Warwood Wheeling Wv

Warwood is a special part of Wheeling, WV, where community and history are big deals. It sits right along the Ohio River, making it a pretty place to visit or live. Trees and parks make Warwood a green and lovely area where families can have fun outside.

Years ago, Warwood was its own little town. But in 1899, it became a part of the city of Wheeling. This place is named after a man called Henry Warwood, who started a tool factory long ago. That factory made Warwood famous for really tough tools.

People in Warwood love their sports, especially baseball and football. Kids play in leagues, and there are parks where they can run and play. Go to Garden Park, and you’ll see lots of people cheering for their favorite teams. It’s not just about winning; it’s about playing together as a community.

There are great schools in Warwood, too. Teachers and students work hard to learn and grow. Warwood School is where kids from kindergarten to eighth grade can make friends and discover new things every day.

Even though it’s part of a bigger city, Warwood feels like a small town. Neighbors know each other, and there’s always someone to lend a helping hand. It’s a place where you can feel the history and the friendliness of the people who live there.

The History of Warwood in Wheeling, WV

Long before it was part of Wheeling, the area of Warwood was filled with forests and wildlife. Native American tribes used to hunt and live on this land. It was wild and untouched for many years.

When settlers came, they saw Warwood as a great place to make their homes. The land was good for growing crops and the river was perfect for fishing. As more people moved in, houses and streets started to pop up.

In the 1800s, railroads were built in Warwood. This made it easier for people to travel and for businesses to send their stuff to other places. The railroads were super important for Warwood to grow bigger.

Many workers came to Warwood because of the factories and railroads. They needed places to live, so neighborhoods began to form. Slowly, Warwood turned into a busy little area with a lot of hardworking folks.

Today, when you walk around Warwood, you can still see some of the old houses that were built a long time ago. Some of them are really big, and they remind people of how Warwood started. They are part of what makes Warwood cool and full of stories.

Establishment and Growth

Long ago, Warwood was filled with workers and their families who came to work at the factories along the river. They built homes and stores, and soon a little community was born. This hard work is part of what made Warwood what it is today.

In the past, one big event that brought everyone together was the annual Warwood parade. People from all over Wheeling would come to watch floats and bands go by. It was a time when the whole neighborhood could wave flags and celebrate their town.

Another neat thing about Warwood are the old houses that stand tall with stories to tell. Some houses are over 100 years old! When you walk by them, you might wonder about the people who lived there a long time ago.

The river by Warwood isn’t just pretty to look at. In the old days, boats would come and go, carrying things to sell far away. This river helped Warwood grow and stay connected to other places. Even now, if you sit by the river, you can see boats and think of the adventures they’re on.

The Industrial Era

Warwood is a special part of Wheeling, WV. It got its name from a farmer, Henry Warwood, who started making tools in 1854. These tools helped build many things around the town.

Years later, when the railroad came to Warwood, more people and jobs arrived too. The train made a big difference, making it easier for factories to send their stuff to other places.

One cool place in Warwood is Garden Park. It’s a big, green space where people have fun. In the summer, you can hear music and see movies there, all for free!

Sports are also big in Warwood. There’s a cool hockey rink and lots of soccer and baseball fields where kids and grown-ups play. These games bring everyone together to cheer and have a good time.

Schools in Warwood, like Warwood School, are important too. They have been teaching kids for many years. It’s where children learn and play, making friends along the way.

Warwood in Modern Times

Long ago, Warwood was filled with farms and forests. It was quiet and peaceful, with lots of open land for people to explore. Families started moving here to build their homes and live happily.

In Warwood, they found coal deep under the ground. This discovery was huge because coal was important for heating and powering things. Men worked hard in the coal mines to get it out.

One of the oldest parts of Warwood is the neighborhood of North Wheeling. It has some of the first houses built in Wheeling. These homes are really old but still look beautiful.

The River Trail in Warwood is a great place for biking and walking. It goes right along the Ohio River. People can see water on one side and trees on the other while they exercise.

Every year, Warwood has a big parade called the Warwood Parade. Fire trucks, bands, and floats travel down the streets. Kids and families line up to watch and catch candy thrown from the floats.

