Wheeling West Virginia Visitors Center

If you’re planning to explore Wheeling, West Virginia, the Wheeling Visitors Center is your first stop for a great adventure. This center offers all the info you need to make the most of your visit. Whether you’re here for the history, the parks, or the fun downtown vibes, the visitors center can guide you.

Located in the heart of downtown Wheeling, the visitors center is easy to find and full of helpful people. They can tell you about the coolest spots in town, like the famous Wheeling Suspension Bridge or the exciting Capitol Theatre. Plus, they’ve got maps and brochures to help you get around.

Don’t forget to ask about special events happening around town! Wheeling is always up to something, from festivals to live music. The visitors center can give you the inside scoop so you don’t miss out on any local favorites.

Exploring the Wheeling Visitor’s Center

One of the neat things the Wheeling Visitors Center does is show off Wheeling’s rich history. They have displays and stories about the city’s past. Did you know Wheeling was once the capital of West Virginia? There’s a lot to learn!

They also have a gift shop with stuff like postcards and souvenirs. You can pick up something to remember your trip by or get gifts for friends and family back home. It’s got cool things that show what Wheeling is all about.

If you have questions, like where to eat or stay, the folks there are ready to help. They know all about the hotels and restaurants. They can give you tips on the best pizza or where to get a tasty burger. Plus, they might have coupons!

Location and Hours

At the Wheeling Visitors Center, you can learn about the Wheeling Heritage Trail. This is perfect for biking or walking to see the sights. Staff can suggest where to start and what to look out for, like cool art and river views.

Did you know Wheeling has a zoo? The visitors center can help you plan a trip to the Oglebay Good Zoo. They’ll tell you about the animals and special exhibits, so you can plan a fun day for your family.

Wheeling is full of history, and the visitors center can direct you to amazing places like the Victorian-style houses. They have stories and facts about these old homes that will take you back in time.

If you have any questions about food or hotels, just ask! The visitors center knows all about the best places to eat and where you can stay. They can even help you find spots with the tastiest treats or cozy rooms.

To make your visit easier, check out www.wheelingwv.gov. Before you go, you can see what’s happening and make a list of what you want to do. The visitors center is all about making your trip to Wheeling exciting and stress-free!

Exhibits and Displays

When you walk into the Wheeling Visitors Center, you’ll see lots of pamphlets and maps. These can guide you to fun spots in the city. They’re free, so you can take what you need to help find your way around.

They also have a gift shop with cool stuff like t-shirts and mugs. These souvenirs are great for remembering your trip. Plus, buying something helps support the center!

The people working at the visitors center are super friendly. They love to share stories about Wheeling’s past and present. If you’re curious about anything, just ask them.

There’s also a section with information on events going on in town. From music concerts to festivals, they’ll let you know what’s happening during your visit. You won’t miss out on the fun stuff!

Services Provided

The Wheeling Visitors Center has a neat area where kids can learn about the city. They have games and quizzes about Wheeling’s history. It’s a fun way for kids to learn more while they’re visiting.

If you’re into history, they have a section with old photos and stories. You can see how Wheeling has changed over the years. It’s really interesting to see pictures from way back!

There’s also a computer station where you can look up more info about Wheeling. You can find places to eat, sleep, and explore right there. And if you’re not good with computers, someone will help you out.

Outside, there are some cool sculptures and a garden. It’s a nice spot to relax after walking around the center. And you can take some great photos there too.

If you need a break, they have a little lounge area. You can sit down, grab a cold drink, and rest for a bit. It’s a good place to make a game plan for seeing the city.

Local Attractions and Activities

Wheeling has a big park called Oglebay Park. It’s perfect for hiking, golf, and the zoo. Families love it because there’s something for everyone.

At the park, there’s a cool light show during winter. The whole place lights up at night. It’s called the Festival of Lights and it’s famous in Wheeling.

Nearby, there’s the Wheeling Island Casino. It has games, races, and sometimes concerts. It’s a fun place for adults to hang out.

The Capitol Theatre is where you can watch plays and concerts. It’s an old building with lots of history. People say it’s a beautiful place to see a show.

For a day on the water, check out Wheeling’s Heritage Port. They have boat tours and festivals sometimes. It’s right by the water and has a great view.

