The Ville Steubenville

Steubenville, Ohio, is a city full of history and fun. It’s known as “The Ville” to the locals. This city sits along the Ohio River and has lots of stories to tell.

People in Steubenville are super friendly. They enjoy community events and celebrating their city. There’s even a festival every year that brings everyone together!

Kids and grown-ups alike find stuff to do here. From parks to museums, “The Ville” has something for everyone. And guess what? It’s also the hometown of a famous actor!

Sports are a big deal in Steubenville. High school football games are like a huge party. Everyone comes out to cheer for the team!

History and Founding of Steubenville

Long ago, before Steubenville got its name, Native Americans lived on this land. They hunted and fished along the Ohio River. It was a peaceful place with lots of nature.

In 1797, a man named Bezaleel Wells decided this was the perfect spot for a new city. He and James Ross helped to lay out Steubenville. They named it after a German word that means ‘fort’.

The city grew up around Fort Steuben, built to protect the early settlers. Now, the fort is a reminder of the old days. You can still visit it today!

Steubenville became a big name in making things. Factories here made pottery, glass, and steel. These products were sent all over to help build America.

The Ohio River was like a busy street for boats carrying goods. It helped the city grow and brought in people from many places. They made Steubenville their home.

The Early Settlers

Long ago, before it was called Steubenville, Native American tribes lived on this land. They used the Ohio River to travel and trade with other tribes.

In 1786, a man named Bezaleel Wells thought this place was special. He and James Ross started a little village here. They named it after a German guy named Baron von Steuben. He helped American soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

The Ohio River was like a busy highway. People and goods moved up and down the river. This helped Steubenville grow into a bigger town.

Steubenville became officially a city in 1851. It was an exciting place during the time called the Industrial Revolution. This was when many factories were built and a lot of things were made here.

Did you know Steubenville was a stop on the Underground Railroad? This secret network helped enslaved people escape to freedom. Brave folks in Steubenville helped them along their way.

Back then, kids didn’t go to the mall on weekends. Instead, they played outside or helped their families. Imagine living in Steubenville without your phone or video games!

Naming of the Ville

The ville Steubenville has a big history with pottery and steel. Way back, they made lots of pottery because they had the right kind of clay. People called it the “Pottery Capital of the World”.

Steel was super important too. Big steel mills gave jobs to many people. Steubenville’s steel was used to build things all over the country.

Fort Steuben was built here in 1787 to keep the soldiers safe. Today, you can visit a rebuilt version to see what it was like back then. It’s a neat place to learn and have fun.

Music is part of Steubenville’s story as well. A famous singer named Dean Martin was born here. Every year, people celebrate him with a big party called the “Dean Martin Festival”.

Don’t forget about the cookies! Steubenville makes yummy cookies called “DiCarlo’s Original Pizza Crust Cookies”. They are a sweet treat that people from all over love.

Today, Steubenville still has old buildings with beautiful art inside. They tell stories of the past. The city works hard to keep these treasures safe for everyone to see.

Besides history, Steubenville has fun stuff for kids and families. There are parks where you can play, and a cool skate park too. In winter, people get together for a big Christmas parade.

Want to learn more about Steubenville’s past? You can visit the Jefferson County Historical Association and Museum. It’s like a time machine that takes you back to see old things from the ville.

Check out their website for more info:

Economic Development

Steubenville is growing its economy by focusing on education and healthcare. The city is home to colleges like Franciscan University and Eastern Gateway Community College.

New businesses are opening up too. People can shop at places that sell cool stuff and eat at yummy restaurants. This brings more jobs and money to the town.

Old buildings are getting a new life. Instead of tearing them down, people are fixing them up. These places can become shops or apartments.

Folks in Steubenville are also working on making the city a prettier place. They plant flowers and paint murals. This makes people happy and attracts visitors.

With the Internet, folks can start their own businesses right from home. Steubenville supports these small businesses with helpful programs.

Did you know Steubenville has a robot that helps make things? It’s true! The city is teaching people to use technology to build new stuff.

Building new roads and fixing old ones makes it easier for people to get around. Good roads help businesses and make the city look better.

Steubenville has a big plan to keep making the city better. They want to make sure people who live here and visit have a great time.

Industrial Growth

Steubenville is not just about the past. The city is working to make more jobs and help businesses grow. They want to make Steubenville a really good place to live and work.

New businesses are starting up in Steubenville. This means there are more cool places to eat and shop. The city tries to help these businesses do well.

Schools in Steubenville are teaching kids about technology and science. This is to help them get ready for new kinds of jobs that are coming.

