Trick Or Treat Wheeling Wv 2023

Are you ready for a spooky and fun time in Wheeling, WV? When October rolls around, everyone starts to feel the excitement of Halloween, and there’s nothing quite like trick-or-treating. Wheeling has a special way of making this ghostly holiday a blast for families and kids of all ages!

Each year, our city gears up for an evening where the streets come alive with superheroes, princesses, ghosts, and goblins, all on the quest for candy. The community comes together to ensure a safe and festive environment, and the buzz about this year’s trick-or-treat is already starting. Wondering what Wheeling has in store for you this 2023? Get your costumes ready!

Parents and guardians, don’t fret! Wheeling is known for its welcoming neighborhoods and watchful eyes during Halloween. Local police and community volunteers will be on hand so you can enjoy a worry-free night out with your little monsters. So, mark your calendars, prep your candy bowls, and prepare for a memorable trick-or-treat night right here in Wheeling, WV!

Trick or Treating in Wheeling, WV: An Overview

As the leaves change, so does the excitement for Halloween in Wheeling, WV. This year, trick-or-treating will be super cool with lots of houses decked out in spooky gear. Be on the lookout for times and dates, as they’ll be announced closer to Halloween.

Don’t miss out on popular neighborhoods that go all out for trick-or-treaters. Places like Woodsdale and Edgwood are known for their awesome decorations and friendly folks giving out candy. Just remember to stay with your group and carry a flashlight so everyone can see you.

And hey, want some more fun? Wheeling has other cool Halloween happenings, too. There might be parades, costume contests, and more! To find out what’s happening, keep an eye on the City of Wheeling’s website or check the local newspaper for all the details.

Get your costumes ready, practice your best “Trick or Treat” shout, and gear up for a night of fun in Wheeling. It’ll be a safe, happy, and candy-filled Halloween for sure! And who knows? Maybe you’ll score the best treats in town!

Date and Time for 2023

This year, trick-or-treating in Wheeling, WV is on track to be better than ever. The streets will be busy with families from all over, and houses decked out in spooky decor will light the way for kids seeking treats. Make sure your costume is ready to go, because the competition for best-dressed is always tough in Wheeling!

For those of you who love planning ahead, the city usually announces official trick-or-treat times a few weeks before Halloween. This gives everybody plenty of time to prepare. Keep an eye on the Wheeling city website or local news for the exact times. For updates, you can also check out their official page at as we get closer to the big day.

If you want to make the most of Halloween night, remember that many local businesses in downtown Wheeling participate too. They often give out candy and sometimes host fun events for the whole family. It’s a great way to score even more goodies and see what’s new in town.

While the focus is on the kids, let’s not forget about our four-legged friends. Wheeling loves pets, and costumes for dogs and cats are becoming a hilarious trend. So if you have a pet, think about a little costume for them too. It’s all part of the fun!

Last but not least, always be safe. Carry a flashlight or wear something reflective. Wheeling is all about keeping Halloween fun and safe for everyone. With the city’s strong community spirit, this year’s trick-or-treat night is shaping up to be one to remember.

Safety Regulations

When Halloween comes to Wheeling, WV, it’s a community affair. Neighbors come together to make sure every kid can have a blast. It’s not just about the candy, it’s about showing off our small-town spirit.

To get into the Halloween mood, why not check out some local haunts? Places like the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum might have special events. They’re always a hit with families. Don’t forget to stop by their website for any Halloween happenings at

And hey, it’s not Halloween without pumpkins! Wheeling’s pumpkin patches are perfect for finding that one special pumpkin. Carving it can be a fun activity before the trick-or-treat starts. Some of our local farms may offer carving events, so look out for those too.

Speaking of treats, let’s talk candy. Did you know that some Wheeling stores sell unique and locally made sweets? Grabbing some of these treats can make your candy bowl the most popular on the block!

The fun doesn’t end when the trick-or-treating does. After the candy rush, you can enjoy community bonfires or after-parties. These events are hosted by local organizations and are a great way to wind down the night.

