Things To Do Wheeling Wv This Weekend

Looking for fun this weekend in Wheeling, WV? You’re in luck! Wheeling is full of cool spots to explore and fun activities to do. Whether you like being outdoors or prefer indoor places, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re into history, Wheeling has got you covered. Check out some amazing old buildings that tell stories of long ago. For those who love nature, there are parks with lots of trees and space to play. And guess what? Wheeling is right by the Ohio River, so you can see some cool water views too!

Love animals? There’s a place where you can hang out with all sorts of creatures. And for the creative ones, there are spots where you can paint and make art. Don’t forget, Wheeling has some yummy food places that you’ll definitely want to try. So, get ready, because Wheeling is waiting for you to have a blast this weekend!

Explore Wheeling’s History and Culture

Take a step back in time at the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s a long path where you can walk or bike and see places that are part of Wheeling’s story. Old factories and trains are some cool things you’ll find along the way.

Ever wonder about old-time toys and games? You can learn about them at the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. It’s like a treasure chest filled with toys from the past. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves to play or collect!

Art is a big deal in Wheeling too. The Stifel Fine Arts Center shows off beautiful artwork. You can see paintings and sculptures and sometimes even watch artists making new masterpieces. If you like drawing or painting, this place will inspire you!

Do you love music and plays? At the Capitol Theatre, you can catch a live show. From cool concerts to awesome plays, this place has stuff happening that kids and adults will enjoy.

Want a taste of Wheeling’s culture? Try the local food at Centre Market. It’s a spot where you can grab a bite of all kinds of dishes—like big sandwiches, sweet treats, and more. Eating here is not just tasty, it’s fun because you’re surrounded by Wheeling’s history!

Before you go home, don’t miss out on the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. This bridge is super old and important. It’s a big part of Wheeling’s past and gives you great views of the river and city. Walk across and feel like you’re part of history!

For a real adventure, visit Oglebay Park. They have a zoo with lots of animals, gardens to wander through, and even mini-golf. It’s the perfect spot to spend a whole day having fun and learning new things.

Remember to check the times and if you need tickets for these places. Some might be closed on certain days or need you to book ahead. Have a great time exploring Wheeling this weekend!

Visit Wheeling Heritage Port and The Wheeling Suspension Bridge

Do you like old stuff and cool stories? Wheeling’s got a lot! Visit the Wheeling Heritage Trail and imagine you are walking back in time. It’s like a history book, but you’re in it!

Now, if you love plays and music, go see a show at the Capitol Theatre. It’s a big, beautiful place where you can watch people act and sing. It’s super fun and you’ll feel like a star is right in front of you!

For a little mystery, you can visit the old West Virginia Penitentiary. Don’t worry, it’s not scary in the daytime. You’ll learn about what life was like a long time ago for people who broke the rules. It’s a bit spooky, but really interesting!

Feeling artsy? Stop by the Artisan Center. It’s a place where artists make really cool things. You can see them create and maybe even buy something to take home. It’s like watching magic happen!

And if you still have time, check out the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra. Even if you don’t know much about music, it’s awesome to hear them play. The music is so pretty, it’ll make you want to dance!

Ready to eat? Wheeling has places with delicious snacks and meals that will make your tummy happy. From hot dogs to fancy dinners, you can find a treat that’s just right for you.

Remember, all these fun things are happening in Wheeling this weekend. So, get up, get out, and make some memories!

Tour the Victorian Old Town

Bring your friends and family to the Wheeling Park. They have a big lake where you can fish or just watch the ducks swim. It’s a nice place to relax and have fun outside.

Ever heard of a Suspension Bridge? Wheeling has one and it’s huge! You can walk across and look at the river. It’s a cool spot for photos, so don’t forget your camera.

Don’t miss the Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley. It’s packed with games and stuff to learn. You might not even know you’re learning because you’ll be having so much fun!

Like animals? Oglebay’s Good Zoo has lots of them, and it’s not too far from Wheeling. You can see lions, otters, and even red pandas. It’s a wild time!

