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, a Prussian military officer who helped train American soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

As time went on, Steubenville became an important stop for those heading west. The Ohio River provided a travel route for pioneers. Later, the city’s location became invaluable for transporting goods and materials during the rise of the nation’s industries.

In the 20th century, the city’s population boomed, thanks to jobs in the steel mills and other factories. Many people moved to Steubenville for work, making it a bustling hub on the Ohio River. Although the steel industry isn’t as big as it once was, this time in history shaped the community.

Today, education is a big part of life in Steubenville. Besides the Franciscan University, the city is home to Eastern Gateway Community College, showing how this place values learning and growth. Museums and historical sights like the Old Fort Steuben give locals and visitors a glimpse into Steubenville’s past.

Living in Steubenville means being part of a story that goes back hundreds of years. It’s a place where history and modern life meet. And for the people of Jefferson County, it’s not just a dot on the map – it’s home.

Early Settlement and Founding

Long before it was known for steel, Steubenville started as a frontier fort. It was named after a German soldier, Baron von Steuben, who helped during the American Revolution.

The city officially came to life in 1797, making it one of Ohio’s oldest towns. It quickly became a key spot for folks moving west, thanks to the Ohio River making travel and trade easier.

Once railroads appeared, Steubenville’s growth took off. It became a hotspot for industries like pottery and glass manufacturing, adding to the city’s bustling economy.

The city has seen many famous faces too. Did you know singer Dean Martin was born here? Plus, Edwin Stanton, who served as President Lincoln’s Secretary of War, called Steubenville home.

Even with changes over time, Steubenville has kept its historical charm. You can visit spots like Historic Fort Steuben to get a glimpse of the old days. It shows what life was like when Ohio was just starting out.

While the steel mills aren’t what they used to be, Steubenville has shifted gears. Today, it embraces its history while working to build a strong future for its residents.

Industrial Expansion

Steubenville sits in Jefferson County, which has its own interesting past. The county was created way back in 1797, the same year Steubenville was founded.

In the early days, farming was big in the county. Lots of crops were grown around Steubenville and the river made it easy to send them to other places.

Another cool thing about Steubenville is its nickname. It’s often called the “City of Murals.” This is because the town has over 25 murals that show scenes from its history. It’s like an outdoor art gallery!

Education has always been important in the area. Steubenville is home to Franciscan University, which draws students from all over. This university started out small but now it’s a big part of the community.

Some famous events happened here too, like the third trial of abolitionist John Brown. He was a big name in the fight against slavery in America.

These days, Steubenville is known for the “Dean Martin Festival.” This event celebrates the singer every year and brings people together for music and fun.

Lastly, Steubenville’s part of the Ohio Valley, which includes nearby towns like Wheeling, WV, and Weirton, WV. All these places share a common history as they grew thanks to the river and industry. They still work together to make the valley a great place to live.

Modern Developments

Long ago, Native American tribes lived in what we now call Steubenville. They used the Ohio River for travel and food.

When settlers came, they thought the area was perfect for a town. The river made it a good spot for trading and moving goods.

Big industries, like steel and coal, were super important in Steubenville’s growth. These jobs brought lots of people to the city.

Steubenville even had a role in the Civil War. Soldiers trained at Fort Steuben, named after a Revolutionary War hero.

Over time, music and sports became big too. The city has been home to some famous faces like the singer Dean Martin.

Today, Steubenville keeps its past alive with festivals and museums. The town works hard to remember where it came from.

Cultural Significance and Attractions

Steubenville is known for its annual Dean Martin Festival. Fans come to celebrate the famous singer who grew up here.

The city also gets creative with the Steubenville Nutcracker Village & Advent Market. It’s filled with unique, handcrafted nutcrackers.

History buffs enjoy Historic Fort Steuben. They can learn about life in the 1700s and see the old fort’s remains.

The City of Murals is another cool name for Steubenville. It has over 20 giant paintings on buildings that show the city’s history.

The Old Fort Steuben Project has a big area with pretty gardens and a walking path. It’s a peaceful place for families to visit.

Franciscan University brings people together for learning and faith. It’s known for its good education and strong community vibe.

Historic Sites and Museums

Steubenville is full of cool places that show its rich past. The Old Fort Steuben is a big deal. It’s a full-sized replica of the original fort from 1786. You can walk around and see what life was like back then.

Every year, the city throws a big birthday party for Dean Martin. He was born here. People come from all over to celebrate with music and fun.

If you’re into art, you’ll love the murals downtown. They’re huge paintings on buildings that tell the story of the city’s history.

The Steubenville Nutcracker Village and Advent Market is a winter wonderland. It has over 150 life-sized nutcrackers. Families love it!

There’s the annual Greek Food Festival too. It’s a blast with yummy food, dancing, and music. It shows off the city’s Greek heritage.

The Franciscan University of Steubenville brings a lot of energy to the area. It hosts events and has lots of students from different places.

At Historic Fort Steuben, they have summer concerts. People hang out on the grass, listen to tunes, and enjoy the warm weather.

Learn more about Steubenville’s history and check out all these cool places for yourself!

Annual Festivals and Events

Steubenville’s got this park called Beatty Park. It’s a huge place where families can hike and play together. They’ve got trails and cool old stone bridges.

In the fall, the city has this thing called the Steubenville Big Red Band Festival. High school bands from all around come to show their skills. It’s a day full of music that gets everyone pumped.

There’s also a place called the Jefferson County Historical Museum. This spot is packed with old stuff that tells you how the county came to be. People who like old things would think it’s awesome.

