Top Dog Day Spa Wheeling Wv

Finding a top-notch dog day spa in Wheeling, WV is a treat for any pet owner. Our furry friends are more than pets; they’re family. They deserve to be pampered and cared for just like we do. In Wheeling, there’s a place that does just that.

At the heart of the Ohio Valley, Wheeling is a bustling little city that not only takes pride in its scenic views and rich history but also in the well-being of its four-legged residents. A dog day spa here isn’t just a luxury; it’s a community staple.

Imagine your pooch getting the best care and coming home not just happy, but healthy too. In Wheeling’s top dog day spa, this is what they strive for. With a range of services, your dog can enjoy a relaxing bath, a tidy haircut, and even a playful day with new friends.

Overview of Top Dog Day Spa in Wheeling, WV

Wheeling’s Top Dog Day Spa is a favorite spot for pet owners. With staff who love dogs, your pet will get the best treatment. It’s a safe and fun place for your dog to stay.

The spa offers many services to make dogs look and feel great. They give baths, trims, and even pet massages. Your dog will leave looking good and feeling relaxed.

Having a clean pet is important and Top Dog Day Spa knows this. They use safe, top-quality products for all their services. This means your dog stays safe while getting cleaned and groomed.

Another cool thing about the spa is the play area. Dogs can run and play with others. It’s a great way for your dog to make friends and get exercise.

The Top Dog Day Spa in Wheeling stands out because they also take care of dogs’ health. They check dogs for any signs of health issues during their visit. So you can be sure your pet is in good hands.

They even have special treats for dogs after their spa day. These treats are healthy and yummy. Dogs love them, and it’s a nice end to a day of pampering.

If you want to learn more about Top Dog Day Spa, check out their website. Click here to visit their site and see all they offer. Your furry friend will thank you!

Location and Accessibility

Top Dog Day Spa in Wheeling, WV, knows what your pup needs. Each dog is special, so they give one-on-one attention to make sure your dog feels loved.

They keep it super clean at Top Dog Day Spa. Your dog will be in a place that’s as clean as your own home. They use safe, top-quality products to keep tails wagging.

Want to know the best part? Top Dog Day Spa has people who really understand dogs. They know just how to calm nervous pups or get playful ones to settle down for a trim. Trusting them with your furry buddy is easy.

When it’s time to pick up your dog, expect a happy wagging tail. The staff at Top Dog Day Spa will tell you all about your pup’s day. You’ll hear about the fun they had and how they behaved.

Got questions? The staff is there to help. They can give advice on what’s best for your dog’s coat, how often they should visit, and what kind of treats they love. They’re like dog wizards!

Don’t forget about your dog’s next birthday! Top Dog Day Spa can help plan a doggie party that your pup and their friends will bark about for years. It’s a special touch that shows how much they care.

Check them out online. Head to to learn more or book a spa day for your dog. It’s a dog’s dream come true!

History of the Spa

At Top Dog Day Spa, they got the whole package. Your dog can get a fresh haircut, a bath that will make them shine, and even a mani-pedi. Yes, dogs love to get pampered too!

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their styles. The groomers at Top Dog can do any cut you want. Does Fido want to look like a show dog? They’ve got him covered. Or maybe just a simple trim to beat the Wheeling heat? No problem!

Is your dog a bit of a couch potato? Top Dog’s got activities to get them moving. They’ve got toys and play areas that will have your pooch playing like a puppy again.

Your dog’s safety is a big deal at Top Dog. They’re trained to handle all sorts of pups, even the ones that are a little shy or maybe too excited. They make sure every dog is comfortable and safe.

Just moved to Wheeling or visiting for a while? Top Dog Day Spa is a place where locals and newcomers alike bring their dogs. It’s a great spot to meet other dog lovers and let your pet make new friends.

Services Offered

Feeling unsure about leaving your dog alone while you’re at work? At Top Dog, they offer a spot just for your buddy to hang out. It’s like a hotel for dogs, with comfy beds and lots of care from the staff.

