Things In Wheeling Wv

Wheeling, West Virginia is a city full of surprise and adventure. Nestled along the Ohio River, it has a mix of history and fun activities for everyone. From its famous suspension bridge to the scenic parkways, Wheeling is a treasure waiting to be explored.

This town is not only about the past but also embraces the present. It offers exciting places like the Capitol Theatre and the Oglebay Resort. Imagine catching a live show or spending the day with family at a zoo!

Wheeling is also known for its friendly community and delicious food. The Centre Market area is perfect for tasting local flavors and finding unique crafts. Whether you’re into exploring, eating, or just hanging out, Wheeling has something cool for you.

So, if you’re curious about what to do in Wheeling, get ready. You will find many awesome spots that will make your visit memorable. Let’s discover the gems of Wheeling, WV together!

Attractions in Wheeling, WV

If you’re a fan of nature and the outdoors, the Wheeling Heritage Trail is a must-see. It’s perfect for a bike ride or a walk while you enjoy the view of the river.

Are you into history? Visit the West Virginia Independence Hall where our state began. It’s a special place where you can step back in time and learn something new.

For a fun family day, the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum is full of cool toys and trains. It’s a place where both kids and adults can have fun and play.

Art lovers should not miss the Oglebay Institute’s Stifel Fine Arts Center. You’ll see beautiful art and maybe even create your own.

In the winter, Oglebay Park’s Winter Festival of Lights shines bright. It’s one of the biggest light shows in the U.S., and it’s right here in Wheeling!

And don’t forget the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra. They perform amazing music that can make your night magical.

Got a thing for animals? The Good Zoo at Oglebay Park lets you meet all sorts of creatures up close. They even have rare animals that you won’t see anywhere else!

If you want to learn about glass and how it’s made, check out the Glass Museum at Oglebay. It’s like a shiny treasure chest full of stories.

To wrap up your day, take a stroll at the Wheeling Waterfront. You can watch the boats, feed the ducks, and just chill by the water.

Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack

If you like action, Wheeling’s skate park is the place to be. Grab your skateboard or bike and zoom around ramps and rails. It’s fun and totally free!

Art lovers rejoice at The Stifel Fine Arts Center. It’s an old mansion turned gallery, filled with awesome art. They even have classes if you want to make your own masterpiece.

How about a walk with a view? The Heritage Trail is perfect. It’s a path by the river that shows off Wheeling’s nature and history. You can bike, walk, or just sit and watch boats glide by.

Feeling adventurous? Check out Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. It’s not just for kids. See old toys and cool trains, and maybe relive some childhood memories.

For a bit of history, the Independence Hall is a must-see. This is where West Virginia decided to become its own state. It’s like stepping back in time.

Don’t forget the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It’s been around since 1849 and is a sight to see. Walk across it for a little thrill and some great views of the city.

And if nature’s your thing, visit the Oglebay Good Zoo. They have animals from all over, and you can even feed some of them. Plus, the zoo is part of a bigger park with lots of stuff to do.

Oglebay Park and Resort

Take a trip to the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack if you’re into games and races. It’s got slots, table games, and greyhound racing. Try your luck or just watch the excitement.

Want to catch a show? Capitol Theatre hosts concerts, plays, and more. It’s a beautiful old building bringing tons of entertainment right to Wheeling.

Visit the WesBanco Arena for sports and big events. From hockey games to monster truck rallies, it’s got a bit of everything. Check out their schedule and catch something cool!

West Virginia Independence Hall

If you enjoy history, the Wheeling Heritage Trail is a must-see. This path takes you along the Ohio River and through the city with informational signs about Wheeling’s past.

Oglebay Park is perfect for outdoor lovers. There are gardens, a zoo, golf courses, and even a resort. It’s a great spot to relax and enjoy nature.

For a step back in time, visit the Victorian Old Town area. You’ll see historic homes and can imagine life way back when. The Victorian architecture is really amazing.

The Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley is a hit with families. Kids can play and learn at the same time with all the hands-on exhibits.

