What To Do In Steubenville Ohio

Steubenville, Ohio, is a city brimming with history and charm. Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, it’s a place where families and friends can find a variety of activities to enjoy. Whether you’re into exploring history, enjoying nature, or looking for some local flavor, Steubenville has something for everyone.

Known for its connection to the legendary entertainer Dean Martin, Steubenville celebrates its heritage with pride. The city is also home to stunning murals that tell the story of its past. But it’s not just about history here; there are parks and events that bring the community together year-round.

For those who love the outdoors, Steubenville is close to several parks where you can hike, fish, or have a picnic. And if you’re into sports, catch a game or join a local team. The town is also known for its exciting festivals and community gatherings, which are perfect for making memories.

Historical Attractions

If you are into old buildings and history, you’ll love the Historic Fort Steuben. Built in 1786, this fort has been reconstructed to show what life was like in the early United States. You can walk around the fort, see the soldiers’ barracks, and learn all about the American frontier.

Another cool spot is the Jefferson County Historical Association and Museum. It’s in a big, beautiful house from the 1800s. Inside, there are all kinds of neat things from a long time ago. You can see old clothes, furniture, and even toys that kids used to play with. It’s like stepping into a time machine!

Don’t forget to check out the Steubenville murals. There are more than 20 of them, and they’re like huge pictures on the walls outside. They show different parts of the city’s history, like the old factories, famous people, and important events. It’s like an outdoor art gallery that tells stories!

Every year, Steubenville has a big party called the Dean Martin Festival. It’s a fun way to remember the famous singer who was born here. There’s music, food, and people have a great time celebrating one of Steubenville’s own stars.

Lastly, if you want to see an old schoolhouse, visit the Historic Pleasant Hill Schoolhouse. It’s not used as a school anymore, but you can go inside and see what schools looked like a long time ago. They even have some of the old desks and books. Imagine going to school in a place like that!

Fort Steuben

When you’re in Steubenville, take a step back in time by visiting Historic Fort Steuben. This reconstructed fort from the 18th century shows you what life was like for early American settlers. You can walk through the fort and see the soldiers’ quarters and the guardhouse.

You can also check out the Steubenville Murals that decorate the downtown area. Each painting on the buildings shows a different part of Steubenville’s history, like old factories and famous people from town. It’s like an outdoor art gallery that tells stories.

Don’t miss the First Federal Land Office, either. It’s the oldest building in Steubenville and was the place where people went to buy land long ago. Now, it’s a museum where you can learn about how the city started to grow.

If you love old houses, you’ll want to see the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse. Built over 100 years ago, it still looks grand and is used today. They give tours so you can see the inside and learn about its history.

Last, there’s the Dean Martin Room at the Jefferson County Historical Association and Museum. Here, fans can see all kinds of stuff that belonged to Dean Martin, like his shiny gold records and photos from when he was a star. It’s a cool way for music lovers to connect with the past.

Steubenville Murals

If you are interested in war history, you should visit the Jefferson County Veterans Memorial Park. This park honors the brave people from Steubenville who fought in wars. It has plaques and statues that remind us of their courage.

The 1879 Schoolhouse is another spot you won’t want to miss. It’s an old one-room school where kids used to learn all their subjects in the same place. Now, it’s fixed up so people can see what school was like a long time ago.

Feeling adventurous? Head on over to Mount Pleasant Historic District. Walk around and see the buildings that have been around since the early 1800s. It’s a quiet little town not far from Steubenville that has lots of stories to tell.

For a fun outdoor activity, you can visit Union Cemetery. This might sound spooky, but it’s actually a lovely place with lots of history. Some famous people are buried here, and they have really old and interesting tombstones.

Historic Fort Steuben Visitor Center

Steubenville is famous for being the birthplace of the legendary entertainer Dean Martin. You can learn more about him at the Dean Martin Room. This cool room is inside the Jefferson County Historical Museum and is full of his music and movie memories.

Right in the heart of downtown Steubenville is Historic Fort Steuben. This fort isn’t a real military spot anymore, but it’s set up just like it was back in the 1700s. You can visit the mini village and see how soldiers lived during that time.

If you’re into old things, check out the Steubenville Antique Mall. It’s not just a shop, it’s like a treasure hunt! You can find all kinds of neat stuff from long ago, like toys, clothes, and even furniture.

