Steubenville Pottery

Have you ever seen a colorful dish with a special design that made you stop and look? That might be Steubenville Pottery! This pottery comes from a town called Steubenville in Ohio. It’s not just any old plates and cups. They are pieces of art people used for eating and decorating their homes.

The pottery started a long time ago, way back in 1879. Imagine that! People back then were making these beautiful things without any fancy machines. Steubenville Pottery was known for making stuff that lasted a long time and looked good, too.

They made so many different designs, some had flowers, some had pictures of places, and some were just really pretty colors. People all over liked them so much that they wanted them in their homes. It became really popular, and lots of folks in Steubenville worked there to make these awesome dishes.

The History and Rise of Steubenville Pottery

In the beginning, Steubenville Pottery was just a tiny place. But as more people liked their dishes, the factory got bigger. More workers came to help make all the pottery that people wanted.

When cars became a big deal, Steubenville Pottery started making special dishes for car trips. These dishes were handy for picnics and long drives. That made even more people want to buy them!

By the 1900s, the factory was super busy. Trucks would come in and go out, filled with boxes of pottery to take to stores. It was like a beehive with everyone working together.

Then came the hard times in the 1930s, called the Great Depression. People had less money to spend, but Steubenville Pottery still did okay. They made cheaper dishes that were still pretty, so families could afford them.

After the Great Depression, something cool happened. Steubenville Pottery made a dish set for a famous lady, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt! This set was called ‘The Homestead’. It became a big hit and lots of people wanted it.

To get more ideas for their pottery, the workers at Steubenville Pottery looked at what was popular. They made dishes with patterns from TV shows and movies. That way, kids and parents would both like them.

Even though the factory is closed now, the dishes they made are still around. People collect them because they remind them of the past. They’re like treasure from a different time that we can still enjoy today.

Founding and Early Years in Steubenville, OH

Long ago, Steubenville Pottery was just a small idea. But then it grew like a giant. By the 1900s, it was one of the biggest pottery businesses around. Workers from Steubenville and nearby towns came to help make the pottery famous.

They used something called “molds” to shape the clay into dishes. It was like using a cookie cutter for clay! Once they had the shape, they would paint it by hand with brushes. It took a lot of care and time to make each one special.

The people making these dishes were very skilled. They had to make sure everything was just right. If a plate or a cup had even a tiny mistake, it couldn’t be sold. They wanted everyone to have the best quality pottery in their homes.

One reason why the pottery became so loved was because of how strong it was. Kids could use the plates and not worry about breaking them easily. That made moms and dads very happy. Plus, the dishes could be washed a lot and not lose their shiny colors.

The pottery they made was not just for fancy dinners. It was for every day. Whether it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Steubenville Pottery made meals a little more special. It felt good to eat off a plate that someone made with their own hands.

Nowadays, finding Steubenville Pottery is like finding treasure. People collect it and remember the hard work that went into each piece. It reminds them of the old days and the city of Steubenville, where these beautiful dishes first came to life.

Want to see some of these amazing pieces for yourself? Check out the Steubenville Pottery museum online at You can see pictures and learn more about the pottery that was made right in Steubenville.

Expansion and Popularity

Long time back, Steubenville was known for making awesome pottery. The town sits by the Ohio River, which was perfect for ships to bring in clay. This clay was the secret to making such good pottery.

The factory where they made the pottery was pretty big. When it was super busy, over 300 people had jobs there. That’s a lot of neighbors working together!

Each piece of pottery had a special stamp on the bottom. This stamp said ‘Steubenville’ to show where it was made. People felt proud to own something from their own town.

Some of the pottery had pictures of fruits and flowers on it. Others had cool designs. Each one was different, which made it fun to collect.

They had big sales where they would sell the pottery. Folks from places like Wheeling, WV, and Weirton, WV, would come to buy it. They knew it was good stuff that would last a long time.