Historical Sites and Museums

Wheeling, WV is home to some fascinating historical sites. One such place is the West Virginia Independence Hall. It’s where our state began! You can see old rooms and artifacts from the 1800s.

Another cool spot is the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It’s the oldest of its kind in the USA. Walking across, you get awesome views of the Ohio River and the city.

The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum is a treat for anyone who loves toys or trains. They have lots of old toys on display. It’s fun to see what kids played with a long time ago.

Don’t miss the art at the Oglebay Institute’s Stifel Fine Arts Center. There’s artwork from local and national artists. Sometimes they even have classes and workshops.

The Wheeling Suspension Bridge

Wheeling, WV, has a rich history, and you can learn all about it at the Wheeling Artisan Center. The center used to be a market, but now it tells the story of the city’s past through cool exhibits.

Another place you can’t miss is the West Virginia Independence Hall. It’s a big deal because it’s where our state decided to break off from Virginia during the Civil War. The building is really old and has lots of stories to tell.

There’s also the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. If you like toys or trains, or both, this is your spot. It’s filled with old toys and model trains. You can see how kids back in the day had fun before smartphones and video games took over.

You can also check out the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It’s super old—it was built way back in 1849! It was the first bridge to span the Ohio River and it’s still standing. You can walk across it and see the river below.

The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum

If you’re a fan of glass art, make sure to visit the Oglebay Institute’s Glass Museum. This place has a huge collection of glass pieces. Some were even made over a hundred years ago in Wheeling.

Don’t forget about the Oglebay Mansion Museum too. It was someone’s fancy house a long time ago, and now it shows how people used to live. They even have rooms set up like back in the 1800s.

The Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley is great for kids. They get to play and learn at the same time. There are lots of hands-on things to do, so it’s perfect for families.

For train lovers, there’s the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Heritage Center. It has stuff from the old B&O Railroad, which was a big deal for transporting stuff around here. You’ll find out why trains were so important for Wheeling.

Lastly, if you like spooky stuff, you have to see the Palace of Gold. It’s not really in Wheeling, but it’s close by in New Vrindaban. It looks like a castle from a fairy tale and has a cool story behind it. They give tours, so you can check out all the neat rooms and gardens.

Learn more about Oglebay Institute’s Glass Museum.
Discover the Oglebay Mansion Museum.
Visit the Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley.
Explore the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Heritage Center.
Find out about the Palace of Gold.

Victoria Theater

Check out the Wheeling Artisan Center if you love cool stuff made by people from around here. It’s in an old market and has lots of neat art. Plus, they tell you stories about how Wheeling helped make America grow.

Ever heard of Fort Henry? It’s an old place where people fought a long time ago. Now, you can learn about the soldiers and see where they stood. It’s a big part of Wheeling’s history.

At the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum, you can see toys and trains from the past. It’s fun to imagine what it was like to play with them when they were new. They’ve got all sorts of toys, from dolls to games.

West Virginia Independence Hall is where the state of West Virginia was born. You’ll learn why some people wanted a new state and how they did it. It’s like stepping back into a super important moment in history.

The Wheeling Heritage Trail is an awesome place to walk or bike. But it’s not just about exercise. You can find old buildings and learn why they matter. Signs along the way tell you cool facts about Wheeling’s past.

Visit the Wheeling Artisan Center.
Find out about Fort Henry.
Explore the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum.
Learn about West Virginia Independence Hall.
Discover the Wheeling Heritage Trail.

Outdoor Activities and Nature

If you like being outside, Oglebay Park is a place you have to go. They’ve got gardens, a zoo, golf, and lots of space to play and chill. It’s like a giant outdoor fun zone.

Want to see some cool animals? The Good Zoo at Oglebay lets you get close to all kinds of creatures. They even have some rare ones that you might not see anywhere else.

Time to hit the water? Head to Wheeling Creek for fishing or just to splash around. It’s a nice spot to cool off and maybe catch a fish or two.

