Stone And Thomas Wheeling Wv

Once upon a time in Wheeling, WV, there was a very famous store named Stone & Thomas. This store wasn’t just any store – it was a special place where people went to shop for clothes and home stuff. It was like a treasure chest in the heart of the city.

Stone & Thomas was super important to the folks in Wheeling. It was more than just a building with stuff to buy. It was a part of their history and memories. People went there for years, and they would meet with friends, find cool clothes, or pick out gifts.

The store was so big and so neat that it became a big part of the city’s story. For many years, if you lived in Wheeling or visited, you probably would hear someone talk about Stone & Thomas. It was like a famous landmark that everyone knew about.

History and Legacy of Stone & Thomas in Wheeling, WV

Stone & Thomas opened a long time ago, over 150 years back! It started small but grew bigger and bigger. As time went by, more and more people came to shop there.

This store was a favorite because it sold all sorts of things. From fancy dresses to comfy shoes, and even things to make your house look pretty. It was a place where you could find almost anything you needed.

When holidays like Christmas came, Stone & Thomas was the place to be. The store windows were decorated with magical scenes that made kids and grown-ups smile. Inside, the store was filled with holiday cheer and the perfect gifts to put under the tree.

But even the best stories have an ending. Stone & Thomas closed down, but people in Wheeling still remember it. They talk about the good times they had there, and how much they miss it.

The building where Stone & Thomas used to be is still there in Wheeling. It reminds people of the fun times they had shopping and looking at the holiday windows.

Even though Stone & Thomas is gone, its spirit lives on in the memories of the folks in Wheeling. It’s like a story that gets passed down, keeping the legacy of Stone & Thomas alive.

Establishment and Growth

The Stone & Thomas store started a long time ago, all the way back in 1847. That’s like more than 170 years ago! Back then, Wheeling was a growing place and the store was one of the first to open up for people to buy nice things.

It started out as just a little spot on the main street, but it grew and grew until it was super big. The building where it lived was one of the tallest in Wheeling, and you could see it from far away. It was kind of like a castle for shopping.

Kids loved going to Stone & Thomas because they had a special toy section. Imagine seeing all your favorite toys in one place! It was like a dream come true for any kid. Plus, sometimes they had fun events that lots of families came to enjoy.

The people who worked at Stone & Thomas were like a family. They helped you find what you needed and made shopping fun. If you didn’t know what to get, they were always there to help pick out something awesome.

In 1998, something big happened. Stone & Thomas closed its doors for the last time. But even though the store isn’t there anymore, the building is still standing in Wheeling. It’s like a reminder of all the good times and the store’s big heart.

Today, when people talk about Stone & Thomas, they smile and remember the good old days. The store may be gone, but its story is still a big piece of what makes Wheeling special to everyone. It’s a legacy that won’t be forgotten.

Cultural Impact on Wheeling

Stone & Thomas was more than just a store. It was a part of Wheeling’s history. The store made the town a more fun place to live and visit. It brought jobs and helped the town grow. When people needed nice clothes or gifts, they knew where to go.

Every holiday season, the store windows at Stone & Thomas turned magical. They put up big, beautiful displays. Twinkly lights and holiday scenes made downtown Wheeling look like a winter wonderland. Families would come from all over to see and feel the holiday spirit.

Stone & Thomas also cared about the community. They did lots of nice things for people around the town. The store sponsored parades and events that made life more fun. Think of the happiest days in Wheeling, and Stone & Thomas was usually a part of them.

Even famous people shopped there. If you went to Stone & Thomas back in the day, you might bump into someone important. It was the best store around and everyone wanted to check it out.

The building where Stone & Thomas was is still important to Wheeling. Now, it has new stores and offices. The old store’s spirit is still there, though, giving life to the city’s streets and memories to the people.

Closure and Aftermath

Stone & Thomas started a long time ago, more than 150 years in the past. It opened in 1847, which is like forever ago! It started small but got so big, it was the place to shop in Wheeling and even the whole Ohio Valley.

The store grew because it sold all sorts of things. Clothes, furniture, and toys, oh my! Everybody could find something they liked. It was like a giant treasure chest in the middle of town.

When Stone & Thomas had sales, it was super exciting! People would line up to find cool stuff at low prices. Imagine getting your favorite toy or dress for less money—that was a happy day!

