Uncle Pete’s Wheeling Wv Menu

Have you ever been to Uncle Pete’s in Wheeling, WV? It’s a great place to eat! They serve all kinds of yummy food that will make your mouth water. Uncle Pete’s is known for their tasty dishes that are perfect for the whole family.

People love coming here because the menu has something for everyone. You can find big burgers, crispy fries, and even salads for a lighter option. Uncle Pete’s makes sure no one leaves hungry. It’s a favorite spot in Wheeling for lunch or dinner!

When you step into Uncle Pete’s, you’ll feel right at home. The staff is friendly and always ready to help. They’ll make sure you find a meal that you’ll love. Plus, the cozy atmosphere makes it a fun place to hang out with friends and family. So, next time you’re in Wheeling, be sure to check out Uncle Pete’s menu for some delicious food!

Exploring Uncle Pete’s Menu

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Uncle Pete’s in Wheeling serves up some amazing desserts. Their milkshakes are super thick and creamy. And you’ve got to try their apple pie – it’s like a slice of heaven!

Looking for something to do on the weekend? Uncle Pete’s has special dishes that they only make on Saturdays and Sundays. These specials are a big surprise and change every week, so it’s always exciting to see what they’ll cook up next!

And parents, don’t worry about the kids. Uncle Pete’s has a cool kids’ menu with lots of tasty choices that your little ones will gobble up. They even get crayons to color while they wait for their food, which is super fun!

If you want to check out the menu before you visit, Uncle Pete’s website has it all. Just click on this link www.unclepeteswheeling.com/menu and you can see all the awesome food they offer. This way, you can decide what to eat before you even get there!

Appetizers and Starters

At Uncle Pete’s, kids can pick from super cool choices like mac ‘n’ cheese or chicken tenders. They even get crayons to color while they wait for food. Grown-ups have lots of choices too, like juicy steaks or fish that tastes like it just jumped out of the river!

Guess what? Uncle Pete’s also has pizza with cheese that stretches super long. You can choose your favorite toppings like pepperoni or veggies. They bake it until it’s just right – crispy on the edges and soft in the middle!

Don’t forget dessert! Uncle Pete’s has amazing sweets like chocolate cake that’s super rich and creamy. They also have ice cream that’s perfect for those hot summer days in Wheeling. Everyone loves ending their meal with something sweet from Uncle Pete’s.

People say the milkshakes at Uncle Pete’s are the best around. You can get classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla or try something new. They’re thick, creamy, and totally awesome. A milkshake from Uncle Pete’s is like the cherry on top of a great meal!

Main Courses

Uncle Pete’s has foods from all around the world. You can try tacos that are filled with cheese and meat, or go for some spaghetti. They make sure everyone can find something they like.

And for those who love to eat healthy, Uncle Pete’s has got you covered. They have salads with lots of fresh veggies. You can add chicken or fish to make it a bigger meal. It’s yummy and good for you too.

If you’re really hungry, they have big sandwiches. They come with chips or you can switch to fries. The bread is soft and the fillings are super tasty!

When it’s chilly in Wheeling, Uncle Pete’s warm soup will make you feel cozy. They have different kinds every day, like tomato or chicken noodle. It’s like a hug in a bowl.

Desserts and Beverages

For those with a sweet tooth, Uncle Pete’s dessert menu is a treat. They have gooey chocolate brownies and ice cream that comes in many flavors. Kids will love the fun toppings they can sprinkle on top!

Kids have their own special menu at Uncle Pete’s too. They can pick from mini burgers, mac-and-cheese, or chicken fingers. These meals are just the right size for smaller tummies.

Don’t forget about breakfast! Uncle Pete’s serves breakfast all day. You can have pancakes with syrup or eggs and bacon. Breakfast for dinner is fun and delicious.

Drinks at Uncle Pete’s are cool and refreshing. You can sip on lemonade, iced tea, or a milkshake. They even have hot chocolate for when you need to warm up.

Specialties of Wheeling, WV Location

Uncle Pete’s in Wheeling, WV has some special dishes you won’t find anywhere else. Their pepperoni rolls are famous in town. They’re stuffed with cheese and spicy pepperoni, and everyone loves them.

Another favorite is their West Virginia hot dogs. These hot dogs come with chili and slaw. It might sound a little weird, but it’s super yummy.

On game days, Uncle Pete’s is the place to be. They serve big, crispy wings with lots of different sauces. You can cheer for your team while munching on these tasty snacks.

Uncle Pete’s pizza is also a crowd-pleaser. They make it with lots of cheese and toppings on a perfect crust. You can order by the slice or get a big pizza to share.

Make sure to try their homemade chips. They’re crunchy and salty, and they make them right there in the restaurant. They go great with sandwiches or just by themselves.

Local Favorites

Uncle Pete’s in Wheeling, WV, is a place where the pizza is famous. They make a super cheesy pepperoni pizza that everyone in town talks about. The crust is just perfect – not too thick and not too thin.

They also serve a big meatball sub that’s loaded with sauce and cheese. It’s so big, you might have to share it or take some home. People say it’s like having a taste of Italy right here in Wheeling.

Another thing Uncle Pete’s is known for is their fresh salads. They use veggies that are crisp and colorful. You can even add grilled chicken or shrimp to make it a bigger meal.

Uncle Pete’s cares about where their food comes from. They try to use local ingredients whenever they can. This means the veggies in your salad might have been picked just a few days ago!

If you’re into spicy food, you have to try their buffalo wings. They come with a sauce that’s just the right kind of hot. And there’s a cool ranch dip to dunk them in to cool down your mouth.

