Symphony On Ice Wheeling Wv

Have you ever seen skaters dance on ice to the sound of beautiful music? This happens in Wheeling, WV! Every year, people get to watch a cool show called Symphony on Ice.

Imagine ice skaters spinning and leaping while musicians play live music. It’s like a winter dream come true! This show mixes the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra’s tunes with amazing ice skating.

Kids and families from all around come to see this special event. It’s a fun time to enjoy holiday music and see skaters perform tricky moves on ice.

The show takes place at the WesBanco Arena, right in the heart of Wheeling. This place turns into a magical ice stage for everyone to enjoy the show.

Plus, local skaters from Wheeling and nearby places like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, get to be stars for a night. They skate alongside professionals to the cheers of their hometown crowd!

History of Symphony on Ice in Wheeling, WV

Long ago, people in Wheeling wanted to start a new holiday tradition. They thought, “What if we mix music with ice skating?” That’s how Symphony on Ice began.

It was a big hit from the start. The whole community loved it. Year after year, it got more popular. Now, it’s something many look forward to in winter.

Families mark their calendars so they don’t miss it. School kids even get to go with their classes. People cheer super loud for the skaters and the music.

The musicians are part of the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra. They’re really good at playing all kinds of music. They play holiday songs and more while skaters glide and jump on the ice.

Every year, there’s a theme. It could be a fairy tale or something about winter. The skaters dress up in costumes that match the theme. It’s so much fun to see!

After the show, sometimes kids meet the skaters. They can get autographs and take pictures. It’s a night they remember for a long time.

To learn more about the Symphony on Ice in Wheeling, WV, check out the WesBanco Arena’s website. Just click here for details.

Origins of the Event

Symphony on Ice started a long time ago. It began way back in 1992. That’s over 30 years ago! Each year, it gets more and more exciting.

The whole thing was an idea to make the holidays special in Wheeling. It brings music and sports together. People thought that was a great mix!

Every year, they pick a theme to make the show different. Sometimes it’s about Christmas stories or winter wonders. This keeps it fun and fresh!

Before the show, everyone works super hard. The orchestra practices their music a lot. The skaters practice their moves over and over. They want to make sure it’s perfect!

This show is all about team work. The musicians and skaters have to be in sync. When they match the music to the moves, it’s awesome!

Something cool is that kids from schools get involved too. They join the choir and sing along with the music. This makes the show feel like the whole community is a part of it.

Many people say this is the start of their holiday season. After watching Symphony on Ice, they feel ready for all the holiday cheer!

If you want to learn more about this fun event, you can visit the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra’s website. Just click here and you’ll find all the cool details.

Evolution Over the Years

In Wheeling, WV, the Capitol Theatre is where the magic happens. This place is big and beautiful. It’s where everyone gathers to watch Symphony on Ice.

Famous ice skaters have come to perform. They glide and jump while the orchestra plays. It feels like the music is dancing too!

People from Wheeling and nearby towns come to see it. Some folks even come from places like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH. It’s a big deal for the Ohio Valley!

Local businesses help make it happen. They give money and support because they love the show. It’s a way for them to give back to the community.

After the performance, the skaters and musicians feel proud. They get loud claps and cheers from the crowd. This makes them super happy.

Remember, if you miss it, there’s always next year. Symphony on Ice happens every winter. So, there’s lots of chances to see it!

Community Impact

The show started a long time ago. Each year, it gets better and more people come to watch. Kids love the bright costumes and cool tricks.

It’s not just about ice skating. Young musicians from schools join in too. They get to play music with the big orchestra. That’s a special treat!

Practices start weeks before the show. Skaters and musicians work hard. They want to put on the best show they can.

Sometimes, kids from the audience get to meet the skaters. They ask questions and get autographs. It’s a dream come true for many.

Wheeling Park High School’s hockey team also helps. They share their ice so the show can happen. Everyone works together like a big family.

Behind the Scenes of Symphony on Ice

Before the show, there’s a lot of work to do. Lights and music have to be perfect. People work with big machines to make sure the ice is smooth for the skaters.