You can’t miss the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County. They’ve got books for days and even help folks learn to read. Sometimes they have story times and special guests.

There’s a cool trail called The Greenway Trail. It’s this long path where you can bike or walk and see the Ohio River and other pretty stuff. It takes you right by the river so you can enjoy the view.

Arts and Entertainment

Steubenville is famous for the Dean Martin Festival. Every June, people celebrate the singer who was born here. The town fills up with music fans and there’s a lot of singing.

For history fans, there’s Fort Steuben. It’s a fort from way back in the 1700s. They rebuilt it to show what life was like back then. You can walk around and see the old cabins and stuff.

The city loves its murals. All around downtown, you can spot these huge paintings on buildings. They show famous people from Steubenville and cool moments in history.

When it’s warm, folks head to Belleview Park. It’s got a pool, a pond, and places to play ball. In the summer, it’s the place to chill and have a picnic.

The Ohio Valley Cloak & Dagger Company puts on mystery plays. It’s like living in a detective story. They do shows at different places, and it’s always a surprise.

The Steubenville Nutcracker Village & Advent Market is a big deal in winter. Artists make these life-size nutcrackers and display them all around. There’s also a market where you can get holiday stuff.

Economy and Industry

Steubenville’s heart beats with the steel industry. For many years, steel factories were the big thing. Lots of people had jobs making steel to build stuff like buildings and cars.

But the steel job scene isn’t as big as before. Now, the city is looking at new ways to grow. Health care and education are starting to be more important for jobs.

Some of the largest employers are the Trinity Health System and the Franciscan University of Steubenville. They give lots of jobs to people in health care and schools.

For shopping, the Fort Steuben Mall has many stores. But these days, even shopping is changing. People buy more stuff online, so the mall is trying to find new ways to bring people in.

Small businesses in downtown are pretty cool too. There’s a push to support local shops. This helps keep money in town and gives Steubenville its own unique vibe.

Current Economic Landscape

Steubenville is part of a region that once boomed with steel. Factories along the Ohio River made a ton of it. But now, there’s less steel being made here.

Today, Steubenville is growing in other ways. Health care jobs are on the rise. There are more doctors and nurses working around the area than before.

Education is big in Steubenville too. There’s a university called Franciscan University. Lots of students come to study there each year.

Also, the city is working on technology jobs. They want to get more companies to come and set up shop. It’s all about computers and the internet now.

Small businesses in town are important. They’re like the city’s backbone. Shops, restaurants, and other places run by local people help keep the economy going.

Plus, Steubenville is not too far from bigger cities. This means people can work in those cities but live here. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

Major Employers

People here also do a lot of different jobs. They work in stores, fix cars, and build things. Even though big factories are not as common, these jobs are really important.

Some folks here work in government, like at the city hall or in schools. These jobs help keep our city running smoothly. They make sure we have what we need, like safe roads and good education for kids.

There are also people who work on the river. They drive boats that carry stuff to different places. This is super important for trading goods with other cities.

Also, lots of people here care about the land. They farm and grow food that we eat. This isn’t just great for our tables, but it also helps our economy.

And, don’t forget, Steubenville loves its sports. We’ve got teams that play football, basketball, and more. Some businesses make money by helping these teams with gear or places to play.

Lastly, we have a lot of history in Steubenville. People come to visit our museums and old buildings. Tourism like this brings extra money to our town.

Future Growth Prospects

Steubenville, Ohio, has an economy that mixes old and new ways of making money. One big part is the health care industry. There are hospitals and clinics that take care of people when they’re sick.

Educational institutions also play a big part. For example, Eastern Gateway Community College teaches students skills they can use to get jobs. This helps our economy grow by making sure we have a smart workforce.

There are small factories around that make things like tools and car parts. They might not be really big, but they give good jobs to lots of people in our area.

Technology is starting to become more important, too. There are companies here that work on computer stuff, which opens up new job opportunities for folks living in Steubenville.

Shopping is a big deal here as well. The Fort Steuben Mall is a place where people buy clothes, electronics, and lots of other things. Stores in the mall give jobs to people in Steubenville.

Restaurants and hotels are part of our economy. People who visit Steubenville need places to eat and sleep. These businesses help everyone from the owners to the workers who serve food or clean rooms.

We can’t forget the small businesses run by our neighbors. These include shops that sell handmade things or services, like cutting hair or fixing computers. They are super important for our local economy.


Steubenville, Ohio, is a place with a rich history and a bright future. It’s where people work hard and support each other. The city keeps on growing, learning from the past but looking ahead.

The Ohio River, which runs right next to Steubenville, has been important for trade and travel. It’s like a big watery road that helps businesses send their stuff to other places. This river has helped Steubenville for a long time and will keep being important in the future.

People in Steubenville care about their city. They work on making it nicer by cleaning up parks and painting old buildings. When you walk around, you can see places where history happened a long time ago right next to new buildings. It’s pretty cool to see the old and new side by side.

Steubenville’s community is strong because people join together for things like festivals and sports games. These events make everyone feel like they belong to one big family. They show that Steubenville isn’t just a bunch of houses and streets; it’s a place where people’s hearts are.

The city is also home to a lot of smart, talented kids who go to schools like Steubenville High School. These students are the future, and they will come up with new ideas to make Steubenville even better.

Remember that Steubenville isn’t just a spot on the map; it’s a community full of life, history, and potential. Even though we didn’t talk about everything, you can learn more or even visit to see all the cool things happening here. Steubenville is really a special place.