If you get tired of walking around, hop on the Wheeling Trolley. It’s an old-timey bus that takes you to cool places in the city. Plus, you can rest your legs a bit.

There are also fun shops downtown. You can buy toys, candy, and souvenirs to show your friends what you got in Wheeling.

This weekend is bursting with stuff to do in Wheeling. So, get your shoes on and go explore!

Experience the Oglebay Institute’s Museums

Learn about old trains at the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. They have old toys and big model train sets. Kids get to learn and play at the same time.

See art made by people from Wheeling at the Artisan Center. There are paintings, sculptures, and more. It’s like a treasure box of cool stuff to look at.

Visit the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s a path by the river where you can walk, bike, or skate. You’ll see trees, birds, and maybe boats on the water.

Watch a show at the Capitol Theatre. They have plays, concerts, and movies. It’s an old building that looks fancy inside.

Wheeling has an island with a big park on it. It’s called Wheeling Island, and it has a place to play sports and have picnics. Sometimes they have races with running or walking.

Go see the old buildings in North Wheeling. They are fancy houses from a long time ago. You can imagine what it was like back then.

Ready for some adventure? The Wheeling Heritage Port has a big boat you can ride. You’ll float on the river and feel like a captain of a ship.

You can eat food from all over the world right here in Wheeling. Try a pizza that tastes like Italy or some ice cream that reminds you of summer.

Outdoor Adventures in Wheeling

If you like animals, visit the Good Zoo at Oglebay. They have all sorts of creatures, from fluffy rabbits to big cats like cheetahs. You might even see a bear!

Oglebay Park is a great place to play outside. You can throw a frisbee, fly a kite, or just run around. There’s lots of space for fun.

There’s a cool place called the Suspension Bridge. It’s a bridge that hangs by big cables. You can walk across and see the water below.

Try fishing at Wheeling Creek. You might catch a fish! Just remember, you need a grown-up and a fishing license to drop your line in the water.

A fun thing to do is ride bikes. The Wheeling Heritage Trail is perfect for bike rides. You can rent a bike if you don’t have one.

Enjoy the Wheeling Park Activities

If you like animals, go to the Oglebay Good Zoo. They have lions, tigers, and even kangaroos. It’s fun to watch them and learn about what they do.

Love being outside? Check out Oglebay Park. You can hike on trails, fish in a pond, or just run around in the grass. The trees are really big and pretty, too.

Oglebay Park has a cool playground called Schenk Lake. You can ride paddle boats shaped like swans and feed the ducks. It’s super fun to splash around in the water.

If you’re brave, try the zipline at Grand Vue Park. You’ll zoom through the air and see all the trees from up high. It’s like being a bird!

Wanna ride a bike? The Wheeling Heritage Trail goes on for miles. You can see cool stuff like old factories and even a tunnel that goes through a hill.

Do you like flowers? Visit the Oglebay Institute Mansion Museum’s gardens. There are lots of different kinds of flowers, and they smell so good. It’s like a rainbow you can smell!

Oglebay also has a mini-golf course. It’s like a game where you hit a tiny ball into a hole. You can play with friends and see who gets the best score.

There are fish in the Ohio River, and you can try to catch them. Just remember, you need to bring your own fishing pole and bait.

Grand Vue Park has a giant swing. It’s like flying over the hills. You’ll scream and laugh at the same time!

Hike or Bike the Trails at Oglebay Resort

Wheeling has cool bike jumps at the Wheeling BMX Track. You can watch bikers fly through the air! It’s great for those who like to see tricks.

There’s a place called the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. You can see old toys and big train sets. They chug around tracks and it’s neat to watch.

Want to see a castle? Visit the Castle Halloween Museum. It’s not scary, just fun. You can learn about Halloween and see lots of costumes.

Ever thrown a frisbee far? At Wheeling’s frisbee golf course, you can! Try to get the frisbee into a metal basket, it’s harder than it looks.

Do you like to skate? Wheeling has a skate park where you can bring your skateboard or rollerblades. Watch others do cool moves or try some yourself!

