Vocelli Pizza Wheeling Wv

Wheeling, WV, is a place where families and friends come together to have fun and make memories. One spot that makes these times even better is Vocelli Pizza. It’s not just any pizza place. It’s a part of Wheeling’s yummy food family!

Imagine a pizza that has gooey cheese and toppings you love. That’s what Vocelli Pizza serves up. Wheeling has lots of cool spots, but Vocelli Pizza is special because it’s where you go to celebrate a big win or just hang out on a Friday night.

Whether you live in Wheeling or are just visiting, stopping by Vocelli Pizza is a must. It’s a place that makes everyone smile with a slice of their favorite pie. So, let’s get ready to dive into what makes Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling, WV, a slice above the rest!

History and Expansion of Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling, WV

Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling, WV, started out as a single pizza shop. The people in Wheeling loved it so much that more shops opened up. Now, Vocelli Pizza is a big name in town when it comes to tasty pizza.

The pizza shop used to have a different name long ago. But in 2002, they changed it to Vocelli Pizza. Even with a new name, the pizza stayed just as good. The secret? Their recipes didn’t change.

After the name change, Vocelli Pizza began to grow. They spread out to more places, making sure other folks could enjoy their pizzas too. This pizza place is not just in Wheeling, it’s all over the Ohio Valley!

And guess what? Kids in Wheeling, Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, all get to enjoy Vocelli’s yummy pizza. This is because Vocelli wanted to share their pizza with as many people as they could.

Now, if you’re in Wheeling and craving pizza, Vocelli’s got you covered. They’ve got a menu full of flavors for everyone. From classic cheese to wild and unique toppings, they have it all!

The Founding of Vocelli Pizza

Vocelli Pizza started a long time ago but came to Wheeling and won people’s hearts. They began by making pizzas that everyone talked about. Soon, everyone in town knew about Vocelli Pizza.

Over time, they grew bigger in Wheeling. They opened more places where people could sit down and enjoy a meal. Now, there are Vocelli Pizzas all over Wheeling for everyone to visit.

They also did cool things in the community. They helped with sports teams and schools. Because of this, people in Wheeling think of Vocelli Pizza as part of their family.

Vocelli’s Growth in the Wheeling Community

Vocelli Pizza made its home in Wheeling with yummy pizza and friendly faces. They started with one shop and now there are more. Each place feels like walking into a pizza-loving family.

Not just in Wheeling, but nearby places have Vocelli Pizza too. Some towns close by like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, also get to enjoy their tasty slices. It’s like Vocelli Pizza wanted to share their pizza with all their neighbors.

Even now, Vocelli Pizza is growing. They plan to open more shops so more people can try their food. That means more pizza parties for us!

Menu and Specialties at Wheeling’s Vocelli Pizza

When you go to Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling, their menu is full of tasty choices. You can pick from pizzas, subs, and even wings. Their pizzas come with lots of toppings to choose from, like pepperoni, mushrooms, and even pineapples.

If you like your pizza with a special twist, Vocelli has that too. They make a pizza called the Vocelli Rolls. Imagine your favorite pizza toppings all wrapped up in dough, like a pizza burrito!

But Vocelli is not just about pizza. They have oven-baked subs that are super good. They stuff them with meat, cheese, and fresh veggies. And for a sweet end, you can try their dessert like the cannolis filled with creamy, sweet cheese.

Sometimes, Vocelli Pizza has cool deals that help you save money. They offer special prices on things like two pizzas or a pizza with wings. To find out about these deals, you can visit their website or ask when you order.

To taste all these goodies, you can visit their Wheeling location, call them up, or even order online. If you want to order online, just click on this link to their website: Vocelli Pizza Wheeling.

Signature Pizzas

If you go to Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling, you’ll find lots of choices. They have classic pepperoni pizza that’s always a favorite. But there’s more. They also have unique pizzas with different toppings that you might not find other places.

One cool thing about Vocelli Pizza’s menu is their special recipes. They have a pizza called the “House Deluxe” that’s got everything! It’s got meat, veggies, and even special spices. People say it’s like a party in your mouth.

Don’t forget about the sides! Vocelli Pizza has things like wings, breadsticks, and salads. If you’re not feeling like pizza, there are subs with different fillings. You can pick what you want and make a whole meal of it.

