Valley Hospice Wheeling Wv

Valley Hospice in Wheeling, WV is a place that helps people who are very sick and need special care. They make sure patients are comfortable and supported. Friends and family can visit and spend time with their loved ones in a peaceful place.

This hospice is special because it’s right in the Ohio Valley. This means that people living in nearby cities like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, can also get help and care here. It’s like a big family that takes care of each other in the area.

They have a team of nurses, doctors, and helpers who know a lot about making people feel better. This team works hard to take care of every person’s needs, whether it’s for medicine, a comforting hand, or just listening.

History and Overview of Valley Hospice in Wheeling, WV

Valley Hospice has been around for a while. It started to help make sure people who are sick don’t feel alone. Everyone works together to help them have peace and not hurt.

They also teach families about the care their loved ones need. This helps families understand and helps them not be so worried.

Valley Hospice isn’t just a building. It’s a group of caring people who reach out to help in homes and other places where sick people need comfort in Wheeling and nearby towns.

Establishment of Valley Hospice

Valley Hospice has been around for a long time. They started with a small group of caring folks who wanted to help those facing the end of their lives. Since then, it has grown a lot and helped many families.

The hospice has a big building in Wheeling where people can stay. They have rooms that feel like home and beautiful gardens. Patients can look out at the trees and flowers and feel peaceful.

Also, Valley Hospice helps people in their own homes. Nurses and helpers visit to give medicine and make sure patients are okay. This means people can stay close to their families in the places they love.

Growth and Development

In Wheeling, West Virginia, Valley Hospice is a special place for people who are very sick and won’t get better. It gives them a spot to be comfortable and not worry about being sick.

Valley Hospice is not just in Wheeling. It also takes care of people in nearby places like Weirton and Steubenville. This is good because more people can get help from them.

People who work at Valley Hospice are really kind. They know how to make both sick people and their families feel better. They talk, listen, and help everyone be brave.

There are also volunteers who give their time to play games, read stories, or bring snacks. They do this to make everyone smile and feel special.

To learn more about Valley Hospice and how they help, you can visit their website:

Role in the Community

Valley Hospice started a long time ago because people in Wheeling wanted to help those who are very sick. They wanted to make sure these people get love and care at the end of their lives.

It’s a big house with many rooms where sick people can live. The rooms look nice and feel like home. This helps the sick feel comfy and peaceful.

The folks who work at Valley Hospice are trained to be the best helpers. They work hard every day to make sure the sick and their families don’t feel alone.

Not everyone can come to the Hospice house, so they have a team that goes to homes, nursing homes, or hospitals. That way, everyone can get the care they need, wherever they are.

If a family needs a break or has to do something important, Valley Hospice can take care of their sick loved one for a little while. Families can know their loved one is safe and with friends.

Services Provided by Valley Hospice

Valley Hospice helps people feel better by giving them medicine to take away pain. They know a lot about how to make sick people as comfortable as possible.

They have special talks with families to help them understand what’s going on and how to make the best choices.

Valley Hospice has helpers called counselors. They listen and talk to families who are sad or worried. It’s like having a friend who knows a lot about tough times.

They also have fun things like art and music. These things help sick people and families feel happy and forget about being sick for a while.

Inpatient Care

When someone is very sick, they may hurt in different ways. Valley Hospice helps with medicine so they do not hurt so much. They also help them feel better in their heart and mind.

People like music, talking, and stories can make someone feel good. Valley Hospice has special people who know how to use these things to help the sick smile and feel less scared.

Kids can feel very mixed up when someone they love is sick. Valley Hospice has people who talk to kids and help them understand. They make sure kids get hugs and can have fun too.

Valley Hospice remembers people who passed away. They help families by talking with them and having special times to remember the loved ones they miss.

If you want to know more or need help, you can visit their website at

Home Hospice Care

Valley Hospice in Wheeling, WV, has a team of nurses. These nurses visit sick people at home to take care of them. They check on the sick person’s health and make sure they are okay.

Some people need help all day and night. Valley Hospice has places where people can stay. Nurses and doctors are there all the time to help them and give them medicine when they need it.

There are also helpers who clean and cook. They help with things like laundry and making meals. This helps the family so they can spend more time with the person who is sick.

Sometimes, when someone is very sick, they have a lot of worries. Valley Hospice workers can talk to them and help them feel less worried. They are good at listening and helping solve problems.

When someone is getting better, they still might need help. Valley Hospice teaches families how to take care of their sick loved ones. They show them how to help them eat, move around, and be as happy as they can be.

Support Services and Counseling

Valley Hospice in Wheeling, WV, also helps people who are sad because someone they love is sick or has died. They have people who know the best ways to make them feel a little better.