There are also plans to fix up old buildings. Making the buildings look nice can bring more people to the downtown area.

People in Steubenville are also working on making the city cleaner and greener. They plant trees and flowers which makes the city prettier and healthier.

Some places in Steubenville are getting internet that’s really, really fast. This helps businesses grow and lets students learn better at home.

Steubenville has a big road that many trucks and cars use. The city wants to make it better so businesses can move things around easier and faster.

More people want to visit Steubenville’s cool events and landmarks. So the city is trying to make more places for visitors to stay, like hotels and bed-and-breakfasts.

Modern Economy

Companies in Steubenville are working with schools. They do this to teach students the skills they need for jobs in the future. This helps kids get good jobs after they finish school.

The city is also looking at ways to use the land by the river. They want to make places for people to walk and play. This will make the river area nicer for everyone.

Old factories are being changed into new spaces. They could be apartments or places for businesses. This helps the city use buildings that were empty before.

Some people in Steubenville are starting their own businesses. The city supports them by giving advice and help. This makes more jobs for everybody.

There is also talk about building new roads. These roads will help people get around Steubenville easier. It will be better for drivers and businesses too.

Farms near Steubenville are important. The city is helping farmers sell their food to people in town. This is good for the farmers and for people who eat the food.

There is a big project to clean the river. A clean river is healthy for the fish and for people. This project can also bring more tourists to Steubenville.

Cultural and Educational Influence

Steubenville has a rich cultural scene. It is home to many artists and musicians who share their talents. They perform in local theaters and at city events.

Schools in Steubenville often have art programs. These programs help students learn to paint, draw, and make music. They can show their art in the city.

The city is proud of its history and has museums. People can visit these museums to learn about the past. This helps them understand how Steubenville became what it is today.

There are also programs to keep the city clean and pretty. Groups of people come together to plant flowers and trees. This makes the city a beautiful place to live and visit.

The Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County is a special place. You can find books and use computers there. Go to their website to learn more.

Every year, Steubenville has a festival called the Dean Martin Festival. It honors a famous singer from the city. The festival has music and food, and lots of people come to have fun.

Sports are big in Steubenville too. The city loves their high school football team, the Big Red. Games bring the community together to cheer.

Franciscan University

Steubenville is known for its big library. Many kids and adults go there to read and learn new things. The library hosts fun events too.

The city is home to a famous college called Franciscan University. A lot of students come from different places to study there.

Every year, Steubenville has festivals that celebrate different cultures. These festivals bring music, food, and dances from around the world.

Art is big in Steubenville. There are places where people can see paintings and sculptures. Some are made by artists from the city.

History is important in the city. There are old buildings and museums that tell stories about Steubenville’s past.

Steubenville has a music and arts center. It offers classes for kids to learn to play instruments, sing, or act in plays.

The city has a lot of beautiful parks. Families can have picnics, play games, and enjoy nature together there.

Sports are a big deal, too. Kids can join teams and play soccer, football, or basketball with friends.

Every summer, there’s a big fair with rides and games. Kids and their families have lots of fun at this event.

Historic Sites and Festivals

In Steubenville, schools are full of life. Teachers help kids learn all kinds of subjects. Kids work hard and make friends at school.

Music is part of the city’s heart. In school, kids can join bands or choirs. Outside of school, there are concerts in the park where everyone can listen to live music.

Steubenville has art classes for kids who want to make cool stuff. They can paint, draw, or make crafts. And they can show their art to others in art shows.

Acting is something kids can do in Steubenville, too. They can be in plays and learn how to perform on stage. Sometimes they even put on shows for the whole town to see.

Holidays are special here. On these days, people gather for parades and parties. Everyone, young and old, has fun together.

There are also clubs for hobbies like chess and robotics. In these clubs, kids can learn new things and find out what they’re really good at.

Steubenville takes care of its buildings and streets. This keeps the city looking nice for everyone who lives there and for visitors.

People in Steubenville care about each other. They work together to make the city a great place for kids to grow up.


Steubenville, or “The Ville,” is a city where kids have a lot to do. They go to good schools and have fun learning. The city makes sure there are lots of activities for them all year round.

From art to music, and acting to clubs, kids can find what they love. They can be artists, musicians, actors, or even scientists. There’s something for every kid in Steubenville.

On holidays, the city comes alive with celebrations. Parades fill the streets, and families have fun together. It’s a happy time for everyone.

The people here are friendly and work hard to keep the city nice. They fill Steubenville with kindness and care.

So, “The Ville” is more than just a place. It’s a community that makes sure kids have a bright and happy childhood. It’s a city that feels like a big family.