People who worked at Steubenville Pottery were part of a team. They worked hard and helped each other. Thanks to them, we can still enjoy this neat pottery today.

Decline and Closure

The Steubenville Pottery factory started a long time ago, around 1879. That’s way before our grandparents were even born! A man named James Wilson started it all.

At first, things were small. But, by the 1920s, Steubenville Pottery was super famous. They made a lot of dishes like plates, cups, and bowls that families used for eating.

Their pottery became so popular that even a president used it! The White House picked Steubenville Pottery for fancy dinners. Imagine eating off a plate that a president has used!

They also had a cool series called ‘Americana’. It showed pictures of American life. This made more people want to buy their pottery because it was like owning a piece of America.

But it wasn’t just about being pretty. The dishes were strong and could take a lot of use. Moms liked this because they didn’t break easily. So, Steubenville Pottery became a smart choice for families.

By making such good stuff, Steubenville helped Ohio become known for pottery. And the town got famous for being a great place to make things. That’s pretty cool, right?

While the pottery factory isn’t around anymore, the pottery they made is still out there. Some people collect it and love it, just like folks did back then.

To learn more about Steubenville Pottery, kids can check out the Jefferson County Historical Association Museum. They have lots of old pottery to look at!

Products and Design of Steubenville Pottery

Steubenville Pottery made all sorts of things that were useful. Besides plates and cups, they also made pitchers, sugar bowls, and creamers. People could use these every day.

The designs on Steubenville Pottery were very pretty. Some had flowers and others had fruit. They also used bright colors that made the dinner table look cheerful.

Kids might like the pieces with animals or storybook characters on them. These were fun for families with children.

There was even a line called ‘Woodfield’. This set had a leaf shape and came in cool colors like pink and green. It looked like something from a fairy tale.

Steubenville Pottery made their items very carefully. They paid attention to the small details so that every piece was special. This made people really happy with what they bought.

If you want to see what Steubenville Pottery looks like, you might find some at local antique shops in Ohio Valley. It’s like going on a treasure hunt!

Iconic Patterns and Series

Steubenville Pottery made some really interesting things. People loved their designs. They had flowers, fruits, and even pictures of people and places on them.

One cool thing they made was called the ‘Adam Antique’ line. It looked very fancy, like something from a long time ago. Some people still look for pieces like these to collect.

Another popular line was called ‘Woodfield’. This one had a neat leaf shape and came in different colors. It was super fun to mix and match.

They also made something called ‘Russel Wright American Modern’. This was a big deal because it was modern art on dishes. People who liked new and stylish things wanted these in their homes.

Steubenville Pottery didn’t just make stuff that looked good. They made sure their plates and cups were safe to eat from. That’s important when you’re having your breakfast cereal!

Kids who like making things with clay can get inspired by Steubenville Pottery. It’s cool to see how everyday items like bowls and mugs can be turned into art.

For anyone who wants to see some of these awesome designs, the Jefferson County Historical Association Museum has a bunch on display. It’s like a treasure hunt to see all the different patterns!

Manufacturing Techniques

Steubenville Pottery also made dishes with pictures of famous landmarks. It was like having a piece of history right on your table.

Sometimes, they made dishes for special holidays. Imagine eating your Thanksgiving dinner on a plate with a turkey design.

Kids might find it cool to know Steubenville Pottery made stuff for restaurants, too. Some places had their own special plates that only they used.

They even made dishes for schools and companies as a special memory. It was like having a school or work party every time you used them.

What’s really fun is that they used something called ‘decals’ to put the pictures on the dishes. It’s like a sticker that ends up being part of the plate or cup forever.

Even though they were made in Steubenville, OH, people all over the country used them. It must have been exciting to see plates from your town in someone’s house far away.

Some plates had gold or silver edges. Those were really special and probably used for fancy dinners or important guests.

If you ever come across Steubenville Pottery dishes at a garage sale or store, you might have found a piece of Ohio history! Who knew learning about old dishes could be so interesting?

