Steubenville Ohio Population

Steubenville, Ohio, is a city with a rich history and its own unique story of growth and change. Nestled along the Ohio River, Steubenville has been shaped by the ebb and flow of its population over the years. Understanding the number of people who live in Steubenville helps us see how the city has evolved.

Like many cities in the Ohio Valley, Steubenville’s population has seen ups and downs. The city has been home to people from different backgrounds and industries, each leaving their mark. As we explore the population of Steubenville, we get a peek into the community’s character and vitality.

Today, Steubenville’s people are its heartbeat. They shape the daily life, economy, and culture of the city. By looking at how many people live here, we can start to understand Steubenville better, including the challenges it faces and the potential it holds for the future.

Demographics of Steubenville, OH

In Steubenville, Ohio, the number of people living there is not just a figure, it tells a story. As of the last census, the city has thousands of residents. Each person is a thread in the community tapestry.

People in Steubenville come from many places. Some families have lived here for generations. Others are newer, moving to the city for different reasons. Together, they make Steubenville diverse.

When we look at the ages of Steubenville’s residents, we see a mix. There are young people, adults, and seniors. Each age group adds something special to the city life.

The city also has different types of households. There are families with kids, single parents, couples without children, and people living alone. Every home plays a part in the city’s story.

Knowing who lives in Steubenville helps us understand it better. It gives clues about what the city needs and what it can offer. The people are the true heart of Steubenville.

Current Population Statistics

In Steubenville, OH, the population is made up of folks from various walks of life. This city, like many in the Ohio Valley, has seen industries come and go, which affects who lives here.

Most people in Steubenville have roots in the area, with families that have been here for generations. But there are also newer faces, adding to the mix of the city’s identity.

The city is known for its friendly neighbors and small-town feel. Despite changes over the years, that sense of community remains strong.

Youth play a big role in Steubenville’s vibe. With local schools and sports teams, there’s a lively spirit to the town. It’s common to see kids playing in neighborhoods and parks.

For more details on who lives in Steubenville, check out the latest census data. It gives a full picture of the city’s population. You can find it online at

Population Trends Over the Years

Steubenville, OH has a diverse population with a strong sense of history. Many families can trace their roots back in the area for a long time. But there are also new folks who move here from different places.

The city’s population includes different ages and backgrounds. There are older residents with lots of memories of the city, and young people just starting out in life. Each group adds something special to Steubenville.

Different cultures add to Steubenville’s rich tapestry. People celebrate different holidays and have varied traditions. This mix makes the community vibrant and interesting.

The numbers from the census show how we are more than just figures in a report. Each person counts, and everyone contributes to our town in their own way.

Jobs also shape the population here. With some folks working in schools, hospitals, or shops, they all play a part in our local economy. These jobs help to keep our community going strong.

Age Distribution and Median Age

When talking about the people in Steubenville, OH, let’s look at families. A lot of households have kids, which makes schools really important here. Grown-ups and kids alike fill our neighborhoods with energy and fun.

Also, many people here work together. Neighbors know each other and often lend a helping hand. It’s like one big team working to make Steubenville a better place.

Not to forget, we have special groups of people too. Veterans who served our country live here, and we’re proud of them. They are a big part of what makes Steubenville strong.

People in Steubenville don’t just live here, they join in. They go to church, play sports, and get involved in the area. It’s about being part of something bigger, and that’s pretty cool.

Factors Affecting Population in Steubenville, OH

Jobs are a huge deal when it comes to folks staying in Steubenville or moving away. If there are plenty of jobs, more people might come to live here. But if jobs are hard to find, some people might leave to work somewhere else.

Another thing is houses. If there are nice, affordable places to live, families will be more likely to move here. Sometimes, though, if homes cost too much, or if there aren’t enough available, it can be tough for people to stay.

The way the city looks and feels is also important. Parks, clean streets, and fun places to go can make more people want to live in Steubenville. If the city doesn’t take care of these things, it might make people think about living in other towns.

Lastly, Steubenville’s schools play a big role. Good schools can draw families to the area because parents want their kids to learn and do well. If schools aren’t that great, it may lead families to choose different cities.

Economic Influences

The number of people living in Steubenville can change because of jobs. If there are jobs, people come to work. But if jobs go away, folks might leave to find work elsewhere.

Schools here do more than teach kids. They can bring people to Steubenville or keep them from leaving. Good schools make families want to stay.

Another thing that affects how many people live here is the houses. If there are nice houses that don’t cost too much, families will want to move in.