For a real Wheeling treat, ask about their daily specials. They often have dishes that you can only get for a short time. It’s always something different and yummy.

Before you go, make sure to check out their website for any deals or to look at their full menu. You can even order online so your food is ready when you are. Here’s where you can find them: www.unclepeteswv.com.

Seasonal Specials

Uncle Pete’s has a sweet surprise with their dessert pizzas. Imagine a hot pizza crust with sweet toppings like apples and cinnamon. It’s like eating a piece of apple pie on a pizza!

They also whip up awesome milkshakes that come in flavors like chocolate and vanilla. These shakes are thick and creamy, perfect for sipping while you wait for your meal.

Uncle Pete’s even makes their own root beer. It’s a fizzy drink that’s fun to have with your pizza or sub. Kids and grown-ups both love it because it’s different from the root beer you buy at the store.

When the weather gets warm, Uncle Pete’s has a special treat for their guests. They set up a spot outside where you can eat and enjoy the sunshine. It makes a fun day even better.

Don’t forget, Uncle Pete’s is a cool place to have your birthday party. They know how to make it fun with good eats and a happy vibe. Just tell them when your big day is!

Remember, Uncle Pete’s is all about sharing smiles. They keep their menu full of foods that make people happy. And that’s a big reason why folks in Wheeling keep coming back.

Visiting Uncle Pete’s in Wheeling, WV

If you’re looking for a bite to eat in Wheeling, WV, Uncle Pete’s is a yummy choice. They’ve got tasty pizzas that are just right for lunch or dinner. The menu has all kinds of pizzas, from cheese to meats and even veggies.

One of the best things about Uncle Pete’s is their subs. They bake the bread fresh every day. You can taste the difference! Try a meatball sub or a turkey and cheese. They’re packed with fillings and really hit the spot.

For folks who love wings, Uncle Pete’s has you covered. Their wings come in different flavors like buffalo or BBQ. They’re spicy, tangy, and super good. Plus, they go great with the homemade root beer!

Salads at Uncle Pete’s are fresh and full of crisp veggies. They make a great side dish or a meal on their own. Add some chicken on top and you’ve got a healthy and filling lunch.

Uncle Pete’s has a cool thing called a Pizza of the Month. Every month there’s a new pizza to try. It might have special toppings or a unique sauce. It’s always fun to see what pizza they come up with next.

To wrap up your meal, Uncle Pete’s has some great sides. Garlic knots, mozzarella sticks, and fries are perfect for sharing. They’re crispy, cheesy, and so, so good.

When you visit Uncle Pete’s, you’re not just getting good food. You’re getting a fun time with friends and family. They make sure everyone feels welcome and leaves with a smile. So next time you’re in Wheeling, stop by Uncle Pete’s and try something from their awesome menu.

Ambience and Dining Experience

If you’re hungry for pizza, Uncle Pete’s in Wheeling, WV, is the place to go. They make their pizzas with gooey cheese and lots of toppings. You can pick your favorite or try something new!

Not just pizza, they have subs too. The subs are stuffed with meat and veggies. They’re perfect if you want something yummy that’s not pizza.

Uncle Pete’s also serves tasty wings. You can get them with different sauces to make them just how you like. Some are spicy, and some are not. Wings are great with pizza or all by themselves!

Pasta lovers don’t have to worry. There’s spaghetti and meatballs that taste like homemade. It’s a warm, filling meal that’s great for when you’re really hungry.

Every meal at Uncle Pete’s can end with a smile. They have cookies and brownies that are baked right there. They’re sweet and perfect after your pizza or sub.

Location and Accessibility

When it’s time to drink something with your meal, Uncle Pete’s has plenty of options. They’ve got soda in lots of flavors to choose from. Whether you like your drink sweet or fizzy, they have something for you.

For the little ones, Uncle Pete’s has a cool kids’ menu. The smaller portions are just right for smaller tummies. Kids can pick from their own pizza or pasta and feel like grown-ups.

Salads are here too! If you want something light, Uncle Pete’s salads are fresh and crisp. You can get a salad on the side or as your main dish. They come with different toppings to make them tasty.

Are you having a party? Uncle Pete’s offers catering. You can get big trays of their food for all your friends and family. This way, everyone can try a bite of everything Uncle Pete’s makes.

If you want to check out Uncle Pete’s menu before you go, you can look online. Just click here to see all they have to offer. Getting ready for your visit is easy when you know what you want to eat!

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Uncle Pete’s in Wheeling, WV, is a fun place to eat. They make yummy food like big pizzas and juicy burgers. Everyone can find something they like.

They also have lots of pasta dishes. You can pick different sauces that taste great. Some are cheesy, and some are tomatoey.

Don’t forget about dessert! Uncle Pete’s has sweet treats to end your meal. They serve things like ice cream and cake that will make you smile.

Uncle Pete’s is a great spot for families. It’s cool to sit down together and share a meal. Plus, the place is cozy, and the people are friendly.

If you need help picking what to eat, ask the servers. They know all about the menu and can help you choose something delicious.


When you finish eating at Uncle Pete’s, you’ll feel happy. Your tummy will be full of good food, and you’ll want to come back again.

Kids and grown-ups all like Uncle Pete’s. It’s a special part of Wheeling because it brings people together with tasty food.

Remember to tell your friends about Uncle Pete’s. They’ll be excited to try it too. Plus, eating with friends is even more fun!

If you want to see what they have, you can look at their menu online. Just go to www.unclepeteswheeling.com.

Next time you’re hungry in Wheeling, think of Uncle Pete’s. It’s a place where good food and good times are waiting for you!