Local shops in Wheeling, WV give costumes and props. They are proud to be part of the fun. Every sequin and feather makes the show shine.

The orchestra practices a lot. They play holiday songs everyone knows. When you hear the music, it feels like winter magic is happening.

On the big night, everyone feels excited. The whole town of Wheeling comes together. They cheer for the skaters and musicians, feeling happy and proud.

After the show, the ice rink is quiet. But behind the scenes, people are already thinking about next year. They want to make it even more amazing!

Preparation and Rehearsals

Before the show, there’s a lot to do. Lights and sound systems are set up. It takes a bunch of people and many hours to get it just right.

Beautiful sets are built to make the ice look like a winter wonderland. Volunteers paint and decorate to make everything look magical.

The costumes are amazing. Someone has to design them so they sparkle and shine under the lights. Then, they have to make sure they fit all the skaters perfectly.

Safety is super important. People check the ice to make sure it’s safe and smooth. They also make sure all the equipment works so no one gets hurt.

Local businesses in Wheeling help out. They give food for the cast and crew. Sometimes, they even give money to help pay for the show.

On the big day, everyone is nervous but excited. The skaters warm up, jumping and spinning. The musicians tune their instruments and get ready to play beautiful music.

When the curtain goes up, the audience claps and cheers. Everything comes together, and the show is full of magic and music. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, it’s a night to remember!

Collaboration Between Musicians and Skaters

Skaters practice a lot before the big night. They work on jumps and spins. They have to remember their moves and stay in time with the music.

Professional skaters come from all over to perform. They join local skaters from places like Wheeling. Together, they make the show really special.

The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra practices too. They learn new songs that will sound great with the ice skating. Music fills the air as they get ready for the show.

People behind the scenes are busy too. They keep track of all the skates and costumes. They make sure the lights point in the right place.

Volunteers work hard to sell tickets. They put up posters and share on social media. They want everyone in Wheeling to come and enjoy the show.

There are rehearsals where they practice the whole show. This is when they fix any mistakes. They want to make sure everything is perfect.

On show day, kids from schools in Wheeling get to watch for free during the day. It’s a special treat for them. They get to see the show before everyone else.

After the show, the skaters and musicians feel happy. They know they did a great job. They take a final bow and the crowd goes wild.

Technical Aspects of the Performance

Before the show begins, the ice gets extra care. Someone drives a big machine called a Zamboni. It makes the ice smooth for skaters.

Costume designers are busy too. They sew up any tears and make sure outfits sparkle. They want every skater to look their best.

At the snack bar, people pop popcorn and pour hot chocolate. They get ready for families to come and need yummy treats while they watch.

Some workers hang up twinkly lights and decorations. They want the arena to feel magical. When people walk in, they should feel excited.

The orchestra tunes their instruments. They check their music one last time. They want to sound amazing when the conductor waves his baton.

In the locker rooms, skaters lace up their boots tight. They stretch and warm up. They have to make sure their bodies are ready to perform.

Backstage, someone checks the microphones. They make sure the music can be heard all over. Good sound means everyone will enjoy the show.

Right before the curtain goes up, everyone gets quiet. They take a deep breath and get ready. They want to give their best show ever.

Experiencing Symphony on Ice

The music starts and it fills the air. It’s like the notes are dancing on the ice. The skaters glide out, joining right in with the melody.

There’s a mix of graceful moves and high jumps. Some skaters spin fast, others glide slow. It’s fun to watch how they move with the music.

At “Symphony on Ice” in Wheeling, WV, musicians and skaters work together. They make the show feel like a winter dream you don’t want to end.

The crowd cheers when skaters land big jumps. People clap along to the music. It’s a cool way to enjoy the songs and see awesome skating too.

Lights flash in cool colors across the ice. They make patterns and shine on the skaters’ outfits. It’s like seeing a rainbow on a frozen pond.

When the show’s over, everyone stands up. They clap really loud for the skaters and musicians. It feels good to be part of something so special.