Don’t forget to take a stroll down the Steubenville Mural Trail. The walls of the city are painted with huge pictures that show cool parts of Steubenville’s history. Grab your phone and take some photos while you’re walking around.

Lastly, if you dig old trains, you’ll love the Historic Railroad Depot. It’s where people used to catch trains way back when. Now, you can go inside and see all sorts of train things from the past and learn about how traveling by train changed America.

Outdoor Activities

Steubenville has a bunch of outdoor activities that are fun for everyone. If you love being outside, you’re going to find lots to do here!

Beatty Park is one place you’ve got to check out. It’s got trails for hiking and biking, and you can splash in the creek on hot days. You can even have a picnic with your friends or family under the trees.

Another great spot is the Belleview Park. This park has a big playground for kids and lots of space to run around or throw a frisbee. In the summer, they have a pool open so you can swim and stay cool.

If soccer is your game, then head to the JB Chambers Sports Complex. It’s got a bunch of soccer fields where you can watch games or play in one yourself.

For a day on the water, make your way to Smithfield Beach. You can go fishing, launch a boat, or just chill by the water. It’s a super place to catch a sunset too!

Don’t forget about the fishing spots along the Ohio River. You never know, you might catch a big one!

If you’ve got a dog, you can bring your furry friend to the Steubenville Dog Park. They can run around without a leash and play with other pups.

Finally, the Steubenville Marina is perfect for folks who love boats. You can watch the boats, fish from the dock, or just hang out and enjoy the view of the river.

So, grab your hiking boots, fishing pole, or swim trunks, and get ready for some outdoor fun in Steubenville!

Beatty Park

Get your sneakers on and hit the Beatty Park Trails! These trails are perfect for a daytime hike. You can walk through the woods, see a bunch of trees, and listen to birds. It’s a super chill place to get some fresh air and exercise.

If you’ve got a skateboard or just like to watch, visit the Steubenville Skate Park. It’s a fun spot where kids can show off their cool tricks. Even if you don’t skate, it’s pretty awesome to see what they can do!

Feeling sporty? Head over to Belleview Park. It has baseball fields, a big pool to swim in, and lots of space to run around. It’s a great place to play games with friends or splash around to cool off in the summer.

Got a fishing pole? Take it down to the Ohio River Pier. You can cast your line and wait for a big catch. Even if you don’t catch anything, it’s a neat place to hang out and watch the water.

Bike riders should check out the Greenway Bike Trail. It’s a long path that you can ride on and go through different parts of town. It’s an awesome way to see Steubenville while pedaling along.

Steubenville has a bunch of parks to enjoy too. If you just want to have a picnic or play frisbee, you’ve got options like Jim Wood Park. It’s a peaceful spot to eat lunch outside with your family or friends.

Froehlich’s Classic Corner

Are you into sports? Steubenville has got you covered! Grab your basketball and head to one of the local courts, like the ones at North End Park. Shoot some hoops or just dribble around. It’s a fun way to hang out with buddies and get some exercise.

Love the water? Make a splash at the Steubenville Splash Pad. It’s a cool spot to beat the heat and have a blast. Just remember to pack your sunscreen and maybe a towel!

If you’re into animals and nature, grab your binoculars and check out the bird-watching at the nearby Fernwood State Forest. It’s a great place to spot different kinds of birds and enjoy the quiet of the forest.

For those with a green thumb, or if you just love flowers, visit the Steubenville City Greenhouse. It’s not just about the plants—there are often events and workshops that teach you about gardening and nature.

And don’t forget about winter! When it snows, you can go sledding down the hills at one of the city’s parks. Just make sure to dress warm and maybe bring some hot cocoa to keep you toasty.

Cultural Experiences

Step back in time and see amazing history at the Steubenville Murals. These paintings on the buildings tell stories of the city. You’ll feel like you’re walking through a history book!

Catch a show at the Historic Fort Steuben. They host concerts and events that are fun for everyone. You might listen to live music or watch a play under the stars.

Visit the Franciscan University of Steubenville when they have special events. They open their doors for concerts and talks that are really cool and sometimes free!

Every December, Steubenville shines with the Nutcracker Village and Advent Market. It’s a magical time with lots of nutcrackers, yummy food, and gifts to buy for friends and family.