Collaborations and Commissions

Steubenville Pottery isn’t just about dishes. They also made things like teapots and pitchers. These were used to serve drinks like tea or lemonade.

Their designs were not all the same. Some were simple and others were very fancy. People could choose what they liked best for their homes.

Colors on Steubenville Pottery were really nice too. Some were bright and colorful. They could make a table look pretty.

They also made things called ‘casseroles’. That’s a dish with a lid used for cooking in the oven. Moms and dads could use them to make yummy meals.

Collectors like to find Steubenville Pottery because it’s special. They look for different shapes and patterns to add to their collections.

Each piece of pottery has a mark on the bottom. It tells you it’s from Steubenville. If you flip over a plate or cup, you can see it!

Steubenville Pottery’s Impact on the Local Economy

Steubenville Pottery helped the town in many ways. They gave jobs to lots of people in Steubenville, OH. This made the town stronger and more people had money to spend.

When people had jobs, they could buy things. They bought food, clothes, and sometimes pottery too. This helped other businesses in town.

Schools in Steubenville got better because there was more money. When towns make money, they can help schools. Kids learned more because of this.

Workers made pottery that was sent to other places. When people bought it, they learned about Steubenville. This made the town famous for something good.

The town was proud of Steubenville Pottery. It was like their team winning a game. It made them happy to see their town’s name on something great.

Employment and Economic Growth

Steubenville Pottery helped the town of Steubenville, OH, a lot. It gave people jobs making and painting pottery. This helped families buy what they needed.

The company sold their pottery to lots of stores. When people bought this pottery, the stores would make money. Then, the stores could pay workers and buy more things to sell.

People from other places would come to Steubenville to buy pottery. When they visited, they also ate at restaurants and shopped in the town. This helped other businesses too.

The pottery was also shipped to different states. This meant trucks and trains were busy moving boxes of pottery. People who drove the trucks and worked on trains had jobs because of the pottery too.

Even today, folks in Steubenville remember the pottery company. They are proud of what was made there. Sometimes, there are special events to celebrate Steubenville Pottery.

Tourism and Collectors’ Interest

Steubenville Pottery not only sold plates and mugs, it also made special dishes with pictures on them. These dishes were called “American Scenes” and lots of people wanted them. When people collected these dishes, they helped Steubenville’s business.

Schools would take kids on tours to see how pottery is made. This taught them about art and business. The kids learned that making pottery is important and hard work.

The city used the money from taxes on pottery sales to help build things like parks and roads. When the pottery company did well, the city could make these places nicer for everyone.

Some workers from Steubenville Pottery also started their own shops. They used what they learned to make their own art and sell it. This created even more jobs for people in the town.

Legacy in Steubenville and Beyond

Long ago, Steubenville Pottery was one of the biggest places to work in Steubenville, Ohio. A lot of families in the town had someone working there. It was an important job that helped bring money home.

When Steubenville Pottery made lots of dishes, they needed a lot of clay. They bought this clay from nearby places. This helped other businesses to grow too.

People from other cities would come to Steubenville to buy pottery. When they visited, they would also spend money in local stores and restaurants. This was good for business in Steubenville.

Since many people worked at the pottery, they all had money to spend. They would buy things like clothes and food. This meant other businesses in town could do well and hire more people.

Even now, people collect Steubenville Pottery because it is special. This brings collectors to town looking for rare pieces. They visit shops and maybe even stay in hotels.


Steubenville Pottery was not just a job, it was part of the town’s story. When we remember the factory, we remember the town’s past.

People still talk about the pottery. They share stories of how it was made and who made it. It’s a piece of history in Steubenville.

Today, when we see Steubenville Pottery, it reminds us of the hard work and talent from our city. It shows how one factory can touch so many lives.

Knowing about Steubenville Pottery helps us understand our city better. It tells us about the hard work of people long ago. And it teaches us how working together can make a city strong.