Fish or Boat on the Ohio River

If you love animals, Oglebay Good Zoo is the place to go. See lions, monkeys, and birds. The animals are happy and there’s lots to learn about them.

Oglebay Park has big, open spaces to play outside. You can run, play catch, or have a picnic. Sometimes they even have outdoor concerts!

There’s a trail called the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s great for walking or bike riding. You can see the river and lots of trees along the way.

At the Wheeling Park, there’s an ice rink. You can lace up skates and glide on the ice. It’s fun with friends or family and good for laughs if you slip!

Entertainment and Leisure

Wheeling has a cool place called Capitol Theatre. They show plays, concerts, and sometimes movies too. You can check out their website to see what’s playing this weekend.

For kids who like to jump and bounce, Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a blast. Do flips and dodgeball while bouncing high in the air!

If you want to be like Tiger Woods, try mini-golf at the Foggy Bottom Family Fun Center. They have cute little golf courses that are just the right size.

Laser tag is super fun at Laser Quest. You can pretend you’re in a video game and tag your friends with lasers in a cool, dark maze.

At the Centre Market, you can shop and eat. There are small stores with toys, clothes, and candy. You can grab a hot dog or ice cream too!

Check Out Live Music and Performances

Check out the Capitol Theatre in Wheeling! They have cool shows and concerts. It’s fun to watch live music and plays with your friends.

The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum is super fun. They have old and new toys. You can learn about toys from a long time ago. It’s like a treasure hunt!

Do you like bowling? Elm Grove Lanes is the spot to hit some strikes. They have glow bowling too. It makes everything look neon and awesome!

For movie fans, Marquee Cinemas is the place. They have the latest movies. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the big screen with your buddies!

Wheeling Island is exciting if you like games. They have video games and lots more. It’s a cool place to play and maybe win a prize!

If you like art, the Stifel Fine Arts Center has amazing stuff. They have paintings and sculptures. You can even take an art class or make something!

Do you want to splash around? Wheeling’s indoor waterpark, Wheeling Park Highgate, is open. They have water slides and a pool. It’s a blast, even when it’s cold outside!

Try Your Luck at Wheeling Island Casino

Take a walk at Oglebay Park. They have pretty gardens and animals. You can feed the ducks or see the deer.

Visit the Good Zoo at Oglebay. They have cool animals like cheetahs and red pandas. Sometimes they even let you feed the animals!

Skate at the Wheeling Park ice rink. You can glide on ice and have races. Don’t worry if you fall, it’s part of the fun!

Play mini-golf at Colemans Fish Market. They have a small course with fun challenges. You can play a game with your family.

Explore the Suspension Bridge. It’s an old bridge that you can walk across. It feels like an adventure in the sky!

Catch a fish at Wheeling Creek. It’s a calm place where you can learn to fish. Maybe you’ll catch a big one to tell stories about!

Head to the Heritage Port. They have festivals and music sometimes. There’s always something new happening by the river.

Relax at a Local Brewery or Winery

Watch a movie at Marquee Cinemas. They show new movies and some old favorites. It’s a great place to relax and eat popcorn.

See a play at the Capitol Theatre. They put on great shows with music and acting. It’s like TV but right in front of you!

Go bowling at Elm Grove Lanes. You can try to get a strike or just have fun knocking down pins. Make sure to wear the funny looking shoes!

Visit the Wheeling Artisan Center. You can see art made by people from our town. Sometimes they have fun things to make and take home.

Listen to music at River City. Bands play songs you can dance to. It’s fun to listen to live music with friends.

Try yummy food at the Centre Market. They have different kinds of food to taste. You can find your new favorite snack!

Watch a hockey game at WesBanco Arena. The teams skate fast and play hard. It’s exciting to see who wins!


Wheeling, WV, is full of fun stuff to do this weekend! There’s no way to get bored with all these choices. Remember to try new things and enjoy the time with family and friends.

Maybe you’ll find a new hobby or something you really like to do. Don’t forget to take pictures to remember the good times.

Weekends are a special time to relax and have fun. So pick one of these cool places to go in Wheeling and make the most of it!