The store wasn’t just a place to buy things. It was where you met friends and got your first job. It felt like everybody in Wheeling was connected to Stone & Thomas in some way.

Even though Stone & Thomas closed down in 1998, people still talk about it. They remember the fun times they had there. It’s like the store left a big, happy footprint in Wheeling’s history.

Architectural Significance of Stone & Thomas Building

The Stone & Thomas Building is really special in Wheeling, WV. It has been around since before the Civil War! This building is not just any old building; it’s a big piece of history that’s still standing.

It’s made with some fancy bricks and iron that make it look really old and important. The way it was built tells us how people made buildings a really long time ago. It’s like a big history book but made out of bricks and stuff.

Inside, it had a lot of floors with all the different things they sold. Each floor was like its own little world. The building also had these cool elevators that were a big deal back then because not all buildings had them.

Now, the place where Stone & Thomas was is used for other stuff. But the outside still looks a lot like it used to. So, when you walk by, you can imagine how it was when your great-great-grandparents were shopping there.

Even the roof is special because it has a name, ‘the Wheeling Stogie.’ That’s funny because a stogie is another word for a cigar. The roof is shaped in a way that made people think of stogies. This shows how the building is not just old but also has a fun story to tell.

Design and Structure

The Stone & Thomas Building in Wheeling, WV is one special place. It’s more than just an old building. It was made with lots of care and skill a long time ago.

This building has a fancy name for its design. It’s called Beaux-Arts architecture. That means it has lots of pretty details and big windows to let in sunlight. This style was very popular a century ago.

When people walk by, they can’t help but look up at it. The building has tall pillars that reach toward the sky and fancy carvings that look like artwork. The Stone & Thomas Building is kind of like a big, grand castle for shopping.

Inside, the building was just as amazing with shiny floors and a big staircase. It made shopping feel like going to a big, fancy party. Even though we can’t shop there now, the building still stands strong, reminding us of the old days.

Historic Preservation Efforts

Long ago, the Stone & Thomas Building was where people went to buy their clothes and stuff. It was the biggest store around, almost like a mall inside one building. People from all over the Ohio Valley came to shop there.

The outside of the building had stones cut to fit just right. It wasn’t just a blocky shape; it had parts that stuck out and others that went in, like a giant puzzle.

There were also pictures made from stone on the walls. These pictures weren’t just for looking pretty. They told stories about the people who made the building and the stuff sold inside.

Today, the building doesn’t sell clothes anymore. But it is still important. It helps people remember what Wheeling was like a long time ago. The city takes good care of it so it can stay beautiful.

People work in the building now. It has offices where people do all kinds of jobs. Even though it’s different inside, it still looks the same from the street. That’s really cool because it helps keep the city’s history alive.

Some buildings get knocked down when they’re old, but not the Stone & Thomas Building. It’s a treasure for Wheeling. It makes the city special and reminds people of the good old days.

Economic Influence of Stone & Thomas on Wheeling

A long time ago, Stone & Thomas was a big deal in Wheeling, WV. It was where everyone went to spend their money. This made Wheeling a major shopping spot in the Ohio Valley.

When people came to Stone & Thomas, they helped other businesses too. Restaurants, parking lots, and small shops got more visitors. It was like when one person smiles, and then everyone starts smiling.

Many people had jobs at Stone & Thomas. Some sold clothes, others helped keep the place clean, and some worked on making the store look nice. This meant a lot of families in Wheeling could earn money to buy the things they needed.

Even schools and groups got help from Stone & Thomas. They gave money and gifts to make the city better. This is kind of like a friend helping you out when you need it.

Now, the place doesn’t sell things like it used to. But it still makes Wheeling a great place to work. The building lets people have a place to do their jobs downtown. This keeps the city busy and growing.

So even though we can’t buy a new shirt there anymore, Stone & Thomas still gives a lot to Wheeling. It’s a big piece of what makes the city shine.


Stone & Thomas was more than just a store in Wheeling, WV. It was a part of everyone’s lives. You might remember going there with your family and looking at all the cool things.

Even though the store has changed, we still remember the good times. Wheeling will always have those memories. It’s like keeping a piece of history with us.

We can learn from Stone & Thomas too. When you help others and work together, really good things can happen. That’s what this store showed us.

Thanks to Stone & Thomas, we know that one store can make a big difference. It can make a whole city a happier place. And that’s pretty awesome.