What Is Steubenville Big Red Football Record

Steubenville Big Red football isn’t just a team, it’s a legend in Steubenville, Ohio. This high school football team has a history that makes the city proud. They play tough, they play smart, and they’ve racked up a lot of wins over the years.

When you hear folks in Steubenville talk about Friday night lights, they’re not just talking about any game. They’re talking about Big Red football. The team’s record is something that fans, players, and coaches all take seriously. It’s a sign of their hard work and dedication.

Every season, players hit the field aiming to add more wins to the Big Red’s record. It’s not just about playing the game; it’s about continuing a tradition of excellence. This record isn’t just numbers—it’s the story of a community that loves its football.

History of Steubenville Big Red Football

Big Red football has a long tradition of success. They’ve been playing the game for over a century, with their first season in 1900. Since then, they have become a powerhouse in Ohio high school football.

Over the years, the Big Red has achieved an impressive win-loss record, a fact that is a source of pride for the community. Their success on the field includes numerous conference titles and playoff appearances, showcasing the team’s consistency and skill.

One reason for the team’s success is the support from Steubenville fans. Home games are known for having stands filled with cheering fans, which boosts the players’ morale and drive to win. The team’s achievements are a reflection of their tenacity and the community’s unwavering support.

Keep up with Big Red’s current record and learn more about their history by visiting their official website. Check out the team’s stats, game results, and more info at www.steubenvillebigredathletics.com.

Early Beginnings

The Steubenville Big Red football team has been scoring touchdowns and taking names for a long time. Their record isn’t just good; it’s one of the best in the area. They work hard every year to keep that winning tradition alive.

With every game, the Big Red aim to outdo themselves. They’ve been to the playoffs so many times, it’s like a second home. Their record in these games is impressive, showing that they play their best when it counts the most.

But it’s not just about the number of games they win. Big Red football has shaped many players into stars. Some of these players have gone on to shine in college football and even in the pros. When people talk about the Big Red record, they’re talking about more than just wins and losses. They’re talking about a program that builds champions.

To keep up with the Big Red’s current season and record, check out their official webpage at www.steubenvillebigredfootball.com. Here, you can find the latest stats, game results, and more info on the team’s performance.

Notable Achievements

Steubenville Big Red football began way back. It’s a team with history. They have been playing ball since the early 1900s. That’s a lot of football!

The team’s record is something the town is proud of. They’ve won so many games over the years. Big Red is a name that means tough football in Ohio.

Year after year, the players train hard. This hard work shows in their record. Their wins tell a story of dedication and strength.

Coaches for the Big Red know their stuff. They have led the team to many victories. Great coaching is a big part of their success and record.

Want to see the Big Red in action? Local games bring the community together. Everyone cheers on the team, hoping for another win to add to their record.

Championship Titles

Steubenville’s Big Red football team is not just about playing the game. They chase excellence every season. The goal is always to be the best in Ohio.

Records show they’ve won multiple state championships. This is no small feat! Such wins make Big Red a legendary team in high school football.

The players’ passion is seen on the field. They fight for every inch. This spirit has helped them win countless games and set impressive records.

Games against rivals are extra special. When Big Red wins, the whole town lights up. These victories are sweet and add to their impressive record.

If you’re curious about Big Red’s record, it’s filled with wins. You can find their record online. Just search for ‘Steubenville Big Red football record’ and you’ll find the stats.

Remember, records are not just numbers. They represent sweat, teamwork, and pride. Big Red’s record is a symbol of their legacy in Steubenville, Ohio.

Steubenville Big Red Football’s Record

Year after year, Big Red keeps adding wins. They work hard from the first whistle of the season to the last.

Many fans keep track of the scores. They know Big Red’s wins by heart. Even teachers talk about the games on Monday.

Steubenville High School is proud of its team. Teachers, students, and families cheer loudly at every game. Everyone wants to see Big Red win more.

With each victory, players know they’re part of history. They don’t just play for today; they play for all the Big Red teams before them.

Are you looking to see the numbers? Scores and stats are easy to find. A quick online search will show how well they’re doing this year.

The current season is always exciting. But past seasons have been amazing too. Big Red keeps proving they’re tough to beat.

To keep up with the latest stats, check out the news or the school’s website. They update the scores after every game.

Season-by-Season Win/Loss Record

The team’s history is long and strong. They started way back. Over the years, the Big Red has built a tradition of winning.