Also, Steubenville loves a good festival! The Steubenville Greek Festival offers tasty food, dances, and music. It’s like a trip to Greece without needing a passport.

Another awesome event is the Dean Martin Festival. Fans of this famous singer come to celebrate his music. There might be singing contests and lots of Dean Martin songs to enjoy.

Old Fort Steuben Project

Steubenville is full of history and art. Visit the Steubenville Murals that paint the town with stories. Each mural shows a piece of the city’s past. You can walk and see them all for free!

Every summer, music fills the air at the Fort Steuben Summer Concerts. Local bands and big names play. Bring a chair, sit back, and enjoy the tunes with friends and family.

Get your fill of culture at the Historic Fort Steuben. Go back in time to see how people lived over 200 years ago. They have neat buildings and people dressed in old-timey clothes. It’s like time travel!

The Steubenville Nutcracker Village & Advent Market is a holiday must-see. With life-size nutcrackers and lots of lights, it’s a magical place to get into the holiday spirit. Plus, there are yummy treats and gifts to buy.

For movie buffs, the annual Steubenville Big Red Film Festival shows cool films. It’s a chance to see new movies and meet people who love films too.

Art lovers should check out the Eastern Gateway Community College Art Gallery. They have different art from local artists. It’s a quiet place to see some beautiful works.

Finally, dive into the past at the Jefferson County Historical Museum. They have old stuff like clothes and tools that tell you about life way back when. It’s a neat way to see what’s changed and what hasn’t.

Steubenville Art Association

When you’re in Steubenville, make sure to check out the Dean Martin Festival. It’s a cool way to celebrate the famous singer who was born here. People sing his songs and everyone has a good time.

If you like to read, the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County is a great spot. They have book clubs and fun events for kids and teens. It’s not just about books; it’s a place to hang out and learn new things.

Steubenville’s Greek Food Festival is awesome for foodies. You can taste amazing Greek dishes and watch traditional dances. It happens in the summer and it’s a fun way to learn about another culture while eating some great food.

Don’t miss the Ohio Valley Frontier Days. It’s a festival that takes you back to the frontier times. There’re games, crafts, and food from the old days. It’s a cool way to see how pioneers lived.

In the fall, the Steubenville Halloween Parade is a blast. People dress up in costumes and there are floats and candy. It’s fun for everyone, from little kids to grown-ups.

Stop by Leonardo’s Coffeehouse for more than just a cup of coffee. They have open mic nights and poetry readings. It’s a cozy place to enjoy local talent and maybe show off your own.

Annual Festivals and Events

At the Historic Fort Steuben, you can travel back in time. They’ve got old buildings and people dressed up like they were in the 1700s. You can learn a lot and see what life was like back then.

Music lovers will enjoy the Steubenville High School’s Spring Musical. Local students put on a big show every year and it’s pretty impressive. They sing, they dance, and you can tell they work really hard.

Art fans should visit the Steubenville Art Association’s Spring Art Show. Local artists show off their paintings and sculptures. Sometimes you can even talk to the artists and learn about their work.

Every summer, kids can join the Vacation Bible School at various churches. It’s a way to make friends and have fun while learning about the Bible. They do crafts, sing songs, and play games.

Near Christmas, you can see the Nutcracker Ballet performed by local dancers. It’s a holiday tradition and it’s amazing to see the costumes and the set. It makes the holiday feel really special.

The Steubenville Big Red Band puts on concerts and marches in parades. Watching them perform is a cool way to support the local kids and enjoy some live music.


Steubenville, Ohio, is a place with lots of fun stuff to do. From awesome plays and art shows to music and dance, there’s something for everyone. You won’t want to miss out on exploring all these cool things in this city.

When you’re in Steubenville, make sure to join in the local events and meet new folks. It’s a great way to see what this place is all about. You’ll have stories to tell and memories to keep when you head back home.

If you love being outside, this is a good spot for you. The city parks are perfect for picnics, playing sports, or just relaxing. And don’t forget to check out the beautiful Ohio River. It’s a big part of what makes Steubenville special.

Before you leave, grab a souvenir or two from the local shops. You can find something cool for your friends or family. It’s a nice way to remember your trip to Steubenville and share a piece of it with others.

So, next time you’re looking for something fun to do, come to Steubenville. It’s full of history, art, and friendly people waiting to say hello. Can’t wait to see you here!