Wesbanco Arena Wheeling Wv

Hey there! Have you heard about the WesBanco Arena in Wheeling, WV? It’s a super cool place where lots of fun things happen. Whether you love watching sports or enjoying concerts, this arena has something for everyone!

Located right in the heart of Wheeling, WesBanco Arena is the go-to spot for entertainment in the city. From exciting hockey games to awesome music shows, there’s always something happening here.

People from nearby Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, also come to join in the fun. They travel to Wheeling because it’s not too far and the arena’s events are worth the trip. So, get ready to learn more about this amazing place!

History of WesBanco Arena

The WesBanco Arena was not always as big as it is now. It started out way back in 1977. Think of it like a birthday; that year is when the arena was “born.”

Back in the day, it was called the Wheeling Civic Center. The name changed to what we know it as today after the WesBanco bank started supporting it. That’s kind of like when a sports player gets a new jersey with a new team name on it.

This arena has seen a lot of cool stuff over the years. It’s like a big stage where sports stars and music bands come to show off their skills. From playing ice hockey to rocking out on stage, the place has been home to tons of action!

Think of the WesBanco Arena as a big living room for the whole community. Families and friends have made lots of memories there, watching all the exciting things that happen.

The Early Years and Construction

The WesBanco Arena in Wheeling has been around for a long time. It first opened its doors to the public in 1977. Since then, it has been a big part of the city.

When it opened, it was known as the Wheeling Civic Center. The name changed to what we know now, WesBanco Arena, because a bank called WesBanco bought the rights to the name.

Over the years, the arena has had lots of updates to make it even better. The most recent big change was in 2012 when they added new seats and a big video scoreboard. This made watching games and shows super exciting.

Renovations and Upgrades

WesBanco Arena is home to some cool teams. The Wheeling Nailers hockey team plays there. People in Wheeling get really excited for their games.

The arena isn’t just for sports. It also has concerts, shows and other big events. Lots of people come to see their favorite events at WesBanco Arena.

Every year, the arena brings new things to see and do. This helps make sure there’s always something fun for families to enjoy together.

Notable Events Hosted

The WesBanco Arena has been around for a long time. It opened its doors in 1977. That’s over 40 years ago!

When it first started, it was called the Wheeling Civic Center. The name changed to WesBanco Arena in 1997, because a bank called WesBanco bought the naming rights.

Over the years, the arena has been fixed up and made better. There was a big project to improve it in 2015. They added new seats, a scoreboard, and more.

People in Wheeling are proud of their arena. It’s been a part of the city for so long. It’s like a big community meeting place where everyone gathers for fun.

If you want to learn more about WesBanco Arena, you can check out their website. Here’s the link: www.wesbancoarena.com.

WesBanco Arena’s Impact on Wheeling, WV

WesBanco Arena is important for Wheeling, WV. It brings people together for events. Things like hockey games, concerts, and shows happen there.

When there are events, lots of people come to the city. This means they spend money in the town. They buy food, stay in hotels, and shop around. This helps businesses in Wheeling a lot.

It’s not just about money, though. The arena also helps make the city special. It gives people something to do and talk about. It helps make Wheeling a fun place to live and visit.

Schools and groups use the arena, too. They have things like graduations and big meetings there. It’s a place where memories are made for people in the city.

WesBanco Arena makes Wheeling known for good things. When people think of Wheeling, they often think of the arena and the fun times they’ve had there.

Economic Contributions

WesBanco Arena brings a lot of fun to Wheeling, WV. Big shows like concerts and ice skating come to town because of it. People from Wheeling and other places get excited for these events.

The arena is also where sports happen. Teams play games like hockey and basketball there. Fans cheer and have a great time watching. When the local team wins, it makes the whole city happy.

Jobs are another thing the arena gives to Wheeling. People work there to make events go smoothly. There are jobs like selling tickets, making food, and keeping the place clean.

With all the visitors coming for events, businesses nearby do well. Restaurants, hotels, and stores get more customers. This helps the whole city’s money grow.

Lastly, WesBanco Arena helps Wheeling feel like a team. It’s a place where memories are made. Families and friends share good times there, from watching a game to seeing a concert.

Community Engagement

WesBanco Arena also helps Wheeling’s kids. The arena offers programs for schools. This means students can go on field trips and learn new things.

Another cool thing is that the arena can be used for big community events. This is where folks gather for things like graduations and fairs. It’s great for the city because it brings people together.

Charity events happen here too. The arena opens its doors for fundraisers. People come together to help others, which is awesome for the community.