They have groups where kids and grown-ups can meet other people who are feeling sad too. It’s a place where they can share stories and not feel alone. Talking can make the heart feel lighter.

If a family needs someone to stay with the sick person for a short time, Valley Hospice can help. This gives the family a little break to rest or take care of other things.

Even after the sick person has died, Valley Hospice still helps. They remember every person is special. They have ceremonies to celebrate the lives of those who passed away.

Valley Hospice also has a website with information. You can visit it to learn more or ask for help. Click here to go to their site:

Impact on Surrounding Cities

Valley Hospice in Wheeling cares a lot about families. When someone gets really sick, it can be hard for everyone. Valley Hospice works to help not just the sick person, but their families too.

People come from different places like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH. They come because Valley Hospice has good people who know how to take care of those who are sick and their families.

When families from these cities come to Valley Hospice, they bring back what they learned. They tell their friends and neighbors about how kind people were to them in Wheeling.

This sharing helps the whole area. More people know there is a place to go when they need help. Valley Hospice makes the whole Ohio Valley feel like a family.

It’s not just about the care. It’s also about learning how to say “goodbye” to someone you love. Valley Hospice teaches families how to handle these tough times.

Stories from Wheeling can be found in schools and churches in Weirton and Steubenville. They talk about the good work Valley Hospice does. So, even kids and teachers learn about caring for each other.

Valley Hospice tries to reach out to everyone. They want people to know they are not alone. They can always ask for help. More people in the Ohio Valley now understand that because of Valley Hospice.

Support for Weirton, WV

Valley Hospice in Wheeling, WV, is like a big hug for the whole Ohio Valley. It touches the lives of many families, even in places like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH.

When someone in Weirton gets really sick, they might need extra care that can’t be done at home. Valley Hospice is there to help. They make sure that person is comfortable and not hurting.

Over in Steubenville, OH, if there’s someone who has an illness that won’t go away, Valley Hospice can step in. They bring medicine and kind nurses to that person’s home. It’s like the help comes right to their doorstep.

Families in these cities don’t have to worry about traveling far. Valley Hospice comes to them, making a hard time a little easier.

Sometimes schools in Weirton and Steubenville have kids who are sad because someone they love is sick. Valley Hospice can come and talk to the class. They help everyone understand and find ways to support their friend.

Also, Valley Hospice does not forget about people after their loved one has passed away. They have special days where people from all around, like from Weirton and Steubenville, can come and remember together.

Outreach to Steubenville, OH

People in cities like Wheeling, Weirton, and Steubenville care a lot about each other. Valley Hospice is there to share that care when families need it most.

Local businesses in these towns sometimes help Valley Hospice. They might raise money or give things to help the sick feel better and smile. It’s a way the whole community can be part of the kindness.

In Weirton and Steubenville, helpers from Valley Hospice might also go to churches or community centers. They talk to people about how to stay healthy and what to do if someone gets very sick.

Sports teams from high schools in these cities sometimes wear special ribbons or shirts to support Valley Hospice. This shows people that the players are thinking about those who are not feeling well.

When it’s a holiday or a special time like Christmas, Valley Hospice makes sure no one is forgotten. They bring cheer to families in Weirton and Steubenville who have someone in hospice care.

Valley Hospice makes a big difference in Wheeling and its neighbor cities. They fill hearts with hope and help people when they are going through tough times. It’s like they’re part of the family.

Regional Hospice Services

Valley Hospice in Wheeling is a place that makes sick people feel less pain and more comfortable. When someone is very ill, this place takes good care of them.

Kids in schools learn about compassion because of Valley Hospice. Teachers tell stories of how hospice helps families. This helps kids understand how to care for others.

People who work at Valley Hospice visit nearby towns too. They make sure sick folks in places like Weirton get cozy blankets and nice music to listen to.

Folks in Steubenville might see Valley Hospice vans driving by. Inside, there are nurses going to help someone who is not well. They are like heroes on the road.

Neighbors in Wheeling sometimes bring food to those who have family in hospice. It’s their way of saying “We’re here for you” without using words.


When we talk about Valley Hospice in Wheeling, it’s all about caring and kindness. It’s a special place for people who are very sick and need help feeling better.

Sometimes, grown-ups need a lot of help with medicine and love when they are ill. Valley Hospice gives them this kind of help every day.

Remember, Valley Hospice is not just a building; it’s a bunch of people who want to make others feel good. They work hard to make the sick feel loved, whether they are in Wheeling, Weirton, or Steubenville.

So, if you know someone who is not feeling well, tell them about Valley Hospice. It’s a place where people get hugs, help, and hope when they really need it.