If you want to go next year, ask your family early. Tickets can sell out because many people love to see it. For more info, you can visit the Symphony on Ice website.

What to Expect as an Attendee

When the lights dim, the crowd gets silent. Everyone’s eyes are on the ice, waiting. You can feel the buzz of excitement in the air.

Skaters glide out one by one, grinning. They start with slow swirls, then jump and spin. Everyone claps and cheers for their fancy moves.

The music starts, and it’s beautiful. Violins, trumpets, and flutes play together. It sounds like a winter wonderland right here in Wheeling, WV.

Ice crystals hang from the ceiling, shining like stars. They twinkle with the music. It’s like the arena turns into a giant snow globe.

During a special part, a famous skater might show up. They do tricks that make you say “Wow!” You can’t believe someone can flip on ice!

There’s a part when kids from Wheeling get to skate too. They’ve practiced a lot and are so proud. Parents smile big and take lots of pictures.

After the show, some skaters might sign autographs. You might even get to meet a real conductor! It’s so cool to see them up close, not just on the ice.

As you leave, you feel all warm and happy inside. It’s not just from the hot chocolate. It’s from the fun of seeing “Symphony on Ice.”

Highlights from Past Performances

Imagine wearing a cozy sweater and sipping hot cocoa. You’re watching skaters and listening to live music all at once. That’s “Symphony on Ice” in Wheeling, WV.

Local schools send their choirs to sing along with the music. Their voices blend with the orchestra. It’s like your favorite holiday songs come to life.

They even have a part where they tell a story on ice. Someone reads it out loud, and skaters act it out. It’s like watching your favorite book with a snowy twist.

Before the show starts, families can do fun things. There might be face-painting or craft tables. It’s a great way to get into the spirit before the music begins.

Sometimes they collect toys for kids who need them. It feels good to help others. Plus, it’s part of what makes “Symphony on Ice” really special.

When you’re there, don’t forget to look up! They might have cool lights or decorations above the ice. It makes the whole place sparkle and glow.

Remember, “Symphony on Ice” happens once a year. It’s a Wheeling treat you won’t want to miss. Make sure to go with your family and friends!

People talk about it for days after. They feel happy about the beautiful music and the skaters’ twirls. It’s something that brings everyone in Wheeling together.

If you want to know more or get tickets for the next “Symphony on Ice,” you can visit the official website. Just click here and get ready for an amazing time!

How to Get Involved

“Symphony on Ice” is a big deal in Wheeling, WV. Everyone talks about it. Imagine ice-skating stars spinning to beautiful tunes. That’s what you see here.

Skaters glide to the music played by the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra. It’s an amazing sight. The skaters wear fancy outfits that shine under the lights.

It’s a holiday party on ice. You can see dances that tell stories of winter wonderlands. Fun, right? Everyone from little kids to grandparents enjoys it.

Skaters practice a lot to do their best. They leap and spin while the music plays. It’s hard work but looks so easy and magical on the ice.

People bring their cameras to take pictures. Want a shot of a skater in mid-twirl? This is your chance. The memories will make you smile all year long.

Even if you don’t skate, it’s fun to watch. You can feel the music in your heart. It’s a special treat for people in Wheeling and nearby places.


As we wrap up, let’s remember how cool “Symphony on Ice” is. It brings together people from Wheeling and even towns like Steubenville and Weirton. They all come to see the sparkling ice show.

This show isn’t just about skating. It’s about music, too. The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra works hard to make the songs perfect for the skaters. Watching them all work together is like watching a team win a big game.

“Symphony on Ice” is a special part of winter in the Ohio Valley. If you haven’t seen it, you should go. It’s like a winter dream come true. Plus, it’s a great way to kick off the holiday season with a bang!

Don’t forget, everyone can enjoy this. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old or if you’ve never put on skates. The ice, the music, and the fun are for everybody. It’s a tradition that makes Wheeling shine every year.

So, grab your family or friends and make plans for next year’s “Symphony on Ice.” It’s a must-see in Wheeling, and it makes the holiday time even more magical. Who knows, maybe you’ll start skating too!