Art and culture get a big boost from the arena. Sometimes there are art shows or plays. This lets people in Wheeling see and do creative stuff.

Overall, WesBanco Arena gives Wheeling a special spark. It’s more than just a building; it’s a place where the city comes to life. Everyone can find something they like to do there.

Cultural Significance

WesBanco Arena brings a lot of fun to Wheeling. It hosts cool sports like hockey and basketball. This makes the city a fun place to live and visit.

When big music stars come to town, they often play at the arena. This means people don’t have to travel far to see great concerts. It makes life in Wheeling exciting!

Businesses near the arena like restaurants and shops get busier on event days. They serve more customers, which is good for making money. This helps the whole city do well.

Also, people who work at WesBanco Arena have jobs because of it. This includes folks who sell snacks and those who keep the place clean. Having work is important for people in Wheeling.

In the end, WesBanco Arena is a big deal for Wheeling. It gives the town cool stuff to do and helps people work. It’s a place that everyone in Wheeling is proud of.

Visiting WesBanco Arena

When you go to WesBanco Arena, there’s a lot to see. It’s in the city of Wheeling, WV. That means it’s easy to get to.

Before you go to an event, check the arena’s website. It tells you what’s happening and when. For more info, you can visit their site at www.wesbancoarena.com.

If you get hungry, don’t worry. There are plenty of snacks inside. They have things like hot dogs and soft drinks. It’s good food for watching games or shows.

And getting there is simple. You can drive and park close by. People can also take a bus. That makes visiting really easy for families.

Remember to bring a jacket. Sometimes it gets cold, especially during hockey games. You want to stay warm while you cheer on the team.

Also, taking pictures is okay at most events. But for some things like concerts, they might say no photos. Always check first to make sure.

Going to WesBanco Arena is a good time. With sports, music, and more, it’s a cool place in Wheeling. Everyone can have fun there!

Event Scheduling and Ticket Information

If you go to WesBanco Arena, you can eat yummy food. They have snacks like hot dogs and popcorn. You won’t be hungry while you watch the game or concert.

Sometimes, the arena lets you skate on the ice. It’s fun to feel like a hockey player! Make sure to check when they let people skate.

Getting to the arena is easy. You can ride a bus or drive your car. There’s parking close by, so you don’t have to walk far.

WesBanco Arena is also a place where families can have fun. They have special events for kids. It’s cool to spend time with your family there.

When you leave the arena, there are places nearby to hang out. You can go to a park or walk by the river. It’s nice to relax after a fun event.

Facilities and Amenities

WesBanco Arena is in Wheeling, WV. It’s a big place where lots of people can watch sports or listen to music. Bands and sports teams come to play and perform here.

People cheer for the Wheeling Nailers hockey team at the arena. It’s exciting to see them play! You can wear your team’s shirt and cheer with everyone.

When big music stars come, the arena fills with songs. You can sing along and dance with your friends. It’s a great time!

You might even see a circus or a monster truck show. These shows are really cool and fun to watch. Each show is different, so you can see many things at the arena.

Before you go to an event, check the arena’s website. They tell you what time the event starts and how to get tickets. Here’s the link to their website: wesbancoarena.com.

Parking and Accessibility

When you visit WesBanco Arena, there’s more to do than just watch events. You can get food and drinks there too. They have snacks like popcorn and treats like ice cream.

Some people like to get a souvenir to remember their fun day. You might find t-shirts or hats with your favorite team or band on them.

Getting to the arena is easy. You can have your mom or dad drive and park at the arena’s parking lot. Some people take a bus that stops near the arena too.

If you have questions or need help at the arena, there are nice people who work there. They can help you find your seat or tell you where the bathrooms are.

It’s good to arrive a little early for events. This way, you don’t miss any of the fun. Plus, you can see the place fill up with people and feel the excitement grow!


Going to the WesBanco Arena in Wheeling, WV is a blast. From cheering on your favorite team to singing along with a band, there’s a lot of fun packed into one place. And remember, it’s not just about what happens on the rink or stage, but also the yummy food, cool stuff you can buy, and meeting new friends.

Next time you’re thinking of a fun day out, think of the WesBanco Arena. And don’t forget, getting there is simple, whether someone drives you or you hop on a bus. Once you’re there, helpful people are ready to make your visit super fun!

So, if you want to have an awesome time, make some memories, and maybe even leave with a souvenir, WesBanco Arena is the spot. Every visit is a chance to make a special day you’ll talk about for a long time!