Get your bike or hiking boots and check out the Wheeling Island Trail. It’s a peaceful place by the river where you can ride or walk and enjoy the view.

Are trees your thing? Visit the Arboretum at Oglebay. It’s like a tree museum in the open air. You can walk among different trees and learn a bit about them too.

If you’re into sports, check out the J.B. Chambers Recreation Park. They’ve got fields for soccer and baseball, plus a cool playground if you just want to goof off.

Love to look at the stars? The Oglebay Park Observatory is your spot. They have special nights where you can see stars and planets through their big telescopes.

When winter comes, Oglebay turns into a snowy playground. You can go sledding, skiing, or just have a snowball fight. It’s all about having fun in the snow.

Check out Oglebay Park.
Learn more about the Good Zoo at Oglebay.
See winter activities at Oglebay.

Wheeling Heritage Trail System

Do you like being outdoors? Oglebay Park has a lot of cool stuff to do. You can hike on trails, swim, and even go to a zoo! There’s always something fun going on.

Feel like fishing or boating? Head over to Wheeling Creek. It’s a nice spot to hang out with friends or family and enjoy the water.

Want to get on a bike? The Ohio River Trail is perfect for that. It follows the river so you get nice views while pedaling. Plus, it’s a good way to get some fresh air.

Check out the Suspension Bridge, too. It’s really old and used to be the biggest one in the world! You can walk over it and see the river below. It’s pretty cool.

Wheeling Park

If you’re into garden stuff, Wheeling got you covered. The Bissonnette Gardens in Oglebay are pretty and quiet. It’s a great place to chill and see flowers and plants.

Snow time is fun at Wheeling Park. You can sled down hills and there’s an ice rink too. It’s a blast for everyone when it’s cold outside.

Ever tried golf? There are golf courses right here in Wheeling. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, hitting some golf balls is a cool way to spend your day.

Heritage Port is another spot by the water. They’ve got events and concerts sometimes. Or just walk around and watch boats. It’s nice and relaxing.

  • Enjoy the peace of Bissonnette Gardens.
  • Have winter fun at Wheeling Park.
  • Play a round of golf at a local course.
  • Explore Heritage Port and catch an event.

Schenk Lake

Wheeling is home to some cool trails for biking and hiking. The Wheeling Heritage Trails run along the river and are perfect for an afternoon adventure. You’ll see runners, bikers, and even folks walking their dogs.

Feeling like fishing? The Ohio River has some nice spots. Just grab your gear and you might catch bass or catfish. Remember to get a fishing license first!

Outdoor lovers, get ready! Wheeling has playgrounds and picnic spots at almost every turn. Places like Grand Vue Park have got you covered for a family hangout or a barbecue with pals.

When leaves change colors, Wheeling is the place to be. Oglebay Park has a fall festival with hayrides and pumpkins. It’s a whole lot of fun and great for photos too.

  • Hit the Wheeling Heritage Trails for a ride or hike.
  • Try fishing on the Ohio River.
  • Plan a picnic or playtime at a local park.
  • Celebrate fall at Oglebay Park’s festival.


In Wheeling, WV, you won’t run out of things to do. This town is loaded with activities whether you’re into sports, nature, or just hanging out with friends.

Don’t miss out on the Wheeling Nailers hockey games if you’re into sports. The team’s energy is contagious, and the games are a blast. Plus, you’ll be part of the action, cheering right alongside the locals.

If you’re more into the arts, the Capitol Theatre is a must-visit. They have plays, concerts, and other cool events. It’s a great way to spend an evening, and you get to see some amazing performances.

For a slice of history, check out the Victorian Old Town. The buildings are like a step back in time, and there are tours that tell you all about Wheeling’s past. It’s pretty interesting, especially if you like old stories and cool architecture.

No matter what you’re into, Wheeling has a little bit of everything. Just walking around, you’ll feel the city’s vibe. It’s a mix of old and new, fun and chill. By the end of your visit, you might even start feeling like a local.