Warwood is not just a place; it’s a community where neighbors help each other. When someone needs a hand, there are always people ready to help. That’s what makes Warwood special.

Notable Landmarks and Attractions in Warwood

Warwood is also known for its parks. Garden Park is a spot where families go to play, have picnics, and enjoy the outdoors. There’s a playground for kids and a big field for games.

Another cool place in Warwood is the Warwood Tool Company. This factory has been making tools for a long time. People here use big machines to turn metal into hammers and shovels.

At the edge of Warwood, there’s a spot where the Wheeling Creek meets the Ohio River. It’s a pretty place for fishing or just watching the water flow by.

During the fall, Warwood schools celebrate with a football game. The whole town comes out to cheer for the team. It’s a big event that brings everyone together.

For history buffs, the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway is a big deal. Trains have been running here for over a hundred years. The tracks and trains are part of Warwood’s past.

Near the river, there’s an old building called the Pike Island Locks and Dam. It was built to control the water in the Ohio River. You can learn a lot about how dams work by visiting here.

Warwood Tool Company

One cool spot in Warwood is Garden Park. It’s a nice place where you can have picnics and play. In the summer, there’s a pool where kids and families cool off and have fun.

There’s also a place called the Warwood Veterans Park. It has a monument to thank soldiers from Warwood who served in wars. People go there to remember and honor these brave heroes.

Another fun thing in Warwood is the Warwood Lions Club Fishing Derby. This happens at the park’s pond. Kids get to fish and win prizes. It’s a happy time with lots of smiles and laughter.

Warwood also has an old firehouse. Even though it’s not used for putting out fires anymore, it’s a part of our history. Sometimes they open it up so people can see the old fire trucks.

If you like sports, you’ll love the Viking Bowl. It’s a bowling alley where friends and families go to knock down pins. It’s really fun, and they even have parties there.

In the fall, everyone gets excited for the Warwood Farmers Market. Local farmers bring fruits, veggies, and other homemade stuff to sell. People from all over come to buy fresh, tasty food.

When Christmas time comes, Warwood lights up. There’s the Festival of Trees at Warwood School. People decorate trees with twinkling lights and ornaments. It’s so pretty and makes everyone feel merry.

Garden Park and the Warwood Trail

Have you ever seen a really big boat up close? Well, in Warwood, the Wheeling Heritage Trail goes right by the Ohio River. Folks can watch barges and boats cruise on by. It’s neat to see how big they are when you’re standing on the shore.

There’s also this place called the Warwood Armory. It’s a big old building that used to be for the National Guard. Now, it’s used for sports and big community sales. Sometimes, they have basketball games or flea markets where you can find cool stuff.

Did you know that Warwood has its own library? It’s a cozy spot where you can read books or use the computer. They have story times for kids and sometimes fun events for the whole family.

Close to Warwood, people can go to Oglebay Park. It’s not right in Warwood, but it’s super close. Oglebay has a zoo, golf, and lots of places to run and play. In winter, there’s a big light display that’s really famous.

For those who love the outdoors, the Warwood Nature Playground is perfect. It’s a playground that feels like you’re playing in the forest. Kids get to climb, swing, and slide while surrounded by trees and fresh air.

When you’re in Warwood, don’t forget about the Ohio Valley Runners and Walkers Club. They meet up and exercise together. It’s a fun way to stay healthy and meet new friends who also like being active.

The Warwood Armature

Do you like to skate? Warwood has a skate park where you can ride your skateboard or scooter. It’s a cool spot for kids to hang out and practice their tricks.

Another awesome place is the Warwood Garden Park. Here, people can plant flowers and veggies. It’s like having a little piece of nature right in town. Families and friends can work together in the garden.

If you’re into history, the Wheeling Heritage Trail in Warwood is a must-see. As you walk or bike, you’ll find signs that tell stories about the old days in Warwood.

In the summer, Warwood has a fun Farmer’s Market. You can get fresh fruits and veggies and sometimes listen to live music. It’s a great way to spend a sunny day.

Don’t miss the Viking Bowl if you like bowling. It’s not just a bowling alley. They also have games and food. It’s a fun place to spend time with family or celebrate a birthday!

Finally, Warwood is home to Garden Park Pool. On hot days, the pool is the best place to cool off and splash around.