For dessert, Vocelli Pizza offers sweet treats too. You can finish your meal with something like cinnamon sticks. They’re a big hit with anyone who has a sweet tooth.

Plus, they make it easy for you if you can’t get to the store. You can order from Vocelli Pizza online at their website. Just go to their site, pick what you want, and they’ll get it to you hot and ready to eat.

Local Favorites and Custom Options

When you’re at Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling, think about trying their Artisan pizzas. These are special because they mix different flavors in new ways. For example, they might put feta cheese with spinach and chicken on a pizza. It’s a fun way to try something different.

Kids can have fun at Vocelli Pizza too. They have a menu just for kids with smaller sizes. This way, kids can enjoy their pizza just like the grown-ups but in a size that’s just right for them.

Health-conscious eaters will find options at Vocelli Pizza as well. They offer gluten-free crusts for folks who need it. Plus, you can choose to have lots of veggies on your pizza for a healthier twist.

Vocelli’s also has seasonal menus with special items that come around once in a while. It could be a pizza with fresh summer veggies or a winter pie with hearty toppings to warm you up. It’s always exciting to see what they’ll cook up next.

Community Involvement and Customer Loyalty

At Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling, they do a lot to help the community. They know that being a part of the town is important. They join in on local events and even help raise money for schools and teams.

People in Wheeling love to come back to Vocelli Pizza. When customers see Vocelli helping out, they feel good. They know they’re eating at a place that cares about their home.

Vocelli Pizza says thank you to their customers too. They have special deals sometimes for people who live in Wheeling. This makes families happy because they save money and enjoy yummy pizza.

The staff at Vocelli’s are friendly neighbors. They know a lot of customers by name. This makes everyone feel special, like they’re visiting friends, not just buying pizza.

To learn more about their community work or to see the menu, you can visit Vocelli Pizza’s website.

If you want to talk to Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling or ask about helping with a fundraiser, it’s easy. Just give them a call or stop by the store. They’re always ready to chat about how they can work with you and the rest of the Wheeling community.

For more details, check out Vocelli Pizza’s Wheeling website.

Fundraising and Local Partnerships

Vocelli Pizza in Wheeling loves being a part of the community. They know their customers by name and make everyone feel at home. When you eat there, it’s like visiting family.

They also help out in Wheeling. Vocelli Pizza might sponsor a soccer team or donate pizzas to a school event. People remember when businesses support their town. It makes them want to keep coming back.

Having good food is important, but being friendly and caring about your neighbors is what really makes a place special. At Vocelli Pizza, they do both. It’s why families in Wheeling choose to eat there again and again.

When you support Vocelli Pizza, you’re not just buying a meal. You’re helping a business that gives back to the place you live. That’s a good feeling to have with your pizza!

Customer Loyalty Programs and Reviews

Vocelli Pizza knows when they’re nice to people in Wheeling, those people will be nice back. They call this customer loyalty. It means folks keep coming back to eat their yummy pizza.

Imagine your school having a big event. Vocelli Pizza might bring a bunch of pizzas for everyone. Then, when your family thinks of where to get dinner, you’ll remember that fun day and say, “Let’s get Vocelli!”

Customer loyalty works like a friendship. When Vocelli Pizza treats you well, you want to visit them more. Plus, when you’re eating a slice, you can think, “This tastes extra good because they help my town, too.”

So, when you’re cheering for your team and eating a slice from Vocelli, you’re part of something bigger. You’re part of a community that sticks together. That’s a big deal!


If you live in Wheeling, WV, or near it, remember that Vocelli Pizza is a place where you can grab a cheesy slice that tastes great. They make pizza that’s not just food, it’s a part of your memories.

When your pizza box from Vocelli opens, the yummy smell fills up the room. It’s like a signal that it’s time for fun with family or friends. Plus, you’re eating something made right in Wheeling.

Next time you’re thinking, “Hmm, what’s for dinner?” you might pick Vocelli. That’s because you know they’re not just about pizza; they’re about making Wheeling a better place to live and eat!

Remember, Vocelli Pizza is more than just a pizza joint. It’s a place where every bite helps bring people in Wheeling together. Yum and fun — that’s what Vocelli Pizza serves up every day!