Got a dog that’s a bit stinky? Top Dog’s baths aren’t just any old splash and rinse. They use special shampoos that leave your pup smelling like roses. Plus, they’re gentle on the skin, which is great for dogs with itchy spots.

Top Dog Day Spa isn’t hard to find. It’s right in Wheeling, easy to spot from the road. The location is super convenient, whether you’re coming from downtown or hopping off the interstate.

Want to show off how cute your dog is? Top Dog has bright bandanas and shiny bows they can wear after their grooming. Imagine all the cool photos you can take of your best friend looking their best!

Booking an appointment is easy peasy. You can call them up or visit their website. Click here to schedule a time to bring in your dog for a day of fun and pampering.

Why Pet Owners Choose Top Dog Day Spa

Ever worry about your pup being lonely? Top Dog Day Spa in Wheeling, WV, is a favorite because they give pets plenty of playtime. Dogs get to run around with new friends, so they’re tuckered out when you pick them up.

Safety is a big deal at Top Dog. They make sure every pet is up-to-date on shots before they join the play group. That means your furry friend is in a clean, healthy place, hanging out with other well-cared-for pups.

Some dogs need a break from the crowd. At Top Dog, they get it. The staff gives each dog personal time, whether that’s a quiet nap or some one-on-one cuddles. Your pet feels right at home.

Training can be tough, but Top Dog helps with that too. They offer training sessions to work on manners. Imagine coming home to a dog that’s not just happy, but also better behaved!

You love your dog, and at Top Dog Day Spa, they love them too. The care team treats every pet like a VIP. That’s why so many pet owners trust them with their precious pups.

Professional Grooming and Care

Top Dog Day Spa in Wheeling makes sure your dog doesn’t get bored. They have tons of toys and friends to play with. It’s a party every day!

Your pup’s health is a big deal at Top Dog. They clean everything, from floors to toys. It’s so clean; you might wish your house was like this!

Training a puppy can be tough. But don’t sweat it, Top Dog helps with that. They teach manners and cool tricks. Your dog will be a star!

Worried about your dog’s dinner? No problem! They serve top-notch chow, so your dog eats just as good as at home. You can bring your own food too, if that’s what your pup likes.

They really love dogs at Top Dog. The folks working there give lots of hugs and talks to the dogs. It’s like leaving your dog with a family friend.

Is your dog scared of storms? The people at Top Dog keep them safe and calm. They even play music to help dogs chill out during a thunder boom.

If your dog needs to take any medicine, just let Top Dog know. They make sure your dog gets their meds on time. Your furry friend is in good hands!

Health and Safety Standards

Top Dog Day Spa isn’t just for daytime. They offer sleepovers for your furry pal. Imagine a fun sleepover with all your dog’s best buddies!

During hot summers, dogs can stay cool at Top Dog. They have splash pools for your dog to jump and play in. Summer days are just right for a doggy dip.

Got a furry escape artist? Top Dog has secure fences all around. No need to worry about your dog going on an unplanned adventure.

Birthdays are special, and Top Dog knows it. They throw birthday parties for dogs with treats and games. It’s a blast for all the tail-wagging guests!

When it’s time to go home, your dog doesn’t just leave. They get their own spa treatment! Your best friend comes back smelling fresh and looking sharp.

Top Dog Day Spa has a webcam service. You can watch your dog play while you’re away. Just check their website on your phone or computer!

You can easily find their website for more info. Click here to visit the Top Dog Day Spa site and see all they offer.

Customer Testimonials

Every pet owner knows our furry friends need to run and play. At Top Dog Day Spa, there’s lots of space for that. Dogs get to roam and have fun in a safe place.

Top Dog Day Spa picks up your pup at home if you’re busy. It’s super easy to schedule a pickup for doggy day care. Wheeling, WV pet parents love this!

Some dogs need special food or medicine. The staff at Top Dog are trained to take care of that. Your dog’s health is a big deal to them.

Worried about leaving your new puppy? Top Dog Day Spa takes puppies, too. They make sure the little ones get extra care and learn to play nice.