They don’t just win a few games. They dominate seasons. Their record includes many seasons with more wins than losses.

Big Red’s record reflects hard work. Coaches train players to be their best. This effort shows in their successful games.

Each season, fans look forward to new triumphs. The team works to add more wins to their history. And most times, they do just that!

For the most up-to-date record, check online. Go to the team’s website or look at sports news. There, you’ll get the latest stats. Check out www.steubenvillebigredfootball.com for more info.

State and National Rankings

When we talk about the Steubenville Big Red, we’re talking about winners. Their record is one of the best in Ohio.

They’ve won lots of state championships. It’s a number that makes other teams notice. They play tough, win big, and aim for the top every year.

Getting the gold isn’t easy. But the Big Red has done it multiple times. That’s a big deal for a high school team.

They’re not just about winning, though. They also focus on team spirit and sportsmanship. But winning sure does feel good.

Want to see a game? It’s a blast! Check their schedule. Plan to sit with the crowd and cheer on the Big Red!

Record Against Rival Teams

The Big Red team is known across Steubenville. People in town love to watch them play. And they have a good reason. The team’s record is fierce.

They have scored more points than lots of other teams. That’s why their fans are so proud. People wear their red and black colors to show support.

The team’s record isn’t just good for Steubenville. It’s famous in the whole state of Ohio. Teams from all over know about the Big Red.

Students at the high school work hard. They practice a lot to keep their record strong. The coaches help them get better every game.

If you’re curious about the exact record, you can look it up online. Visit their official football website to find out more. You’ll see the wins, the scores, and the history of the games.

Impact on Steubenville, OH

Steubenville High School’s football record has really put the town on the map. When the team wins, it feels like the whole city wins too. It brings everyone together.

On game nights, you can feel the energy all over town. Restaurants and streets get busy. People are excited to cheer for the Big Red.

The Big Red’s success has made a big splash in local news, too. When they win, they’re often in the newspaper. Winning games means they get to be the stars of the town.

Football also helps students at Steubenville High School. They learn teamwork and hard work. It’s not just about winning; it’s about growing up and becoming good people.

Businesses in Steubenville love the Big Red’s wins as well. When the team does well, more people come out to celebrate. That means more snacks, gear, and dinners out in town.

Community Support and Involvement

Steubenville, OH, is really proud of their Big Red. The football team helps bring everyone together. On game days, the whole town is buzzing.

Local businesses see more people when there’s a game. Restaurants and shops are full of fans. It’s a big boost for the town.

Winning games also makes the students happy. They feel proud of their school. It makes them want to do their best in everything.

The football team’s success also helps with school spirit. The school has lots of pep rallies. Everyone cheers for the team.

Kids in Steubenville look up to the players. They dream of playing for the Big Red one day. They play football at recess, pretending to be their favorite players.

Economic Influence

When Big Red wins, you can hear the cheers across Steubenville. It gives people something to talk about. They discuss the latest game everywhere.

The team’s record is a big deal, too. When they have a good season, folks feel good. It’s like the whole city wins with them.

Players get to be local heroes. They work hard and play tough. And people in town respect that a lot.

Even when the season ends, the spirit sticks around. You can see team colors worn all year. Red and black are everywhere.

There are also parades when they do really well. People line the streets to cheer on the team. It’s like a big party for everyone.

Notable Alumni and their Contributions to the City

Steubenville is proud of their Big Red football team. This pride runs deep through the city’s veins. Steubenville really lights up on game days.

A strong season for the team can mean more visitors. They come to see the games and spend money in town. This helps local businesses like restaurants and stores a lot.

Kids in Steubenville look up to the Big Red players. They dream of playing for the high school team one day. They learn that teamwork and practice are key.

School spirit gets a boost from football success. The school feels united and full of energy. Everyone feels like they’re part of one big family.

When the team faces tough times, the community stands by them. They show support by still going to games and wearing team colors. It’s more than just a game, it’s about being together.


Looking at the record of Steubenville Big Red football, it’s clear they’ve achieved a lot. They’ve won many games and even some championships.

People in Steubenville, OH, follow the Big Red closely. They’re quick to share the latest wins and scores with friends and family.

Students and players keep track of the record too. They use it to set goals and get better every season. It’s not just about winning; it’s about growing as a team.