So get your candy bags ready, work on that perfect costume, and join in the festive spirit of Wheeling, WV this Halloween. It’s all about community, fun, and of course, lots and lots of candy!

Participation Guidelines

Are you ready for trick-or-treating in Wheeling, WV? Mark your calendars! The city has set the date and times for this year’s fun. Kids and their families can hit the streets in their best costumes.

Before you set out, make sure your costume is safe and comfy. And grab a flashlight or wear some glow sticks. It’s important to see and be seen as you walk around the neighborhood.

Wheeling Police will be keeping an eye out for everyone’s safety. Parents, you can help by staying with your kids as they go door to door. It’s a good time to meet your neighbors and check out their spooky decorations.

If you’ve got little ones, or you’re not a fan of scary stuff, no worries. Some local churches and malls offer a trick-or-treat that’s just as fun but in daylight. This way, everyone can have a good time.

Don’t forget to say “Thank you” when you get a treat. It’s a small thing, but it matters. And it’s part of what makes our community special. Wheeling takes pride in being friendly and polite, even on Halloween.

Lastly, after you’ve filled your bags with goodies, head home and sort through your loot. It’s best to have an adult check your candy before you dig in. Safety first!

So whether you’re a ghost, a superhero, or a princess, get ready for a super fun time. Trick-or-treating in Wheeling is the highlight of Halloween, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Community Events and Attractions

Get excited for the Wheeling Halloween Parade! The parade is a big deal here and it’s happening right before Halloween night. You’ll see floats, costumes, and bands marching through the streets. Be sure to check the time so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Let’s talk pumpkins. Wheeling has pumpkin patches where families can pick their own. After you’ve got the perfect pumpkin, enter it into the pumpkin carving contest. The contest is a cool way for everyone to show off their creativity and maybe win a prize.

Now, if you’re into creepy stories, Wheeling’s got something for you too. The city organizes a haunted house tour. It’s only for the brave, so if you like a good scare, you should totally go. But remember, it’s all in good fun and nothing to be really scared of.

And for the little ones, the Wheeling Park District holds a ‘Boo at the Zoo’. It’s a daytime event with lots of animals and Halloween cheer. There’s nothing spooky here, just fun games and treats. The zoo is all dressed up for Halloween and it’s a great place for some cute photos.

Finally, if you love a good story, join the Wheeling Storytellers Guild for a special Halloween night. They’ll be telling spooky tales that are perfect for Halloween. It’s held at a cozy spot downtown and it’s a different way to celebrate.

Remember to visit the local Wheeling website for dates, times, and details on all these events. It’s the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything. Just go to and look for the Halloween events page. Have fun planning your Halloween adventure!

Haunted Houses and Tours

Wheeling’s Centre Market area turns into a Halloween haven on trick-or-treat night. Local shops welcome kids with treats and sometimes even fun games. It’s a great spot to start your candy collection!

Oglebay Park is a must-visit during Halloween. They have a Boo at the Zoo event that’s perfect for families. It’s not just about candy; there are animals to see and hayrides, too!

Over in Weirton, there’s a Halloween parade that’s a blast! Everyone dresses up and walks down Main Street. Floats, music, and lots of candy make it a party you don’t want to miss.

Steubenville has a pumpkin patch that’s like stepping into a fall dream. Kids can pick their own pumpkin and paint it. Plus, there’s hot apple cider and donuts for everyone.

For those who love a good scare, the Haunted School of Terror in Weirton is the place to go. They open in October and it’s spooky! But remember, it might be too scary for the little ones.

If you want to see some amazing pumpkin carvings, check out the Pumpkin Festival in Wheeling. People get really creative, and it’s cool to see what they come up with. It’s a fun warm-up for trick-or-treating night.

And don’t miss the chance to watch a Halloween movie under the stars. The City of Wheeling sometimes shows free films at Heritage Port. Pack a blanket and some snacks, and enjoy the show with your friends.