Warwood’s Community and Cultural Impact

Warwood in Wheeling, WV, is a place where everyone feels like they belong. People love to support each other and make the town a great place to live.

School sports are a big deal here. On game days, you can see the whole community come out to cheer for the Warwood School teams. It’s exciting and fun!

Music and art are also important in Warwood. Sometimes, there are concerts or art shows that bring everyone together. Families enjoy these events a lot.

When it’s time for holidays, Warwood knows how to celebrate. The Fourth of July fireworks and Christmas parades are some of the best around. People from all over come to see them.

Warwood also cares about helping people. There are events like food drives and charity walks. It’s awesome to see neighbors helping neighbors!

Every year, Warwood hosts a big event called Warwood Days. There are games, food, and rides. It’s one of the best times of the year for kids and adults alike.

If you want to learn more about Warwood, check out the Warwood Historical Society’s website. They have lots of cool facts and stories about the town. Click here to visit their site.

Annual Events and Festivals

Warwood knows how to bring everyone together. Every year, they have big celebrations for holidays like the Fourth of July. People in Warwood and from nearby places come to watch the parade and see fireworks. It feels like one big family party!

Sports are a big thing in Warwood too. Kids and adults play in soccer and baseball leagues. On game days, you’ll see lots of folks cheering on their teams. It’s a fun time for the whole community.

There’s also a place called the Warwood Armory. It’s a big building where people can do all kinds of stuff. They can play basketball, join fitness classes, or go to events like craft shows.

Warwood’s schools are important for the community as well. Schools like Warwood School make sure kids learn lots of cool things. They also have fun after-school clubs and sports teams.

Music brings joy to Warwood too. In Warwood, there are sometimes concerts at the park. Bands come to play, and everyone has a good time listening and dancing.

The people in Warwood are known for being friendly and looking out for each other. They have groups that help make sure the town is a nice place to live. They do things like pick up trash to keep Warwood clean.

Community Organizations and Initiatives

Art is a big piece of Warwood’s heart. Artists from Warwood and Wheeling paint beautiful pictures. Sometimes there are art shows where you can see all the cool art they make.

People in Warwood like to remember their history. There’s a spot called the Warwood Tool Company that’s been around for a really long time. It tells the story of how people in Warwood used to work and live.

Gardens are special in Warwood too. There’s a garden called the Warwood Victory Garden where people grow their own yummy veggies and flowers. It’s a peaceful place where neighbors meet and learn about plants together.

Festivals are another way Warwood shines. The folks here love to throw a party for different cultures. These festivals have tasty food, music, and games that celebrate traditions from all over the world.

When it’s time to eat, Warwood has some yummy places to grab a bite. The local restaurants and bakeries make food that everybody loves. It’s a treat to sit down, eat, and chat with friends.

Volunteering is something Warwood takes pride in. Many people give their time to help others. They volunteer at places like the food bank or the animal shelter, showing how much they care about their neighbors and furry friends.

Educational Institutions

Warwood has a lot of team spirit because of sports. Kids and adults play games like soccer, baseball, and basketball. Doing sports helps everyone stay healthy and make friends.

Schools in Warwood are important for learning and fun. Teachers work hard to help students do their best. Students also enjoy cool activities like science fairs and reading clubs.

Musicians and bands in Warwood love to share music. Sometimes there are outdoor concerts where families can listen and dance together. Music brings joy and helps people in Warwood celebrate life.

The library in Warwood is a great place to find new books and to learn. It has programs that make reading fun for kids. Sometimes, authors visit to talk about their books and tell stories.

In Warwood, people help their neighbors a lot. If someone is sick or needs a hand, neighbors are there to help. This makes everyone feel safe and cared for.

Parks in Warwood are spots where people can relax and play. There’s a place called Garden Park with a playground and green grass. It’s awesome for picnics or just to run around and laugh with friends.


Warwood is a special part of Wheeling, WV, with a strong community feel. People here support each other and make the area a nice place to live.

Whether it’s through sports, schools, or music, everyone finds a way to join in. Warwood shows us how fun and friendship can make a town strong.

Remember, when you’re in Warwood, you’re not just in a place. You’re part of a big family that cares and shares every day.