Busy day? Top Dog Day Spa helps. They keep your dog busy with toys and friends. So, you can do your stuff, and your dog has a great time.

If you live in Wheeling, Steubenville, or Weirton, this spa is close by. It’s perfect for quick trips or longer stays. Your pet won’t have to travel far.

People say the staff at Top Dog are super nice. They treat every dog like their own. It’s like a second home for your pet.

Have more questions? The Top Dog team is ready to chat. They can tell you all about their cool place for dogs.

Comparing Pet Services in the Vicinity

Now, let’s look at other pet services nearby. It’s good to know your options. This helps you choose the best for your furry buddy.

There’s a spot called Paws and Claws in Weirton, WV. They give your pet a nice bath and trim. Plus, they have cool toys for sale.

Over in Steubenville, OH, is Furry Friends Pet Care. They do pet sitting. Your pets can stay comfy at home while you’re away.

In Wheeling, besides Top Dog, there’s The Pampered Pooch. They offer grooming and overnight stays. They even have a vet on call if your pet needs it.

When your pet stays at these places, they’ll get good care. But at Top Dog Day Spa, pets get more than that. They get to play and make friends.

About cost, every place is different. You might want to save up for Top Dog. It’s a bit more, but lots of people say it’s worth it.

It’s easy to find these pet services online. Just search for them and check out their websites. Here’s the one for Top Dog Day Spa:

Similar Businesses in Weirton, WV

Looking for a trim or a full makeover for your pet? Wheeling has some neat spots. Check out Grooming by the Elite. They give your dog a fresh, clean look.

Need someone to watch your cat in Steubenville? Pampered Pets Boarding is a place you can trust. They make sure your kitty feels right at home.

Weirton offers a cool service with Pet Nannies Plus. They come to your house to feed and play with your pets when you’re out.

If your dog loves meeting new buddies, there’s a park for that. Weirton’s local dog park is free and fun. It’s a pawsome place for dogs to hang out.

Need a quick pet fix in Wheeling? Pet stores like Pet Supplies Plus have toys and treats. Your pup will be super happy!

What if your pet gets sick? Wheeling has vets like Wheeling Animal Hospital. They help your pet feel better fast.

With these options, you can find the perfect place for your pet’s needs. Whether it’s a bath, a fun day, or a check-up, your pet will be in good hands.

Options in Steubenville, OH

At Top Dog Day Spa in Wheeling, your furry friend gets the VIP treatment. They offer more than just baths. They’ll pamper your pup with nail trims and ear cleaning too.

Looking for something extra? Top Dog also has doggie daycare. This means your dog can play and make friends while you’re busy.

In Weirton, there’s Tail Waggers Boutique. They not only groom your pet but also have cool clothes to style them up.

Steubenville’s Furry Friends Grooming is awesome for a quick wash. They’ll have your pet looking and smelling great in no time.

Each place has its own perks. So, think about what your dog loves. Does they like playing or do they just need a quick groom? Pick the place that’s right for them!

Why Top Dog Stands Out

If you’re in Weirton and your dog loves to socialize, consider Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort. They have lots of space for playtime. Your pet can run around and have a blast!

In Wheeling, Wheeling Pet Care is a popular choice. They offer grooming and vet services all in one spot. It’s convenient if you need to check health and haircut off your list at the same time.

Over in Steubenville, check out Pet Paradise Spa. They offer a spa experience for your dog. Imagine them getting a massage and feeling super relaxed!

Remember, happy pets mean happy owners. Whether it’s playtime or spa time, there’s a spot that’s perfect for your buddy. Choose the service that fits what your pet needs the most.


When picking a dog spa, think about what your fur baby likes best. Do they need a good scrub, or is it time for a trim? Maybe, they just want to play with other pups.

Your dog deserves the best. That’s why it’s great that Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville have top spots for pet care. From groomers to play areas, they’ve got it all.

Don’t forget to plan a day for your pet that they will love. Whether it’s a full spa day or an afternoon of fun, they’ll thank you with wags and kisses!