Remember, Halloween is a community event. It’s a time when neighbors come together to create a fun and safe environment for kids. So, get into the spirit, get your costume ready, and enjoy these fantastic events around Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville!

Family-Friendly Festivities

Wheeling Island Stadium lights up for trick-or-treaters with a Halloween bash that’s all about the costumes and candy. Even local sports teams join in the fun, making it a night to remember.

Need a costume? The “Spooky Store” in downtown Wheeling has you covered. From pirates to princesses, they’ve got everything. And the best part? They use the funds to help local charities.

Weirton’s Marland Heights neighborhood is famous for going all out on decorations. It’s like walking through a Halloween wonderland, and the candy haul is huge!

At the Steubenville City Park, kids get to decorate cookies and carve pumpkins. This is a sweet spot for families who enjoy crafty fun before heading out for trick-or-treating.

The Weirton Event Center throws a Halloween party with a DJ and costume contest. It’s an awesome spot for dancing and showing off your costume moves.

Also in Steubenville, Historic Fort Steuben invites ghosts and goblins to explore. They have story time and treats, making history super cool and spooky.

Families in Wheeling can explore the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum, which offers a Halloween-themed toy train display that will dazzle train enthusiasts of all ages.

Overall, these communities work hard to make Halloween special. Whether it’s sports stadiums or historic sites, there’s something for every little ghost and goblin in the Ohio Valley.

Costume Contests

Over in Centre Market, Wheeling’s old-fashioned neighborhood, local shops give out candy to kids in costumes. It’s a safe and friendly place for families to start their trick-or-treat adventure.

In the heart of Wheeling, the Capitol Theatre opens its doors for a Halloween film fest. Here, families can watch spooky movies together, with a mix of laughs and thrills.

The Ohio Valley Mall, just outside of Wheeling, hosts an indoor trick-or-treat event. This is perfect for when the weather is chilly, and kids still get to fill their bags with goodies.

Let’s not forget about the Wheeling Park ice rink, where skating gets a Halloween twist. Skate in your costume, if you dare, and join the ice parade.

Weirton’s Millsop Community Center offers games and crafts, adding a dash of Halloween fun for those who like to make things with their hands. Plus, it’s another good spot for trick-or-treating.

Steubenville’s North Fourth Street becomes a pedestrian-only zone on Halloween night. This lets kids roam freely, visiting house after house without worrying about cars.

Back in Weirton, the community comes together for a trunk-or-treat event. Local businesses and families decorate their cars and fill trunks with candy, creating a portable trick-or-treat haven.

Remember, each of these events is a great way to have tons of Halloween fun. So pick out your favorite costume, grab a bag for candy, and get ready to explore the spooky celebrations in Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville.

Tips for a Spooktacular Trick or Treating Experience

Are you ready for a night of frights and delights in Wheeling, WV? Follow these tips for a memorable trick-or-treating this Halloween. First, plan your route. Wheeling’s neighborhoods like Woodsdale and Edgwood are popular spots. Know where you’re headed to make the most of your night.

Dress for the weather! Sometimes it gets cold in late October. Make sure your costume is warm enough or you can wear layers underneath. You don’t want to catch a chill while hunting for treats.

Light it up! Safety is super important. Carry a flashlight or wear glow sticks so drivers and others can see you. Plus, it adds to the spooky vibe!

Wheeling residents love to decorate their homes. Walk by North Main Street to see some of the best-decorated houses. It’s like a free haunted house tour that adds excitement to your night.

Parents, remember to check all treats before the kids dig in. Safety first! Make sure all candy is sealed and there’s nothing suspicious.

For those with food allergies, look for homes with a teal pumpkin; it means they have non-food treats. Everyone should get to enjoy the fun!

And finally, say a big “Thank you!” to everyone who gives you a treat. Wheeling folks are kind, and a little thanks goes a long way. Happy Halloween, and enjoy trick-or-treating in Wheeling, WV!

Costume Safety

Before you head out for candy in Wheeling, pick a buddy system. Trick or treating is more fun and safer when you’re with friends or family. Always stay together!