The weather can also play a part. If people like the seasons here, they might decide to call Steubenville home.

Lastly, how safe a city is can matter a lot. If people feel safe, they’re more likely to stay and make a life here.

Educational Institutions Impact

People also move in or out of Steubenville because of how easy it is to get around. If a town has good roads and buses, it’s easier for people to live and work there.

Another big thing is health care. When a town has good hospitals and doctors, it helps keep people healthy and they’ll want to stay living there.

Fun places to go like parks and malls can also be important. They give families things to do together, which can make them happy to live in Steubenville.

Also, if a city has a strong sense of community, like Steubenville, people feel more connected. This can keep them from moving away.

Remember, when a town works on these things, it can help keep people from leaving and maybe even get more people to move in.

Urban Development and Housing

Jobs are a big reason why people might decide to move to Steubenville, Ohio. If there are lots of jobs that pay well, more people will come to live there.

Schools are super important too. When schools are good, families want to bring their kids here. That means more people move to the city and the population grows.

Sometimes, the cost of living makes a difference. If it’s cheaper to buy a house or pay for food in Steubenville, more folks might decide to move there.

Weather can play a part as well. Some people might move to Steubenville because they like the seasons here more than in other places.

Lastly, safety is key. If a city feels safe and there aren’t a lot of crimes, families might think it’s a good place to set down roots.

Comparison with Neighboring Cities

Steubenville, Ohio is kind of like a sibling to Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV. They’re all part of the Ohio Valley family but have their own unique stuff going on.

When you look at Steubenville, its population isn’t as big as Wheeling’s. But that’s not a bad thing! Some people like smaller towns because they feel friendlier and you get to know your neighbors better.

Weirton is super close to Steubenville, and they’re almost like twins! Their populations are pretty similar, but some people choose one city over the other because of small differences like jobs or schools.

A neat thing about Steubenville is it has a cool history and some people are really into that. This can attract folks who love old stories and want to be around historic places.

One more thing, Steubenville is known for its festivals like the Dean Martin Festival. This can bring new people to town who might end up loving it and staying for good!

Steubenville vs. Wheeling, WV

Steubenville, Ohio, is like a middle sibling between Wheeling, West Virginia, and Weirton, West Virginia.

Wheeling is just a short drive from Steubenville, but it has a few more people living there. This city used to make a lot of things, just like Steubenville.

Weirton is even closer to Steubenville, but not as many people live there. It’s a little smaller when it comes to how many folks call it home.

When you look at all three, Steubenville is right in the middle, size-wise. It’s not as big as Wheeling or as small as Weirton.

These cities all have rivers that are important for work and fun. They use them to help move things to different places and to have a good time, like boating or fishing.

Having a college or university can make a city grow. Steubenville has Franciscan University which brings students and teachers to town. This might help its population get bigger.

Even though these places are close to each other, people might pick one city over another for different reasons. Some might like Steubenville’s schools or jobs better, while others might pick Weirton or Wheeling for their own reasons.

Steubenville vs. Weirton, WV

When thinking about people moving in or out, Steubenville has seen some changes. In recent times, not as many people live there as before. This trend is something Steubenville shares with its neighbors.

In Wheeling and Weirton, factories once provided a lot of jobs. When some of those jobs went away, people moved to other places to find work. This affects how many people live in these towns.

All three cities, including Steubenville, have been working hard to attract new businesses and residents. They hope new people coming in will help their population numbers go up.

Friends and family are another reason people stay in a city or choose to move there. Steubenville, Wheeling, and Weirton all have close-knit communities where many people know each other.

Finally, these cities offer different things to see and do. Steubenville holds the annual Dean Martin Festival, which celebrates the famous singer who was born there. This kind of event can bring folks to the city and encourage them to stay.

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Steubenville’s population reflects the story of many small cities. People have been leaving, but there is hope as the city continues to try new things to bring more folks in.

The number of people living in Steubenville today is different than the past. This is important to think about because it changes how the city looks and feels.

When people choose where to live, they think about jobs, schools, and what they can do for fun. Steubenville is trying to make itself a good option by improving in these areas.

Understanding how many people live in Steubenville helps us see how the city is doing. It’s like a snapshot of the city’s health. The hope is that more people will call Steubenville home in the future.

Remember, Steubenville isn’t alone in this challenge. It’s part of a bigger community in the Ohio Valley. What happens here often affects Wheeling and Weirton too.

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