If you like spooky stuff, there are ghost tours. You’ll walk around and hear ghost stories about old buildings. It’s a little scary but really fun.

There’s an ice rink too where you can skate all year. They have skate rentals so you don’t need your own skates. It’s called the Wheeling Park Ice Rink.

For bike riding, try out the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s a long path where you can see the river and nature. It’s peaceful and good for all ages.

There are many food spots with yummy snacks. Try some of the local places for pizza, ice cream, or doughnuts. They’re all very tasty!

Lastly, the Centre Market is a neat place to shop. It has old buildings with shops and restaurants inside. You can find unique things to buy there.

Historic Sites of Wheeling

Wheeling has a big wheel right by the river called the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s a path where you can walk, ride bikes, or skate. Plus, you can see the river and maybe some boats.

At the Capitol Theatre, you can catch a show or a concert. They have all kinds of events, from plays to bands playing. Make sure to check what’s on when you’re in town.

For animal lovers, the Oglebay Good Zoo has lots of animals like red pandas and lemurs. It’s small but it’s fun for families. It’s part of a big park with lots of space to play and picnic.

Sports fans can watch a hockey game at the WesBanco Arena. The Wheeling Nailers play there and it’s exciting to watch. You can cheer with the locals and have a great time.

If you like to see old things, the Wheeling Suspension Bridge is a must. It’s super old and was the biggest suspension bridge when it was built. You can walk across and imagine how it was made.

For a snack or to buy cool stuff, the Centre Market is a fun place. It has food shops, boutiques, and sometimes live music. It’s in an old building, so it feels like stepping back in time.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the Wheeling Island Casino. You can play games, watch races, or have a nice dinner. It’s a big spot for fun in Wheeling, especially for grown-ups.

Recreational Opportunities

Wheeling is home to the amazing Victoria Theater. It’s one of the oldest theaters around. They show classic movies and sometimes have cool events.

Love flowers and nature? Visit the Oglebay Institute’s Mansion Museum and gardens. The mansion is full of history and the gardens are beautiful with flowers and trees.

Art fans should check out the Stifel Fine Arts Center. You can see art by local artists and sometimes they have classes. It’s a neat place to get creative.

For history buffs, the West Virginia Independence Hall is where the state got started. It has old stuff from the Civil War and is really interesting.

Kids will have a blast at the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. It’s full of old toys and trains you can look at. Some of them are really old and rare.

If you love water, the Wheeling Park has a pool and waterslide. It’s fun to swim and cool off in the summer. Plus, they have mini golf and ice skating.

For a trip back in time, visit the Eckhart House. It shows how people lived a long time ago. They even have tea parties you can go to.

Cultural Experiences

Wheeling is full of adventure at the Wheeling Heritage Trail. You can hike or bike along the river. Sometimes you can see deer or birds.

Try your luck at the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack. They have games and horse races. It’s exciting to watch the races or play the slots.

Check out Capitol Theatre for music or a play. The shows are really good. The building is pretty too, it’s been there since 1928!

Catch a hockey game at the WesBanco Arena. The Wheeling Nailers play there and the games are super fun. People get really into cheering for the team.

Take a boat tour on the Ohio River. You can learn about the river and see the city from the water. It’s really peaceful.

Explore the Good Zoo at Oglebay. They have animals from all over and cool stuff like a train ride. Plus, you can feed some of the animals.

Visit the Wheeling Artisan Center. They sell things made by people from Wheeling. You can find unique gifts like pottery or quilts.

Go up to the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. You can walk across and get a great view of the city. It’s a really cool bridge with a lot of history.

Planning Your Visit

Before you come to Wheeling, stop by the Wheeling Visitor’s Center. You can find maps and brochures. They will help you plan what to do.

Ask the staff for tips. They know all about Wheeling. They can tell you about fun places and events.

Make a list of places you want to see. Check the hours they’re open. Some places might be closed on certain days.

The Visitor’s Center can tell you about tours. You can see lots of cool stuff with a guide. They can make learning about Wheeling fun!

Look at the weather forecast. Wheeling can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Make sure to pack the right clothes.

Wheeling has many places to eat. Try some local food. The Visitor’s Center has menus and can suggest places to go.