Bring a flashlight or wear glow sticks in Wheeling, WV. It’s not just cool, it’s smart! They help drivers see you and keep your group safe as you walk from house to house.

Parents, check the candy before eating. It’s rare, but sometimes stuff can be in there that shouldn’t be. Make sure everything is sealed and looks okay.

In Weirton, wear costumes that fit right to avoid trips and falls. Also, make sure masks don’t block your view. Stay on sidewalks and look both ways before crossing the street.

For greater Wheeling areas, find out the official trick-or-treating times. This way, you hit the streets when it’s buzzing with fellow ghouls and goblins. You can find the times on the City of Wheeling’s website.

Steubenville’s historic neighborhoods are great for treats. But, respect people’s homes. If a house is dark and quiet, they might not be giving out candy. Just go to the next brightly lit home.

In Weirton, listen to the local police’s safety tips. They’re there to make sure you have a blast and stay out of trouble. Look out for them if you need help.

Finally, keep an eye out for community contests in Wheeling. Costume competitions or pumpkin carving events can score you extra treats, or even a prize!

Candy Inspection

Check the weather for Wheeling before you dress up. If it’s cold, wear warm layers under your costume. If it’s raining, bring a waterproof jacket or an umbrella. Staying dry and warm is key!

Choose safe props for your Wheeling costume. Make sure swords or wands are short and flexible. This way, no one gets hurt if you’re playing around.

In Steubenville, some areas have steep hills. Always walk, don’t run, and wear shoes that have good grip. This will help you avoid slipping on leaves or wet pavement.

Plan your route ahead in Weirton. Stick to neighborhoods you know. That way, you won’t get lost, and you can find the best candy spots faster!

When you’re out in Wheeling, don’t go inside anybody’s house for candy. Stay on the porch or at the front door. This is a big no-no for staying safe.

Be polite when saying “trick or treat” in Steubenville. Don’t grab candy; wait for them to give it to you. And always say “thank you.” Good manners are like a magic spell for more treats!

After Wheeling trick or treating, swap candy with friends. This is a fun way to get your favorite sweets and make sure nobody eats something they’re allergic to.

Remember, if you’re trick or treating without an adult in Weirton, let someone know where you’ll be going. Check-in at home once in a while so they know you’re okay.

Route Planning

If you’re going trick or treating in Wheeling, glow sticks or flashlights are a must. They make it easier to see and be seen. Plus, they add an extra glow to your costume!

For those in Weirton, make sure to follow the trick or treating times set by the city. It’s important to only go out when it’s allowed. Keep an eye on the local news for the official times.

In Steubenville, respect people’s homes. If there’s no light on, it means no candy. Always skip those houses to save time for ones that are ready for trick or treaters.

While in Wheeling, keep an eye out for special events. Sometimes, businesses downtown give out candy too. It’s a fun change from walking house to house.

If you have allergies, Weirton families should carry an allergy card. Give this to the person handing out candy, so they know what to avoid giving you.

Steubenville trick or treaters, consider bringing a water bottle. Walking around can be thirsty work. Staying hydrated will keep you going longer.

And finally, for Wheeling witches and wizards, sort your candy when you get home. Check for any open or suspicious-looking sweets and throw them out just to be safe.


As Halloween approaches, remember these tips for a safe and fun trick or treat experience in the Ohio Valley. Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville each have their own flavor of Halloween fun.

Wheeling kids, remember to stay with your group and check your treats at home. Safety first means more Halloweens to enjoy. Weirton ghosts and goblins, don’t forget to say thank you. A little kindness goes a long way.

Steubenville superheroes, make sure your costumes don’t drag on the ground. Tripping is no fun when you’re on a candy quest. For everyone, if you’re wearing a mask, make sure you can see clearly.

Have a spooktacular time out there! Whether in Wheeling, Weirton, or Steubenville, Halloween is a night for community fun, chilling thrills, and of course, lots of treats. Make it a memorable one!