If you need a place to stay, the Visitor’s Center has info on hotels. They can help you find a room that fits your budget.

Remember to check for any special events. Wheeling has festivals and parades sometimes. They’re a blast and you won’t want to miss out!

Bring a camera or use your phone. Wheeling has beautiful spots for photos. You’ll want to remember your visit!

When you leave, the Visitor’s Center has souvenirs. You can take a piece of Wheeling home with you. It’s nice to have a reminder of your trip.

Accommodations and Dining

Before you come to Wheeling, check the weather. It can be hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. You’ll have more fun if you dress right.

Look at a map to plan your trip. Wheeling isn’t too big, but it helps to know where things are. You can find the visitors center downtown. It’s a good place to start.

It’s smart to make a budget too. Think about how much money you’ll need for food, fun, and places to stay. There are hotels and restaurants for all budgets.

Pick the right time to come. Some events like festivals or fairs can be really busy but also a lot of fun. The visitor center can tell you what’s happening.

If you’re driving, know where to park. There are parking lots and places on the street. But some spots can fill up fast when there’s an event going on.

Remember, you can always ask for help. The people at the Wheeling Visitor Center are really nice. They know everything about the city and can give you tips.

Wheeling has places you might need like banks and stores. If you forget something, don’t worry. You can probably find it here.

And last, relax and have fun! Wheeling has a lot of cool things to see and do. With a little planning, your visit will be awesome.

Events and Festivals

Before heading out, get in touch with the visitors center. You can call ahead or check online for info. They’ll have the latest on events and must-sees.

Got questions? The visitors center can help. Ask about tours or places for kids. They know all the cool spots.

Wheeling has great places to see like the zoo and the glass museum. The visitors center can give you directions to these spots and more.

Don’t forget to ask for brochures or maps. They’re free and handy for getting around. Plus, they often have coupons for attractions or food.

Need internet? The visitors center has free Wi-Fi. It’s great for checking emails or finding your way around town.

Are you a bike rider? Wheeling has trails to explore. Ask the visitors center where to rent a bike or the best trails for your age and skill level.

Traveling with pets? Find out where the pet-friendly spots are. The visitors center can tell you about parks and trails that are good for dogs.

Make sure to grab a souvenir to remember your trip. The visitors center has gifts and things you might like to take home.

Finally, if you need anything else, just ask. The folks at the visitors center are there to make your visit to Wheeling easy and fun.

Travel Tips and Resources

If you’re driving to Wheeling, finding parking can be simple. The visitors center has parking info and can point you to the nearest spots.

Check the hours of the visitors center before you go. They might not be open late. Knowing their hours helps you plan better.

Look for workshops or activities at the visitors center. They often have fun stuff for families, especially on weekends.

Traveling with a group? Let the visitors center know. They can help organize group tours or give tips for group discounts.

Like history? Wheeling is full of it. The visitors center can tell you about historical tours and famous landmarks.

If you like art or theater, Wheeling has that too. Ask the visitors center about gallery openings or shows playing during your visit.

Wheeling can get busy during festivals. Check with the visitors center to see if there’s one happening. They’ll tell you the best way to join in the fun.

The visitors center is wheelchair accessible. They can also share other places in town that are accessible for visitors with disabilities.

Check the weather forecast before your trip. Wheeling can be hot in summer and cold in winter. The visitors center can suggest what to wear and bring.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, the visitors center has hotel and B&B info. They can help you find a place that fits your budget.

Remember to have some local food. Wheeling has yummy eats, from hot dogs to fine dining. The visitors center can point you to the best local spots.

On your way out, share your thoughts with the visitors center. They like to hear what visitors think. Your feedback can help make things even better for the next guests.


After touring Wheeling, stop by the visitors center to pick up souvenirs. They have cool stuff to remember your trip by.

Make the Wheeling visitors center your first stop to get a map. It’ll help you explore the city without getting lost.

Use the visitors center’s free Wi-Fi to check emails or post your travel pics. It’s a handy spot to catch up.

Have kids? Ask about kid-friendly spots at the visitors center. They’ll know the best parks and museums for families.

Before leaving, grab some brochures from the visitors center. They’re full of ideas for your next visit to Wheeling or trips to nearby towns like Weirton and Steubenville.